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Free HelloFresh Box Worth $70 + $9.90 Delivery (New Customers Only) @ HelloFresh


Time's running out to get $70 off your first Hello Fresh Box

This offer has been extended - order your first box before the 31st of March to get $70 OFF.

Use referral codes to get $70 off, keep on clicking to find the $70 referrals.

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Referral: random (794)

Referrer gets $50-$59.99 credit (active subscription req.). Referee gets $50-$70 off their first box

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      have cancelled and then re-ordered and then cancelled no issues from my end

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      I find their customer support via Whatsapp (+61282946488) very helpful when asking for refund. I also setup my payment method as Paypal so there is always Paypal dispute if it comes to that.

      If you have credits in your account, Do Not apply any voucher to your account until you have used up your credits. The two cannot be use at the same time. The voucher discount always get use up first. If you accidentally apply a voucher, you can ask them to remove it via chat.

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      Neighbours been scammed by HelloFresh.

      …autoship your order even if you cancel…

      Sounds like a user error.

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      Have cancelled and then re-activated when they email me a 40% code a number of times, never had any issues. Food has always been fresh and tastes great. Only issue i have had is that their drivers or whatever company they use tend to not read the delivery instructions at all and drop the box in plain sight.

      And yes of course the ingredients are much cheaper if you go to the supermarket yourself, you pay for the convience. The company wouldnt exist if the meals cost the same if you were to source yourself. With the 40% off codes it works out to around $7 a meal, pretty good really.

  • Does it required to sign-up for a plan?

    • +1

      Yes just skip the following week then cancel. There should be instructions on the work around in the previous deal posted on here.

  • Do all current members have $70 referrers to offer?

    • Some do not all

      • Hmm seems I dont, shame

    • I still do for some reason

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    I have a couple of free $150 boxes if anyone wants them comment below (do not PM).
    I don't get anything from it, giving back because I got like $200 of ref credit from the last deal :)

    • Me, please!

      • PMd

    • Yes please thanks

      • Pmd

    • Yes please thank you so much.

      • I have a few codes too - sent you a PM.

        • Me too plz

        • Yes please!

        • Yes please! Thank you heaps!

    • Yes please 👌

    • Yes please!!! Would love to try it!

    • can i get 1, please

    • Yes please

    • I wanna one plz!

    • Yes please!

    • Yes, please. Many thanks!

    • Yes please if they are still available!

    • would love one, thanks!

    • Can I get one too .. thanks

    • Yes please?

    • please do share

    • Can I have one please?

    • Can I have one too please

    • Yes please matey :)

      • PM’d :)

    • Yes please :)

      • PM’d :)

    • Yes please

    • Me please if possible. Thanks

    • I'd also like a code please, if it's not too late.

    • Yes please. I would love one. Thank you!

    • Now this is Ozbargain love. I'd love to have one too please :)

      • PM’d :)

    • Pretty sure he said a couple. Lol

    • I’d like one too. Thanks

    • click Noice

    • can i get one please

    • Can i have one please?

    • I assume all gone, but if there is still code then i would love one.

    • Me please! Thank you.

      Have not PM'd :)

    • Can I have one code, please?

    • Yes please!

    • Would love a code if there's still any going!

    • Yes please. Could I have one

    • +4

      LOL at all the seagulls. The guy literally said he had a “couple” to give away which is 2. He responded to two people and that was it, but another 50 seagulls continue to ask for free stuff, lol.

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        Yes please, I would love a seagull

    • Me too Santa!!!

    • Yes please legend

    • How does that even work ?

    • Yes please!! Thank you heaps

    • Yes, please.

    • I have a few codes too.

      DM me :)

    • Hi atymic, do you have any more codes please? I would like one, thank you.

  • Can anyone confirm if the $70 discount works for new users, I am not seeing anything on the checkout page.

    • Looks like they haven’t activated it yet. Got the email but can’t apply it yet?

      • I clicked the referral link and it worked!

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    been enjoying hellofresh for the past several months, I really do enjoy their food and don't have any major complaints but I do find their full asking price too expensive. There's no shortage of discount codes or referral bonuses going around though.

  • anyone have photos of what you actually getting?

    • +3

      The ingredients for each meal come in a large brown paper bag with a coloured dot sticker that corresponds to the A4 recipe cards. The cold goods (meat, etc) come in an insulated bag with ice bricks.

  • never had trouble canceling
    the freshness is up and down [1 bad per 3 box IIRC]

  • $20 delievery for qld northcoast. Nah

    • Same in Perth, even though the food comes from a commercial kitchen in Perth. I refuse to sign up until they charge the same shipping as other capital cities.

  • +1

    My referral code has changed to $59.99 off

  • Sorry, it looks like we can't apply this discount as the offer has expired.

  • +3

    Would highly recommend giving it a shot.

    Sure full price is expensive, but so far we haven't paid full price yet. Even that being said I would probably end up paying full price if I had to (although swapping between companies means you can probably get discounted boxes for quite a while).

    Everything has been fresh barring carrots from time to time (but I suspect this has to do with the carrot being individually packed and not in a bag as I would usually buy them, maybe loses moisture quicker).

    All meals have been great and the main reason why I am willing to pay for the convenience (we do 3 meals a week for 2 people):
    - Generally easy meals to cook
    - Good to cook with the partner together
    - Eating less take-out, forces you to eat healthier (if you choose healthy meals)
    - We always have leftovers for at least one person, more often than not for both of us.
    - Far less food waste (offset by more packaging waste, which goes to red-cycle)

    Will we do it forever? Not sure but for now its great.

    • Second this except a couple of points:
      - I have no partner.
      - Leftovers are definitely a thing so be careful if you're looking to restrict your portion sizes (but otherwise delicious meals!)
      - Less food waste, but only if you used to waste food. My food waste was about the same but definitely a lot more plastic waste.

      • Yea your food waste comment is interesting. It's probably a couple different factors where previously:
        - we cooked to much and got over it before eating the leftovers for a few days. (I don't love eating leftovers day after day).
        - buying random shit at the shops because we might/want to make something but never do.

        Another benefit for me is that we consume less junk in general because we shop less in general.

  • How long does prepping and cooking take?

    • Each meal is different and they tell you how to do it.

    • For me, like 45mins for the 4 person meals.