Telsim 28 Day Mobile Plan - 60GB - $5 Delivered @ Telsim


Hey guys,

Just found a good sim card deal at Telsim (powered by the Optus network). They're offering a 60GB plan, unlimited calls and texts for $5 including free shipping. The plan is good for 28 days. This is for the first month only, and the renewals are $28 per 28 days.

Port-ins are also supported.

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  • Coming to an expiry of Boost recharge. Good plan for me to port away from boost and buy new Boost starter pack..

  • I can't find any information on their website about how long you have to activate the SIM from date of purchase. Any ideas?

  • Telsim - first inpression -> like owned by telstra

  • Seems like a good deal for my home internet =] ~ Been using Ozsale 70GB for $4

    • Isn’t Ozsalemobile post paid?

    • what device do you use this sim in for home internet?

      • Oneo of the old phone as Wifi Hotspot. Seems to work fine, and repurpose for the win!

        • Also tested with Pocket Wifi (mobile hotspot) device, which works with Kogan, Ozsale, Felix, but its range is not that great, so I just one of the family's old phone instead. Its range is impressive, reaching onto the road from the middle of the house.

        Didn't continue with Felix because 20Mbps is not great. Plus, family only use max 200 GB. Easily under $15 for me. Why pay $35 for shittier speed. I always get 30-40 Mbps with Optus/Vodafone. Not sure about Testra yet since Boost/Belong/Lyca aren't worth GB/$dollar

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    Grabbed one - thanks OP.

    Confirmation email says 90 days to use.

  • Post paid

    • Why is this downvoted. It is postpaid service. Extracted from their CIS below:

      Telsim SIM only post-paid mobile services are for use in Australia
      only. By default, international roaming services are not enabled, and
      while you are overseas, you won’t be able to make or receive calls or
      send messages, or to access mobile data.

  • This is postpaid and under different name

  • I purchased but no email?

  • I found the following T&C condition is alarming and should be avoided by not registering payment method. Let it be suspended when you use the data quota.

    "To enjoy the unlimited national calls & SMS, MMS applicable to your selected plan, you should always maintain a minimum data balance not less than 100 MB. When your data is exhausted, we will add an additional 2 GB data to your account and $10 is charged to your payment method updated in My Account. If the payment method is not updated, your Telsim Service will be suspended when data is exhausted."

  • What are postage times like for the sim? Melbourne Metro, tia

  • Was three working days for me, StKilda

  • How do I remove my payment details? Anyone know?

  • Avoid these jokers, the port was still not processed after waiting 10 business days - lucky I had a spare kogan sim. & can't find a way to remove card details on the website, tempted to cancel the card.

    • Took 12 days to port in… holy shit. It is 1-2 mins with other services. Last time I'm using them for anything :O

      • Avoid like the plague - tried to port today and was told it would take 14-17 days! Weren't able to tell me the reason for such a long porting time.