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[LatitudePay] Kindle Paperwhite 32GB 4G LTE Wi-Fi eReader $157 Delivered (New Customer Only) @ The Good Guys


I believe it's the cheapest of all time. $199 on the Good Guys website. With Get $50 off at the Good Guys offer, if you are a new customer, you ended up paying $157.
Credit to Price Hipster.
See: https://www.latitudepay.com/offers/

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The Good Guys

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  • Hey mate, I checked the Latitude Offer - https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/latitude-pay
    and it says Step 2: Add items to be purchased to your cart. Spend $200 or more.
    Since this is $199, does the discount still applies?

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      Discount still applies as it counts $199 plus the $8 delivey. I just did all the steps and got the $50 off.

  • Yep, worked ok. Cheers. Good price.

  • When in the process does the discount show. I am at the latitude pay screen and its still saying 207. 20.70 per week. Have missed it somehow?

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      Have you used Latitude pay before? It is for new customers only.

      • That would be it. Thanks.

        • I have used Latitude pay previously and the offder does not apply to my account.

  • I don't get it. I click the link, it takes me to the good guys page with regular price $199. How do I get $50 off?

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      Just check out with latitude pay.

      • Thanks, I can see it now.
        Credit check and an application process to get $50 off is a hard pass for me.

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    Never using latitude pay again man, they have done fraud to me, charged me twice (once before refunding- which was legit and the way how it should be and once after i was refunded- totally wrong, they charge me twice and was a big amount to me 100 bucks almost)

    • Sound like their system stuff up big time when you requested a refund

      • Yes they aren't really compatible with stuff like refunds there system or technology etc whatever stuffs up a lot I think. I mean at least for me it did, but hopefully my bank should clear this understanding out with them.

        They work fine when taking Money out or discounting when it comes out to the special offers but what happens when you don't get the promised goods or services??

  • Latitude Pay does a hard credit check so be aware of this as it can affect your credit score (irrespective of your current credit history).

    I'd use Afterpay over Latitude purely due to the credit check.

    • I should have heeded your warning…
      rejected, no idea why

  • Can i ask if Latitude Pay charge an account maintenance fee or is it free as long as you pay instalment fee in time? I did check the website and there is no mention of any fee other than late fee. Just wanted to confirm with other OZB users

    • if you pay installment on time there is no interest..they charge the seller for fees.

      • Thanks.

  • Is this the waterproof one?

  • Is this the cheapest price it has ever been?

  • Wow latitude pay is shit.
    Rejected my application, not citing any reason why.
    So, yeah a mark on my credit rating will be added, for I have no idea what.

    So yeah, I lost a lot for a $50 discount I'll never get.

  • Has anyone received their Kindle yet? I ordered it on 30/3 and it hasn't dispatched yet… Didn't use the $50 Afterpay bonus but doubt it should have made a difference…