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[Afterpay] Xiaomi Electric Scooter Pro 2 $599.20 (Save $500 RRP) Delivered @ Ninja Buy (PC Byte) eBay


Historic low for this popular scooter (AU Stock)!! RRP is $1099 - a sweet 45% off.

PC Byte is an official Xiaomi reseller - so warranty can be accepted by either PC Byte or Xiaomi Australia. As usual, Afterpay payment method required for code, however, you may pay the order in full using eBay gift cards and be eligible to apply the code. Use discounted gift cards for further savings.


  • Multifunctional dashboard
  • Aerospace grade aluminum body
  • E-ABS + disc brake
  • 600W powerful motor performance
  • Three speed modes, easy switch
  • High safety lithium battery, 45km super long-range battery
  • New generation energy recovery system
  • Fifth generation BMS smart battery management system

Summary of Electric Scooter Laws in Australia by State

State Legal? Rules/Notes
Queensland Yes Riders should wear helmets. Children under 12 cannot ride, and riders up to 16 must be supervised by an adult. Riders must give way to pedestrians. Speed limit to 25km/h
Victoria No Unless an electric scooter has less than 200w power output and has a top speed of 10km/h or less, it cannot be legally used on a road or any road related areas, including footpaths, share paths and public areas. See here for more info.
ACT Yes A maximum speed of 15 km/h on footpaths, up to 25 km/h in all other permitted locations. Users must wear a helmet. Slow down to 10 km/h when going across a crossing and give way to pedestrians.
New South Wales No Currently, NSW does not allow riding an e-scooter on public roads and footpaths. However, the law permits it on private ground.
South Australia No In South Australia, the law does not allow riding an e-scooter on public roads and footpaths. However, the law allows riding on private grounds.
Western Australia No The law does not permit the use of shared paths and footpaths for e-scooters. Compliant e-scooters can only be legally ridden on low speed WA public roads and paths if their maximum power output is no more than 200 watts and they cannot travel more than 10 km/h on level ground.
Northern Territory No E-scooters that are limited to less than 200w in power output and capable speeds below 10km/h are permitted for use on public roads and footpaths. Scooters exceeding this power and speed will require registration.
Tasmania No The power limit that the law allows is less than 200w for it to set foot on public roads and footpaths. Scooters exceeding this power and speed will require registration.

Credits to mearth for summary


This is part of Afterpay Day sale for 2021

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  • Big difference to the 1s?

  • QLD laws here for those in QLD. Mines illegal and I have sold my car as the scoot has replaced the car. I ride a bicycle and have a Kaboo Mantis Pro scooter


    • +1

      Why is your scooter illegal? What makes it so?

      • +3

        Nanny state

      • You might get a boo boo

  • +24

    Appreciate you posting the laws. That's literally the first thing everyone seems to ask in these threads.

  • +1

    geez could almost buy it and use the parts from my Pro 1 for spares at this price.

  • +1

    Maximum 10kmph on WA paths? That's almost walking speed :( I have seen many people go way faster than that around Perth though

    • +4

      i do 32kph (firmware modified) on my Pro and ride into West Perth all the time.

      Just make sure you don't ride like a tool, wear a helmet and obey road rules and you wont have an issue.

      WA hasn't updated road rules for decades. Bizarrely enough you can buy an electric bike and crank up to 30-50kph with battery assist….but thats ok and doesn't have any onerous regulations.

    • +1

      Looks like grandpa will overtake us with his EV 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • +1

    How is it illegal in SA? I have seen ride sharing scooters on the streets in Adelaide CBD.

    • +1

      here's more info about the rules:

      Can I ride a motorised wheeled recreational device on a road, footpath or bike track?
      No. These devices cannot be used on roads or road related areas such as foot paths, bike/pedestrian tracks, or vehicle parking areas. Under South Australian legislation, these devices are considered to be motor vehicles. Operating a motor vehicle requires a driver’s licence, registration and compulsory third party insurance. As these devices do not meet the safety standards under the Australian Design Rules they are not eligible for registration.


      but not everyone follows the rules ;)

    • The only legal ones are the two ride sharing companies at the moment, they are on a trial roll to see how it works.

    • +1

      Technically illegal in SA but with the rental ones being legal in the designated zones, many just ride their own in the same areas and hope they don't get pulled over which for the most part, they don't.

      Everyone rides theirs along the beach and through the streets near me, electric skateboards too and generally get away with it. Still, it's not good if you encounter a bored cop.

  • +9

    Wow. I didn't realize how backwards most of Australia is. Only useful if you're in Queensland or ACT

    • -4

      And Vic

    • +1

      and WA

  • Bargain, I’d still take the Max as it suits me more but a great price for a Pro 2!

  • +10

    Yes can't believe a country of not supporting less usage of oil and creating less pollution.

    • Well, it's really only about the money. Classed as a vehicle but without registration or license fees so It's illegal… unless you are in the states where they are renting them out and there's profit for them, then suddenly they're safe and legal!

    • Otherwise our government would lose a lot of GST collected from fuel. I guess they also hate Tesla and discourage consumers from buying electric cars.

  • +1

    Would be great to take it to the shopping centre 2km from the house, but wouldn't know where to park it when going in to get a few groceries.
    Anyone got some ideas/experience?

    • +1

      Lock it up is your only option unless they let you take it in. Also consider how you're carrying groceries home

    • +1

      I bring it inside the grocery store and use it as trolley for the groceries. I had my scooter fitted with a hook on the steerer tube where i can hang the reusable bag. assuming you are going for just a few items of groceries that is.

    • +1

      Mini D lock works fine, lock it to bike hoops

    • +2

      I scoot to my shopping centre all the time. I put my scooter in a shopping trolley when I get there.
      I take nylon re-usable shopping bags with me, I can hang one on the handlebar, the bags are strong enough to handle the bumps on the ride home.
      I usually wear a large backpack, it's pretty easy to do your groceries.
      Oh and you don't have to look for a carpark, you just turn right up to the front (or back) door of the shopping centre, it's quicker than driving!!

      • +1

        Never thought of the trolley. You're a genius, thanks.

  • +4

    Queensland the smart state

    • +4

      Love QLD, but I hate gekos crawling on walls in homes.

      • +2

        Great Target practice with the automatic Nerf gun

  • Advice needed for scooter noob. What do you do if the grade you need to ride on (path to/from where you need to get to) is greater than the rating for the scooters motor? Does it mean if you are in or near a hilly area, its a bit of a show stopper?

    • I have to give mine a couple of kicks up two hills I ride up. Not a deal breaker but I am upgrading my M365 to a Zero 8 for MORE POWER!

      EDIT: Just a note, my M365 is the original, 250W version. This model on sale is 500W so should be a lot better up hill. My only problem with the M365 models is how hard it is to change the tyres.

      • Can anyone comment on what the tyre change process is like on the pro 2?

        • They're virtually identical to the original model ie PITA to change lol.

        • Get solid tyres, not worth the time to fix punctures. 4 hour nightmare

      • Keep an eye on the Vsett range which is slowly making its way here. Basically next generation Zero range.

      • @blokeinhisunders thanks for that info.

        Interesting you should mention the Zero 8 - it is rated 500W power, this Pro 2 rated 600W

        • Pro 2 is 300w for sustained, electric motors kind of take what you give them so the 600w is the advertised peak power but can't sustain it.

          • @Pobman: Ah, thanks for pointing that out, hadn't noticed it was peak.

    • I have a Ninebot Max and I weigh 99kg (not 100kg!!) anyhow I have one steep hill to negotiate in my area and as already stated by other OB'ers you can help a long with a few kicks, but this hill is so steep that even cyclists hop off and walk up, so it's really rare to come by. If I weighed 60-70kg I reckon I would make it all the way to the top without assistance. On all other steep hills the scooter just slows down from max speed all the way down to 10-15kph then speeds up again when you approach the crest. When walking up a hill with your scooter it's really easy to push, definitely not a deal breaker and of course you get a bit of exercise.
      So in answer to your question you just stand on the scooter, then put the pedal to the metal and try and get up the hill then you'll eventually slow to walking speed then you hop off knowing that it's about to stall. The motor doesn't suffer from trying to climb a hill too steep, nor does it make any disturbing sounds, or smells, it just slows down to the point that you know it's better just to jump off and walk. I hope this helps.

      • Thanks, yeah that helps. It seems that most veteran riders are used to more per than this model offers though.

  • +1

    Looks this this might be my first EV 😍

  • The one I purchased from gearbite (1s) came with generic AU cable, was scared that it might be gery stock, so sold mine. Now have to buy this I guess

    • as far as I’m aware, gearbite aren’t official Xiaomi AU reseller

    • Just curious, why did you sell?

      • Gumtree. Sold for the purchase price since it was Sealed.

        • +1

          I believe the question was "Why", not "How"

          • @kaitovan: Sorry, misread. Like said was in impression that it might be gery stock, didn't want to risk warranty. The text on box was in Chinese.

  • I just wish an electric skateboard deal would popup on this sale. Holding out.

    • Same, once you've ridden an electric skateboard you can never go back to scooter. I've been using my brothers Bajaboard S2. Now I can never go back to the Evolve. Ruined.

  • +1

    Wow! $599 is a bargain!

  • +13
  • I heard the tyres are a nightmare to change if you get a puncture.

  • I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong but I keep getting 'This code can't be applied to your order.',
    I've tried selecting afterpay and without selecting it. Anyone else having this same issue?

    • Your account must be created on the AU eBay site, had the same issue a while ago, just make another one with a different email.

  • +5

    I bought it from JB for $699 a few months ago.

    Very happy with it. Bought it specifically to get to gym and back during lunch break. It’s 2km each way and takes me less than 6 mins on this. Keeps steady 25km/h even at 15% climb. I weight around 73kg. Very easy to store and battery is solid too. No issues with tyres so far.

    Only drawback is lack of suspensions. Ride feels extremely bumpy even in a slightest uneven surface. So much so that I worry about structural integrity of it at times. I hope future modes will have suspensions as I feel this is really ideal mode of transport for under 5km trips.

    599 is totally a bargain. If you do short trips like to store or gym or even work, this will make your trips so much fun.

  • Love Brisbane. My Inokim Ox is such a pleasure to ride :)

  • 'Currently, NSW does not allow riding an e-scooter on public roads and footpaths. However, the law permits it on private ground.'

    Wow rly this isnt allowed? Had no idea :/ Seen a bunch of them around the place so guess not a well enforced rule hahah

  • Arhhh Been hunting this for weeks.
    Ended up getting the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 1S 2 days ago
    since the kids M365 battery is failing and $300 plus for a replacement.

  • so this is more power (200w vs 600w) & faster (10km vs 45km) for Victoria….

    then it cannot be legally used on a road or any road related areas, including footpaths, share paths and public areas. The fine for an illegal device is $826. Other penalties may also apply.

  • Anyone going to mod their scooter to increase the max speed?

    • just purchased & already d/l the firmware from Monopattinoitalia.it - check there. Seems to be the best option going around & there's 4 different types to choose from, starting from a sedate/standard customise to a race setting - full throttle, but recommends other upgrades etc & monitoring battery & controller/ECU temps, if you're in the northern states i'd probably avoid the race setting, unless you're a lightweight ~70kg or less..

      • +1

        Or https://cfw.sh/ and make your own.

        • Nice, saw some references to scooterhacking.com during my research but thought I'd try out a pre-compiled fw first. Thx for heads up..

  • +1

    Oh man, so sad we can't use them in Victoria. I'm here in Brisbane for the weekend. I've purchased 3 days pass using neurons bike. It's amazing how quickly it takes you around the streets and riding along the river. So much fun.

    I've my hand on trigger to purchase this and take the risk. Not sure if it's a good idea?

    • We're in Darwin from Melbourne and just used them too. They're awesome and I want to pull the trigger too haha

    • +2

      Pulled the trigger. Im taking the risk in VIC

  • I guess the E25 is better then this as it has suspension built in? It's been on sale for similar price.

  • Was looking to go for the Ninebot E22 but may ending getting this one.

  • What would you guys choose this or the ninebot max g30? And why?

    • Ninebot for the hills and range if you live in that type of area.

      • Do you think the ninebot's rear wheel drive is better or the front wheel drive of the pro 2?

        • RWD for sure. Much more stable.

          • @BargainKen: How about the weight and size? Real world, what it's like to carry it… Ninebot max is a tank, is 5kgs extra noticeable?

            • @lowballed: Yeh its pretty heavy, dont recommend carrying it vast distances. Can be wheeled easily enough. Guess its the price you pay for a more solid, stable ride.

  • +2

    Yeah, didn't know I needed one of these until I saw it. Purchased, damn, hope it is awesome :)

    • Same, was watching the stock level on ebay, got to 59 sold then FOMO kicked in.

      Gonna run it standard for a bit then load the Monopattinoitalia firmware.

      Researching the 10" tyre upgrade next..

      • +1

        Is there an English button somewhere for that firmware site?

        • translate button in chrome when page loads.

      • How can you understand any of it in Italian. The other mod one seems to be called DownG.

        • Downg is simply the Android app that sends the file to the scooter. The site above also uses it.

  • -1

    Can the text for the legal rules table for Victoria be updated to be clearer? Suggest:

    Unless an electric scooter has less than 200w power output and has a top speed of 10km/h or less, it cannot be legally used on a road or any road related areas, including footpaths, share paths and public areas.

    Given the typical/expected uses for an electric scooter and that none of the scooters being posted at this time meet these criteria it would probably be more informative if the 'Legal?' value was 'No*' as well.

    • +2

      wowow 7 year member and first comment !! I’ll make some changes

      • Maybe you should also translate to Mexican aye..

        8yrs btw..

  • Would have bought it if it were legal in NSW.
    Will the laws ever change?

    • -1

      I'm in NSW & bought 1, so long as you don't ride like an idiot I think you would be unlucky to get fined..

      • That's like saying when buying and driving an unlicensed car as long as you don't drive it like an idiot you'll be unlucky to get fined. Illegal means not legal to use at all. You can't just bend the law to your liking. So you're breaking the law every time you set foot on it and ride it if riding it on a street or city pathway regardless of how good you're riding it. Only an idiot might do that. You only have to be spotted riding it to be fined.

        • +2

          Righto Karen.

          Comparing a scooter with a car? Really?

          Get a life mate!

  • You can't ride these Xiaomi in the rain because of IP54 rating vs the Segway E22 IPX4 Water-Resistant, and the Max IPX5 Water-Resistant.

    • Therefore useless if caught out in a storm with it. There goes an expensive item.

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