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Samsung Galaxy S21 5G 128GB $1,099, 256GB $1,199 + $500 Trade in Bonus @ Samsung


New price updated

S21: 128GB $1,099 | 256GB $1,199

S21+: 128GB $1,299 | 256GB $1,399

S21 Ultra: 128GB $1,599 | 256GB $1,699 | 512GB $1,899

All before $500 trade in bonus

Phone price - $500 trade bonus - phone trade in value - $50 promo voucher

Previous deal

$50 voucher link - https://shop.samsung.com/au/sign-up but it may take some time to arrive or may not arrive.

How to trade in https://www.samsung.com/au/tradeup/

If you received this error with the trade code "Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment"

As mentioned in the last deal, you have to enter your credit card details first before the code will work online.

Need a code? Giving away a code? Please use the

Code Request Megathread

Do not ask for (or sell) codes in the comment section of deals.

************ Samsung updated the promo end date to 8 April 2021 *******************

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    • Mine came instantly

    • Did you receive an order being reviewed email?

      • It's been an hour and I haven't had anything from Samsung, only afterpay. It's showing as processing in my account though

        • Afterpay? Is afterpay an option?

          • @superforever: yes. its advertised all over their online shop as now available

            • @racheleg: That is why, may need afterpay to review it.

              • @superforever: I don't think that's the reason as the payment was confirmed. i'll wait til tomorrow and if it's not posted will get onto chat. thanks for the replies

                • @racheleg: With afterpay Samsung may have to wait for payment from afterpay.

  • Awesome deal. Too bad I have burn in on my Note 8. Not risking it with a disingenuous answer in the Trade Up app…

    • Just don't send them the phone. They'll charge you for the phone's trade-in value. You'll still get the $500 bonus.

      • +1

        I wonder who is going to be the first guinea pig not to send in, I feel that everyone is being ripped up on the trade in value by 50% at least. Means no one should send it in and sell secondhand for double.

      • My Note 8 is worth $125 if it passed all the tests. $0 for the burn in.

        From my reading of the TandCs, i can get charged :

        In-eligible Device Fee - a fee which is equal to the amount of the discount You received when Your
        unique Trade ID was applied at the point of sale when You purchased Your New Samsung Device Online in accordance with clause 5.2 of these Terms and Conditions

        Mis-Grading Device Fee - means a fee which is equal to the difference between the following amounts:
        (i) the amount of the discount You received when Your unique Trade ID was applied at the point of
        sale when You purchased Your New Samsung Device Online in accordance with clause 5.2 of
        these Terms and Conditions; and
        (ii)the fair market value of Your Existing Device once grading is confirmed by Us.

        Device Non-Return Fee - a fee which is equal to the amount of the discount You received when
        Your unique Trade ID was applied at the point of sale when You purchased Your New Samsung Device
        Online in accordance with clause 5.2 of these Terms and Conditions.

        My interpretation is it can add up to $125+$125+$125 = $375.

        And if they cancel my $500 trade in too then I'd be screwed.

        I did cop the Afterpay deal from MC… letting this one go.

        • -1

          Mate you're far off. You will only be charged $125 for the non-return fee. Don't worry too much.

          • @Bangriboss: | (i) the amount of the discount You received when Your unique Trade ID was applied at the point of
            sale when You purchased Your New Samsung Device Online

            I think the worry is fair

          • @Bangriboss: I wont believe that you don’t lose the $500 as well until it we have a number of people here that it has actually happened to.

            The wording in the Samsung TOS statements is ambiguous at best.

            I have an S7 with burn in. I won’t be using it until i have evidence here of people keeping their $500, even with a faulty $0 phone sent in or no phone sent in.

            I believe their “you will be charged the $25” fee or whatever the phone value is, is a generic email based on the trade in amount without the $500 offer.

            I’ll be stoked if we keep the $500, but seriously, Samsung know that people will keep their phones if they only risk losing a small amount of money.

            • @Dover: You're right. The reason that I think Samsung will not be taking the $500 back is that Samsung is already selling the phones to Telstra and other carrers for $499. Have you seen their deals? Therefore, I think this whole trade-up bonis thing is an excuse to make people buy their phone.

      • Someone confirmed with chat that you lose the 500 trade in as well. Here

        • Makes sense. The $500 bonus is contingent there being a trade in.

  • Are you guys ok with removing ToF on S21? I can take nice bokeh photos with my S20+ using ToF.

    • whats tof

      • +3

        I'm not sure. What am I? Please help!

        Serious answer: Time of Flight

  • +1

    Samsung chat still open for $200

    • +1

      Yes still work but take a bit long to retry

      • I got through quickly at around 12.35am and got my voucher.

        • +1

          I also got it and the agent said only for online store not EPP or EDU and tested won't stack 2 x $200 but some said will stack with $50 if you have it.

      • +1

        Spent 5 minutes just clicking 'retry', eventually got through at 12:54am and managed to pull the $200 voucher.

      • I spammed the retry button for 30 mins while browsing and finally got in a queue which took 30 mins but once I connected the Live Chat bugged out and lost the agent.

        So I loaded a different browser and tried to connect and was through almost instantly. Seems like their agents are back online again. Got my 2 x $200 vouchers by asking directly after I told them I wanted to order 2 S21 phones.

        Agent said the code should only last 7 days and for the online store.

        Thanks guys, this was crazy.

        • I found that I have to open a separate browser windows to do that. If I use a tab it will have problem if I switch tab and go back.

          • @superforever: I'm only connecting to the chatbot agent, do you refresh the page or the chat window?

            • +1

              @SandyDaMighty: You have to tell the chatbot I didn't receive my promo voucher, after some solutions from chatbot when it ask did that help, said NO, it will give you option to chat with live agent.

        • Can we use 2 codes in one purchase?

        • Can we use both vouchers in one purchase?

    • That's the US online store conditions.

      • Sorry my bad.

  • So with Samsung TradeUp, if I don't send my phone will I only have to pay the value of my phone but still keep the added bonuses?

    • +1

      I can't see how they could get the bonuses back, especially if you use a different credit card to make the purchase. AFAIK the terms only apply to the actual quoted trade in value, not any bonuses they choose to toss around.

      • I hope thats the case, but would like to see people experience this first

  • Thought I would enjoy being in the Z-flip gang a few months back (when it was $999), but after a few months having some regrets… Saw this post, had a look, the z-flip trade in value is $485, plus the extra $500. I have an out, so happy, paid a few bucks to try it out a few months. Also got the $200 voucher, ozbargain is the best

    • +2

      You can easily sell flip for much more and buy a crap phone for trade in

  • Holy shiznitz. Finally got through to online chat and got a $200 voucher. I was expecting to jump through hoops like Telstra chat, but I just asked for it and they said yes straight up!

  • I just got a $200 voucher! I just kept refreshing the chatbot for about 10 minutes and got connected. Easy as..

  • Just got my $200 voucher, kept spamming it until someone picked up. Still waiting on my $50 voucher, will try to sort that tomorrow as it's pretty late. Damn you, Ozbargain 🤣

  • My cart glitches and I ordered 2 ultras for $600… but I didn't get any invoice email… money has come out of the bank… wonder if Samsung will honour it…

    • My ordering glitched as well. Had to log back into Samsung account, and the order was still sitting in the card. Went through payment process again and the second time it was accepted. Received confirmation email.

  • So can anyone please explain the process of trading in the phone? Can I put the phone up for trade and put it on hold or something? I’m waiting for the 128gb s21 phantom grey to come back in stock.

  • +1

    Got a $200 voucher, now to hunt around for my old S7, email to get the $50 voucher and jump on this awesome deal.

    Thanks OP.

  • Great, Just traded in my samsung s10+ 128 GB i bought this time last year for $794 using employee benifit discount and got a S21 Ultra 128 GB for $814 . Good upgrade i think. Thanks OP

    • I thought the Ultra didn't qualify for this. How did you get it to work?

      • worked for me, and the ultra is also included above in the post .
        does anyone knows what the EPP price for Ultra 128gb was ? i jumped the gun without trying to get the EPP from my brother :(

        • Epp fore was $80 more after all discounts for s21 256gb. So i think u r fine

        • i just did a dummy sale worked for me, too. Total discount shows as $1,015 = $500+$200+$315 trade in for Note10+ final $684 for Ultra 256GB.

      • You can still get Price of phone - $500 - trade in value - $50 if you have one (but not the $200 only for S21)

        • Found that $200 also work with other models.

  • does anyone knows what the EPP price for Ultra 128gb was ? i jumped the gun without trying to get the EPP from my brother :(

    • 128GB

      • The $200 voucher doesn't works with EPP or edu portal I think

    • Epp is $300 or $200 more

      • It's not , you still get to use all other promos except the $200 I think . For example, Samsung s21 ultra 128gb is $1479 where as normal portal is $1599.$120 less

        • Must depend on the phone

          S21 was $200 or $300 more for me

          The $200 didn't work for me on epp

          I mean trade in is $200 less

  • +2

    Wow that chat is so buggy!!! Tried 5 times…got connected to agent but cant type!!
    **Update: Clear your browser cache and cookies. Not sure it's a coincidence or not but doing that worked.

    Now to decide S21 or S21+

    • +2

      got connected to agent but cant type!!

      Same happened to me first time, I have to open a separate Windows.

      Switch tab on browser will cause this problem.

    • Yeah I had this issue this morning.
      Now I can't get even get on the queue to chat to a live agent…
      Samsung, why don't you want my money?

      • Try it on phone if you aren't already. Clear cache etc etc on your browser. And don't switch tabs. Gotta stay focussed if you want to give them your money! 😉

        • Yeah I got it working on a different browser.
          Now the wait for the $50 email voucher…

    • I swapped from chrome to edge and it worked

  • Does anyone got an error when use tradein-ID?

    Check your device's eligibility
    Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment

    • Check the post's description.

    • Add your cc details. It will work

  • My phone is coming today and it sucks that this $200 voucher popped up a day after i bought s21 256gb menory upgrade from EPP store. Can i cancel order or not accept delivery as change of mind?

    I will lose $50 signup for sure but wil i be able to generate trade in code again for same phone that i already used ? will have to wait for order to be cancelled first? At least i wl be able yo use $200 voucher.

    • Yes, you can change your mind and send it back. Just don't open it.

      You can use another email and get another $50 voucher.

      Yes, you can get a new trade in code. Just uninstall, and reinstall.

      • Just spoke with live chat and you cant use same device until the order is cancelled by samsung and their tradeup partner both for same device before you can try to generate new tradein ID:(

        To cancel with trade up partner may take 3-5 business days via email and refund from samsung 20-30 days.

        • i went to the Samsung Kiosk and the fella deleted and reinstalled my Trade up app and we were able to go through the process again giving me a new code…do you think this bloke was just winging it?? i hope my 2nd order goes through.

  • anyway you can cancel an order? mine hasn't shipped yet

    • well to answer my own question, if its moved to "preparing to ship" then they can't cancel it right away. They had to contact the back office team and let them know which should result to the order being cancelled and a refund

      he did mention though that if the phone ends up being shipped, you can reject the delivery as well (in case people's phones are already on their way)

    • You cannot. You have to receive it first and send it back as change of mind.

  • The offer is really nice! Waiting my $50 welcome email and wish s21 256GB back in stock very soon.

    • It’s while stocks last so be quick

      • Very temp to get S21 128GB with $504, without welcome $50, and trade my S9 64GB.

        Make me worry about while stock last…

        • +1

          I’m pretty sure, not certain actually. I’ve been searching for where I saw it but I swear it was somewhere. Don’t buy it unless you are really skeptic but don’t take my word sorry. (EDIT) when you click learn more on the 500 dollar deal, it says the offer is valid while stocks last.

  • Has anyone used the Samsung care plus - wonder if its worth getting?
    Edit: just realised its not a warranty program, anyone know what sort of warranty coverage is standard with these phones

    • +1

      typical - any faulty other than your own mistake is covered by standard warranty.

      care plus covers your fault too - essentially what it says is if you're kind of person tend to break screen and case, you can get it replaced for $250 ish within 2 years as saving grace or boost reselling values. plus extra shot for someone need 3rd chance for $150 or so.

      • spoke to the samsung gchat about this, only drawback is that its linked to your name and the phone for 24 months. ie if you upgrade or change your phone in that time its not transferrable to another samsung device. Seems a good offer as the estimated screen repair is ~400 bucks for the new phones

  • +1

    Anybody suggest a cheap device I cam buy to trade in immediately?

  • Anyone considered Samsung care at 50% Off currently?

    Apart from being locked into Samsung in the future, what other drawbacks?

    Every 2 years pay a couple of hundred and get the brand new flagship?

    • +1

      Such deals will be coming in near future. I feel its better not to take care and get advantage of these deals.

      More saving from delas instead of samsung care where we gets locked down with samsung and we never know what will change in their tnc for phone condition

    • +1

      You get exact same model, in whatever colour they give you. It doesn't upgrade you like the carrier's upgrade offerings.

      • Thanks guys ok got it. Not worth

  • anyone else been able to live chat? keep getting no one available

    • As I understand that $200 live chat have to do it after 8pm here.

    • I kept retrying about 15 mins ago and got put in a queue. Still waiting but apparently I'm 3rd in line now.

    • Yep, worked for me about 1 hour ago. Had to keep hitting retry on the chat box until it decided to let me in. Terrible system, should simply add you to a long a queue

      • Not to mention that the chat is extremely buggy. I kept getting a flashing "connection error message" while the agent was sending me messages and eventually claiming that they couldn't see any of my responses so were closing the chat ugh

  • Just got through by keep reconnecting. They asked which phone I was interested in, I just got s21. Voucher value differs depending on model.
    $200 for s21, s20 series
    $150 for s21 fe
    Not sure whether s21 fe is better… any suggestions?

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