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Oppo Find X2 Pro (Unlocked Telstra Version) Ceramic Black $759.05 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Australian carrier variant only. Device is unlocked, and works on all Australian networks
120Hz QHD+ Ultra Vision Screen
Ultra Vision Camera System
65W SuperVOOC 2.0 Flash Charge
Snapdragon 865 Processor

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      Cancel the wedding and run away with the bridesmaid? Hehe

  • Isn’t P30 PROs CAMERA is better than this especially night mode?

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      dxomark says no, the P30 Pro isn't better.

      It gave the Find X2 Pro a score of 126 (ranked 10th overall).

      The P30 Pro earned a score of 116 (ranked 34th).

      If you know a bit about photography, software being equal, you'll know sensor size & aperture size are pretty important.

      These two phones have similar camera setups. But generally the Oppo's sensors are larger.

      For the primary lens, the Oppo has a larger sensor, 1/1.43" vs 1/1.7". Aperture is only marginally larger in the Huawei.

      For the wide angle lens the sensor size is larger for the Oppo. 1/2.0 vs 1/2.7. Same aperture value.

      Both have 5x periscope zooms. Again, the Oppo has a larger sensor, 1/3.4" vs 1/4.0". Slightly larger aperture value for the Oppo too.

      Dxomark says the Oppo Find X2 Pro is one of the top performers for night photography. The P30 Pro certainly lead the way, but others have caught up.

      Both the Huawei Mate 40 Pro & P40 Pro are rated better than the Oppo. Claiming the top spots for all phones, except for the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra. They use a very large sensor, at 1/1.28". No doubt the P50 series will be even better, rumoured to use a 1" sensor.

      • I know not much about phone camera, how about compared to Pixel 5? Been considering oppo x2 pro and pixel 5 from camera point of view (dont like carry too much stuff for short holidays)

        • The Pixel 5 is ranked a fair bit worse. Google does a very good job of getting the most out of its hardware, but that hardware just isn't as good as the top phones.

          The Pixel 5 only two lenses - a standard & wide lens - but no telephoto (zoom lens). While the Find X2 Pro has a great 5x periscope zoom.

          The two cameras the Pixel does have use much smaller sensors than the Oppo, meaning image quality isn't as good, especially in low light.

  • Anyone know a good swimming case for this?

    Nothing fancy (like 2m deep etc), just need to take pics with the family and wanted to protect this asset

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    Setting it up for the missus now, not going to lie, tempted to grab one for myself.

  • Anyone got Andorid 11 on this phone? Mine is downloading the A.45 version, which is still Android 10.

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      lol. how about finding a good case first?

  • I got it from JB. How does it update android 11 and color os 11?

    • You can manually install Android 11 and ColorOS 11. Call Oppo Customer Support

      • Do you need to manually update?? Does it not do automatic software updates?

        • Tried automatic update not working for android 11

          • @hurr1cane: Anyone successfully done it manually?

            • @hero1211: I will be trying it today. I haven't had the chance to open the box since I picked it up yesterday morning.

  • I had Oppo Reno 10x Zoom that I'd sold because the irritating ambient sensor light bug that caused the screen to fluctuate in brightness. I googled about the problem and it appears Oppo and Oneplus have this bug on some models. Does this model still have the same bug?

    • yea thats also my experience, my oneplus 7t pro was perfect expect the auto brightness is horrible. I heard that find x2 pro and oneplus 8 pro have improved on it, not sure about the find x 2 pro but they added a second light sensor on the back of the oneplus 8 pro

      • I googled and found one post on reddit complaining how the screen turn on when it's next to your face making some random keypress because of that. Guess they haven't fix the problem yet.

  • Did anyone follow the suggested oppo clone phone app??seems its off the app store ecosystem and private. Abit sceptical - is there a better way to switch from an old android (samsung s8 ecosystem) to this phone?by signing onto google all the apps settings and data as well aswhatsapp backups should tf across?? So just physical files like images and videos one will need to usb tf across correct?

    Or is there a better way to do a complete migration??

    • Yeah, i downloaded the app on my old phone, and moved everything from my old phone to this phone using that app.

      • Does it move things like photos. Netflix and podcast and file downloads?? Or mainly contacts and smses etc. As google gmail backup already has restored all the contacts. Phone history, sms and apps for me. So it was more the downloaded files from podcast apps,photos etc. Which i thought an usb cord and laptop intermediary fix would work.

        • Yes it does with mine including the layout in my old phone eg grouping of numerous Apps in a folder etc
          It basically clone your old phone 👍

          • @ntongeng: Yes i have just used now, seemed to work better starting the process from old phone itself (app open on both).

  • Hey guys, I purchased one this these phones today. What made me make the leap is the sales staff confirming it is a dual Sim phone. But just now when I unboxed it, I found out it's a single SIM only phone. Does anyone have any experience with returning an unsealed phone on the grounds that the wrong info was given by staff?


    • it's definitely not dual Sim. Yeah, try calling them first.

    • I've read that the 'single SIM' Find X2 Pros actually are dual SIM, but the second SIM is locked out by software.

      Sounds like you can get around this by changing the phone's region.

      I'm certainly no expert about this stuff. Obviously you'd be taking a risk by doing this, if you don't 100% know what you're doing. But here's a thread explaining the process.

      • +1

        But the sim tray is physically one sim card not two? So even removing the software limitation will it still work?

        • I'm still waiting on my phone to arrive, so hadn't seen the SIM tray. So assumed it was like the other single SIM X2 Pro's, & only software locked. But from what you're saying it sounds like we're stuck with a single SIM. Bummer.

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          the xda post mentions the dual sim tray can be ordered from aliexpress.

  • Can anyone else who has purchased this Telstra model confirm on the update situation? If android 11 was pushed out officially months ago and Telstra still hasn't given the all clear that's not really acceptable imo.

    • It's still android 10, telstra is likely being telstra and sitting on their hands before clicking the approve button.

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        Before i bought it the guy on the phone at one store mentioned it was a telstra stickered phone and it would work overseas and not just in aus. Alongside that i thought i asked if it is a telstra phone and not an outright oppo find x2 pro purchase about software updates and i thought t's he mentioned it wasnt tied to telstra.

        I presume he was wrong and any carrier phone means needing to go through two layers: oppo updating it and secondly the carriers version being released?? This was my original understandings from yrs back which is why the plain phone outright was my goto than a carrier based one unlocked - clearly this hasnt changed??

        Only exception is i got my s8+ on woolies plan and it appears they're plain manufacturer versions and not carrier tweaked so updates came through based off samsung and not samsung THEN woolworths releasing an update.

        Is this how the industry still works??

        I suppose for a 700 dollar flsgship its a small price to pay. So long as security is updated. My current patch out of box updating is re: oct 2020 which seems abit outdated. Maybe another security patch will prompt after this one installs as this is a pretty chunky 3.3gig update.

    • I used this guide ( to update to Android 11. When changing the region, I chose "Australian EX". There are so many improvements in this update:
      - More customisation
      - AOD much better and it's actually ALWAYS ON. On the ColorOS 7.1, AOD will turn off itself when you don't touch the phone for like 20min.
      - Dark mode can be setup for less contrast (better for your eyes). I'm using P30 pro and it's dark mode is much better than the 7.1 version, but 11 makes it the same as P30 pro.
      - System clone is added (equivalent to Private Space on Huawei). I actually prefer this over multiple-user option.
      Something I don't like about this phone:
      - Volume buttons in akward position. I usually take screenshot by accident when locking the phone. I much prefer the layout of buttons on P30 pro.
      - When you shake the phone, you can hear some rattling sound, it sounds like something loose inside the phone LOL
      - Not dual sim.
      Overall, it's a good phone, very snappy.

  • Well… Guess still a waiting game for Telstra to clear the release of color OS11. It's a bummer but I guess when it came with a heavy discount I suspected something had to give.

    I am due to pick up the phone tomorrow. I only hope it is a good phone out of the box as per most reviews based on the initial release with ColorOS7 . OS7 looks ok when I did some quick browsing in the store with Oppo last year (I wasn't interested the brand till this deal came up) and I was fine with it.

    • Not sure what's app the fuss about Android 11. It won't turn 12gb ram into 24.

      • Security and bug fixes?

        • Security patches is on the side regardless the OS version.

          I'm not fussed about either is android 10 or 11. I'm currently on a pixel phone and I don't feel my life changed when updated from 10 to 11.

          From the reviews I see colour OS 7 compare to 11 , it mostly gives more customisation and prob more cleaned up interface.. otherwise I don't feel a huge evolution. But this is just from watching video reviews.

          • @Andysjunks: Having played with it for a day, I can tell you the limited experience is great.

          • @Andysjunks: I mean most android updates until you know better always feel like the latest and best so I suppose it's like an never ending game of catching the latest flagship phone (in one sense).

            I think most important is getting the latest security updates and essentials. CUstomisation i think after so many iterations of android is getting pretty close to all round workable, suppose you can only improve so much when we've had android for so long and he best ideas hopefully have come out already?

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      For tech savvy people, there's a hack that not only gives you Android 11, but also activates dual SIM (the second SIM is locked by software by the sounds of it).

      I'm not tech savvy, or too fussed about dual SIM or Android 11. But for those that are, this may be useful.

  • Can't purchase this anymore, although the code says valid between 30/03-04/04

    • You can still purchase it but at full price…

    • Did they mention any time

      • Once you add the code, it clearly said voucher valid between 30/03-04/04

  • Anyone else getting limited Google Maps search results on this phone? Usually I get red markers all over the map if i search restaurants for example. On this I'm not getting anything

  • Rang JB online support, looks like the deal is off. Spoken to 2 person, and none of them know the deal (half price, Telstra version).

  • I cant believe this didn't go oos, or i would of just bought in on Saturday because not being able to pick it up Friday killed me

    • But it was available still on Saturday? Or order and click and collect. I was monitoring WA stock from ordering thurs night through to the fri night and still saw stores available for click and collect. Oddly now that the special has ended (not sure when it stopped on Saturday but assume later in day) the stores are out of stock - maybe word got out as people browsed stores and bough the stock.

  • Does anyone know what sort of aftermarket product we need to purchase to get the same fast charge as the VOOC 2 charger/cable included in the box?

    I have a blitzwolf BW-S6 which is a beast for my old samsung s8+ but i believe is 30W. If i use it I presume one will get a much slower charger speed than the VOOC 2 out of the box? THat said is it "better" For the battery using a lower watts to charge? The 65W is obviously great for speed no doubt, but for longevity of the battery if one has the time to go with a more conventional USB Q3.0 port i.e. the 30W Blitzwolf, is this advisable? Or will QC 3.0 not 'work' as well as other quick charge devices due to the VOOC technology being different? I'm not too savvy on the electronics/tech side… so advice is appreciated.

    Does the USB C cable need to be anything special to be VOOC 2 enabled for the find x2 pro? Or are the heavy duty/a good USB C cable like the blitzwolf ones we all have bought via ozb over the years able to deliver the same speeds?

    Just abit unsure what I need to mimic to get the same VOOC charging going at work and other places i frequent - rather than carrying the original charger and cable around. Not to mention the cables a little on the short end.

    • I read somewhere that the VOOC cable works as a SuperVOOC cable. I think it was on Reddit or XDA forums…

      • me too…. i suppose the super vooc being sold by mobileciti or the like and dick smith are nearly the same price as the oppo official… so why not get a super vooc that's braided. presumably more tough than the iphone cable like feel of the VOOC included in the box.

        one complaint is that it's bloody wide that super vooc charger. Given powerpoints are usually side by side I wish they designed it taller rather than 'wider' to fit next to other plugs. I definitely can't plug it in next to a conventional power board or wall plug outlet…. thankfully i'll keep my blitzwolf bw-s6 one's - nice and slim, and PD 3.0 is still 'ok' to charge. Not as lightning fast - did my first 10% or so charge up, i swear i turned away a few minutes and i was up to 60%! Crazy fast.

  • +2

    Just picked up the phone and going through set up. Damn it is a nice device. Just 10min in though

  • +2

    The phones nice - UI i haven't found any issues yet. Abit of getting used to coming from a samsung s8+ i've missed alot of the newer interfaces and other manufacturers - but am used to swiping up into the app screen where you customise your apps/group them into folders. On the Oppo it seems opposite i.e. your main screen the apps show up, you customise into folders etc, whereas once you swipe up it is the full alphabetical list of apps that stay ungrouped.

    One thing I miss is (maybe it's possible) the s8+ had the little viewing pane on the far right, if you swipe outwards towards the middle of screen the oppo displays one, but it is just stuff like the screenshotting etc. The s8 range allowed you common access to gallery, calculator, your clock/alarm, and even the clipboard etc. Just very handy for quick jumping to common used applications.

    Perhaps the other thing I've noticed is maybe as i have long hands… holding the phone in the left hand commonly results in fingers reaching across the camera lens. Just ergonomics and im sure i'll adjust. Not a deal breaker. I don't get the complaints about a curved screen. it feels like any other screen to me - then again the s8+ had a curved screen so perhaps i've forgotten the feeling of 'flat' on the edges - its not like you really touch the edge of your phone real estate that often, right?

    But I do notice the raised camera - I did wonder why the s21 range and other phones talked about 'raised' cameras - what's the issue? But I do know one issue now - with the stock clear plastic case - if you lay it on a table and type/use it the camera causes it to wobble. If your a frequent office user with your phone on the table this could get pretty annoying.

    Perhaps an after market case will flatten out the whole back of the phone - but to do that it would need to raise the back case to be in line if not higher than the protrusion of the camera area…. my spigen hard case for my s8 was raised, but the cameras were flat anyway so you just had a raised box cut out for the cameras - which served to physically seperate should the camera hit the floor with any raised parts that could (if your unlucky) hit the lens. This point is moot when your out and about and holding a phone as per usual - but this would definitely irritate some in an office setting or where your phone sits on a flat surface while in use alot.

    I've found the fingerprint sensor pretty good - so not sure what the bagging out was about it? or maybe i misread something.

    • Your hand/fingers must be really long!! You know what they say about men with big hands? Big gloves!

      Btw - my 1st OzB comment using the new phone! So fast and beautiful!!

      • Even with big hands it's been a s truggle to reach for the smart bar. I've had to move it just below the power button location wise. It's abit harder to pull it from the edge - the samsung s8+ i have definitely has a more easier access side bar from a screen point of view…. I think this is the bare max size phone I can go though. I didnt expect it to be slightly larger width and definitely length wise compared to my s8+, i should have compared measurements but i'd tried the phone before in store and felt ok. Wasn't until I put it side by side…

        No issue using it, it's just the whole issue with men's pockets. Definitely buy my pants/shorts now on the basis of testing the pockets out in the change room - a very relevant problem in this first world sort of age.

    • Is Google Maps only showing one search result at a time on the map for you?

      I have to scroll through the search results and it only shows one at a time on the map. In the browser it shows all results at once as I'm used to, but not in the app.

      • +2

        I just tested this out on mine and just typed in 'pizza' and got a whole city of red pins showing me all the pizza places around me. Maybe try uninstalling updates for maps and then redownload the updates?

        • Thanks mate mustn't be the phone then. I'll give that a crack.

        • +1

          Thanks mate it worked. You're a legend!

          • +1

            @PSEACT: Glad to hear you got it sorted!

      • Yeah i search and multiple options come out for other cities (holiday planning currently). Looks like it was just you - seems you've got it sorted though?

        • Yep sorted thanks mate.

    • For the app in the group, I installed nova launcher.
      For the swiping app, it comes with it, go to settings > convenience tools > smart sidebar

      With the supplied casing, sometimes I wonder whether it will scratch the lens when I put the phone on the desk

    • This product works and looks like new. Backed by a 180-day supplier warranty.

      • Yep, forgot to mention that it's refurbished. Can't edit comment any more…

        • Also the image used is that of a Neo.

          EDIT: first bullet point confirms it's the neo with these specs:

          6.55-inch with true tone technology, 256GB of storage, Octa-core processor with Turbo boost, Battery: 4000 mAh, 90Hz Edge AMOLED DisplayUltra Steady Video 2.0 Snapdragon 765 5G, Model CPH2009 .

  • +1

    I upgraded to this from a Pixel 2XL and this phone is fast, responsive , great screen, great camera. Tons of ram and storage. Only downside is waiting for Android 11 and other OS updates to be pushed out by Telstra , but considering the $760 pricetag, happy with that compromise !

  • What case and tempered glass are you guys going to buy?

    • +1

      Want to see what is recommended. Love these brands that provides a case and screen protector out of box for peace of mind to start using the phones.

    • I was looking on eBay and was thinking of getting the Zuslab tempered glass but I think I'll keep using the pre-installed screen protector and cover.

      • +1

        The pre-applied film sceen protector is really discrete, I'm not seeing a need to upgrade away from it just yet.

        • Yes, it is very good out of the box and I will use it till it is worn. Prob the same for the case or just use for an year and go naked.

          • @Andysjunks: What about the phone, though?

            • +1

              @dealsforlife: Haha, you mean using the phone unprotected? I'm generally very gentle with phones and have not yet smashed one in my life.

              In my mind I plan to replace phone every 18-24months. I will use a case for the first 12 months or so then go naked. If it smashes I use my old spare till a good deal comes up. I'm not a heavy user/gamer so I'm not after the latest or expensive phones.

              • +1

                @Andysjunks: Ah good to know you meant the phone naked. Otherwise,I thought we'd have to see Andy's junks!

      • Can you apply the tempered glass over the top of preintalled screen protector???

        • I'm sure you can but it might affect the touch screen sensitivity

      • I used Zuslab for my s8+ and can't fault it, it's cracked a few times so I presume it's done the job… i rarely drop or damage my phone either.

        That said I do wonder if a rugged case would better suit. Or one that raises above the camera a little bit - currently the camera panel sits flush, so if you hit an uneven surface i.e. gravel - it "may" on the odd chance knick the camera glass.

        • Zuslab is really cheap quality but no option on eBay. The JB sells for 39 looks decent but only has one one start review.

          • @DisabledUser227884: Oh really - is Zulab quality considered not that great? I've always used them on my old s8+ before i upgraded. The marketing is good though… i've long considered it pretty premium based off the marketing/advertising and packaging. So far it's cracked and i've replaced it once or so, but i thought that was it just doing its job?

            That said I had a spigen hard case on my s8+ which seemed to market all the anti drop/military grade testing…. whereas i can't find any spigen/hard core cases for the oppo - mostly all the generic ones that all sellers sell from china. Just tossing up whether to get the ones with the "ring" or just keep the case they give you. THe one thing about the case that comes in the box is there isn't much of a lip or "raise" on the edges of the front cover or teh camera part, which i'm used to with cases - to protect from falls on flat surfaces. that and even the camera being surrounded by a raised lip seems much better safety wise?

            • @SaberX: I just got a Zuslab case in the mail today for my Find X2 Pro and it looks like it will be perfect for providing protection. It bulks the phone up a bit more than the case that comes with the phone, but it also flattens the rear of the phone so you don't get wobbling when using the phone while it is sitting on a table.

      • Dealforlife did you end up getting the zuslab screen protector in end? Wondering if so how you've found sensitivity. Maybe I adjusted mine a few too many times but find some corners or spots more hit and miss now. Most likely need to push glass in closer to screen but I never had issues using zuslab on a s8+ so not sure why it's noticeable now. Keen otherwise to hear what brand you ended up getting?

        • I bought a Hydrogel screen protector from eBay and also a tempered glass. Using the Hydrogel and haven't noticed and decrease in touch sensitivity. I think you should sell your find x2 pro and go back to s8+ lol. Jokes aside, if you're experiencing too many issues, maybe go to JB and get another a new replacement phone.

          Below is the link for the tempered glass I purchased.

  • +1

    Anyone who's looking for a SuperVooc car charger, Bing Lee have them for $49 which is pretty cheap IMO

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