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Zemismart 3.5" Zigbee 3.0 RGBCW LED Downlight SAA AU Plug US$26.14 (~A$34.31) Delivered @ Zemismart



  • Zigbee 3.0 work with Tuya Zigbee hub, Smart things hub,hue hub.
  • Work with Google home, google assistant, google mini via above hub.
  • APP control color and luminance.
  • Support intelligent internet configuration protocol .
  • Support State tracking and feedback

M20I0R63 8% OFF

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  • probably a silly question but can these Dimm?

    Is luminance.another word for that?

    • I believe so

    • If you are using the smart feature its the percentage of brightness you adjust which is basically dimming the light.

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    FWIW I bought four Mirabella 'genio' downlights from Bunnings the other day. Work a treat, use Tuya (wifi so no hub required - 2.4Ghz only but what the hey), and only $25 each (box of two for $50). IP44 (ie 'splash proof") so ok in my covered deck area.


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      One advantage that Zigbee one’s have over WiFi based devices is Local Control.

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        Stupid question, is it better to get normal downlights and then get smart switches?

        • Smart switch allows you to turn existing lights on and off only. Smart light has other functions built in, such as dimming via an app. Some can also change colours.
          Personally I go for smart lights. A basic (white) smart downlight is about the same cost as a smart switch.

          • @orza: If I've understood correctly, the most annoying part for me is that smart lights and physical switches piss me off. Because it'll stay on and then the light can be off. Confuses people.

            Or is there a way to combine a switch that is not physical?

            • @neo: You don't use a physical switch with a smart light. The power to the light has to be permanently on then you control the light through an app/GH/Echo. If you wanted a button, you'd need a network connected button back to your wifi or hub then set up rules to control your light.

              I have an in wall Shelly dimmer 2 that connects to 4 downlights on one circuit. A push button connects to the Shelly that does on/off and dimming. It can also be controlled via an app or GH/Echo device so we get the best of both worlds.

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        The biggest advantage is that Zigbee creates it's own mesh network, so the more devices you add, the further it reaches. Unlike wifi for which every device takes an IP address and consumes CPU resources on your router.

      • The best feature of zigbee has the advantage of low power, so smart switches, sensors etc can be wireless and dont need regular changing of the battery.

        I have a mix of Zigbee and wifi products myself

  • Stupid question but can you control zigbee via internet?

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      Yes, a Zigbee hub bridges the devices for internet access. Each device is in the private local mesh network and the hub, which communicates with each device, is connected to your router and the internet.

      • Ok great, thank you.

  • if these are used with hue hub, can you set power on behavior like the hue bulbs?
    i. e. is the smarts of power fail state on the bulb or the hub?

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      You can only set power on behaviour with Hue lights.

  • OP, how long is the delivery to Melbourne? Where are you sending the item from?

  • OP, how long is the delivery to Melbourne? Where are you sending the item from?

  • OP what's the default colour of the light when turned on? Is it warm or cool white?

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