This was posted 1 year 2 months 10 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[Afterpay] Esatto 7kg Heat Pump Dryer EHPD7 $495.20 Delivered @ Appliances Online eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Been on the lookout for a good price on this heat pump dryer, and one finally came up.

Esatto 7kg Heat Pump Dryer EHPD7 for $495.20 including delivery on Appliances Online eBay if paying with Afterpay and using code PAPDY20. Takes 20% off list price of $619, which is a 51% discount on RRP. Just in time for winter!

This is part of Afterpay Day sale for 2021

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      • my Front loader weighs less than 57kg and I'd use a bracket for sure. Just wanted to remind about the weight thats all

  • never heard this brand before, is it a china manufacturer?

    • Its made in China, but not sure about the company itself.

  • +1

    Thought about it for too long. Damn.

    • Same Damn, all gone.

    • back in stock.

  • Pretty sure this is the same as the Aldi $599 one if anyone needs one soon. Last year the Aldi sale was in July. People lined up hours early to snag one.

    • It is.

    • +1

      Well, if that's the case I made the right choice by buying it for $619 on the Appliances Online website (as opposed to their eBay store), after missing out on the $495 deal. I believe it has been available for $580 in the past, but $619 seems a good price - I'd rather spend $21 more and not have to wait until July and queue up! :-)

      • Definitely worth the $21!

      • What do you mean by missing out? It was out of stock but now is back.

    • So just need Aldi to have that sale again please :)

      • Er, sure.

        Or buy it as part of this deal for $130 less after Afterpay and Choice Gift card discount…

  • +1

    Back in stock!

  • Can you reverse the door opening?
    Default is hinge on right? I prefer Left side hinge to match my washer

  • +1

    It's back! Get onto it fast.

  • +1

    Nabbed one.

  • “Almost gone”

  • Man…I've been waiting for a deal on these. But Appliances Online won't deliver to my address when purchasing through eBay…but I can order from their site no problemo.

  • -1

    Love this community! Got one from eBay at $495 and got Appliances Online to refund the $619 purchase for the same item I made on their main website (they were wonderful). Thx guys! :-)

  • Got one! Did the gift card hack :)

  • -1

    Yay, Grab 4.

  • Can this be stacked on top of a washer? Any recommendation on the stacking kit please?

  • +2

    Went the 5% GC route and purchased for $470.44.

    • Do CashRewards not stack with Giftcards?

      Could have got total cost of ownership down to $461…

      • The gift card 5% discount is the cashback with CR.

        Ebay cash back wouldn't work because they don't list the afterpay code on the CR page.

      • How?

        • Purchase choice voucher through cashrewards (5% applied as cashback) then convert choice voucher to ebay gift card.
          Select afterpay as payment, apply discount code, then add the gift cards ontop of the discount code.
          No need to checkout with afterpay if you don't want to.

          • @MaXcon: thanks but looks like this promo longer exists. CR shows 1.5% cashback instead of 5%

  • Shows Out of Stock for me

    • I think you just missed it, unlucky

  • Is this the same as applicances online delivery service, I mean will they help me with the packaging and remove old appliances? Or is it similar with ebay delivery?

  • Crap missed it too. Anyone own the non heat pump 7kg version? Just curious apart from the electricity consumption do you loose our much? We only use the dryer when the weather is bad, so if you only occasionally use does it matter which dryer?

    • It's in stock now.

  • Couldn't use the coupon code even after selecting Afterpay as payment mode, can anybody let me know how to use the coupon code and gift card route also

  • Back in stock!

  • Still in stock, just got one. Cheers OP :).

  • Caved and ordered. Damn you Ozbargain.

  • Can you just use the code and not pay via afterpay
    It still works….

  • Thanks OP, bought one. Still have stock, 8 left

  • Gone again.

  • Does anyone know if there is any way to pay for installation with appliances online eBay purchases (like is available when purchasing directly from their website)?

    • What you mean pay for installation? Like plug it into the wall? Only reason it may be a little more complex is needing to stack it on top of a washing machine. You can buy stacking kits. I will just be using a foam mat. I'll be getting a mate around for a beer to help lift mine. I offer competitive rates.

    • I've bought a washing machine from their ebay before and they still came in and installed it without asking.

  • back in stock again

  • cant place an order, always throws "This code can't be applied to your order." error. :(

    • are you using 'afterpay' payment? that could be why.

      • Pay with .. selected "Afterpay", then entering "PAPDY20" under Gift cards, vouchers, coupons
        No Luck :(

        • badluck..can't help you there…:(

          • +1

            @quizzical: I had this issue using an eBay account that I originally signed up from another country, even though I have changed all my details to australia. Switched to my second Australian signup account and it worked. Maybe you are having a similar issue?

  • Finally grabbed one. Thanks, OP

  • How does one install this to vent into the laundry under sink waste pipe when there's already a washing machine draining that way? is there a pipe that accepts two drain hoses?

    • I will just hang mine over my laundry sink. Drain hose is optional. Otherwise just use the built in drainage container

    • +1

      A 3 way waste should work depending on your config, bunnings or your local plumber should have something suitable.
      My laundry has a 3 way just under the sink with the 3rd being blocked with a bung. Should only cost $10 - $30 really

      • That is a good suggestion. I would assume they would have non return valves. I might look into that option myself

        • +1

          I know my washing machine does, no idea on the drier side, can always put one in between if unsure, which might be worth it as a precaution…

      • Thanks. Could you link an example of what you mean? I’m not sure what to search for.

  • back in stock again. if anyone still looking. i just grabed one myself. more than 10 available

  • +3

    I paid 729.00 for this 2 years ago with some cashback. Have been very happy since. I was hesitant getting a dryer due to already sky high electricity bills but barely noticed a difference in price since running this appliance. There's no doubt the savings will pay itself off if it hasn't already.

    Things to consider- a cycle takes longer and the appliance was heavier than expected. I couldn't use my wall mounted bracket. There needs to be a condensation outlet or routinely empty the water tank.

    Good things to consider- doesn't heat up the place or spew lint everywhere. The clothes are not hot, shrunk when I take them out. The auto function is basically set and forget.

    • may i ask for the water tank, how many times it needs to be empty during a sigle cycle?

      • +1

        I used the water tank for only 1-2 monthes. From memory you could get maybe 2-3 loads before needing to empty the tank.

        Amazingly there's a sticker on it that tells you not to drink it.

        • ok thanks for the tips. lol

    • Can it fit and dry a queen doona?

      Heard the 7kg washing machines couldn't so got a 9kg one even tho only 2 people at home.

      This seems good to get for the price otherwise its the 1200 dollar bosch one!

  • Back in stock. Managed to grab one with Shopback 3% Ebay GC aswell.

    • WHY 3% when you can get 5%
      shopback buy swap card and redeem to ebay 5%
      cashrewards buy choice card and redeem to ebay 5%

      • Cashrewards has dropped Choice Cards to 1.5% rebate.

        That's WHY…

        • wow, that's why their share price is lower and lower everyday. damn
          at least shopback is still at 5%

  • Thanks OP. Bought myself the first dryer ever! Hope it will serve me well given the rain forecast in the next 7 days. On another point, does anyone know if Appliances Online delivery is kerb-side/front door or to the place of installation? From the manual I see it's 51kg so will be hard to lift by 1 person.

    • Guess we will find out soon. Lol

    • Appliance Online should install it for you. That has been my experiences.

      • Their eBay page says that they do not install dryers (only washing machines) but I expect that they will probably help you by wheeling it into place. I think it should be easy enough to diy anyway with regards to putting the drain hose into the sink.

  • How do the clothes come out of heat pump dryers? Are they creased?

    I am a big fan of the 'rotary iron' effect of vented dryers.

  • dam it, I hardly use dryer, and already got a standard cheap one…but so tempted to buy this

    bought one for the sake of it lol

  • Just a tip, I bought ebay gift card (in addition to my existing GC balance of $16) to the tune of just 19c left on checkout. Unfortunately, that won't qualify for afterpay. Lucky I could just unselect the old GC and still get afterpay discount with $479 GC applied.

  • Can this dryer be plumbed in?

  • Thanks OP. Been looking for a heat pump dryer and this is a steal!

  • "Doesn't post to QLD South East "


    (edit. Paid the $619 on their store and now they deliver…" )

  • Pretty happy so far. Ordered yesterday. My delivery window is 8.30-10am today.

    • Haven't received delivery window yet, but should be today. Considering they sell so many of this, that's very efficient.

      • Same, no delivery window yet.

    • Just got a text 30mins away.
      I ordered on the restock yesterday at lunchtime.
      I’m in Gold Coast QLD

    • Quick user update.

      Did my first dry. A full load my washer is 9kg. Probably 3/4 wash load. Selected cotton extra dry.
      Hard to tell the exact draw. But my whole house was running around the 1000w-1200w /hr ( whilst this dude was running. I did have the tv on and the fans on maybe a couple of lights. Generally runs around 240-260w without the dryer going prior.

      For those wondering.

      The door cannot be changed from right to left. (I tried)

      Yes you can plumb this in. I did this myself today. I purchased a 10m length of hose from Bunnings and just cut to where I needed. (My dryer is furstherst from the waste pipe with the washing machine in the middle. They do provide a hose but it’s short.

      Additional feature. Add has an led in the drum. When you open the door. So you can light up your view

      Funnily enough this actually matches my Kogan 9kg washing machine. So they must supply to Kogan also. Literally they’re a perfect match. Which I wasn’t expecting.

      Delivery was great. They’re took all the packaging and put the machine into the hole.

      Can’t fault so far.

  • I got the message from the delivery team in the morning. So quick!

  • Wonder how many of these they have in stock. I'm sure more than 200 units got sold by just this thread. Normally when white goods goes out of stock, it takes a while to get back into stock due to shipping from China etc and this one got back into stock within few hours and ended up selling so many more. Makes me think this whole sale and this thread is targeted hehe..all good, needed a dryer anyways.

  • Ours was delivered at 8am this morning. Can’t believe how quick that was. Got me by surprise.

  • So. For mounting it on top of a frontloader, wouldnt the vibrations from from tye washing machine cycle cause the refrigerant to bubble? Then you immediately run this dryer right after.

    Like how you are supposed to let a brand new fridge "settle" for a day before first turning it on. Because the refrigerant has bubbled due to shipping vibrations etc.

  • +1

    Also guys, from applianceonline's website. There is a bonus warranty for this model, you will need to claim on esatto's website. 1 year extension.

    • Registered for 1 year extension, but no confirmation number, no confirmation email.

      How do u know if ur registration for extended warranty is successful?

      • same here wtf?

        • No warranty email, but 2 times ask for review or feedback.

  • missed it :(

    • I'm sure it'll come back in stock. It sold out several times throughout yesterday and was restocked not long after.

      • Hopefully!!!

  • I got the delivered/installed one (They just plugged in)

    • Mine is scheduled afternoon. Do you use any mat inbetween your wash machine, or straight stack up. I am ay Kmart buying a rubber mat

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