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PowerColor Radeon RX 6700 XT Red Devil OC 12GB $999 + Shipping @ PC Case Gear


Given the shortage of graphics cards at the moment for an in stock AIB 6700 XT card I thought this was a pretty good deal.
US pricing is actually worse on these cards.

Edit - For further reference sold out in US for $820 usd

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  • godz must be crazy šŸ¤·ā€ā™‚ļø

  • Not a horrible price but the reference model of 6800 were only $949 2 months ago :(

    • 6800 xt was $1068 - A STEAL for the $$ as it beats 3080 in most games…just no DLSS still but I can live with that

      • I have never seen the 6800 xt reference model in stock, but the 6800 can be quite easily purchased when it was released a few months ago

        • I grabbed a 6800xt for 1049. That was a steal, but not as much as a 3060Ti ROG strix for ~$688.

      • The negative votes are interesting. NVIDIA fanboys out in force?

        In terms of raster performance even the 6800 goes toe to toe with the 3080.

        And I say this as someone with a 3090.


        • you always get neg one way or the other - I like to use the card that is better value and 6800 xt is and was a better value for 1440 p gaming
          the ray tracing dlss crap doesn't interest me, raw power is what I need to enjoy that sweet 1440p 240 hz gaming

      • Goes punch for punch with 3080, but turn on RTX and it runs at half the FPS. Gets even further apart with DLSS on.

        Not saying it's a bad card, for the price it's unbeatable - but comparing it in straight rasterisation performance is misleading. As people playing at the resolution and fidelity of the 3080/6800xt would want to turn everything on.

        • you will never get 140 fps with rtx on these days at 1440p so I would always prefer more frames then bling
          turn on DLSS and you get distorted imagine - sure it works fine on 4k 60 hz etc but not when you play on bigger screen at 1440 p (32 inch)

          again you have to understand what you are trading off and what you want out of your PC

          95% of my time I spend playing competitive games so I dont need RTX or DLSS I need frames
          the other 5% Im more then happy to turn off RTX , Im playin Metro now with RTX and turn it on and off and i cant tell a difference….when the game has great GFX rtx is not that noticeable and if the only way they are going to make it work is to have DLSS then I would prefer they just rid of it now and not waste ppls time with it

        • In every game I've tried it in RTX hasn't impressed me. I mean it's fair enough to make that comparison but to just shit on the AMD offerings is silly

          • @Zorlin: Minecraft? That probably only game where it actually make a difference imo.

          • @Zorlin: I think part of the problem is that devs got so good at faking life-like lighting that raytracing - despite being super impressive from a technical POV - isn't that huge of a shift to our human brains compared to the smoke and mirrors we're used to.

      • I have a MSI Suprim 3090. And I think DLSS is complete ass. To people buying this card, if that's the one thing holding you back, don't let it!

      • at 1080p yeah otherwise you are just twisting words

      • Agreed. Long time team green supporter here but this time I'm with team red. 6800XT got me. Just silently performs.

        • ikr, I got asrock one and its more silent then my old 1080ti - just amazing how they make cards so silent and powerful at the same time

    • 2 months is a long time..

      BTC price index in U.S. dollars

      Mar 19, 2021 57,983.09
      Feb 2021 46,642.61
      Jan 2021 34,622.37

    • "Winter is coming"

      Stack a few of these next to the bed for heating.

    • I was bloody lucky to get one!

  • Just an FYI, people are receiving eVGA RTX 3070's from pre-orders in middle of Feb from PLE


    I've unexpired the deal as it seems PLE is taking pre-orders again.

    • The 3080 is only 1349. Is this a true price for preorder?

      • The queues are long and the supply is poor. 4080 would probably come out before you get it…

      • I ordered an EVGA 3080 from PLE for $1160 on 19/09 and I am almost at the front of the queue. Lucky Iā€™m patient šŸ˜“. They are real prices for a real preorder, however.

        • i know of someone else who done the same.
          i feel that by the time you get them at that price, the 3080 Super Will be getting released

          • @vanyellow: Yeah but I figure with the way prices are at the moment the price:perf will be similar or still better on this card anyway.

            Plus the EVGA and the impossible to get FE are the only 3080s which fit in my case.

          • @vanyellow: The thing is, even if such a card gets released (unlikely - the supers were kind of a knee jerk reaction to last gen AMD), they would also be out of stock for ages.

        • The sad thing is you would have been better off paying scalper prices and mine to make up the money…

    • You can always preorder some oldest prders are from Decemebr last year, their website has a tracking to show you the oldest order on most cards

    • The had stock of the PNY 3070 for $1249 last week too, stock lasted a few days even… obviously not exactly a great price :)

    • Oh good..
      Maybe my 3080 XC3 hybrid will arrive soon-iSH.
      The price we pay for an ITX build!

    • But the fulfillment for that card is now in the red so- "no ETA is available yet and there are other people in front of you." so that means you will need to wait for 2 new shipments to come in before they are fulfilled right?

  • +1 vote

    I've got a 600W PSU. Would this be sufficient as I am not looking to spend more on a new one.
    If not, I'll go for a 3060 then and ditch AMD GPU for good.

    • Should be ok.

    • All depends on your entire rig. You would likely be fine providing you don't run any heavy overclocks.
      This is a much better card then a 3060. It is still better than a 3060ti for most use cases also and the 12gb of VRAM will help down the line

      • No OC for sure. Running 3600 with a 120mm AIO cooler. Have 2 SSD + 1 NME and 5 RGB case fans
        I'm just concerned if I get this card it will fry my 600W PSU?

        • Unlikely to fry your PSU. End result would likely just be your PC turning off or resetting when under load (eg playing an intensive 3d game). That's only if you exceed the wattage of the PSU. Which given your specs should be unlikely as you're probably looking at ~500W all up (3600, 2DIMMs, 3 SSDs, 6700xt, AiO and fans).

        • 600w is definitely fine with a 3600. I would only start to worry if it was a 3090

    • Which CPU are you running?
      If it is anything older than Zen 2, and if you want to run high fps low res competitive gaming, the AMD GPU might hit higher fps.

    • I got a 6800 xt and am AMD fan but 3060ti seems a much better card for the money

      • What money though? 3060ti is almost impossible to find for a reasonable price. 6700xt is cheaper than 3060 ti in Australia at the moment. We pay the Nvidia tax.

        • I wasn't looking but not long ago - Jan etc you could get 3070 for $899
          would be hard pressed to pay 1k for this card but if you are in URGENT need then go for it I guess

    • AMD recommends 650W. Would probably still work, but not recommended.

    • What PSU is it? It should be fine as long as it's a High Quality one

    • LOL i have a 3080 nvidia paired with a 5850x cpu on a 650w corsair with a few hd's lights fans etc. Runs fine. Pretty certain 600w will run a 6700

    • I run a 9900k and 3080 on 650W

  • God dam graphics cards cost more than a whole PC these days nearly šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

  • If your PSU is with good quality, then should be ok. I bought Dell XPS which running rtx3070+i7 10700k and powered by 500W PSU, no issues so far. Playing most of newest games in 4K mode.

  • Techfast PC seems much more like a bargain. Worrying about AIB design vs reference for a notionally mid-range card? Doesn't seem compelling.

  • Can I just say (profanity) crypto i hope they all drop to zero because they keep screwing the GPU market.

    People say diamonds are bullshit because of the marketing and artificial scarcity creating the costs but crypto is that x1000.

  • $999 is really not a bargain for this… It's not even AUSRRP.

  • Not the best but I got one of these to tied over this gen.
    Centrecom told me the pre-orders dating eons ago were still waiting to be fulfilled for 6800/6800xt cards.

  • I sold my 1080Ti a few months back for $950 as I wasn't gaming at all and COVID prices were just nuts so thought I'd just get a new GPU around December. Well, that didn't happen lol… I'm at a point now where I'm considering just buying another 1080Ti used cause I'm not paying close to 2K for a 6800XT or a 3080 which probably the only GPUs that would really make any sense as an upgrade for me.

    BTW, I game on a 27" 1440p 165Hz monitor. The 1080Ti could push over 100fps on Ultra on most games til 2019.

    • just buy x box if you are not gaming

      • I can't stand consoles these days… having said that, the reason I'm looking at GPU is because I do want to game again. I usually do it in the colder months and kinda quit as summer approaches and I'm out of the house more. Also, I edit videos every now and then and a console won't help with that.

        • I used to be like you. PC only. Since the mid 90s. Then I got into editing in the mid 2000s and I was like 'sweet. PC is so good. It does everything I need'.

          And then my wife bought me a PS3…

          I LOVE gaming on console now. I barely play anything on my PC. I'm running a i9 9900KF with a 2080, it's the rig of my dreams. I still have games on it and I regularly load one up to marvel at the quality but it's just not fun anymore. It's just a work machine. To really enjoy myself, I need a controller in my hand, to be almost lying down on my couch and have the surround sound pumping.

          Seriously gaming is better on consoles. It's a better lifestyle. YMMV of course.

          • @Sxio: gaming is a subjective experience.
            i grew up on consoles and got in to PC gaming in my adult years. i havnt looked back, the amount of games that have xbox controller support on PC is staggering, and if it doesnt, someone has usually made a hack to use a PS or Xbox controller anyway.
            with the amount of gaming content available on PC i personally find it hard to financially invest in console gaming these days. and i can used my PC either at my desk, or while on a couch with a TV so its fine there.
            couch co-op games - TICK
            online co-op/multiplayer - TICK
            single player - TICK
            and you always have emulation for retro classics if its your thing. and if you solely want retro emulation, you can get away with only a few hundred $$$

          • @Sxio: Yeah YMMV indeed… I mean, I followed almost the same trajectory and even had a PS4 for a while but it just sat there. PC is my thing. Maybe cause I play mostly FPS, I don't know. Consoles just don't do it for me anymore.

            Then again, I'm about to hit mid-40s and I keep hearing about older(er) players going back to consoles due to not having to sit on a chair haha I hope I can stay fit long enough to avoid that for a couple of decades still! haha

            • @educalifa: Couch so comfy… plus I have kids so being in the lounge room is much more social than locked away in my office. They'll often watch me play and tell me how much I suck. It's fun!

              I actually play way more FPS than I used to, but definitely took some time to get used to the gamepad. I don't think I'm as competitive as with mouse, that's for sure but I was never that crash hot to begin with.

              Also maybe for a lot of the older guys (i'm 41) it could be because we work with computers during the day, so it's nice to not sit in front of the PC that night?

              I know after 8hrs editing, the last thing I want to do is boot up my PC.

              Who knows. As we said, YMMV!

              I'm really glad I got into Playstation. Still surprised that this happened, I was 100% a PC guy before.

        • yeah, I cant do consoles either but if you are only a casual gamer then PC is overkill and xbox these days with game pass is great for that

    • selling before securing replacement is never a good idea

    • A used 1080ti is going to cost you around $700-800. You're better off just buying this or a 3070 from PLE. They're 2080ti performance

  • Another OzB post about availability instead of bargain. IMHO

  • non stop mining

  • Is this the equivalent to a 3070?