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$800 off Any Mobile Phone When Porting to Telstra $99/Mth 150GB 12 Month Plan @ The Good Guys


Just received this by email. Seems like a pretty decent deal.

Offer ends 28/3.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    Oh you mean on a $99/month for 12 months plan.

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      The earlier $59, $ 500 gift card works out better deal. You pay 40$ extra here and get only 300$ And even that you have to buy phone. May be ETC fees will be less if we chose this option.

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    I still don’t understand why they can’t have international calling in these jb /good guys plans when they are available almost as free add on most providers like Optus and Voda and even telstra

    • seems telstra has no free international calling

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        Well Boost are able to provide international, on Telstra's network.

      • prepaid plans have it

    • Im on a GG plan and use Whatsapp or viber to call other overseas mobiles if they have installed or Viber out to call overseas landlines. Yes there is additional cost than the plan but its a few bucks a month.

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        Or… you could not bother with the hassle and they could just have international calling included. But it’s Telstra and they’re not competitive with other telcos.

    • had $100pm plan a few years ago and had 60gb per month data plus unlimited international calls and 2gb per month intl roaming.

      now just domestic calls…. :(

      • They still have that plan I believe for $89. I had until 2 months ago. Got it when I was travelling overseas. It had unlimited calling to ANY country from while you were in any of the 100 odd eligible countries.

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      Yup.. Deal breaker for me.

  • Can we still have $20 credit every month?

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    They don't sell Pixel 5 which is a shame as I'd have gone for this otherwise.

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    JB & GG are missing lot of customer by not having international calls included.

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      not really. people use just use messaging apps. would be disadvantage if people you are calling are in the sticks overseas.

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        I respectfully disagree. There are a lot of my friends I know who use international calling.

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          I use to use it too but generally is for people that don't have access / restricted access / high cost to data, using an old phone or not tech savvy

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      Gonna have to disagree, I don't know a single person who uses international calls. Also so many options these days to use data instead to make a call. It's a minor issue at best.

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        Same, it's an issue for very few people in this day and age. Between Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Facetime, and countless others, it's never been easier or cheaper (aka. free) to call people overseas.

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          Case study -
          I have an India based team and call them quite often. Many a times, need to patch them on to calls when they have bad audio over Skype. In such a situation, WhatsApp / Facebook / Facetime etc. do not help. The only way out is international calling.
          Agree that this isn't an issue for most people. But there are some, like me, who would need international calling.

          • @karseeeejaaaa: Couldn’t agree more.

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            @karseeeejaaaa: Skype has 2.50$ for 100 minutes a month.. if it helps when $500 gift card deal is back i am gona try it out..

            • +1

              @OZWLD: Yes, already using another plan for 10$ that gives 800 mins.
              The audio is acceptable, but not as great as international calling.
              Also, can't patch people to office calls.

              I had taken that 500$ promo from JB.

              PS - first month on the skype plan is free to try.

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      Yup. I am one of them

    • Most people would just use whatsapp.

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    I see the terms now contains "Maximum Voucher Reimbursement Cancellation Fee" guess the option of buying then cancellation is now no longer an option..? Would they just charge this amount onto the Telstra termination charge?

    • Looks like it. Good pick up.

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    This is tempting, I was weighing up this vs Harveys optus deal but that one is 24 months (whcih I know many have aversions to), but its $65 for 80gb
    And its a gift card for $700 so I can wait for a deal on a phone later.

    I probably will just wait for new phones to come out in the April cycle anyways, but heres the link where I saw it if anyone interested.

    • -1

      This is tempting but how good is HN at price matching Phones?

      Plus it is Optus as well, Optus coverage is alright if its in the city.. pretty average when it comes to Rural areas

      • Ive never had any problems price matching at HN. I jsut show them the price on the other place's website then they just match it. Ive matched it to sales at JB just cos i already had HN gift cards and there was no problem.

        Id been on optus most of the time, never had any big issues, even in rural. Recently switched to boost though, didnt see much difference haha, but maybe cos i live metro.

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    Seems like a good deal if you actually need 150gb/month. Maybe not is you aren't using anywhere near that

    • Yep. Its a great sales tool to get customers because only 1% of the population will use close to 800gb per month of data.

      Optus currently has $65 for 500gb per Month. Who in tbhe hell will even use close to 80gb per month of data?

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        I don’t have internet at home and I use up to 180gb/month. I use my phone data to watch stuff on my iPad.

      • No wifi at home

      • I used to think this til it happened to my wife and the data blow-out on the bill afterwards

        • Yes.
          But its not too many people like you. If there is no wifi @home then I think its reasonable to get a 200gb plan :)

  • Not many phones available

  • Has someone tried calling or contacting Telstra via Chat to add International Pack this plan or JbHifi Plan?


    • +1

      Yes i tried without any success! I m a bit pissed about it as the lady in JB told me the international pack can be added by contacting telstra last year. Telstra said to contact JB its not thier problem.

    • The number of countries included are pathetic.

  • Minimum cost will be $1188 plus few dollars for phone..
    Good deal

    • Yep not bad if you're looking at a new phone and plenty of GBs. Assuming the $800 goes towards a new phone ($66.67 per month), the remaining $388 is effectively $32.33 per month for the plan itself. Alternatively, offload a new $800 phone at a 10% discount and the plan is effectively $39pm.

  • Does anyone know, if you are with Boost now, do we have to port out couple of days before we go to Good Guys, or they can still port out and port-in to Telstra on the spot

    • +1

      I know when I've tried to signup with JB Hifi plans in the past, it has needed to be transferred out for 30 days from Boost or Telstra in order to port back in and get the deal.

      I imagine this would be the same.

      • Oh bummer, wont work for me then, thanks

        • Not really.
          Depends on who you meet at the store. There have been cases where porting out for a few hours have been accepted, and some where the store rep sticks to the 30 day rule.
          Try your luck!!

  • This could be good as a 4G home Internet link. We’re moving rural and NBN satellite at 25Mbps is likely slower than 4G where we’re going. Plus 800 toward a new phone. Could this sim be used in a LTE router?

    • Then go for optus 500gb deal. It includes international calls as well and cheaper.

      • +1

        They are moving rural, so it all depends up on the coverage and speed available at their place.
        Safest bet will be getting a $2 sim and check out the coverage and speed tests, before getting knee deep. :)

        • Yep that’s true, might just do that first. I’m planning on putting up external high gain antennas if needed anyway.

    • +2

      What about Starlink?

      • Yeah that’s another option. Still a bit expensive at the moment for early adopters.

  • be mindful as well if planning to use complimentary credit card insurance in case of future claims l… some non-AMEX cards have a $250 excess so your reimbursement value could be potentially $1050 less if claiming for a loss. Depreciation also applies. Not trying to knock down this deal as its a great offer valuewise

  • +1

    Any $10.00 monthly credit with this deal?

  • +1

    Do they ever go to $1k gift card for the same plan

    • Most I’ve seen is $800

  • "Just received this by email"
    Where did you subscribe to their emails? I'm manually refreshing their Deals page every day like a madman 😆

  • -1

    Sorry but $99 a month…14788576856GB data or not… is NOT a bargain…. unless it comes with a phone and even with a phone… unless your sell that phone to make up the cost difference… same with store gift cards… unless you really really want something from there…or lose 10 20% face value reselling them. Even then…fuk $99 a month is sh*t guys.

    • +1

      Id agree if it was a 24 month plan but its only 12 months so its not so bad. For those using it for work its not so bad as a deduction instead of buying outright…

      • Yep, this only makes sense if you want to do monthly deductions on plans and not yearly depreciation on phones (when getting the plan for work)

    • Yeah 100%. It works out to $32/m after incentives which (surprise surprise) is about what this plan should cost anyway. It’s all just bamboozlement and funny numbers.

  • -1

    I'm guessing they don't or won't do this for iPhones?

    • back in dec, i got an iphone, they took forever to get the model i want in. highly suggest you dont. and check stock levels first.

  • These deals are pretty good but it's so hard for me to let go of my $29/35GB sim only plan, especially when I don't ever use the 35GB.

  • They also cancelled afl nrl live passes another negative on top on no international calling

  • I know this is a v noob comment but am I excluded from this deal if I’m a current Telstra customer?

    How can I access the deal?

    • +1

      Well just for reference for next time, once your mobile is off contract switch to a month-to-month plan with a different telco i.e. vodaphone. Sit on it for a month, then when the next telstra deal pops along, tadaa new customer!

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