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Citizen Eco-Drive GMT Promaster Watches, 4 Models $169/$199 Delivered (BJ7100-82E $189.00) @ Starbuy


Here is an Ozbargain exclusive deal.

Each watch has it's own code you need to apply to get these prices.

Citizen Eco-Drive GMT Promaster BJ7100-15L $169.00 Delivered BLUEGMT

Citizen Eco-Drive GMT Promaster BJ7100-23X $169.00 Delivered GREENGMT

Citizen Eco-Drive GMT Promaster BJ7100-82E $189.00 Delivered STEELGMT

Citizen Eco-Drive GMT Promaster BJ7107-83E $199.00 Delivered BLACKGMT

  • Crystal/Lens - Mineral
  • Diameter - 41mm
  • Band width - 22mm
  • Case Thickness - 13.5mm
  • GMT Function / Dual Time Function
  • Screw Down Crown
  • Luminous Hands and Markers
  • Rotating Bezel
  • Water resistant - 200 Metres
  • 5 year Aus warranty from Citizen Aus

Citizen BJ7100-82E Review
Citizen BJ7100-15L

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  • +1

    I have small wrists, the lug to lug is 48.5mm, would this would be fine on my 6.25 inch wrists?

    • Too big, in my opinion.
      I'd target something in the 36mm-40mm range.

    • I have the same size wrist .. large of watches can be fine depending on the design of the lugs .. typically the lugs on the citizens protrude a fair bit which doesn't work well .. you really need to drop past a Westfield mall today and try one on .. then go home and buy online.

  • Has anyone got one of these watches before? Are they durable in terms of functionality or so? I had a citizen chronograph before but then the speed timer hand got bit misalign with the 12 o clock position after 1-2 yrs of wearing.

    • +4

      The Eco-drives I've bought as gifts (6 or 7) are all still going years later. Not sure if many models have it, but I'd always go Sapphire crystal where possible.

    • +3

      Check your user's manual. Depending upon the model, there should be instructions to re-align the hands to the "0" position. This can occur if the watch is subjected to a strong shock.

    • +1

      I have the blue one and it's a fantastic watch. The second GMT hand is a really useful feature that enables you to automatically check against time in another city around the world. a good-looking watch too. This price is insanely good value!! I paid 299 for this just 5 months ago..grab it at this price!

    • My Eco Drive is over 15 years old and still going strong.

  • +4

    Awesome as always @WatchNerd

  • So they dont use battery at all? Looks really nice

    • +1

      Eco-drive is solar. There's a rechargeable battery in them which can be replaced.

      I bought a Ecodrive back in 2012 and it was still going strong a year ago. It's been away from light during Covid which i'm hoping hasn't killed it.

      • Oh good to know. Thanks

      • Take it out of the draw and put it near a window for a day or two. Not hard.

        The second hand tells you if it is low on charge but you probably know this.

        • +1

          I get how to charge it. I'm more concerned with the age of the battery. Also, no second hand.

      • I have a G-Shock Mudman that was in storage for over a year, I bought it in 2011 and have yet to change the battery. When I pulled it out of storage it was completely dead, so I put it in direct sunlight for about 6 hours, and it’s going just as strong as it did when I first got it.

        I very much doubt your eco-drive will be dead, maybe you will only get 4 months of reserve power instead of 6 if you leave it in total darkness, but otherwise the solar cells are hugely efficient, and even just going shopping under bright lights for ten minutes is enough to give you a few extra days of reserve power.

        • +1

          I think he's talking more about battery capacity as a lot of chemistries don't like being fully discharged and even worse being left like that for extended periods of time.

      • +2

        I have an original Eco-Drive bought in the US is 1996 that still works fine, the case has never been opened .. :-) .. !! ( I have four others although I could have stopped at one .. :-( .. !!)

    • You replace the batteries in solar-powered watches every 10-25 years usually, as opposed to about 5 years or less for normal non-solar powered watches.

      • Do you have to go to an actual watch shop to replace the battery? Otherwise can one of the watch ‘stands’ in a shopping center do the job OK?
        I haven’t had to replace the battery in my eco drive yet

        • +1

          Do you have to go to an actual watch shop to replace the battery?

          Yeah, generally speaking the more complicated and expensive the watch (e.g. solar-powered, high water resistance rating, shock resistant, etc), the less likely those little key cutting/watch/cobbler kiosks in shopping centres can actually replace the batteries in them. They're good for kids watches and women's fashion watches predominantly, that are usually just battery-powered (solar-powered watch batteries are different and not as common) and use incredibly cheap quartz movements with screw-back cases or ones that can be undone with a small Philips head screwdriver. If you take G-Shock to most of them they'll likely tell you they can't do G-Shock or Casio battery replacements at all (due to the numerous, intricate parts that have to be removed for those watches and the replacement of O-rings that might be required, which they won't have on hand).

          I personally wouldn't trust any of those places to replace batteries in water resistant watches anyway, as they can't pressure test them to ensure the seals are still good (even if by some chance they do have a pressure tester, it probably won't be able to test up to 200 metres of atmosphere for watches like this) and more to the point they're absolute rip-offs. My go-to watchmaker charges $20 dollars for a battery replacement (and actually shows you the cells he's using, so you can freely verify they're decent quality Japanese cells) and $80 for a replacement and pressure test for any watch under the sun with any water resistant rating; you're lucky to pay $100 dollars just for a battery replacement from one of those watch kiosks in my experience and they'll probably use some low-quality Chinese cells with a shorter lifespan.

          Find yourself a reputable watchmaker (they still exist) and check their reviews online; the guys worth their salt are pretty well-known and will come highly recommended.

          • @Gnostikos: Agreed. Cant trust the shopping centre ones as I havent got great service from them.

            In melbourne my go to guy is Bob Shao in CBD, he's been working for some crazy number of years. I asked him if he can replace a mineral watch crystal with a sapphire, he straight out told me its expensive and just not worth.

            Last time I saw him was last month and he fixed my certina, again a high quality job. Cant recommend him enough.

            On a different note, these watches are amazing value. Eco drive, promaster branding, 200m water resistance with good bracelet with solid end links. And aparently good quality lume. Bought one, qnd will see how this compares to my turtle, as thats the standard I measure my divers against.

            Starbuy service is also amazing. Deepak has been a part of my watch buying experience since last few years. Most of the seikos on sale are best price worldwide. My 6th from these guys.

  • not bad price for watch …

    • +2

      Hence why WatchNerd posted it 😊

    • +1

      Normally 249-299 on Starbuy so yeah..Not a bad price :)

  • +1

    Just bought this one. Thank you WatchNerd.

  • +2

    hmm always liked ecodrives, wallet still recovering from the aqualand deal, and the titanium promaster they had on special this month …

  • +2

    Go AWAY watchnerd :p My budget will never recuperate at this rate :p

  • So tempted. I bought the Citizen Promaster BN0190-82E a few years ago via another WN post, and love it. Band is a bit too loose, but I could not be bothered to adjust as I don't wear it… I just place it on the window sill each Saturday and stare at it while it charges….

    • Your BN0190-82E looks 100 times better than any of the models on offer here I have to say. Not a bad price at StarBuy either.

      • Yes that’s a nice looking watch, casual but also good for a diving watch

  • Time is a construct!

    5G, Bill Gates, Lizard People! 1!

  • +1

    Awesome deal. These watches are true GMT. You can independently adjust the hour hand, keeping the GMT hand set to Australian time when you travel overseas next year. Also, the date change is locked to the hour hand. All the 2k ~2.5k AUD watches like ORIS Aquis GMT, MONTA Skyquest, can't do these.

  • +3

    Thanks WatchNerd, just bought one of these, I need to remove my WatchNerd notification, I appear to be buying a large number of watches lately… lol

  • +1

    Good price, bought one.

  • +1

    Thanks got one! I was genuinely after a Rolex GMT Master II but with all the BS games Rolex dealers play I'm happy with my $190 purchase

    • Are you serious?

      • +2

        Yep during the start of the pandemic I walked into Rolex AD in Sydney CBD. Asked if I could get on the waiting list for a GMT II and was also willing to buy an Omega Moonwatch on the spot. They said no so I walked out pissed off and put the spare cash into my Super fund

        • Rolex is so over priced now

        • Yes, I've heard that the ADs can be a pain to deal with and paying over retail is common.

        • We did they say no? Can you elaborate

          • @yellowfever: The same thing happened to me. They told me the wait list is full already and that’s with waiting time of 5 years already.

            They have no certainty over the supply from Rolex thus stopped taking more people in their wait list.

          • +3

            @yellowfever: They said only VIP's for waiting list but they did offer me a Datejust in all gold with diamonds but it was not what I was after. Im going to wear my Citizen proud!

  • +4

    And heere we go, my first WatchNerd purchase! Grabbed the black :)

  • +2

    3rd watch bought in less than a week. We should be getting deals for extra wrist.

  • Does anyone know of a good watchmaker in Sydney to replace the 3 batteries in an Citizen Promaster JP2000-08E and pressure test it? Citizen reckons the seals for it are not made anymore.

    • I have a jp2000 .. one of my favorites .. appreciating classic

  • If this does not fit my wrist, can I take it to the local citizen shop in Westfield and adjust it for free?

  • +1

    Thanks WatchNerd, bought one.

  • Argh….ended up pulling the trigger on the black one. That's it. I'm blocking this website! :p

  • +1

    My 2nd purchase in 2 weeks. Just bought the Automatic Citizen Pepsi Cola previously posted and now this one.

    • +1

      Haha me too :)

    • Which model did you go for?

      • +1

        NY0086-83L and BJ7100-82E. I only buy the steel bracelets. Looks better with titanium or steel bracelets.

  • +1

    Got the black GMT this time, the actual watch looks SICK and PREMIUM! Colour is more like gunmetal grey, 1000% happy with it.

    • I ordered the black GMT as well after having watched some vids and images I figured it had promise. Im still waiting for delivery (gotta love being regional) but now after your post I'm really looking forward to it!

      • +1

        You won't regret. To me, the silver colour looks too normal, the "black" colour version looks sick.

  • Just expired today :(

    Would love to get one, any chance of an extension? :)

    • Yeah, I finally decided to buy this morning and says the code expired 30/03. My fault, sat on this for too long.

    • +1

    • The black GMT is showing $219 and low stock now if you're still keen for this watch.

  • Can someone please explain how to use the world time. YT vid wasn't helpful. Thanks

    • Set your second time first follow by your local time. My watch is defected and I can't be bother sending it back for a refund since the policy required the watch to be unworn and I don't want to pay for postage. I have already resized the bracelet and scratches the bottom of it already. Local time works fine but GMT hand doesn't stay accurate.

      • Thanks. Did that already. Wondered if the cities on the dial have any significance? How I understand is that you set both times as same. Then when you travel, you just move the hour hand and that becomes your local time while the GMT hand shows your home time. Tbh not sure what the hype is abt this watch if it can only show local time and home time.

        • Cities on the dial can is your third time on the watch. For example if you live in Sydney and you want to know the time in Bangkok. Spin the dial and put the local time on Sydney and if you look at the Bangkok on the dial it should show the time which is 2 hours behind Sydney I think.