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[PC, Epic] Free - HITMAN 3 Access Pass: HITMAN 1 GOTY Edition for HITMAN Owners @ Epic Games


HITMAN 1 (base edition) was given away for free on Epic Games last August. If you grabbed that (or bought it), you can now upgrade it for free to a Game Of The Year Edition!

  1. Add the free Hitman 3 Starter Pack to your Epic account: this counts as owning Hitman 3, a requirement for the next step.
  2. Go to the HITMAN 3 Access Pass: HITMAN 1 GOTY Edition page.
  3. There will be a price still here. Click on BUY NOW and it will be 100% discounted! You now own and can play Hitman 1 GOTY Edition within Hitman 3!

Credit: https://www.reddit.com/r/freegames/comments/mh1is6/hitman_1_...

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  • +18

    Got it, thanks!

    Now, to find a good deal on a decent PC.

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    Working. Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Worked. Thanks OP!

  • freewhere

    Thanks OP, really living up to the name!

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    Got it! Thanks OP.

  • +1

    top find OP

  • +6

    Weird. Followed the steps, but it still says $22.29 (after a 50% discount, not 100%0

    • +1

      same here, dunno what i did wrong :|

      • +2

        Same here, followed the steps exactly :(

        • +6

          Once you click on the 'buy now' button, it changes to $0.

          • +6

            @Thundersmurf: Takes a step of faith to click on Buy Now while the price is still there :)

            • +5

              @SlickMick: Not really considering you have to press place order on the checkout confirmation page. This isn't like amazons 1 click purchases where it preforms an instant checkout with the card details on file. The fact that even free games have a checkout confirmation screen before adding the game to your account should be security enough to know you can back out before being charged.

    • Yup same.

    • +5

      Click buy now anyway, on the checkout screen it'll get discounted to 0

    • +1

      Click buy now and it will go to the next page saying $0.

    • +6

      Could be that you don't have Hitman 1 in your library?

      • +2

        Lol that's exactly what it was! I swear I got it last time, probably had the link open and forgot about it like a chump :O

        Cheers mang, my bad :)

        • +2

          I was sure i had it too, but looked at transaction history and, sure enough, no record. Workaround OP posted worked fine tho.

    • I guess you need to get the starter pack hitman 3 which is free. Then click on the second link. That works for me. I guess I also have hitman 1 maybe that’s why 🤷‍♂️

  • good one op. worked for me.

  • got one thanks

  • Nice one OP

          • +6

            @browser: Yeah it shows $22.99 for me on the store page, but once I clicked BUY NOW, the confirmation page will show discount -100% which brings it to $0

  • Thanks op

  • Just got it, thanks!

  • Worked, thanks OP!

  • Worked just now, thanks!

  • Amazing - worked for me!
    Thanks OP!

  • Thanking you

  • Ledge

  • Worked thanks. Although it only worked when I tried through their webpage. It wasn't working on the desktop app.

  • +1

    Hmm not working for me, still shows up at $22.29. Installed the Hitman 3 Starter Pack.

    • +2

      It won't work on the desktop app, and you need to check it out via their website.

  • Got it thanks for the workaround

      • +3

        Same here, worked for me as well; it did originally show up as only 50% off on the game page, but when I hit "Buy" the checkout page said 100% off ($0.00)

        • +3

          The Deal is to own and play Hitman 1 GOTY inside Hitman 3 without needing to own Hitman 3.

  • +1

    I don't know if I have Hitman 1 already on my Epic Account but I was able to "buy" it regardless

    Claimed the Hitman 3 access pass, refreshed page and then went to Hitman 1 link and despite the 22.29 price, checking out should come down to 0.00 free for me.

    Well Done OP

  • not working for me

  • +2

    Worked for me as of 23:14 AEDT following the steps. Thanks!

  • The work around is not working for me. It shows as $5.99

  • works

  • works fo rme

  • +1


  • +3

    Here's a workaround if you didn't

    Does this set of instructions actually work if you hadn't already got Hitman 1 on Epic? Above comments indicating it didn't work for people that did not get previously get Hitman 1. The reddit post also does not indicate there is any work around if you didn't already own Hitman 1.

  • +2

    Awesome it worked.

    So how does it work, if you want to play hitman 1 goty version, we have to open it through hitman 3.

    Also one other thing, is the whole of hitman 3 free using this method as well? is it a complete game this starter pack?

    • +1

      I wanna know too, what did I just claim? LOL

    • +1

      It's the missions from Hitman 1 in the Hitman 3 engine.

    • +1

      So how does it work, if you want to play hitman 1 goty version, we have to open it through hitman 3.


      Also one other thing, is the whole of hitman 3 free using this method as well?


      is it a complete game this starter pack?

      No. Only contains the training and Hawkes Bay levels, as well as the Dubai level playable until April 5.

      • thanks for the clarification.
        If all the cutscenes and gameplay are in the hitman 3 engine i'll just play it in the newer version then. thank you!

  • Noice, got it

  • +4

    Ok got it working. Just follow the steps exactly. Use the URLs provided in the instructions. Do not use not search for hitman, or try to get to hitman 1 page from the link on top of hitman 3.

    And the following steps

    step 0. To enter browser mode choose the option Manage Account in your epic games app. And you will enter the browser version of epic games.

    • THANK YOU!!!! This is what I was missing … I was using the Hitman 1 link from the top of Hitman 3! Used the link in the OP and it worked.

  • +2

    Followed the instructions to the letter and after clicking Buy Now, I’m getting the $22.29 price.

    Have tried Chrome, Edge and safari on iOS and no success.

    EDIT: and now Firefox. Still no luck. Bizarre.

    • Why not try Firefox - Mozilla, the best browser in the 'Verse.

      • Sorry just saw the Moz addtional comment…

  • Worked!

  • worked. brilliant. is this transferrable onto PS5 ?

  • +2

    Didn't work for me in Epic Games Launcher as it showed I had to pay at checkout so no good using the launcher.
    Opened up the URL in step 2 using Firefox and the 100% discount was there.
    Happy days!
    Thanks OP.

  • +2

    So glad Epic games is around to break Steam's effective monopoly. Never thought there would be loopholes like this lol. They gave us the game free initially, now we're getting GOTY upgrade too.

    • +1

      Maybe it will but it’s far off it now. Their recent reporting had $264 million USD in third party sales, which only averages out to $1.60 USD per user. That’s despite them throwing out $15 coupons multiple times a year.

      Right now Epics first party titles are by far and away making up the bulk of the revenue at about 2/3 of all revenue.

      They stay in focus because of all the free games etc, but I’m not sure it’s actually translating to amazing sales yet. Time will tell. I’m struggling to find current Steam revenue figures but based on the 2017 data and the fact the gaming market went gangbusters in 2020, Steams probably pulling in close to 10x the revenue today at a guess.

      • +2

        Well Epic is by far the most generous company out there. You have the likes of much bigger competitors like Ubisoft and EA who have much better established online stores but are either tight or greedy, and their stores don't have anywhere near the momentum to compete with Valve.

        Really hope Epic succeeds.

    • +2

      I'd be more inclined to support Epic if they had anything better than Steam in terms of features apart from having exclusives(which somehow helps competition?)

  • Thanks OP!

  • +3

    Doesn't work for me, followed all the steps, in FF browser, didn't have Hitman before, showing me $22.29 (50% off), clicking on Buy now still give me the same price..

    • All those saying working is because they already have Hitman 1 from last year, might have forgotten about it, but it's in the system.

      The workaround to the workaround is to pay $22.99.

      • +1

        I agree i don't think this is a real deal. Its people who had it already.

      • All those saying working is because they already have Hitman 1 from last year, might have forgotten about it, but it's in the system.

        I didn’t have it. I got the actual game just now and then got the pass for free.

      • I didnt have it, and it worked for me.

        • +1

          May be there was a bug randomly makes it free that might have been fixed.

          The Reddit post literally says that if you already have Hitman 1, now you can get Hitman 1 GOTY free if you also grab the Hitman 3 Starter Pack.

          Basically Hitman 1 is a prerequisite. OP originally had this in the steps: Here's a workaround if you didn't: …

          The "workaround" obviously did not work for many.

          • @browser: I didn't have an Epic account until a few moments ago, and it worked for me. Obviously I didn't have Hitman 1 yet.

  • Awesome deal, unfortunately it reminded me that for some reason there is no PCVR in Hitman 3, only PSVR :(

  • Worked for me I think you just made a lot of people happy.
    Only works from the browser btw.

  • +2

    im trying now with the hack and i think they patched it :(

    awell GL all!

    • +1

      I just tried and it still works. After clicking "Buy Now" the discount goes to 100%

  • Worked like a charm, thanks OP
    collecting these for the day I buy a windows pc

  • +3

    Worked for me! Thanks! Had to go onto the browser though, couldn't do it through the app as it came up 'Unavailable'.

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