What phone do you use and do you like it?

What phone do you use?
Why did you chose it?
Do you like it?
Do you regret getting it?

Lets have an opinion fest

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  • iPhone 12 Pro Max

    The software is just so robust, not just iOS but also the Apps.

  • 12 Pro Max. It’s apparently the fastest phone in the known universe, but I feel like it could be even faster.

  • +3

    OnePlus 7T. At the time I bought it the specs were up there with the big name flagships but it was half the price. The screen is only 1080p but that doesn't bother me. The camera is probably what let's this phone down the most. Colours aren't accurate and it seems that unless you hold the phone perfectly still you'll get a blurry shot.

    Do I like the phone? Absolutely.
    Do I regret buying it? Nope - I'll probably upgrade to a newer OP T-model phone, probably the 9T depending how this is going at the time.

    Only thing with OP is they aren't sold in Australia. You have to import them. All good if your phone comes in a working state with no defects. I'd hate to have to make a warranty claim though.

  • +2

    I can use tiktok, facebook and instragram.

    not much good for making calls or text messages but

    its an apple

  • +3

    Loved my S9 but was always on the charger by mid-afternoon. Now using poco x3, getting near 10 hours SOT. Easily lasts 2 days between charge

  • iPhone 7 second-hand test device, does the work, don't need big space, fancy camera, just basic email, alarm, phone and message etc.

  • iphone 11 256gb (amazing camera and security/safety)

    • How is an iPhone any more secure or safe than android?

      • read my second comment in page 2

  • +2

    2016 - partner demanded a new iPhone 6s+ 128GB for $1330 - ow ! As an IT teacher of MS Windows stuff I first went with a Windows Phone and liked it - touchscreen worked wearing gloves

    2017 - I was happy with my Windows Phone until driving around the US Deep South and it wouldn't load maps without internet which dropped out on highways 20km from any built-up area - I finally spat the dummy and went to a Walmart and got a cheap Android phone so I could use HERE Maps for free that didn't need internet to provide GPS navigation while driving

    2018 - my Android phone finally died and I got a used iPhone 6s+ 128GB for $450 - then later found Bluetooth didn't work, and neither did ApplePay (tap'n'pay) due to bad NF chip

    2020 - when lady got a new iPhone 11 she gave me her 4yo iPhone 6s+ which I now use every day no problemo. As a daily snapshot photographer I find the camera fantastic (from someone who inherited my father's Nikon F1 outfit).

    Apple stuff is offensively expensive but just seems to work easily for most non-geeks (the other day I was speaking to a tradie when he said 'Siri - call George' - that's how easy.

    • +1

      2020… iPhone 6s+… I find the camera fantastic

      It’s probably worth upgrading to a later model for the camera upgrades. 👍🏼

    • +6

      but just seems to work easily for most non-geeks

      Don’t take this the wrong way, but the people I know who chose Android devices thinking it’s
      so open and geeky did not go beyond installing anything other than a custom skin on it.

  • +2

    Poco x3 - Super happy with this phone.

    • Do you have any trouble with the main camera and its auto focus? Mine seems to not focus properly on shots with mixed depth with the person or subject often being out of focus.

    • +2

      Don't try too hard…

      • -1

        Just ordering an Oppo Find X3 Pro on my wife's command. The close up lens gives her proof if I had visited a Pro.

  • Samsung Fold 1. Love it and only regret the price.

  • +3

    Huawei mate 20 pro. Love it. Sort've miss my mate 10 but this one is easier to hold.

    • Yeah I have Mate 10 still and not actively looking to upgrade. Such solid phones.

  • Note 10. I've always used the Note lineup and love them. Missed out on the Note 9 which is considered best in class. This phone still hits the spot.

    I am going to try keep it until the next version of folding phones come out. The Huawei Mate X2 looks amazing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYAUINqHAY4&t

    I am incredibly excited to see what's on offer in 2022!

  • +2

    Still rocking the p30 and will continue to. Great camera, Great Battery, Good size, Charges fast too.

  • +5

    After Samsung pi$$ed me off with bixby I switched to a midrange Xiaomi 9T, had my doubts but the damn thing has been flawless and gets much longer battery life than my old samsungs (even when they were new) and absolutely destroys my wifes iphone 11 pro in battery life. until this phone I had always opted for top end models, I doubt I ever will again.

    • Also have a Xiaomi Mi 9T, it's very good, gets regular updates, and is so much nicer than my old LG G4 (faster CPU, bigger screen, great battery life, dual sim, dual apps - so I can have 2 completely independent instances of any apps I like, 128 GB storage - plenty for me, supports all the 4G bands, NFC, weighs less than 200 grams, unlockable bootloader with custom roms as an insurance policy in case updates stop, and bought from a local bricks and mortar store so have 2 years ACL warranty + bought with price protection credit card if it ever comes back into stock at a cheaper price - which at this stage seems pretty unlikely, and at $400 it was cheap enough that I would not be deeply distraught if something happened to it).

      Will happily buy whatever the spiritual successor is to this when it needs to be replaced, probably in a few years (will want it to have all the above + probably want 5G by then). I only usually replace phones when they can no longer perform their function (hardware failure or failing, or slow enough to reduce usability, or no longer getting security & OS updates).

      Wife has an iPhone 12, which is also a nice phone. It has equally great battery life, same storage, is also fast, also has a nice big screen, also supports all the bands, has NFC, and weighs less than 200 grams. It's upsides are that it will likely get software updates for 5 years versus likely ~ 2.5 to 3 years for mine, and the waterproofing. It's downsides are that it's single sim, doesn't have dual apps, it's not an unlockable bootloader with custom roms, and it's biggest downside of all is that it cost 4.5 times as much as mine.

      Both are nice phones, and would be happy to use either.

      • personally I could not give a crap about 5g, nothing I play, watch or download via my phone requires 5g now or likely anytime in the next 5+ years. I would like wireless charging and a improved speaker though.

        • Apps and services will likely expand to use that extra bandwidth, so I think 5G will become useful in the future, rather than being useful right now. Certainly take a few years for that to happen though.
          Wireless charging would be handy, as would water resistance. As would a camera with quicker features like night sight (can get this feature currently with a modded google camera app, it's just fairly slow). I'm willing to trade off some of these to keep the price reasonable.
          On the software side, the rollout of RCS would be good.
          On the carrier side, if someone would do an over-the-top service that combines multiple networks so that you can roam between them, without being too pricey (e.g. something like Amaysim + Kogan + Belong, but all on one sim, sort of like Google Fi but for Australia), that would be pretty cool.
          And on the iPhone side, if they could switch from lightning to USB C, and thereby join the rest of the planet, that would be useful, as we could all standardize on one connector again.

          • @nickj: Apps that utilise 5G won't be a thing in the next decade or so, and certainly not in the lifetime of the next gen of phones. What apps even push the limits of 4G let alone 5G? the only usefule application of 5G is using it as a replacement for home broadband if you happen to be close enough to a tower and aren't in a high usage area.

  • What phone do you use?

    Oppo Reno 2z

    Why did you chose it?

    Wanted a phone <$500 in 2019 since work would cover the first $500. Got for ~$450

    Do you like it?

    Overall yes - nice screen, no notch (pop-up front cam), nicely designed phone, 8gb RAM, decent battery, oppo fast charging, fingerprint sensor under screen. I think Colour OS is OK. Rocking Android 10 on it

    Do you regret getting it?

    Yes I regret it - coming from Nexus 6P, the Oppo camera is just eww. Softens a lot of details in both front/back cams. One of my only complaints but I will be switching phone earlier than anticipated because of this.

  • +1

    Realme X3 Superzoom
    Got it for a good price @ JB with GC from boxing day plan sign up.
    Really happy with it, quite fast and functional with good camera and UI.
    Tossed up a couple of other options at the time and chose this one.
    Actually had a reason to use the zoom function on the camera yesterday to identify something in the distance without the use of a binocular etc……worked pretty well!
    Enjoying it and recommend!

  • +2

    Iphone atm. First one i've had. I've always used samsung or oneplus or whatever interested me and was a good price at the time but i decided to switch over to apple with the iphone 11 for the reason of ios updates. When i was looking for a new phone i planned on keeping it for a long time, 4,5 or even 6 years and apple is the only one that rolls out updates and security patches for that long, so here we are. I have the pro max which has incredible battery life and i am happy with iphone overall so i think it's feasible for me to keep it that long in stock condition.

    I have no problem with android and would consider going back if manufacturers increased how long they supported their phones for, especially flagships. Not really too much to ask for is it when you consider flagship android phones are ~$2000 also?

  • What phone do you use? OPPO RENO 5G
    Why did you chose it? HALF PRICE off ozbargain
    Do you like it? I Love it
    Do you regret getting it? no

    Nicer than an s9 …

    • It's a great phone and my first Oppo.

      I have to say, I was apprehensive about purchasing an Oppo device and didn't have high expectations. However, this phone is excellent and has continued to impress me.

      I just hope there is another equivalent Oppo on sale when this one dies.

  • OPPO Reno 2z after my Samsung S6 finally died (replaced battery twice)

    No regrets , camera is decent , hardware specs are pretty good given its pricepoint (got it for like $400 year and a half ago)

    Biggest thing for me was the Oppo wireless backup transfer , backed up from my other android phone to Oppo in under 10 mins (wirelessly) through the app, everything including contact's / photo's / apps. was a complete lifesaver at the time , since then i am now an Oppo convert.

    Will get the Oppo Reno 5G later down the track when 5G becomes a little more mainstream and more towers are placed up everywhere.

    Only negatives in my opinion is , OS is android which is great but there is not many modifications that can be made "tech wise" so you can get stuck if it doesn't do what you are after out of the box.

  • What phone do you use?


    Why did you chose it?

    It chose me. Partly because I make apps for them, and the rest because they are great devices.

    Do you like it?

    Very much.

    Do you regret getting it?

    Not at all.

  • iPhone 8.
    Happy with it. Looking to upgrade to another iPhone.

  • only recently switched to iphone 12 pro max. Last iphone i had was 5s since 5s some of the phones i used are

    1. s7(gave it to relos)
      2.lg G4 (sold it to one of the mobile phone buying websites)
    2. S8+(still working but screen cracked)
    3. TCLplex (best value phone i ever used got it for 250)

    Just felt like switching back to apple and hopefully it will last be at least 4 years.

  • Just jumped on the Rog Phone 3 deal. Upgraded from a mate 20 pro. Battery life and the screen the only real benefits from the swap. The mate 20 pro was a great phone for its time and even now I would recommend it. Ditched the note 8 for it and no regrets. had it for 2 years and didn't need to upgrade. Just did the ol ozbargainer thing and upgraded on a decent deal. Huawei has that stigma though.

  • +2

    One Plus 7 Pro, no silly hole in the display

  • +1

    Huawei nova 3i, absolute bargain at $400 when I bought it in late 2018. Excellent build quality (premium feel glass front and back), has performed really well, very decent camera and superb battery life. At nearly 2 and a half years old the battery is not what it used to be but still pretty decent.

    I have a redmi note 10 pro on the way as my next phone which cost approx $360.

  • 12 Pro Max. Almost the same as the XS Max it replaced although it feels a lot bigger. Decent replacement for the DSLR when I need it in hand quickly. Edits photos and video fast, 512gig space of which 300gig is full of mainly photos. Huge battery life. Not a single complaint like the phone before it. I wouldn't have even replaced the XS had the 12 not come on a cheaper unlimited data plan. I sold the XS Max 512g for $1000 cash also so that was great

  • -1

    The poll really shows people just buy what marketing tells them to.

    • Yeah those damn cheap Samsung phones, smh.

      • They're overpriced bloated garbage.

        • -1

          Could say that about every other Android

    • The thruth always gets downvotes! An Apple a day keeps the Physician away. Then you need to search too long to find him.

  • +1

    Nokia 6.

    Decent screen but it's not too big.
    Dropped it so many times with no screen protector. The metal edging is all dinged up but no cracked screen (it is so far living up to the Nokia stereotype).
    Android one, so no annoying uninstallable apps and so far it been updated often.

    When booting the screen is blindingly white like the sun and plays the Nokia tune at about 1000 db
    Photos are often slightly blurry (I think it actually takes the photo slightly after it says it does so I have already begun moving the phone again).
    It impossible to find accessories (car mounts, cases) for it but this is a minor thing as generic car mounts work and it doesn't need a case.
    If you set up multiple users you need to reboot at least every couple day as it starts to freeze up.

    Would I buy it again.? Yes I would definitely buy it again

  • +3

    Samsung Galaxy S range since the S3, right through to the S21.

    - Less bloat than other brands
    - Great HW specs, so the phone just does its job
    - Beautiful screen and great sound (incl. Dolby Atmos)
    - Form factor of the plain old S (not the Plus or Ultra) is perfect (for me anyway)
    - Hated the curved edges of the S9 at the get go however LOVE them now - makes for a super ergonomic experience
    - Knox - data is encrypted at rest, which is good

    - Cannot disable some of the bloat that finds its way onto the phone
    - Battery life kinda becomes a material problem after year 2 - drops off quickly
    - Overly aggressive camera smoothing, which can't be changed in the stock app
    - S21 has lost a couple of things… the software home button is not as good as in the S9 - can't wake the phone with this (or I'm missing something that's clearly non-intuitive). Their out the box screen backgrounds / themes are kinda poor (I don't bother to load 3 party stuff. It's a utility for me, not a fashion accessory), lack of a charger is a mess. They ship the phone with a USB-C to USB-C cable. Come on samsung… at least include a USB-C to USB-A adapter (like on prior models) - renders all my Samsung chargers unusable because all of them to date take USB-A connectors.

    Parting note:
    I LOVED HTC. Then they broke the brand. It was all the Pros of the S series I mentioned above and without the bloat. The UI was super. But sadly… like Nokia… they lost the plot.

    • +3

      Loved HTC, had 3 different handsets being M8 the last one and always liked their phone.

      • +2

        I've had HTC Desire, M7, M10 and still rocking my U12+ now. It's gonna be a sad day when it finally packs it in.

        I've also got a Samsung S9 work phone which is a great phone, but I still prefer using the U12+.

        It's a real shame what happened to HTC. They arguably had the better handsets back in the day but just never really capitalised on it. Samsung had the better advertising machine and picked up all the iSheep that decided to take a walk on the Android side.

  • S21 Ultra, my contact was up at the right time and I smashed the screen on my mate20 pro beyond repair.

    Seems fine but I would not recommend upgrading to it if you have a flagship from the past few years as you don't really gain anything useful and lose a few things.

    My mate 20 pro included supercharger, cable, headphones, usb-c headphone adaptor, on board DAC, LIPO battery (doesn't degrade) for half the price of the S21 ultra that includes nothing but a usb-c cable and none of the old accessories work with it correctly.

    on the upside the s21 has 2 screen protectors vs the 0 from the mate20, which is probably the most important thing for me in the long run!

  • iPhone XR - can't complain as it does what I want. Could do with a better camera though but ehhh.

  • +1

    TCL Plex - The true OzBargainer Phone

  • +1

    I have a Sony Xperia

  • Second hand S10e dual sim import model $250 (mint condition with original screen protector and case) battery lasts 3+ hours screen time on single charge.

    Was looking for compact phone with amoled screen. But wish it had a bigger battery and 8 gb ram (for 64bit chrome)

  • -1

    iPhone 12 - best phone I've owned (3GS -> 5S -> Mi Mix 2) - love everything Apple

    Except for Apple Watch, have full range of their product

  • Have three current phones.
    Google Pixel 4XL ( mostly use this for browsing, and secure operations etc.).
    iPhone 12 Pro 512 GB ( work phone, but prefer the Pixel 4XL)
    Google Pixel 2XL- this is the number given to most of my contacts.

    Really like the Pixel 4XL, first because it is a very secure phone with a TPM chip.

  • Currently I have Samsung S10 (personal) and iPhone SE 2020 (work).

    I like Android phone now because my home is all connected to Google Home and if you realise most of our life depends on Google (Gmail, Google Maps, Chrome).

  • Bought a OnePlus 7T in Nov 2019 for $700 so it's been about 17 months. I love it and it works like a dream. Battery is still good (can't say the same for my previous phones after even 12 months - Moto G4 Plus, LG G6, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S4). I probably won't need to upgrade for at least another 2 years. If OnePlus still do flatscreen phones in 2-3 years time, I'll buy another one.

    • Same. Awesome phone, love it… but seriously tempted by the Oneplus 9

  • +3

    Switched from IPhone to Xiaomi a few years ago, and never looked back. Best bang for the buck by a long shot! Already on my 3rd or 4th (keep dropping it—yes, I have children).

  • +1

    asus rog phone 5, hardcore gaming non-stop 😎

  • Regret ever buying a Samsung 10e.

  • -2

    Xiaomi Poco X3

    I deeply regret getting this phone even though its so cheap but I can't get another phone until it breaks. It's so laggy, this is the first and last time I don't get a flagship phone.. Everyone was spouting on how you couldn't tell the difference and people are dumb to pay $1000 for samsung phones well now that's just plainly wrong..

  • What phone do you use? Pixel 5, before that a Note 5
    Why did you choose it? Wanted an android phone with a good camera and good battery life that would last me four years.
    Do you like it? Very happy with the purchase.
    Do you regret getting it? Zero regrets.

  • +1

    Samsung S7 since… must be 2015? A couple of years ago I actually lost my phone and it was covered under my home insurance. The payout figure was based on an S9 but what did I buy? Another brand new S7 from ebay and for a lot less.

    For a long time, the camera really held its own.

    But mostly, just not a fan of all of these huge phones nowadays.

  • +1

    iPhone 8 Plus. Love it. Still a great phone. No regrets getting it and the continued support means the phone is still getting all the features. Won’t be upgrading unless it breaks.

    • +1

      iPhone 8 Plus here too. 2-3 years later it's still a great phone and yeah, no point upgrading since it's not like phones have progressed much since then unless you want a bunch more cameras on the back.

  • iPhone 11. Was given to me by work. Don't love it. Miss my old Samsung! Even after all these years, iPhone is still inferior to Android.

  • +1

    No poll option for Moto?

    Motorola Moto G6 Play. Can't justify a week's wages for a phone, and this was a pretty good option for a cheap phone. Only regret is that the camera is not fantastic (massive delay between pressing shutter and photo)

  • Pixel 3XL since it was launched, the longest phone I've ever owned and have been super happy with it. Can't see any reason to upgrade at the moment, but with security updates ending later this year - hoping the pixel 5a/6 is something worthwhile to buy.

  • Pixel 4 user.
    Have had Nexus 4, Nexus 6P and then this big jump to the Pixel 4.

    The software experience is great and a form factor between the 6P and Pixel 4 would be ideal - though it's nice having a phone that fits into your pocket.

    I like the direction of the Pixel 5, but the hardware is better on my 4.

    First time ever, considering switching to an iPhone, mainly because I don't see Google competing as a flagship in the future and the lead of the Camera has run its course. I also want a decent app experience which has never really been great on Android.

    I will miss AOD, Google Assistant and Novalauncher and general customisation of android but hey, will see how it goes. If they make an Iphone with no notch and a high refresh rate screen, I'll probably buy it.

  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X but a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 came instead.

    It was the best bang for buck phone at the time plus i was curious about Xiaomi.

    It is a pretty good phone for under $300

    My next phone will need to have double the ram minimum probably and under $350 so i dont see myself upgrading any time soon.

    Although having said that i do get very tempted to buy a top end gaming phone with insane specs but so far i have resisted and said no.

    Although if i did i probably wouldn't have to buy anotner phone for 35 years so really the value works out.

  • iPhone XR - yeah it’s okay, does the job. Previously had an iPhone 8 Plus which I preferred the ergonomics of.

    Do I regret it? I mean yes, and no. For about a month, it’s a nice novelty having a new phone, but I think for most people, such as myself, that novelty wears off and so it just becomes a device that I’m paying a premium for and it’s just a phone, of which an older phone would have been just as usable.

    The one thing that has improved a lot is cameras. For most people our phones are now the equivalent of a dedicated point and shoot, that years previously might have cost $200-$300.

    I also think that with a lot of newer phones we’re getting to this plateau point where phones will become so advanced that the next model will have to bring amazing features to make people upgrade. As it is Apple phones usually have updates for around 3 years if not longer, so that will be the incentive to continually upgrade- that they’ll just run out of security updates.

  • Will answer twice since I daily drive two phones.

    What phone do you use? iPhone XS Max
    Why did you chose it? Swapped my iPhone X with my wife's XS Max as it was too big for her. She subsequently upgraded to iPhone 12 Pro though.
    Do you like it? Yes, camera is pretty good (seems to be the tipping point when iPhone cameras became genuinely good all rounders), has good battery life, big screen
    Do you regret getting it? No, but I do regret not having a better/thicker case (rather than the Spigen slim fit) on it because I dropped it and even with the TG screen protector, a knock on the edge still can crack the screen underneath and it's a $400+ exercise to fix it (and retain IP rating).

    What phone do you use? Galaxy Z Fold2
    Why did you chose it? Novelty of folding phone for more immersive experiences without having to carry my iPad Pro, and productivity benefits from being able to do work on the phone when unfolded as a tablet.
    Do you like it? Yes, very much so.
    Do you regret getting it? No, but even though it's much improved on Fold1 (or so I've read), there are annoying quirks like the included plastic screen protector on inside screen does bubble and feel crap when swiping over it (been a while since I used a non TG screen protector) and because it's so fragile/no IP rating/etc, I had to get a very thick and protective case (Spigen Slim Armour Pro) which was both expensive and despite being "slim", the device still feels a bit like a brick to carry around (reminds me of my old 9210i).

  • Pixel 3XL. Bought it new last year on eBay - for a great price
    Stock Android
    Killer camera
    Well made
    Great battery
    Unlimited full res uploads to Google cloud

    It's pink - but easily hidden in a Spigen case
    Official updates ending this year

    • It's not pink

  • +2

    Hand me down iPhone X such a great phone and still gets updates

  • What phone do you use?
    iPhone 11 PMX/Samsung A20

    Why did you chose it?
    Was an Android user, last model was Note 9 and thought I would try iPhone (had iPhone 3GS long time back and wanted to give it a try again). Well, happy so far in terms of Camera and Battery life, plus family uses Apple devices so easy to be in same ecosystem.
    I got Samsung A20 since it was 2020 OzB best budget phone.

    Do you like it?
    Like both of them, use iPhone for primary and A20 for work, mostly calls.

    Do you regret getting it?
    Not at all. I am planning to do the same when I upgrade, keep iOS device as main and budget Android phone as side one.

  • +1

    Pixel 5
    Very underwhelming, almost everything is worse than my old Note 10 which cost about the same. I think Google phones are so overrated, I really don't get it.

    Everyone said the processor would be fast enough but that was a lie, I get noticeable lag when scrolling or switching apps. Speakers are somehow worse than a Pixel 3, screen is dim and looks worse when compared to other phones, the camera is fine but not noticeably better. I don't understand the appeal of "stock" android, I just see less features? I guess the only thing I really like is the size.

    • Agreed stock Android is so boring, it even manages to be worse than ios..

  • Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite, got it initially as a temporary replacement phone when i lost my Samsung S10 in VN two years ago (one two many beers) and have been pleasantly surprised with it. Battery life is still holding up after 2 years, I've been meaning to upgrade but keep holding off for the next phone deal (may pull the trigger one the next pixel phone).

  • OnePlus 7 McLaren edition. - price ($300) as had corrupt sys. Full service level restore, fixed it. …winning.

  • Pixel 4a.

    Decent battery life for it's size.
    Copy/paste bug is infuriating.
    Great camera.

  • What phone do you use?
    Samsung Galaxy S7

    Why did you chose it?
    I like Samsung and was a sucker for upgrading every 2 years back then. Until i went the BYO sim for under $150 a year route.

    Do you like it?
    Yep does the job and haven't had any issues 5 years on.

    Do you regret getting it?
    I regret paying $79 a month for a phone plan back then but don't regret the phone itself. Not looking to upgrade any time soon.

  • What phone do you use?

    iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone X, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS

    Why did you chose it?

    Apple Genius Bar.

    Hardware or Software issue - make a Genius bar booking and given new refurbished phone on the spot even when the phone is almost 2 years old (ACL obligations). Also iPhones last forever.

    Colleague's Google Pixel 5 died from a common motherboard fault due to moisture ingress from being in a pocket… Officeworks took 3 weeks to send a refurbished phone back.

    Boss's S20+ had a crack screen and saw that the Samsung Store can replace the display at a cost. Had to make a support appointment 2 weeks in advanced to only wait 3 more weeks (and counting) with daily phone calls to Samsung. Samsung rep always reads the case notes back to boss which infuriates him but can't see where the phone disappeared to. Last phone call said that an approval for a refurbished phone was given but boss cannot just go back to the Samsung store to pick up a refurbished phone and won't say when he will be given one.

    I think I'm going to continue to stick with Apple.

    • Your colleague should have claimed warranty with Google directly. They send the replacement first then you send the faulty phone back. Usually get the replacement next day.

      • +1

        We were told to go back to the place of purchase than to go through Google 🤷‍♂️

        • That is an option, sure. The best way is through Google directly.

    • -2

      you got scammed by Apple and loved it

      refurbished phone on the spot even when the phone is almost 2 years old (ACL obligations).

      There is no time limit in the ACL, I'd expect an iPhone to
      last longer than 24 months.

      They gave you a refurbished phone🤣
      And you are happy🤣

      It's repair, replace, refund not give some used stock🤣

      • +1

        The refurbed phone would be as good as new with Apple replacements. I'd take that over my near 2yo phone being repaired.

        • Apple refurbished is literally phone gets sent back to China then it gets dismantled, cleaned, new battery, new motherboard etc then sent back out.

          Apparently you can buy a phone in an Apple Store and you have a 2 week change of mind policy to refund. Apple then sends the refunded device back to China for refurbishment.

      • No scam here, just know that iPhones will have issues but the company behind it support their devices 100%.

        No time limit on ACL but Apple certainly didn't put up a fight in getting things replaced.

        Still no word from Samsung on when the refurbished S20+ is ready for pick up. Boss cracked it and bought a Google Pixel 5 and swore he will never buy another Samsung phone again.

    • I have a similar history to yours,
      I started with the iPhone 3 in 2008 then iPhone 5, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone X now iPhone 12 mini

      Before iPhone I had the Nokia N95 (took it to Europe in 2007 for awesome photos and videos with it's Zeiss lens). This was one of the first "smart" phones and I remember being very resistant to the initial iPhone hype until I tried one.

      I can't remember what I had before the Nokia, I think I had a Sony Ericsson or something like that?

      • I had a N95 too! It was an awesome phone but terrible battery life. Replaced it with an iPhone 4 which took even better photos 😆

  • Poco X3
    Great battery life and 120 hz screen
    Price is awesome
    Came from Samsung S8+
    Removed an ad or two
    Happy as Barry ! 😋

  • Owned the Samsung S series over the years, switched to a Huawei mate 20 pro on the previous switch. Regretted my decision fairly quickly when stuff started going wrong with it. Have gone back to Samsung (Samsung note 20 ultra 5g), glad I made the switch back. Battery life isn't great though.

    I've tried to use my wife's apple, but couldn't wrap my head around it. So just staying in the Android universe.

  • Had a Google pixel 2xl, but smashed it when I dropped it on concrete. 1.9 years of use and it was still going very strong.

    Now have. Google pixel 4xl. A great phone for a great price. I might switch to Apple next but in all honesty, being within the Google system is great, especially for Google maps, search and Google photos integration.

  • +1

    Used androids for 10+ years, switched to iPhone 11 last year, and absolutely loving it. The apps have a general well built feeling, but I miss the ability to customize the launcher from android. Timely updates and security patches. More privacy focused. Will be sticking with iPhones for the foreseeable future.

  • Looks like im the only one using 7.12 inch phone. Honor 8x max. No regret. Great for watching YouTube clips.

  • +1

    Apple since 3G, a brief moment (6 months) with a galaxy s6(I think) around 8-9 years ago and now iPhone 12 Pro Max.

    They always work, easy to use, great camera and great for my work use and also social use.

    Price is only a number when it ticks so many boxes

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