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BWS: 20% Upsized Cashback ($25 Cap, Was 2%) @ Cashrewards


Greetings everyone, Cashrewards is offering upsized cashback of 20% from 9am today and runs for 15 hours, capped at $25 per member) today for BWS, a great increase :)

This can then also be stacked with the current Easter Deals! These are:

  • $10 Off $80
  • $15 Off $100
  • $20 Off $120

E.G 2x Johnnie Walker Double Black 700mL Bottles are $85 + 20% Cashback!

Also make sure to check your Woolworths rewards account to see if you have any bonuses to activate on top of this.


  • During the 15 hours promo period, 20% cashback for BWS is capped at $25 in total per member account, irrespective of the number of transactions made. Valid 9am to 11:59pm AEDT 01/04/2021.
  • BWS online orders paid partially or in full with any gift cards or Everyday Rewards will be ineligible for cashback.
  • Cashback is ineligible on non-alcoholic products and champagne (sparkling wine is eligible).
  • Cashback is ineligible on purchases made through the BWS app.
  • Cashback is ineligible when using codes not listed on Cashrewards.
  • You must return and click through from Cashrewards every time you make a new transaction/purchase.
  • If items are not viewable when searching, ensure you first set your store location within the BWS website.

As always, enjoy :)

Referral Links

Referral: random (4179)

$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 7 days.

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  • Oh nice!

  • +4

    Time to use my spend $50, get $10 back offer on my Westpac credit card!

    • Did you get your cashback from Westpac? I didn't and it seems $10 back can not be used in conjunction with any other offer.

  • +2

    This almost makes Coopers Pale Ale $30 a case for 2

    • cans or bottles? I like aging their Sparkling and Dark Ales in bottles, but I've been preferring the consistency of the pale out of the cans recently.

  • +3

    Nice!… stack with:
    and I also have a 2000 Everyday reward points on a $70 spend

  • Is that exclusion of using everyday reward credit a new thing? Haven't noticed it before.

  • +2

    Stacking with $10 (2000pt) rewards offer, $10 Latitude offer, $20 BWS offer. So with $25 from cash rewards, that makes a $125 purchase around $60. Nice

    • What't the $10 latitude offer?

      • Spend $50 get $10 credit back. 28 Degrees mastercard.

    • To get full $25 shopback you'd need to spend $138.25 Shopback calculates on purchase less 10% GST.

  • +2

    That would make Singleton single malt $36.41 a bottle if you get two.

  • +2

    Just got 2 cases of James Squire 150 lashes for $98 (everyday rewards price $49 each) then a $10 discount was applied at checkout taking it to $88. With Cashrewards 25% cashback takes total to $66.

    $33 per case of 150 lashes … happy with that!

    • +1

      20% cashback, not 25%, so it's $72

      • Thanks - yeah missed that

    • +1

      Tried the same thing but not getting $10 discount automatically taken off at checkout (NSW). Is there a code or anything special you need to do to get this?

      Edit: Never mind the discount shows in the final stage of checkout before payment, but I did also add a bottle of $2.50 cider to bump the order over $100 to trigger the $15 discount - order total $85.50 + 20% Cashback!

      • 20% cashback also appears to have been calculated before the discount so $20.10 cashback!

        • Cashback is sale value less 10% GST

  • +3

    I don't need more beer, I don't need more beer, I don't need more beer, I need more beer, I need more beer, I need more beer.

    • Buy Gin

      • +1

        I have a bottle and I don't really like it.

  • Thanks!!!!

    Got my Easter sorted

    Thank you

  • Good timing. 3x bottles of Piper Heidsieck for ~$33 each ($144 - $20 - $25). Easter bubbles are sorted.

    • +2

      Hate to break it to you but it's not eligible on champagne as per the t&c's

    • Should have gotten Grant Burge Pinot Noir Chardonnay instead (on special for $20/bottle). There goes your $25!

      (It tracked at 20%)

  • +4

    Lagavulin 16 for $75.50 thanks

    • Yup, got one too. Thanks

      • +1

        How did you get $75.50? Mine is coming up at $106.4 in the cart (assume BWS Easter offer spend $120 get $20 off applied), and with 20% cashback, it comes down to $85.12.

        Edit: I worrked it out. The additional $15 off $100 is applied at the final step (once you have confirmed the order).

    • Ron Swanson approves of this.

    • +2

      106.4-15-21.28(20% of 106.4) = 70.12

      Also, had the spend 80 get 1000 points in rewards

      • I got my bottle for $113 and noticed some other stores had it at $106.. ugh

      • +1

        Yep - Mine came to $70.12 too. I didn't have the rewards offer though - probably don't buy at BWS enough to be on the radar for it.

  • Does the Easter special get applied automatically? And does it show me the final price with cashback or not?

    • +1

      Easter special auto applied in the last step of checkout. It won't show you anything about cash back though, that will be in an email that you should get from CR a few minutes later.

      • Cheers. Ordered. Waiting for the email. Great timing for my wife's birthday party :)

  • I don't know why but I had an 'order discount' of $20 applied in my cart.

  • +1

    see @FLICKIT post above,auto $ off on different spends. Sorry that should have been a reply to @arcticjuggernaut

  • +1

    Thanks OP - got 8 x 4 packs of Batch Brewing Crimson Coast Gose. I had one as a traveller the other day and it was VERY decent. Searched around and found them at $11.50 a pack, half price. Life is good.

    $72 for 8 x 4 packs. Very decent.

    • Did yours track correct? I did the same, bought 8 X 4-packs, but has only tracked as a single $11.50 4-pack ($2.30 cashback).

      • Ok, just had a pretty annoying situation. Went to pick up order today and the store had only prepared 8 cans (2 x 4-packs) not the 8 x 4-packs I'd ordered. (The website indicated 9 x 4-packs were available for ordering from the store I'd selected). Person at counter said it only has "8" on order form - so I had to explain and show the order was for 8 x 4-packs. I mean just look at the price! ~$90 (on special) - no one pays $11.50 (let alone $23 at full price) for just one of these types of cans from BWS! Then the person says, "oh, but we only have a total of 3 x 4-packs anyway". So the website stock count can't be believed. They gave me 3 x 4-packs and said I had to contact the online number and ask for refund etc. Of course, when I called they said it looks like your order has been fulfilled. They couldn't get the store to answer the phone to confirm my story. Luckily the person I was talking to believed what I said and has apparently put through a refund for 5 x 4-packs. I now wait and hope…

        • That sucks! Yeah mine was smooth as and the cashback tracked the full price before discount - $16!

          • @krunchymoses: Nice one. I can understand that the experience will be different at each BWS store. And the mix up with 8 singles vs 8 4-packs could happen if staff aren't paying attention. But does seem strange my Cashrewards hasn't tracked properly.

            • @Cliche Guevara: Being an ozbargainer can be a huge pain in the arse. I'm pretty bloody happy with my shitload of sours on this deal - case and a third for about $60. But it all had to line up and it was a 45min round trip to get it from the bws in the middle of nowhere!

    • +1

      I'm now going to have to add this one to my
      'must try' list


      • Even without the deal it's a goer. I dunno where you are but camperdown cellars were doing Vale Brewing Gin Sour for $15/4. Worth it. Bought a case. 23rd street Gin, an ozbargain favourite, in a sour beer base. It's magical.

  • Bought the double blacks - I think I've got enough drinks now to last the year

  • Check your WW Rewards, I had a spend $60 bonus 800 pts in there.

    • Mine was $80 for the same amount of points; not worth spending $80

  • Curious what difference paying with a gift card make to become ineligible for cashback🤔

    • +2

      Gift card = merchant already has your money

  • Anyone else has an issue that after you click on Activate Cashback the notifier shows that it's not activated?
    Doesn't matter how many times you click on it, it still stays the same…

    • +1

      Ok, I cleared my cache and the issue sorted out.

  • Cheers OP. Got $146 worth of tinnies for $101, after bws $20 off and CR $25 cashback. Easter and b'day sorted!

    • Order ready and cashback tracked already.

  • +1

    Some good stacking here - $20 off over $120, 20% cashback, 800 points for $60> spend. Got myself a case of Black Hops Pale, 4 pack of Ballistic Oaked XPA, and a bottle of Roku all for $90. Easter sorted.

  • I can't seem to get the $10 ($80 spend ) to work. Added two $40 items. At checkout, the total is $80!

    • +3

      Did you get to the final step (i.e. the sidebar on the right) where you enter your card in? That's when the discount will show up.

      • Did you get to the final step

        Thank you, no I didn't!

        Because I have my payment details confirmed I was apprehensive about the "confirm" button, but there was another stage after that. All good now.

  • +1

    Let's hope it's not an April Fools' joke and cashback will be paid🤞

  • Here's my deal of the day, not that I needed another bottle of whisky haha

    Johnnie Walker 18yo $98
    Bottle bag $3
    Subtotal $101
    - BWS offer $15 = $86
    - Cashrewards $20.20
    Total = $65.80

    That's awesome compared to some places retailing it around $127, almost half price!! :)

    • How did you get $20.20 cashback out of $86 spend?

      • +2

        The cashback is being calculated on the pre-discounted ($15 off) price inclusive of GST. ie $101*0.20

        I got $19.20 off a $96 before discount total.

        • OK. Thought cashback was on the actual spend.

          • @DisabledUser27274: It usually is, but i've encountered a few stores before where they report the Pre discount price for cashback calculations. Win win.

            • @ash2000: Yes, I was a bit confused as I always thought cashback was based on actual spend.

  • Cashrewards calculated the percentage off the purchase amount, not what I actually paid for.
    So the amount was $101 which equaled to $20.20 by cashrewards.
    The additional $15 off was what BWS offered as part of their promotion.
    Hope this answers your question.

  • Any free delivery codes (for $100+ spend) that currently work and don't deny the Cashrewards cashback!?

  • If you aren't a too fussy on beer, the Bluey Crisp stubbies aren't bad. They're 2 for $69 at the moment before the $15 off $100 and 20% cash rewards. If you got 4 cases it would come down to $23.60 a case.

    I went for 2 cases of Bluey and one of Hughie for $121 total, $80ish assuming CR goes through. Steal

  • +1

    Aaah the old Bluey and Hughie trick. 😉

    • Yep. Didn't even realise until I typed it

  • +1

    This one definitely a steal. Bought a Glenlivet founders reserve and Double black for $66.56.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, got 2L of wild turkey for $83.

    • Nice work. I got a slab of the Wild Turkey Rare Breed for $101.

  • I'm still waiting for my last purchase on 27th at 10% rebate to track.

    • Doh. Double checked and I used a gift card for partial payment.

  • I found a great deal for red wine drinkers.

    Krondorf Winemakers Barossa Shiraz is apparently $19 a bottle normally. But if you add a bottle of William Light Clare Valley Shiraz (normally $40), you get both for $30. Then if you have Everday Rewards (takes 5 minutes to apply), and order 6 bottles another 10% comes off. The Cashrewards is paid on this amount inclusive of GST. At checkout the $10/15/20 discount is applied.

    So 4 of each of those wines comes to $108 ($120 - 10%). Add a $15 bottle to take it over $120 for the $20 applied at checkout. Mine came to $121 which is effectively around $97 after cash back. The retail on those 8 bottles alone is $236.

    I did one of these deals, picked it up and tasted the wines. Wouldn't pay $40 for the William, but certainly worth less than half that. Same for the Krondorf.

    Cashrewards tracked the sale in less than an hour.

  • Aim for $125 in the cart to maximise the cash rewards rebate calculation then the site discount will kick in at the final confirmation screen to reduce total by $20.
    Pay with credit card linked to cash rewards to be doubly sure of tracking.

    • +1

      Still waiting for the cashback after 1 hr, not sure how long it gonna take

      • +1

        That sucks. It is always an anxious wait as we calculate the best possible price for our poison. Mine came through after about 30 minutes.

  • Mine took 20 minutes to track.

  • will the cashback track on first order discount code?

  • A slab of Emu, 1L rum and took advantage of a couple of the 3 for $12 Koppabergs to keep the missus happy.
    All for 82.40 after discounts - cashback tracked for $25.60.

  • Great deal

    1l JB
    JW double black
    Tia Maria

    134-20-25 (CAAHBACK) - 10 (2000 reward points stacked) = 79


  • So i get a 'ready to collect' message for the local BWS.. I'm here to collect but there's no record of the order..
    Edit: Manager appproved the collection. Some system stuff up or something.
    It was a 16yo Lagavulin Islay Single malt 😋

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