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Philips Hue Smart Wireless Dimmer Switch $24 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Been waiting for this to come down in price. One of the cheapest deals I've seen; the last similar deal was Prime Day last year when it was 80c cheaper.

It looks as though Bunnings has matched this price drop, although when you add to cart for C&C it goes back up to $34 so not sure what's going on there. You could also price beat/match at OW, JB etc.

Hope it helps someone :)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Thanks. Great price. Bought 3.

    • Would of bought 3… if my hub wasnt full.

      • Do hubs fill up? How many devices can they support simultaneously?

        • 63 bulbs and 62 accessories. But you definitely don't wont to push this limit as performance and stability will suffer. The "soft-limit" is 50 bulbs and 12 accessories.

          • @aldroid: Hmm. I have less than 10 bulbs and 4 accessories. Guess I'm a ways off worrying then.


        • +1

          They strategically pick a number just above setup of your whole house to force people in to buying another hub to run along aide it like a Siamese Twin you want to abort but cant because it's the only way of getting to the next step in to the flawed logic.

          • @LowRange: Yep I've got 3 hubs now… Sigh lol..meaning a Google router for each hub ..got 4 of those too because I also have a Samsung smartthings hub

  • Thanks for posting this,
    Was wondering if there are any dimner plugs that i can use with my existing desk lamp? The light is too bright and there is no dimmer option.

    • You can change the bulb in the lamp to a Philips Hue but you would require a bridge also. You can then dim it via the Hue app on your phone.

      • Yea i also thought of that but at the same time i also want to use the dimmer plug for other lights for my aquarium tanks. The Hue light and this dimmer would cost twice as much as my desk lamp so yeah, still prefer a standalone dimmer plug

      • you can pair this dimmer switch to 1 bulb and use it without a hue bride/hub.

    • I think you will struggle to find a "dimmer plug". Not all lights are dimmable and such a device could possibly damage electronics. You would definately be better off using a smart bulb or switch to a dimmable smart desk light.

  • So this works only with Phillips smart bulbs?

    I’m looking for a similar switch for my tapo bulbs.

    • Yep, these work on the Zigbee wireless protocol and will only operate HUE or possibly IKEA Tradfri bulbs.

    • +1

      If your controlling everything thru apple HomeKit you can control screens with multiple lights

      Eg this switch turns on my nanoleafs and my hue play

      • I just found out if you deregister it from hue and only use it with Apple homekit, it essentially becomes a 4 button configurable switch. IE assign each button to do something else. Am I wrong? I never use the dimmer function, so I may look into this.

  • So I need a Phillips hub or can I use zigbee?

    • The HUE hub is a zigbee hub, but you can use zigbee2mqtt.io on Home Assistant with a compatible dongle instead, if you're that way inclined.

  • +1

    I want the motion sensor.. hope that goes on sale

  • For this price I can afford a few extra to hold onto.

    Hope the motion sensors go on sale too.

  • There is a new version, that may be the reason for sale. https://www.amazon.com.au/Philips-Hue-Installation-Free-Excl...

    • The buttons on the new version seem more logical.

      • I concur.

        But for $24, the old ones are logical enough!

  • I go this to work via Bunnings Powerpass Trade Order ($24). Agreed going via the normal page on bunnings when you go to pay price goes back to full price :(

    • did you manage to pay via the powerpass portal? or just "add to enquiry"?

      in my experience, the enquiry creates a quote that goes to the trade desk at your local store… then staff will call you and knock back the price match - claiming some type of pricing error/low stock/other BS…

      i hope it works for you tho! agreed, great price!

      • Their new system, allowed me to pay on my credit card after adding it to the cart, just got a call to come to pick it up (via click'n'collect) and because I already paid can't see it not being honoured.

        I don't use the enquiry system anymore, always had issues and when I went there they could never find my stuff. Now if I pay on credit card it goes to click'n'collect and I just get from the car park in the pickup bay etc.

        • that's awesome! do you happen to have a link to their new system? i can't seem to find it via my powerpass portal. cheers!

  • Bunnings pimpama (Qld) still $24. Was able to purchase for $24. Paid via PayPal.

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