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Large Sundae $2 Pick-up Only (Usually $4.45) @ Hungry Jacks via App


Not sure if this is targeted. If anyone could check whether they can't see this in the app, I'd change it accordingly.

Edit: Signed in using another acc. The deal was still there. Pretty sure it isn't targeted

This deal is pretty good, probably Hungry Jack's response to Maccas changing their McFlurry prices. Hopefully HJ will make this a permanent change as well :)

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  • Definitely competing with Maccas.

    For most things I’ll choose HJs but ice cream based products (including shakes) Maccas are far superior Imo

    • I think you're wrong in the shakes part. HJs are far superior

      • Truuuu, the HJ caramel shake is legit bliss. I had a Maccas caramel shake and it had so much ice, it was actually disgusting

        Maybe I just bought it from the wrong place at the wrong time tho… Idk, I got it from the Maccas at Sydney City QBE (I think)

        Edit: Someone doesn't agree? Sheesh, I was the one who drank it, I know when I'm drinking direct ice lol

    • Yea ik, still posted it anyway cause it's a comparatively good deal compared to the usual price

      Sometimes you're just at a HJ, and it's just too much to travel all the way to a Maccas to pick up a McFlurry

    • I've found Macca's to be inconsistent, but better when they get it right. One Macca's near us is consistently icy but the next one is usually really creamy.

      • That’s definitely not a fault at all. Some may be making frappes and some shakes for some reason, possibly the fact atm maccas is very random with having caramel shakes. I know for a fact they always have caramel frappes tho. There definitely is no ice in the shake machine. (Coming from a recent ex maccas employee)

  • Yes it’s a one use deal in app
    Expires 20th April

    • Not sure if it's single use.. .but it does say "one voucher per customer, per transaction only"…

      But yes does expire 20 April. Maybe that's when Macca's will change theirs again….

  • Can you scan this at HJ kiosk (similar to McD)? Haven't used the app before sorry

  • This is lactose free

  • Thanks for the hack

  • Not showing up in my app? :(

  • I use to get a chocolate sundae with every Maccas meal when it was something like 75 or 85 cents. (20 years ago) . then it went to 1.20 then large size was introduced at around 2.20 mark. now large sundae is almost half cost of a meal so never really get them no more. I guess Maccas is a good reference for inflation.

    • Wow!! 75 cents for a Sundae!! That's crazyyy

      • actually that price is probably more from 28 years ago when I think more about it.. around about 1993 when I was on my Commodore Amiga on the 14400 baud modem downloading a floppy disk of data within a speedy 14mins. I probably would have said the same thing about Maccas prices from the 70s.

    • Must have around the time when a Big Mac meal starts at $4.95 and the entry level staff at McD was paid around $7-8 per hour.

      I think my base pay was around $15 / hr at Woolies then add on after hours, weekend and casual loading and I was getting $25-$28/hr.

      Okay money back then when I was in Year 10/11/12.

      • yep Big Mac meals werent too far off from the 5 or 6 mark around the mid 90s. somewhere down the line I didnt go to Maccas for 10 years or something and then I was thinkin WTF large meal is now double the price at 12 or 13 bucks depending on what burger. From memory I would have considered getting a med or large meal + sundae over $10 to be expensive. Edit - there you go US prices over the decades https://www.eatthis.com/big-mac-cost/