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[Everyday Rewards] Bonus 2000pts (Worth $10) with $100 "Swap Celebration" Gift Card (Can Swap for $100 eBay GC) @ BIG W In-store


Lo and behold, this is the deal that everyone is waiting for to stack with the eBay Afterpay sales that are flooding ozbargain atm πŸ˜€

BIG W is having a Easter promotion: 10% back in Everyday Rewards Points on select gift card purchases. This is much better than the pathetic 1.5% gift card discount from CashRewards via Choice GC. These gift card will probably be sold out soon after this post with the eBay sale is still going so you will probably have to be quick. They are available for purchase in store only.

The best card to buy is the $100 Swap Celebration Gift Card. Each card purchase will earn 2000 bonus Everyday Rewards Points worth $10. You can then exchange it for a $100 eBay Gift Card for use in the eBay Afterpay sale.

You can also buy the $50 Swap Celebration Gift Card which will earn 1000 bonus points worth $5.

The $100 Perfect EFTPOS Gift Card will also earn 2000 bonus points but there is a ridiculous $6.95 purchase fee. This card is useful if the store does not accept payment by credit card, such as Bill Pay @ Australia Post.

BIG W also has Ultimate Student, Eats, Active gift cards included in this promotion.


  • There is a limit of 10 gift card purchases per Everyday Rewards Member. If you want more than 10 gift cards, then you will need to have another Everyday Rewards membership.

  • You can combine with the current Coles Mastercard gift card sale for further saving. See

  • You cannot buy gift cards with Woolworths brand gift cards (Woolworths, Wish, BIG W gift cards), but you can use Coles Mastercard gift cards.

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  • -2

    Isn't the current 5% off wish cards a much better deal?

    • +1

      This is still better, works out to be ~9.1% (spend $100 and get $110 value)

      Plus everyone is buying up these gift cards to swap for ebay gift card so we dont have to sign up to afterpay

      • Don't you get 20% off with AP on eBay?

        • You do. You can get 20% off AND use these eBay gift cards :D

        • +2

          You get better value if you don’t use after pay and use gift cards.

      • Sorry I was confused with the wording of the title suggesting to buy an EFTPOS card with a $7 fee.

      • -1

        Technically that's not correct.
        You can buy 5% discounted wish gift cards, so you only get $109.5 value for $100 spend.
        So that's 8.68%.

        Or am I missing something?

    • +1

      No. Discounted gift cards that you can spend at several other businesses, way better.

    • What is the Wish gc for? I don't have that much shopping from WW, only can use it for petrol and I don't need that much. During the price increase cycle like now I use 7-Eleven. Of course it is good to keep some.

      If you mean using it to buy GC at BigW, I have already put it in the post. You CAN'T pay for GC at WW/BigW using Wish GC, this has been changed few years ago.

  • Great deal, thanks OP

  • -1

    I don't understand the deal, what am I buying exactly?

    • +1

      ebay GC, that is the most valueable deal for this promo.

      • +3

        Sorry but I'm still a bit confused and would appreciate some clarification. So I can't buy Ebay GCs directly from Big W because that will not earn me rewards points - is this correct? Therefore, I need to buy the Swap Celebration GC from Big W, which will earn me rewards points and then I can change them for a digital Ebay gift card?

        • +2


          • @CodeXD: Brilliant, thank you for the confirmation!

            • +3

              @eswes: Plus, you can also stack these ebay giftcards with the 20% off afterpay deal. Using 100% giftcards for your order means you can take advantage of the 20% off without even signing up to afterpay.

              • @CodeXD: Ah, so this is why you need to have an Ebay gift card with sufficient value to cover the entire cost of the Ebay item - thanks!

          • @CodeXD: Can you use this coles group and myers GC https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/611353
            to buy the swap GC @ bigW?

            Like buying $100 GC at 15% and get cashback $15 then use the $100 GC to buy swap GC to receive 2000pts($10) and use for eBay..

            $25 saving…

            • @Yo1111: You can't use a Coles Myer GC at BigW, they're different companies. BigW is Woolies.

    • +4

      Confusing post is confusing.

      • +7

        LOL this is some ninja-level OzBargaining. Basically the entire post is geared towards deal stacking with that eBay Afterpay sale.

        On its own, it's basically a deal where you buy a $100 gift card and get back $10 worth in Woolies Reward points.

      • how do you use the gift cards in conjunction with the afterpay coupon?
        or is this not possible ?

        • +6

          I think you select Afterpay as the payment option so that you can use the coupon to reduce the price, then you apply the gift card to reduced the balance to be paid, so you are essentially paying $0 through afterpay.

  • You can buy Swap cards from Shopback at 5% off atm but the Swap site has been Ozbargained and is down currently due to the eBay sale lol

    • i dont see shopback has swap card now

    • -1

      This is 10% anyway, more if combined with Coles MC gift card promo

      • -1


        • 8.68%
          You can buy 5% discounted wish gift cards, so you only get $109.5 value for $100 spend.

          • @johnmelb: I have no idea how you got to 8.68% but that does not look right lol

            • -1

              @CodeXD: It's 5% discounted wish GC so you don't get $10 but $9.5
              So total spend is $109.5, you didn't have to pay the $9.5 so : $9.5 / $109.5 = 0.08675

            • -1

              @CodeXD: Without this deal, I could buy $100 ebay card with $100, and a $10 wish gc for $9.5. This deal basically doesn't require me to spend the $9.5.

              So $9.5 / ($100+$9.5) ~ 8.68%.
              So why doesn't that look right?

    • But this swap deal isn't working ATM so maybe people will be stuck with big-w gift cards? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/611555

      • +2

        You're stuck with swap gift cards.

  • +1

    Is it 2k rewards points per gift card or per account?

    • +1

      of course, up to 10 cards as per T&C

  • +2

    Anybody seen any good UberEATS gift card (10% off) deals recently…been ages, 6+months….?

  • Apologies being a bit lazy:

    The Perfect Eftpos Gift card $106.95 ($6.95 fee) get 2000pts WW Rewards, the fee is ridiculous but if you want to pay some bill at Auspos that doesn't take credit card then this maybe an option.

    What does this end up costing in practice? i.e. what is the 2000pts worth?

    • By getting a new rewards card instore using there ipad, you get 1500 points and 4-8x offer via email I have found.
      So for $100, you could "make" $13 if you went got this offer and did 1 large shop.

      • Got exited and check my woolies app and noticed I have a 5x boost Big W offer… just read the T&Cs in it.. it states:
        'You will not collect 5x points on the following purchases ad these not count towards the qualifying spend: gift cards (inc iTunes), blah blah….'

        • +1

          Scrap the above… I actually had a 4x points booster for Big W.
          Brought 3 x $100 & 7 x $50 gifcards totalling $650… randomly I got 2,600 bonus points on the woolies app today… so it does work with boosters from looks of it!
          Super deal!

  • So in-store only and max $100 discount from buying 10 GC?

    • +2

      No limit if you are "professional" ;)

    • As ever, the deal link is the key to finding out the T&Cs.

  • Is this the deal?
    optional 1. Buy a Coles MasterCard gift card and get Flybuys
    2. Use Coles MasterCard gift card (or some other form of payment that is not a Wish or BigW gift card) at BigW to get a desired gift card and get Woolworths reward points
    optional 3. Get ebay card in step 2 and use afterpay discount with gift card on ebay

    • +1

      Just tried, paid Eftpos card with Coles MasterCard gift. All Eftpos card activation failed. Had to refund the whole transaction and did it all over again with normal CC.

      • +2

        it has nothing to do with Coles MC, this usually caused by communication error. i.e activation server is not responding and timed out either because of the internet connection or the server is overloaded at the time. It can happen with any payment method.

  • +6

    in store only is a killer for me… cost more in fuel (plus time and effort) to get one.
    good deal for those nearby big dub.

  • looking at 'Woolworhs' is bothering me

    • +1

      fixed :)

  • in-store only deal?

  • The Perfect Eftpos Gift card $106.95 ($6.95 fee) get 2000pts WW Rewards

    Do you also get 2000 points per card and up to 10 cards?

    • of course

      • Still ok savings for $30.50 per $1000.

    • yes, per account.

  • +2

    This is perfect for my recent 2 credit cards spending requirements (Need to spend 4k + 2.5k). Thanks OP - hopefully they're still in stock by the evening.

    • which CC did you go with? I have not long signed up for CBA diamond ($5k spend) and Suncorp $3k spend

      • +1

        I went for the ANZ FF Platinum Qantas (75k bonus points and no annual fee) + Qantas Premier Platinum (100k bonus points $199 annual fee)

  • anyone having problem getting swap to work? my swap cards are not recognised by the website. They were good yesterday.

    • same here, got error to check first six digits of card , dont know what to do.

    • i keep getting the "check the first 6 digits of your card" error a few moments ago - now… i can't even access the site anymore…

  • There's currently an issue with swap your gift card website, a lot of people are getting this error:

    "Please check the first 6 digits of your card."

  • +1

    Last time Woolworthd had the same deal for Swap cards, the eBay ones sold out very quickly, it was difficult to find stock.

    There are much fewer Big W stores so stock won't last very long.

  • So we need to go into store to buy the physical "Swap Giftcards"?

  • I spent too much money already …

    This is so good for me with my CRO card as I get 5% cashback on the $100 making it 95$ and with the 10$ worth of points it becomes $85 which is 15% off.

    Not exactly 15% off because $10 @ Woolies isn't worth 10$, it's worth $9.5.

  • How does one stack the eBay giftcards with the eBay Afterpay sale? I didn't think you can as the payment method is 'Afterpay'?

    Still good deal OP will grab a few just to store until needed

    • Select Afterpay and apply the coupon first before the gift cards.

  • For an item $129 will I be able to use the gift card from this deal and still use the 20% off afterpay code PAPDY20?

    • Yes you can. But if you not want to use afterpay, you'll need to make sure the gift card covers the $129. This may mean buying $150 worth of GC.

      • But dont you have to use afterpay to be able to get the 20%off? If you pay entire order by gift card, i dont think the system can accept afterpay.

        • I just made a purchase and it worked.

          Select Afterpay as the payment method.

          Enter the code to get 20% off.

          Enter the 'pin' from the swap eBay gift card.

  • +1

    Folks that is 28% off a currently large range of eligible with the Afterpay code :)
    Apple and Nintendo products will be at the cheapest price in OZB history .

    • good on you to be quick :) in fact I haven't got time to go to BigW yet so I may not even get any cards left. πŸ˜…

  • +1

    Anyway can we check stocks availability of these gift cards? I assume now 90% would have sold out.

  • The Perfect Eftpos Gift card $106.95 ($6.95 fee) get 2000pts WW Rewards, the fee is ridiculous but if you want to pay some bill at Auspost that doesn't take credit card then this maybe an option

    Thats not an option as australia post no longer accepts prepaid cards for payment in any form for bills since last year. Yeh it still works, but as soon as they realise that its a prepaid , they will turn you down.

    • it has been like that not from last year but from many years back in the day that Amex MR was not devalued by 50%. Well the good old day for MS.

      And at the time The Perfect GC(i.e EFTPOS card) sold so damn much and they must have been thinking they are so popular so they jacked up their fee from $5.95 to $6.95 which is ridiculously 6.95% in fee. Their sales must have been dropped a lot by then. Coles don't even stock this card anymore, they have now carry the TCN EFTPOS card instead.

      One of their popular promo was the $88 no fee Perfect GC back then.

      • Then what do we use the Perfect Eftpos GC for?

        • +1

          find a good staff that is willing to help you. If you still don't know how to do it then maybe this is not for you :) You can also use this for shop/restaurant that charge surcharge for credit card payment.

  • does the ANZ credit card $1500 spend can be paid by this gift card Perfect Eftpos Gift card?

  • Winner, plenty available in Southern GC

    • ppl are still at work so all stock may be cleared out by tonight once ppl finished work.

  • +1

    I am confused! How do I buy? Where is the Buy Now link?

    EDIT: Oh looks like In-Store only.

  • So if I am looking to buy Dell S3221QS for $389, I can just buy $400 worth of eBay GC and not use Afterpay?
    I will then have $11 ebay credit left over + get $40 in woolworths credit?
    Is that right?

    • Yes looks like it,

      • Awesome, thank you for the quick response πŸ‘

  • If I was to buy 10 x $100 Swap Celebration cards, would I be able to buy them all in 1 transaction and scan my Everyday Rewards card once?

    • +7

      I got $100 and $50 Swap cards in 1 transaction, and received the 3k points, so I assume there shouldn't be any issues with buying 10 cards in 1 transactions.

      If you are planning to take advantage of the ebay afterpay deal, just remember there's a limit of 7 gift cards (7 gift card + the PAPDY20 voucher code)

      • Thanks for the heads-up.

      • ~^ I left the $50's behind . I'm on my bike again .

        • +1

          because of the dodgy ebay limit of number of gift cards used it is better to get $100 card.

          Don't forget ebay has also another limit which is max amount of gift card used i.e $2000 per day, $5000 per month.

          • @samehada: is the limit 7 gift cards per purchase or 7 per day?

            For example, if i make 2 separate purchases can i use 7 cards per purchase?

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