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Alienware R11 Desktop i7-10700KF CPU, 16GB RAM, 512GB+2TB, RTX 3080, AW2720HF + AW Mouse/Headset/Keyboard $3,761.11 Del @ Dell


Before you balk at the price - Godzbargainers hear me out!

I've done a rough parts calculation based on low-tier components and this is actually a cracking deal for those too lazy to build and want an easy purchase to game asap. This R11 comes with an awesome monitor, and some decent peripherals, albeit very gamer orientated.

i7-10700KF - $450
RTX 3080 - $2000
512GB+2TB - $200
RAM - $100 (Looks to be Kingston Hyper X)
PSU - $200 (From my research, I believe it's a 1000W Gold Efficiency PSU by Delta who make some decent PSUs normally aimed at servers)
AW2720HF - $550 (https://www.dell.com/en-au/shop/alienware-27-gaming-monitor-... - it's actually not on sale right now, normal RRP is $900 but you can wait every few weeks to pick it up under $600 so I have used this price)
Mouse - $77.50 (https://deals.dell.com/en-au/productdetail/82i8 - currently on Sale)
Headset - $105.50 (https://deals.dell.com/en-au/productdetail/82hu - currently on sale)
Keyboard - $194.50 (https://deals.dell.com/en-au/productdetail/82ie - currently on sale)

Total - $3900 approximately in parts, not including the CPU cooler (watercooled), the motherboard or the case. It also doesn't include the heartache of stuffing up your build because you don't know what you are doing, or hours of troubleshooting because you plugged your HDMI cable into the motherboard when you had a KF chip (true story when I helped a mate build his PC remotely last year). Plus the Dell warranty from my experience is usually pretty good, especially on their monitors.

The only downsides to this are the RAM which some would say isn't enough. I run the same in my rig at home and haven't had problems with AAA games. In any case, Dell's RAM upgrade offerings are a joke to say the least. Buy this system and spend $109 on another set of Kingston Hyper X RAM and you're set for 4x8GB configuration. The other good thing about the R11 Desktop is pretty much all components are individually upgradable for the future.

Don't forget to shop with CR/SB and save a further 6% coming down to $3558.01 with code LOVEKEANU or if you don't use CR/SB you can still shop using the Qantas Rewards Dell store and pick up 1 QFF point per dollar in spend but the cost will be $3761.11.

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  • Ships in 18–21 business days

    • +2

      I'd generally take that with a grain of salt in most instances, the Dell XPS i bought back in Feb was supposed to ship in 10-15 days and was delivered the same week, my AW3821DW also beat shipping estimates substantially. I find that Dell generally underpromises but overdelivers in shipping times.

  • Anyone know if the mobo supports a second nvme SSD?

    • +1

      it only has one slot directly on the mobo, but you can use an adapter in the second PCIe lane below the GPU.

  • +1

    Can someone please talk me out of buying this…

    • Don't buy it.

      • Why not?

        • +4

          I think you're going through the act of savouring. So, if my morning coffee gives me pleasure, I might pause and relish it while I drink it. Inhale the fragrance of it fully and focus on the nuanced warm, smoky, bitter deliciousness of it. I feel the warmth of it in my hands, to the feeling of it in my mouth, and to the cascade of sensations and flavours it delivers.

          Not only that, in the morning, before my coffee, I can anticipate it. I can think how lovely it will be. And later, as I go about my day, I can pause and think about that coffee, about just how warm and good it was, how it smelled and tasted.

          In other words, I can immerse myself in these moments, in the anticipation, in the drinking itself, and in the remembering, and bring all my attention to them. This kind of savouring results in a totally different, and richer, experience than if I absent-mindedly gulp down the coffee while dodging traffic and talking on the phone.

          For you, it's the same thing. The act of savouring intensifies the pleasure you extract from buying something here and this delivers greater satisfaction to you. But it doesn't mean you have to buy it. We should shake off the idea that pleasure is slightly shameful or frivolous, but don't let the act of savouring determine whether you purchase the Alienware or not. Buy it on its own merits if at all.

          • +2

            @noscopedJFK: As a coffee addict this was pure poetry. 🙌

          • +1

            @noscopedJFK: thank you… from 1 coffee adict to another.. you are a great wordsmith… well done…

    • +2

      Case isn't designed with thermals in mind, you're paying for a premium product and getting flashy v$#%*^a lip service only

      CPU water cooling won't help the GPU which is tasty meat crammed into a hot mess sandwich.

      • Definitely more hesitant to buy it now. Thanks.

        • NPs. It's what I'm telling myself as my finger hovers over the buy button.

          That and I don't want to have to deal with people to sell the unwanted peripherals. I want to buy a beast gaming PC to avoid having to deal with people and/or leave the house!

          • @akbal: If you don’t want the peripherals you can spec the R11 without and it comes to about $3200 or. There was a comment above about someone doing that.

      • @akbal can you proove yourpoint here that thermals are not great in this system? any review to back up your claim?

        This system is purely designed for CPU/GPU overclocking. How can you say this system has bad themals?

        • I’d say for the money you could prebuild similar with better airflow. However of the reviews I have seen, this seems to sit around 60-70 degrees for gaming, but I saw a few people had thermal temps hitting the 90’s. I guess it comes down to the quality of the pasting job they do.

          • @toshjammi: How can you pre-built a system with same specs and additional periphirals for $3558.01? Show me in PC part picker….

            • +1

              @oliman: I meant to say without considering peripherals or monitor. Just the system.

              Don’t have to preach to me, I already know this is a deal… I posted it lol

        • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgd5s6GWMnQ - Instability due to CPU heat
          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkVNcTXcpAo - aftermarket mods to address heat and noise

          https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/10271820/redir - comment yesterday from ozbargainer
          https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/10271725/redir - me getting more desperate after one day and looking at my order now

          • @akbal: That is not the same product…that is i9 and 3090. i9 is notorious for heating and high wattage consumption.

            • @oliman: i9 is an option on this one. Assume you're recommending not to take up said option.

              My point wasn't that it was terrible system or anything,@thirdeyechai asked to be talked out of it so I gave it my best shot. I have simply said that it is not built for best thermals which has multiple complicating factors. From all reports you can work around it, but if I was able to buy all the components listed I sure as hell wouldn't pack them into such a compact case and restrict airflow like Dell have here.

          • @akbal: 3080/90 are beastly GPU's, but with no real life respect for memory temperature control, which is where throttling (or worse) will occur. You should always consider after market cooling ideas if you are buying a 3080/90.

    • Buy it.

      • You're evil!

      • +2

        And so naturally I bought it…

  • That’s one expensive puss right there. XD

    • Or cheap one, depends on your perspective :D

  • curious, if 3080s are going for 2k how much would a 3070 go for? i got my own prebuilt for less than 2k with a 3070 in it

    • i sold my brand new 3070 recently for $1400.

      • That’s a good price! Goes to show you can’t really compare system prices today to system prices 6 months ago. GPU demand isn’t slowing down. I would say anyone who picked up a prebuilt 3070 for under 2k or a 3080 for under 3k with matching spec components hasn’t thrown much away.

        • 3080 is rare right now, you would be lucky at $2200, average probably more like $2500, and very little stock anywhere even at that price. 3070 starts around $1400, and there is plenty to be found at $1500. If you look at ebay rather than individual stores, it's more like $2600/$1700.

  • Can’t deny it is a solid deal.

    However 1080p monitor is not my cup of tea, I will skip that… thanks OP

    • +1

      Considered buying and selling the monitor separately? Much to someone else’s dismay in the thread above it will sell for $500 on its own quite easily I reckon. That would bring it down to a touch over $3000 for the system and peripherals.

      • Finally I can’t resist…

        Could you please advise how do I find this deal through cashrewards?

        Some people already asked this question.
        Thanks mate

    • its a 240hz monitor though

      • +1

        Doesn't matter , I m pulling my trigger now …

        Cannot resist any longer…. Lol

        • +1

          Mate I lasted 15 hours longer than you, but by day 2 my resolve had completely crumbled…

  • Is this good for trading ?

    • +1

      You could certainly trade the 3080 for approximately 0.026 Bitcoin.

      • +1

        I'm patient and will wait till 0.017 BTC tks :)

  • +1

    I have 7 years old MSI gaming laptop rocking 970M bought at $2.5k. Just put extra 16GB RAM last year and honestly it has been fine since Im not playing the latest game at the highest FPS.

    Considering getting a desktop within the next 2 years to replace the laptop. Would prices drop further by then? And this build is upgradable right?
    Its pretty sad watching the price of my laptop goes down. Prolly fetch for $700 tops now.

    • +1

      If you still have a use case for a laptop, you could look at getting another. They seem to be of decent value now that the desktop equivalent cards are at insane prices.

      I would imagine prices/stock will normalise by then, but, who knows. I want to upgrade my PC but I'm disgusted with the situation.

      You would be able to swap storage, GPU and Ram with no issues. Not sure if the motherboard is custom or if its a standard size.

      • Thanks for this! Might hold off for now then.

        Wont have much use case for laptop anymore. Was moving around so wanted to have something portable-ish (the MSI is 4.5kg lol)

  • Wait on, I bought a 3080 for $1139. Could I broden it for big profit?

    • Someone above sold their 3070 for $1400. You’d get more than that for it.

  • So for people that bought it, which CPU to go with?
    Any other tips from the options?

    • +1

      Whilst I haven’t personally bought it, I wouldn’t upspec the CPU if your priority is gaming. Very little benefit of a 10700k over a 10600k when it translates to frames, even less of a jump when comparing 10700k to 10900k.

      If you have heavy multitasking use, perhaps there is benefit in the 10900k/kf

      • How do I use cash rewards for this deal ? apart from your link I can't find the exact deal on Dell website , thus I could not go through the CR site, can you please show me how to get to your deal on the Dell website.

        • Probably easiest if you use the chrome add on.

        • Or have you tried the Cashrewards app?

          • @toshjammi: I think he is having an issues with finding the item in a web browser.
            The app doesn't make it any easier.

            • @huey: I found it thank you guys but Panadol is right, the motherboard looks cheap, and the GPU will suffer from thermal throttling due to having 2 fans

  • Hi, there. If somebody wants to go halves I am up for it. one half - GPU, the other half is the rest. I am even interested in the desktop.

    • Send me a PM

      • I am new, the system does not allow me to send messages yet. I believe I can reply though…

        • interested in taking GPU or the desktop?

          • @oliman: Either way is good for me - depends on what end the bargain is. I can make a good use of GPU and the desktop with insides. I am not interested in the monitor and all other accessories. EG: I am willing to pay ~$1500 for GPU and ~$1000 for a desktop without GPU and the monitor.

            • @OITHE: both cpu and gpu has to be $1500 split to cover total cost of system (which is around $3000). If interested, I can keep gpu and give cpu for $1500. Let me know.

              • @oliman: Not interested to pay more than $1000 for desktop. For $1500 I can build much better desktop. I can give you $1600 for GPU though…

                • @OITHE: no worries. I was interested in GPU only.

  • +1

    Please be ware that the Dell rtx 3080 only has 2 fans and suffer greatly from thermal throttling due to high vram temp. The temp of the Dell 3080 can reach over 110 degree and replacing thermal pad only do very little in lowering the temp.

    The R11 motherboard is very bad as well, looks very cheaply using the cheap chinese no name capacitor.

  • These are fine for stock speeds. Don't let anyone tell you they are not.
    Overclocking. Forget about it.

  • +3

    Those who are caliming CPU/GPU cannot be overclocked well on this system and would result in heating issues are wrong!

    See the following links where people have tweaked this system with following settings and got really good CPU GPU 3dMark scores are reasonable temps.


    I was thinking to cancel my order due to some FUD in comments before…but I am pretty much convinced after looking at what people have achieved with this system after adjusting settings.

  • You've sold me!!! I need to sell my car for this.

    • +1

      sell your kidney instead :P

  • Companies actually don't keep margin while selling the new machines rather they earn on the support contract. have a look on the extended support/premium support and you will see it costs equal to another PC and that's where they earn from. I would say buying additional support is always worth as if the system breaks down after a year there might be a need to replace the part and that could cost fortune.

  • Whatever happened to cheap GPUS? Damn guys.

  • +2

    I just ordered it, got sick of sitting on the GPU Stock discords and seeling 3080's sell for 2.2-2.5k instantly.

    After CR it came to around $3558 - so realistically if you call the GPU 2.2k, the rest of the PC, monitor, mouse, keyboard and headset for $1300 is kinda unreal.

    A couple of decent fans will easily fix the thermal issues.

    Cant wait to get it, im hoping dell delivery dates are wrong! it currently said 24/04 for completion and 07/05 for delivery…

    • let me know how you go delivery wise, of the past two items I have ordered from Dell this year, both beat delivery estimates by a long way. I wouldn't be surprised if you had it by the end of next week but 3080 might hold things up haha.

      • Will do! honestly i wouldnt be suprised if they have the 3080's in stock.

        I work fifo and get home in 2 weeks so i like your guess of 2 weeks haha!

      • So it actually said its been built and shipped yesterday! Should i be worried Dell is april foolsing me haha

        • Naar I expected that haha. I think they build and ship it to dell first, then ship it out to you so it’s probably still a few business days off. End of next week though is definitely likely.

        • That's fast. I ordered ~ 13:10 that day but still shows in production :( Hope they just forgot to update it lol

          • @shiningblade: Saying that, i havnt got an update on shipping since and it said it would be 72hours max to update.

            I assume easter is playing a part in this all!

            • @joker0701: any further update?

              • @wjb: Nothing as of yet mate, i was told it was shipped from Malaysia to the test centre in Aus on the 1st, from there I guess i wait for shipping confirmation.

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