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[Afterpay] MSI MAG X570 TOMAHAWK Wi-Fi AM4 ATX Motherboard $255.2 Delivered @ Shopping express via eBay


It beats previous shopping express 10% off deal $251 + $11 shipping.
Should be able to stack with afterpay $30 first order deal as well, making it $229.84 delivered.
Also available for a few cents more expensive at $260 delivered from shopping express clearance and gg.tech incase Harris tech run out of stock.

Shopping express reduced price for $6 making it the new low: $255.2 delivered

Original Coupon Deal

This is part of Afterpay Day sale for 2021

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    I so want this board, finding a videocard for a reasonable price and a 5900x is a near impossibility at this point.



      This is one is not bad, not the budget Ventus one.

      3070 and 3080 stocks have arrived. Check out the big retailers.

      Don't buy a 5900x for gaming, overkill. Get the 5800x and a decent x570 mobile from Harris tech. Asus tuf or Gigabyte aorua elite x570 are the one u want, aorus' vrm is a beast


        Thanks for the suggestions, I'm not even sure I need to upgrade everything.

        I'm running a i7 8700k, 32GB DDR 4 3200, Vega 64 Liquid.

        The only thing right now that struggles at 1440 is the Vega 64.

        My plan was, if I could get it was a 5900x, this board, same ram and a 3070 or 3080.


    Is there much benefit to an X570 over a B550?

    I really don't like the idea of an additional fan making noise in my PC.

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      yeah the components have higher ratings and you'll get more features, but not much more. if you're gonna go all out i would get this, and that fan is near silent.

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      For most users no. X570 has more pcie4.0 lanes.

      You won't have to worry about fan noise. I have this board and the chipset fan never turns on except for a quick spin up on boot.


    I have a 3080 with 5950x running on a Msi b450 board. To be honest I don’t think I need to upgrade it does nothing else I need and no extra performance

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    I have this board. It works. Not much to say, its a motherboard. Honestly i think a B550 might be better value unless you specifically need a feature of the x570 chipset you might be wasting money.


    Kicking myself I pulled the trigger on the x570 earlier this week

    Ah well great buy for others looking at this board


    Do these x570s support 5xxx chipsets out of the box?

    I don’t have an old CPU to boot from in order to update the BIOS


      Looks like support is out of the box. According to this page, didn’t mention any bios update for 5xxx cpus.


      You can flash via USB with no CPU installed as well, that's what I'm planning to do if my board doesn't have the required BIOS out of the box

      I'll check my version (also got from Harris Technology on Monday this week) and post back here when it arrives as probably be same stock as the ones even cheaper now


        Okay so received my x570 Tomahawk today

        My board has 7C84v13 so I flashed newest BIOS to it in preparation as MSI's own site states that 5000 series boards need 7C84v14


    off-topic but maybe someone can offer some help

    I purchased a MSI townhawk b550 from shopping express last week along with a 5800x.

    however the system failed to boot, both CPU and VGA warning light were on. after hitting reset the CPU light went off leaving only the VGA light on. the VGA fan run at max speed. CPU power cable connected, both power pins to my nv2070 are connected too.

    Tried 2 graphics card from other working system, both show the same symptom.

    I think the motherboard is faulty but Shopping express's support asked me to check a few points including flashing BIOS. would that be the cause? the B550 needs newer BIOS to support the 5800x? then the graphics card would be fine?

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      Did you flash your bios correctly? Remember use usb 2.0 not 3.0 when flashing the bios. Check out this youtube video from MSI when flashing bios. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTkXunUAriE&t=8s


        I was actually asking if a BIOS flash is necessary. Just updated the bios this morning and it works now. it's strange that a new board needs update to get a CPU and old VGA working.


          while the board might be new this particular model is a few months older than the 5800x