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PowerColor Radeon RX 6700 XT Red Devil OC 12GB $999 + Shipping @ PC Case Gear


Given the shortage of graphics cards at the moment for an in stock AIB 6700 XT card I thought this was a pretty good deal.
US pricing is actually worse on these cards.

Edit - For further reference sold out in US for $820 usd

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    Gamers nexus, jaytwocents, hardware unboxed, linus techtips have all reviewed and mentioned what a let down this card is.
    From what i gathered, the 8gb 3070 is a better buy for 1080p, 1440p. The 6700 xt rarely passes it in fps.
    Now its a matter of pricing coz both are overpriced.

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      Sure if they cost the same. 3070 is what $1400 in Aus at the moment?

      • Thats why i mentioned both are overpriced.
        Buy what you want end of the day.

        • Yeah can't be fussy in this market. Buy anything close to msrp that you can or live with integrated graphics for a bit lol.

          I think 1050ti is the only thing going at a reasonable price 2nd hand atm

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      Depends how you see it. I picked up a 6700XT from PCCG for $709. To me that's amazing value since it punches with the 3060Ti and 3070. To me anything that performs close to a 3070/2080Ti is already amazing - and in this market $700 is a steal if you're fast enough to pick one up. Sure might be a bad card at inflated prices, but at MSRP it's fine if you can get one.

      • People will totally ignore real prices and go off what the reviewers tell them which is always based off US MSRP. Gamersnexus always prefaces their recommendations with 'depending on the price' at least.

        That's why you've had so much madness this last with people going out of their way to pay more for a 5600X than a 5800X, or paying $1k for 3060 thinking it's a well priced mid range card and the $709 6700XT is overpriced

    • There is no question that the 6700XT is a better buy in Australia.

  • This is cheaper than a 5700xt red devil used on ebay…

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    • 5700Xt is better at Mining Etherium than the 6700XT!

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    Any news on the harvey norman 6800 xts?

  • availability seems comparatively decent with these cards

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    This is not ozinstock, this is ozbargain.

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      No, this is OzFacelessNeggingForNoReason (in reference to your comment being negged, not your neg of the deal)

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      Yes, and unfortunately right now this is a bargain.

      Sad reality, right? But reality nonetheless.

      Dread them. Run from them. Miners and scalpers still arrive.

  • Quick! Buy before the miners do!

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    Lol at this price

  • Is it faster than my 1080Ti?

    • Yes, significantly faster. The 6700 XT is situated just between the RTX 3060TI and RTX 3070 in terms of gaming performance, but closer to the 3070 (and sometimes surpassing it).

      • I do have impressions that AMD tends to push their cards much further with newer drivers.

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        its not 'significantly faster' its not worth upgrading from a 1080ti to this for freaking $1000 he'll hardly notice the frames uplift and will gain garbage gen 1 RT cores

        better to wait

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      Not worth the upgrade imo. Better wait for a 3080ti, whenever that's available if you care about RT. Or a 6800XT.

    • About 30% faster.

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      You cannot and never have been available to buy one for msrp though.

      "AMD's RX 6700 XT debuted with prices ranging from $800 up to over twice that, for example."


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      That is the cost of supply and demand.

  • 3080 FE looks really neat. But it seems we won't be getting any of them.

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    3070s are now 1500-1600…the price of a 3080 months ago.

    Really hope Intel on 26th Mar can bring out something serious…the GPU market has been way off these days.

    • They're unlikely to really do anything in the market.

      Theres too many unusual circumstances driving up the prices.
      Massive supply side shortage (not enough silicon wafers in general being pumped out)
      Massive demand side (all time highs in cryptomining).

      I think last time I looked at some of the cryptomining numbers a couple of months ago, it only takes around 6months or so to make back the cost of the card.
      If you think of it that way, you can easily see why it can go 50% up in price and miners will still lap it up.

    • PLE still have them for 1k-1.5 but the lower the price the lower the fulfillment rate as suggested on their buying guide for RTX cards

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    Overkill, $200 cards are awesome these days

  • The recommended PSU is 700wt, I only have 650, is it gonna be a problem if I try to put this in my build?

  • Should I buy this? looks good in terms of P/P

  • :( price raised :(