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[Afterpay] Intel Core i7-10700KF $335.20, i9-10850K $495.20, i5-10400F $183.20 Delivered @ Computer Alliance eBay

This is part of Afterpay Day sale for 2021

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  • Pretty sure you can get the 10700KA for the same price. But not sure if I'm missing something here.


    • Says listing has been removed.

  • why are ppl paying double this for AMD? am I missing something

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      I like your username :)

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      Markets changed I guess. AMD when released was well reviewed and well liked. Intel substantially cut their prices over the last 6 months or so which changed things. AMD does come with pcie 4.0 and a few other newer features I guess. But at this price Intel is a no brainer.

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        this is one of those things where ppl just want pcle 4.0 because its new? - it doesnt actually improve on any games released as yet

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          Arguably yes. I think people will buy the 11700K and Z590 when it releases for the same reason. Even though currently you can get a 10850K for cheaper and get two more cores.

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      Have to say this is basically 5800X performance for about half the price, as an AMD fanboy and having just bought a 5800X this is insanely better value $200 cheaper!

    • Who'd have thought Intel would become the 'value' leader! Budget King

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      Don't forget to factor in the price of the mobo.

      Ram speeds are limited too.

      There's also getting back at intel for not innovating and milking consumers.

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        I feel ppl are just on amd bandwagon , sure adm has come a long way and Intel sucks ass for what they have done but money wise it makes no sense to buy amd eight now unless you need cpu for multitasking

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          agree on value sentiment its now swung to Intel based on this pricing but amd is slightly more efficient slightly faster all around and easier to upgrade. So best vs value argument has just swapped seats I guess

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    the 10400F is stupidly good value, you won't find a better price/performance CPU for a new product anytime soon

    • Do you reckon this is better or the 3600?

      • 10400F is faster for gaming, even if you're limited to 2666Mhz DDR4 because you're using a B460 motherboard. The really smart play would be to get the 10400F and wait until B560 motherboards hit the stores in about 2 weeks, then you get unlocked DDR4 speeds on a $150-odd motherboard (rather than $220+ for Z490).

        • Ok I see, is the general consensus that the 10400F is the more value option with both prices being relatively similar (around 200$)? Haven't been been researching much nowadays but how 'future proof' are the B560 boards? Thanks mate

          • @monkeyoutlet: Well nothing is really 'future proof' but a B560 motherboard would allow you do drop an 11th gen Intel CPU in later if you really wanted to. Could get an 11700F or something in a year or two and you'd get 8C/16T plus higher clock speeds.

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    Intel the new budget king 👑

  • Shows up as $359.20 at checkout for me.

    You could also get the Core i9-10850K for $495.20 with the same coupon. The i7-10700K is better value I think, but if you were looking for an upgrade option or were considering a Ryzen 5000 CPU, under $500 for what's functionally identical to a Core i9-10900K seems pretty good if you need the cores to close the gap to something that's way more expensive (i.e. Ryzen 9 3900X, Ryzen 7 5800X).

    • Would getting the i9 future proof the build you reckon if you want to upgrade to the 4000 or 5000 series graphics card with pretty much nothing else changed provided psu is adequate?

      • IMO, yes. The high end, high clocked Comet Lake 8-core and 10-core CPUs were already in the same ballpark as a Ryzen 7 5800X or Ryzen 9 5900X in games.

        While newer PC CPUs will advance single core performance (as Zen 3 has already begun to), a CPU with 10 Skylake cores at 5.0+ GHz isn't going to become outdated any time soon. An i5-10600K falls slightly behind an i9-10900K in games right now… at 1080p with top tier GPUs. And that deficit is more or less made up once the 10600K is overclocked.

        It's also worth keeping in mind that the new console baseline is 6-7 Zen 2 (Ryzen 3000 equivalent) cores clocked in the mid-high 3 GHz range, and this is what most games will be built around over the next several years.

        • Actually makes me wonder if I should just use the i5 instead of the i9 then ;)

  • insane price

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    Can't believe I'm saying this, but now virtually no-one has a reason to pay a premium for AMD

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      I was impressed with how cheap the amd mobos were, and amd cpu are more energy efficient which is becoming of interest to me.

      I'm still on a budget 6700k plus 2070super but watching this space still.

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    Ended up getting the 10700k for $329.20, got a further $30 off from Afterpay

    Subtotal: $359.20 AUD
    Afterpay promo: - $30.00 AUD
    Total amount payable: $329.20 AUD

    Thanks OP!

  • I just bought it but didn't get the Afterpay promo, did anybody else's voucher fail to apply?

  • Any motherboard recommendation for 10700k?

  • I feel sick paying $330 for a ryzen 3600 in jan.

  • Why not list the 10900k? Computer Alliance price was already low at $659, and now with this deal it's $527.

    • Already listed here, the i9 10850K is virtually identical anyway.

  • Any reccomendations for a budget mobo for an i5 10400f?

  • Do they come with coolers?

    • Anything with a 'K' in its name doesn't.

  • Cracker deal. I just got the 10700K and MSI motherboard. Computer Alliance are a great seller.