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½ Price Nando's PERi PERi Sauce 125g Varieties $1.92 @ Woolworths


½ Price Nando's PERi PERi Sauce 125g Varieties $1.92 at Woolworths.
I bought two.

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    One does not simply have enough Peri Peri sauce!

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    Fyi if you know anyone with Costco membership it's about $10-11 for 1L from memory, they only had medium.

    • Cheaper in-store. Only $10.

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        In-store as in their restaurants? I've seen them sell only 250 ml bottles, if 1 litre is sold for $10 I'll grab a couple

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          Costco Adelaide has got the 1L Medium bottles only again. $10/bottle

          I did see a promo a while back for in store, Nandos selling big bottle, but I didn't think that was permanent, but I don't know anymore, as the Adelaide City store has closed its doors, so no Nandos for me

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          Yeah. At least in Queensland. We got them over the last couple of months.

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      Yeah I keep hoping to find the extra extra hot one day, but damn it only the weak sauce is available.

      • Aren't the big Costco bottle diluted version?

        • Have no idea. I haven't purchased any of the Costco ones.

          • @Munki: That's what I heard from comments in previous threads!

            • @capslock janitor: That's kinda shitty if it is. Then again, I'm not surprised Costco gets inferior products to the original and sells them for cheaper.

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    Can't support this company after this news https://www.smh.com.au/business/companies/nandos-stares-down...

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      Nandos… yum yum.

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      I love Nandos, but knowing this, I wish all the franchises stops renew their licenses to teach the HQ a lesson.

      • Had a family friend with a franchisee. Forced to undergo renovations all the time, prices jacked up by head office and suppliers for food and the price on the menus regulated by Nando's head office.

        Sold it on to some other sucker. I'm sure Bakers Delight, Subway, Dominos would all be the same.

        The only profitable franchises are KFC and McDonald's and they're extremely hard to get!

        • That on top of the already ridiculously high rent from shopping centres (~20k per month). That reminds me of Nandos Highpoint was doing so well and I knew the manager (or owner) there. Suddenly they were gone and new owner came with the whole new layout (uglier than before). Never knew why…

          • @itstuan: Franchisees are for suckers ☹️ there is no other way to explain it. All the head office is doing by franchising is finding someone to absorb the loss when the business crashes. Its not if it's when.

            People lose houses, cars and everything else when it does go bust.

            I believe donut king is another one, they have NDA in place though.

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      Won't be supporting Nandos after how poorly their franchisees get treated.

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      That was four years ago - is it still relevant?

      That said, their food is overpriced for what it is.

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      Cheers for the link. Was thinking of buying some sauce but won't now

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    This is the way

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      • The Chicken instead of The Child.

        And we should have a scene where The Chicken eats The Child.

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    To me this doesn’t taste the same as the ones you get in store.

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    Until Nando's treats their franchises properly I will boycott them

  • Until Nando's treats their franchises properly I will boycott them- plenty of better places for dirtybird anyway.

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    Time to stock up on extra bottles of extra bloody hot.

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    You have the greatest name. General Zod is a don.

    • Thank you kind human.

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        Kneeeeeel before Zod!

  • Valentina chilli is a billion times better than this trash.

  • Bring back the lemon & herb sauce! (they only have the lemon & herb marinade these days)

    • Bugger didnt know that, I have always been a lemon and herb fan

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    Any specials on toilet paper? may need some with the extra hot sauce.

    • You are going to want to use water after this mate!!

  • just ate a whole chicken yesterday

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    Just so you know, there was no ticket in Parra woolies and no indication of any discount (no tickets on any other items nearby), however scanning it at the counter applied the discount.

    • :( wish i saw this comment today.

  • This is a really hot deal.