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[Switch] Witcher 3 (VIC & SA), Borderlands, Xenoblade & More $30 Each + Delivery (C&C/ in-Store) @ BIG W


Nintendo on clearance

Other games at $30 direct links:

Shipping is $3.90 for me, or click and collect if you can find stock

Seems that Amazon is price matching at least Borderlands


I've been advised you may need to enter your postcode for the clearance prices to show

Some people might have luck with:
- Fire Emblem Three Houses.
- Moving Out
Not showing at all in VIC

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    • You'd hope they would put them aside!

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    Thanks OP, picked up Bioshock Collection + Layton's Mystery Journal, happened to have $10 off from Everyday Rewards too, so very happy at $40 out of pocket!

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    Thanks, just picked up Dragon Quest and Xenoblade! Worth noting that it can still be in stock at the store even if the website says that it's unavailable.

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      Just checked my Xenoblade copy and turns out that the staff put in a Xenoblade 2 cart! Not sure if this is a curse or a blessing haha. Now I gotta find where to get a Xenoblade 2 case…

      • +3

        2 is out of print and rare now.

      • You should be able to go back to the store and swap them if you wanted. Would probably be better for them so they don't end up with non-matching games/cases.

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        You lucky bastard. You scored a $90 or more game for 30.

    • tempted to malinger and go for a drive…

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    Picked up a copy of the Witcher 3 in store even though it said no stock. Question: is this supposed to come with stickers and a map? Online it says they do but this one is just a case and card

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      Yeah mate go back to the store, they have it in a drawer

      They did at mine

      • +1

        Dang. I called and they can't find them :/ still feel it's a good deal without them, though

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          They're nothing special, games the main part

        • +2

          I’m always mildly annoyed with a lot of Switch games only having the game cart inside the case.

          It’s the little things like maps, decals, booklet, that you spread out nicely on the couch when you open it (commonly with Complete or GOTY editions) that makes it feel like a Xmas moment.

          • @OneJay: Personally having the game card at all is like Christmas… Just not the same buying digital

    • Same, mine only case and cart too. And my copy was sealed, so weird that it doesn't include it.

    • I had mine delivered and came just with case and cart. Ah well

    • The stickers and Map are in the cardboard outer box.

      Maybe go back to store and ask them to look for the cardboard outer box. Initially they only gave me the plastic case until I told them there should be the outer box with extras which they found after some searching.

  • Just went into store, looks like the prices are back to normal?

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      Did you scan it?

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        Yes, it scanned cheaper.

        Bought Layton, Moving Out, Dragon Quest and Xenoblade.

        I have so many game and I don't even play any of them.

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      It scans up cheaper .

      I managed to pick up moving out for $20 as well in store

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    Thanks mate, apparently I grabbed the last copy of dragon quest in Adelaide

    • Oh really. Can I ask where? Save me looking tomorrow

      • +1

        Brickworks, I live down the road from TTP but had sold out unfortunately

        • That's where I was going. Was there anything else worth going for?

          • @Dany34: Sorry I ordered online, didn’t physically go into store

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      I got a copy of dragon quest from Gawler and there was one left just before they closed so they may have a copy still

  • of course the only one avaliable for delivery near me (borderlands) is one i already have :/

  • This appears to have expired… Can anyone confirm? They all look like they're back to normal pricing :( Tried lots of stores that have stock and still get the $60+ pricetags..

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      Still showing $30 and some games in stock.

      • Still showing $30 for me, too. But, no availability on the website…….Have to work tomorrow, would like to go to stores to search for some surprise. : (

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          Bioshock and Boderlands collection is still available online in VIC.

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            @Twix: Thanks mate. But I was looking at DQ, Xenoblade and Witcher. It is too late.

    • did you scan them? they all were marked at full price for me but scanned cheap

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    Fire emblem:TH for $30 would be a steal!!

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    Thanks OP, grabbed a copy of Xenoblade for the hoard…I mean collection.

    • Haha I was very close to doing the same but honestly I would just never ever play it

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    Big W ebay plus - $30 each free postage (+ $5 off ebay plus coupon, $50 min spend)
    borderlands, bioshock, the outer worlds, ben 10, trollhunters, transformers.

  • +2

    Big W Parabanks north of Adelaide still had a good amount of stock.

    3x Dragon Quest
    3x Xenoblade
    5x Fire Emblem

    That was at around 9:30 this morning. Plenty of other games from both Switch and Ps4 as well such as Borderlands or Outer Worlds. No Witcher or Bioshock Collection though.

    • Thanks for the info!

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    excellent thank you very much OP. online it was showing full price for me, so I went in store and was able to pick up
    Xenoblade and Dragon Quest $30 EA,
    moving out $20
    and mortal Kombat11 for $10!

    I'm going to try and find another copy of MK for the trade in bonus for Pokemon Snap at EB next month. cheers again!

    • Was that mortal kombat 11 ultimate on switch as that scans at $49 for me?

      • +1

        Standard version

        • +1

          Thanx for the confirmation

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    I Just got Witcher, Xenoblade, Dragon Quest
    Still in stock
    1 x Dragon Quest, Witcher 3, Bioshock
    2 x Xenoblade, Borderlands
    3 x Cadence of hyrule
    7 x Tokyo Mirage sessions FE ($30)
    Others on clearance
    2 x Astral Chain ($20)/ already got this couple months ago for $30
    1 x Mortal kombat download code only ($10)
    1 x Saints row IV ($20)
    Also had a few copies moving out didn't count them though.

    BigW Mudgee, NSW

    • Whoa, that's awesome. Astral Chain is close to non existence in Sydney region. Really wished BigW do deliveries for these.

    • If someone wants to buy Astral Chain from there and post it to me I'd gladly organise that with them :P Been after that game forever at a decent price.

  • +1

    I collected 2 Dragon Quest from Big W Dubbo. Moving Out was out of stock on website but there's a few left on the shelf for $20. I got one.
    The stock number isn't accurate. Still available are at least 1x Dragon Quest, 3x Moving Out, 1x Borderlands, Rayman Legends ($24) and possibly more. I didn't see any FE or Xenoblade. Witcher 3 was marked down but none on the shelf.

  • Has anyone tried price matching the games at EB or JB?

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    Has anyone found moving out anywhere that can be shipped? None in my area :(

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    Anyone have a local store around with stock that can pick up a few games?

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    borderlands and bioshock collection probably not worth it if you have another platform. why play on the weaker console and still having to pay $30.
    unless you really wanna play it portable.

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    Thanx OP managed to snag Witcher, DragonQuest, and Fire Emblem 3 houses.

    • Congrats! Where did you live to manage having stocks available?

      • All in Melbourne none show as in stock on website but were instore: [email protected], Dragon [email protected] and Fire Emblem Three [email protected]

        • That's lucky, I was at Highpoint yesterday and they said they had no stock for Witcher 3

          • +1

            @profounddominator: Headed out to the store on the first day of the deal and it was the only copy on the shelf. Don't know if they had any more behind the counter or out back.

            • @prxy: Cool. I thought you went today and still got stock (based on comment timestamp)

              • @bheart: Bought all three on 23rd and just remembered today that I hadn't upvoted the deal or thanked OP

  • +3

    Found the following at:

    Richmond NSW: Dragon Quest XI, Xenoblade Chronicles, Fire Emblem and FFVIIR for $10

    Penrith NSW: Plenty of stock for Witcher 3, Xenoblade Chronicles, Dragon Quest XI and Tokyo Mirage.

    • +1

      I snagged DQ and XC from Richmond NSW. Didn't see FE or FFVIIR so some other lucky ozbargainer must have gotten it first. :)

  • Can anyone in Canberra confirm if there's any stock of Fire Emblem?

  • Is there any QLD stock? Haven't been into a store myself yet and I did see one comment, about it. Anyone see any in Brisbane?

    • I got Bioshock Collection for $30 from Brisbane City

  • +1

    Penrith still has some stock for Bioshock collection and Borderlands Collection.
    Also noticed that Borderlands is now down to $28 in store

  • My big W online order came today with bioshock and borderlands collection. It didn't come with the download codes for borderlands 2 and 3. Has this happened for anybody else? What should I do? I've broken the big W seal and opened inside already

    • I would get in touch to return it - definitely should be codes

      When you say big w seal do you mean the little sticker they put over the edge?

      • +1

        Yeah I called the big W store that packed the code and they gave it to me over the phone. I broke the big W area which was the small sticker they put over the edge opening.

        • Thanks for getting back to me, I was worried it may have been a factory sealed copy

  • +1

    Big W Mt Ommaney QLD
    4 x Borderlands
    1 x Bioshock
    1 x Outer World's

    Not sure if cheap for the titles or not:
    Mario & Rabbids $29, about a dozen copies
    Hasbro Game Night $29, 8 copies
    All the Lego Switch games appear to be $39
    Aladdin / Lion King - $39, 7 copies
    Assassins Creed 3 - $29, 11 copies

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