This was posted 10 months 7 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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All Coles Hot Cross Buns 2 Packs for $5 @ Coles Online or in Store


Pretty good price for these Choice award winning Buns.
All Coles Hot Cross Buns 2 packs for $5

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    You might like to add that its also 2 for $5 at Woolworths.

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      But are they choice award winning? If not these are different products!

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    Coles are def both good quality and good value. Time to stock up (they are quite fresh after a freeze).

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      +1, I buy them on sale and freeze them
      tip: separate them before freezing in their bags, easier when you just want one.

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      I won't freeze them, as they've already been frozen by the manufacturer, and unfrozen in the shop

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        Actually Hot cross buns are cooked in store but they will be on the shelf for more than 1 day

        • Maybe it's woolworth who's using frozen one, I have a doubt now!

          • @gonan: Some of the Coles ones are, had some Sticky Date & Butterscotch recently and the pack said not to freeze them, these were in a 4 pack , also bought a 6 pack of Apple & Cinnamon and they were OK to freeze.

          • @gonan: Woolies sell frozen ones in the stores without a bakery. Woolies with a limited oven only bakery get them in parbaked frozen and finish off the baking in store. Woolies which have a regular bakery, which is most woolies, make them fresh in store every day. They used to have a competition for which woolies baker made the best hot cross buns, not sure if they still do it.

            • @indium: How so to judge making the "best" hot cross buns? Even if baked in-house they must get the dough already pre-made so the HCB "recipe" across all stores would be the same regardless of which store it is.

              • @Craze: Yeh it's pretty much the same HCB, the dry ingredients come pre-mixed and they add water and fruit/choc chips to it so would just come down to their technique. I have tasted the HCB from one of the state winners and it was a lot better in terms of texture.

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            @gonan: Coles and Woolworths use frozen hot cross buns in stores that don't have full production bakeries. Generally the smaller stores.

      • What's your angle on re freezing? The whole food safety concept of not re freezing is based around microbe/ bacterial growth (nothing really to do with actual freezing).

        Hot cross buns are loaded with salt and sugar (plus things like dried fruit likely covered in preservatives such as metabisulphate), plus preservatives themselves added.

        In summary, you could probably re freeze daily for a month and all you will lose is texture and quality, but no impact on safety. A couple of freeze cycles won't be a problem for store bought buns.

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    It’s in store, I saw the sign this morning.

    • Thanks I will Update post :)

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        You believe Fake News? 🤔😂

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    Their hot cross buns used to be full of raisins that leaves you craving for more but in the recent years, it has become quite pathetic that it’s more bread than anything. Wish they’ll just add more raisins as I’ll love to have them everyday…

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      Just buy a pack of raisins and when your applying the butter to your warmed bun, add a few extra raisins to your liking. Happy Easter.

      • Tried… didn’t work. The raisins didn’t puff up to be juicy. Think they’ve to be baked together to absorb the moisture.

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      True. Even the chocolate ones used to be great not anymore at least in my local store

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        Probably like everything else… profits before customer?

        I can only start drawing circles on the ground reminiscing the good old days…

    • Maybe try the ‘premium fruit’ ones

      I assume that’s more raisins but it could also just be free range raisins or whatever

    • I'll stick with raisin toast, I guess.

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    Perhaps you mean 2 packs of 6 for $5?
    2 hot cross buns for $5 is not really deal worthy 😂

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      Yep, it's 2 packs of 6 for $5.

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    Can you mix and match chocolate and fruit buns?

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    23% sugar
    watch out, eat these everyday, as well as the chocolate eggs, and before you know it the ol' diabeetus creeps up on you.

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    Love the Hot Cross Bun - a Boxing Day tradition in my house.

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  • INGREDIENTS: Wheat Flour, Fruit Mix (27%) [Currants, Sultanas, Raisins, Sunflower Oil], Water, Sugar, Crossing Paste [Water, Wheat Starch, Wheat Flour, Vegetable Oils (Palm**, Canola), Vegetable Emulsifier (471 Palm**), Thickener (415), Salt], Yeast, Glaze [Water, Sugar, Thickeners (1400, 415), Acidity Regulator (330)]

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    coles chocolate hot cross bun is the best!

    • Love their choc HCB! Full of gooey choc chips! Top stuff

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    Coles actually has 2 kinds of HCBs which vary by store. There is either a PB or SC notation on the sticker meaning par baked or scratch with quite a taste difference between them. PB seems to have more spice in the mix. My husband and I prefer the PB traditional ones but our local store Adelaide Rundle Mall has changed to SC this year which is very frustrating. The other Coles in our area are all SC although PB Westfield Marion is PB but quite a trek.

    • Interesting. which part of the sticker is it at?

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        Part of the title text. Looking at it now it reads "TRADITIONAL FRUIT HOT CROSS BUNS 6pk PB".

  • The sign at the store said 2 for $6 but it scanned at 2 for $5. Thanks op!

  • We got a couple of packets of HCBs the past two weeks at our local Woolworths for $1.75 per 6 pack (marked down). They were actually really good, very fresh, we were surprised as we thought they would be stale. They were better quality than previous year’s.

    I mean there’s a nice bakery nearby who sells 6 packs for $9 and I know some bakeries have them for up to $15! Even baker’s delight has them at something like $6-7 for a pack.

    Anyway it’s always interesting at this time of year to see the range in price for a bit of bread with fruit in it. Some bakeries are ridiculous in pricing but then again they make massive profits. The quality is probably only about 10% “better” than bakers delight, which is probably 10% “better” than Coles and WWs.

  • End date of this deal?

    • No idea mate this weeks catalogue has them for 2 for $6 so this is a further price drop on that

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      Ends on the 25th March…if you see a yellow special tag in store, look in the bottom right corner and it tells you when special ends🤫
      It seems to say Thursday which is an odd end date, usually it would be Tuesday, but that's what the sticker said🤔

  • Isn't that normal price around Easter?

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      I haven't seen Hot cross buns this price for years. Normally they cheapest they go is 2 for $6

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