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Xbox One S 1TB + 24m Game Pass Ultimate Bundle 95,000 Points @ Telstra Rewards


maybe a way to exchange points for cash, pay with points resell for $250+?

* Online Only

Fast, reliable gaming with family and friends.

Xbox One S console with 4K Ultra HD streaming, and 4K Blu Ray video
Forza Horizon 4 game and Lego Speed Champions add-on digital code included
Access of 100 games with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 24 month membership included
Online multiplayer with Xbox Live Gold.
Access to over 100 high-quality games. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership.

Including Minecraft, Gears 5, Forza Horizon 4, Xbox exclusives and more, with new titles added all the time. Plus online multiplayer with Xbox Live Gold. Your 24 month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership begins when you activate your token. You must activate your Game Pass Ultimate token (included in the box with your console) to access content and online gameplay. Your token is included in the console box.


Xbox S 1TB Console
Wireless Controller
HDMI cable (4K capable)
AC Power Cable
Games Pass Ultimate 24 month membership token.

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  • Any idea how we redeem the 24 months GPU? The subscription alone worth $200.

    • Ultimate token (included in the box with your console) to access content and online gameplay. Your token is included in the console box.

    • thinking if you sell separate console & pass should get atleast $400?

      • don't think you can sell them separately as it asks you to activate the token on the new console

        Series S | X
        To activate the Game Pass subscription that is part of Xbox All Access on your Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X, you will need to sign into your chosen Microsoft account on your new console and select the “claim it” icon. Once redeemed you can access and mange content in the My Games & Apps screen. Find out more about redeeming Game Pass Ultimate digitally.

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          That's for new xbox series, this one is older xbox s

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          Just says to sign in to your acc, would just be a card in the box with a unique code to enter, doubt it’s attached to a specific console, though someone who has purchased before would be able to give more details

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            @RogueWolf: With the new consoles telstra sent out. gamepass was activated when u set up the console was no code etc to use.. Dunno if it's the same here

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              @chris666: I believe that was for All Access which is a monthly subscription. This is obviously not and paid in full.

  • Is this token redeemable on an existing account to extend Ultimate by 2 years?

    • that's what I am think, I already have 2.5 year ultimate.

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    Warning, this is not the current generation of consoles.

    May still be a good deal though, considering it includes 24mths of Gamepass Ultimate.
    Was just about to jump on this, then realised it wasnt the Xbox Series S, but Xbox One S. God damn Microsoft and your shitty product naming.

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      Surely you can't be Series S!

      I'm not Series S - and don't call me Shirley.

      • Haha… rodger Rodger over !

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    I jumped on this as I had 105000 pts , nothing else really worth redemption. So for $140 plus 100k pts is a good deal.

    • $140 + 100k points? it's 95k points?

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        Oops typo i meant 50,000 pts.
        I had 51000 used 50 left 1000.

  • I got the one X via plan from telstra. Card was in the box. However it said if I cancel my internet plan or xbox plan with telstra it'll also stop access for the subscription

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      With the one x your monthly subscription is just paid via your Telstra bill, these ones are an outright purchase and would just be an upfront redemption code for 24 months

      Edit - sorry might have confused Series x with One x which would be the same - my bad

      • If it does indeed include the subscription without any issues its a great deal, but I wonder how they can tell the driffence between outright and plan

  • There’s a guy selling cheap gamepass ultimate codes in the classified section.

    • If you go that way $180 for 24m or go this bundle either 95k points or $275 + 2500 points, $100 more & you have a Xbox you’ll resell for $200-$250 & pretty much a near free game pass

      • What if you don’t have any points from Telstra?

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          Then you’re pointless 😂

          • @RogueWolf: Right, so the bloke is actually selling quite cheap if you ask me

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    Yeah I ordered this the other day, with the intent of selling the console + game for $250ish (had 30k points, so cost me $198) and keeping the GPU code (currently have 3 years already from the Eneba 7 day deals). Has been delivered today apparently, so I can confirm when I get home if the GPU code works. I assume/d it'll be fine based on the fact it states that the code is included in the box and is obviously different to the All Access offering for Series consoles.

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    Ok. Mine arrived, box has a sticker that states All Access which had me a little concerned. There was a token with redemption code for the 24 months for GPU (which also mentioned All Access in the terms and condition text). As my account already has 3 years of GPU I can't fully redeem any more on it, however, when entering the code and continuing through, it seemed fine and acknowledged that it was a 24 month GPU code, so don't see any reason why it wouldn't successfully redeem.

    • do you know the expiry date on the token

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        They don't expire to my knowledge.

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      Good to hear, thanks for updating, mine is on the way.

      BTW.. eBgames will offer me $350 for this as a trade in on new Series X.

      Standard deal is any Xbox 1 and a game you get $250 trades, but I said look this is brand new in the box and the manager at store agreed to extra $100 on top.

      I'm keeping the GPU though.

      • I've been calling around today and the best that EB is giving for trade value for the console was $180 with a game for trading towards a Series console. Any ideas on what you were doing differently to get them to offer $250?

  • Sorry if off topic, but what happens if I use my Telstra reward points to purchase something with it and after placing I activate Optus and Telstra is deactivating my account? Does Telstra still have to fulfill my order placed with the reward points I used?

    • Yes the points are yours already earned, so it's credit, however if you cancel the points expire.

      Just ensure though you get order confirmation and shipping notification before you cancel the account.

  • After a phone call to Xbox they confirmed that the card has no expiry date (although like most phone support she wasn't very knowledgeable) so I'm still not confident.
    Calling Telstra now as I believe if you cancel the account the points were linked to, it may cancel any existing months remaining. As card states For use with Xbox All Access Only
    Will update if I find more info…

    • All access is typically a monthly fee. The difference with this deal is it is paid upfront, so Telstra cannot cancel or change anything since you've legitimately paid it all off.