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Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm 4G (Silver) $307.80 (Was $649) + Delivery (C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Discounted price for Samsung Galaxy Watch. Very usable for the price.

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  • price in the title please

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    price in the title before you get hammered by the ob nerds

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    Got it, thanks.

  • None of this matter's cause it's a DUPE

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      This deal price is cheaper.

      • The original price in the title was $324

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          Coupon code drops it down by 5%.

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    Great watch with bigger battery unlike new version. But small storage

  • Is this cheaper because there is a newer version?

    Do they have models/version numbers, so I can google a comparison?

    EDIT: Just realised looks like the versions are 'Watch' at ~$320 vs 'Watch 3' at ~$850

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      Bought a Watch3 for ~$320 off eBay and $350 off Amazon earlier this month, check OzBargain

    • What happened to watch 2?

  • Off forgot to put the coupon on a bit of administration for tomorrow good deal!

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    This is an old model, great battery life but not great for fitness people as the HRM isnt as accurate as newer models.

  • Wonder if this one is similar for $297 at officeworks?


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      This is Bluetooth only not 4g

      • Cool thanks! Looked too good to be true.

    • Officeworks one is bluetooth only

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    I was given this watch for my birthday a couple of years ago. It's still my daily watch and I've not been paying attention to any new watch releases, because this one is fine. I've got the 4G version but I've only ever used it like the Bluetooth version (never bothered telling my telco about it), which is probably dumb of me.

    Aside from keeping the time, I answer calls on it and read text messages on it when it's inconvenient to grab my phone (I have a toddler, a wife, a garden and a bicycle - all of which lead to situations where having a little phone on my wrist is ideal). I tend not to make calls on it, but I do send the occasional SMS from it, and check the weather when dressing my kid. I use the fitness stuff a lot - I watch my step count on it, and I use it to record my workouts (mostly cycling). I've swum with it and got very muddy in the garden with it, and it hasn't skipped a beat. Battery tends to last me two days, but I usually charge it overnight.

    My nearly-two-year-old son is fascinated by it, so it spends a lot of time in "water lock" mode which is meant to prevent the touchscreen from responding when you're in the water, but is also useful to prevent him changing the watch face and deleting all my messages :)

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      Samsung would like to make an advertisement out of this comment. Lol.

      • shrug… I thought it was a good price for a good thing, and that people should know. Also I'd had an extra (Airjo) coffee.

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          I've had mine for a few years too and it's great. Just works. I use the 4G bits for running without my phone. Very happy camper here too.

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    Thanks. Bought 5, one for each appendage.

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    I would recommend getting the Bluetooth version for $284 after the coupon, unless you had some real need for 4G. Most don't need it and it's not only an ongoing cost to buy a sim for it, but also it will use up more battery.

    If your watch isn't near your phone, eg it's at the other side of the house, it can use wifi instead automatically. If you are out of the house then your phone is going to be close by anyway.

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      If you are out of the house then your phone is going to be close by anyway.

      … unless you're running and don't feel like bringing your 6.9 inch galaxy s20 ultra

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      Ram is different in 4g version and bt version.

      LTE version: 1.5 GiB RAM + 4 GiB flash memory
      Bluetooth version: 768 MiB RAM + 4 GiB flash memory

    • I've got a hairline crack on my screen after hitting the corner of a bench a while back. Watch still functions fine, but I'm reluctant to swim with it now. Interesting that getting a new replacement watch is pretty much the same as what Samsung charges to replace a watchface ($280) :P https://www.samsung.com/au/support/mobile-devices/watch-scre...

    • It's only about $20 extra for 4G then? Personally I'd get the 4G one then!

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    Would recommend getting the 4G even if you only use it with Bluetooth. The 4G model has more RAM, and having used both there seems to be a subtle but noticeable performance improvement on the 4G. (I only ever used in Bluetooth mode).

    • Ah yeah good point, $23 more for double the RAM and just use it the 4g version the same as you would the Bluetooth version.

    • So you can disable mobile data usage etc in these sorts of watches? I was looking into these, fossil watches, garmin trackers etc, and wondered if it was possible to disable 4G/GPS etc when they're not needed.

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        Yes you can disable them independently.

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    This watch gets terrible reviews.

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      What's wrong with it?

      4.5 out of 22,757 reviews on Google & seems to get 4 stars+ on tech review sites.

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          Isn't that the same website people mostly only go to when they have bad experiences?

          AusPost has 1.7 stars there, Bunnings Warehouse 2.2 stars - both brands I never had problems with and I doubt I'm in the minority.

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          • @brosk1s: Yeah it is. I was talking to my sister the other day about pet insurance and mentioned PIA had a 4.1 star rating on Product Review, which she thought wasn't very good until I showed her some of the other insurance company ratings for comparison.

  • Debating if its worth just paying the extra $130 to get the 41mm Watch3 on Amazon.

    I do want the EKG functionality when the TGA approves it or I just manually activate it with a custom APK.

  • How does the 4G work in this? Do some telcos allow you to use 2 sims with the same number so you have one in the phone and one in the watch? Or do you require a different number?

    • I think you get an eSIM? I think only a few telcos offer it, and its an additional cost per month, eg Telstra at $5/month https://www.telstra.com.au/mobile-phones/one-number

      • Cheers. $5 per month isn't too bad but annoying you can't do it with Boost or some of the smaller telcos. I'm guessing it's Telstra, Vodafone and Optus?

        • Vodafone only offers eSim on the Galaxy Watch3 not the original so it varies within Telcos too

  • kinda regret selling this watch for the new watch 3, wish i never did that.

    • could you elaborate on your experience on what you didn't like?

      • I left a comment on the other galaxy watch 3 deal
        I'll just copy paste it here

        Had both the original galaxy watch and galaxy watch 3, I think I actually prefer the original one more. Has a nicer feel to the rotating bezel and watchface selection. GW 3's rotating bezel is a bit mushy for me, has no satisfying ticking sound per rotation. Battery life on the GW 3 is noticible worse.

        • Thank for that!

  • Can I use same number of my phone (boost) on the watch (Telstra) so if phone is away, I can still get calls/sms

    • No.

  • Older Samsung Galaxy smartwatches get newer features with the latest update:


    • had a read and unfortunately still no google assistant?

      wondering if there's a way around it.

      • Samsung uses Tizen OS so Google assistant will never be there, If that is important to you look at Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3. Though there is a rumor that samsung is going to use Wear OS on their next Galaxy watches so those might get google assistant.

        • Samsung uses Tizen OS so Google assistant will never be there

          My Samsung TV uses Tizen OS and yes it has google assist. so I still hope one day that wear will be discontinued and Tizen will get google apps.

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        There is a way to do it, it takes a little work but it's not too complex.

        See here for instructions.

  • Also if you have access to them, an extra 5% discount through Suncorp Rewards gift cards:

    Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm (Silver) $269.85
    Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm 4G (Silver) $292.41
    Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm (Black) $269.85 in-store only
    Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm 4G (Black) $314.97 also looks to be in-store only

  • Shame there is no deal on the 46mm Black - I would snap that up

    • 46mm only comes in Silver.

      • Oh really?? I might take a look at the 42" then thanks!

  • I've been using a Gear S3 for the last couple of years, and have been waiting for this to drop. Got the bluetooth version, only because my local didn't have any for click-and-collect.

    Using it with an iPhone, and it does most things I need - I just can't reply to messages on it but that doesn't bother me.

    Looking forward to (hopefully) better activity tracking…

  • Can the watch be used as an alarm clock when it's charging, I'd like to have something with alarms but not notifications going off all night…


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      Yes you can, however one of the two buttons needs to be pressed or the screen tapped to view the time.

      • Cool thanks am considering getting the 42mm model as I don't mind charging daily if I can use as an alarm clock.

  • As a short male with tiny wrists (16cm) i'm saddened to advise this is definitely too big for those considering.

  • they're probably dumping these because Samsung isn't going to use this OS for their watches anymore.