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[Hack] Sydney Easter Show 4 x Adult General Admission $118 (Normally $160) + $4 Handling Fee @ Ticketmaster


EDIT: marking as expired because one ozbargainer had a bad experience trying this.

If you buy a family ticket (2 adults 2 children) for $118, you will receive 4 tickets. However these are simply shown on the ticket as "Family of 4" rather than 2 adult tickets and 2 child tickets.

Ticketmaster let's you forward tickets to different people, a feature that helps when your group arrives separately. This allows you to split your family into 4 standalone tickets.

If you enter separately, you should be able to get in as 4 adults.

Disclaimer: I discovered this by accident when forwarding my family ticket. I have not tried this myself.

Edit: Yes this uses a backdoor to get around concession checking. If this is against the rules mods should remove.

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    I’m telling Gladys!

    • +10

      .. and it will be your fault Easter was cancelled

      • Haha !

        Easter grinch

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          Just wait til XMAS

    • +48

      She will say

       "I don't need to know about that"

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  • +3

    Will the carnies still get paid?

  • +1

    I call shenanigans

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    Won't they know theyve been scanned when they scan them? As in two adults have already been scanned and will only allow kids tickets? I see alot of disappointed people getting stuck at the gate.

    • +1

      No, ticketmaster treats it as 4 separate family tickets. You will see this when trying to buy one.

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        Doesn't that mean then that 4 families can enter?

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          The real bargain is always in the comments

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      That’s always the thing with Easter show (and even buying off other people). Such a long way to go (even if you live close to e public transport can be a pain). (potentially with kids) to be disappointed…../

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      I have never tried getting 4 adults in on a family tickets, but buying family tickets for the NRL, I don't see how they would know a kid or adult scanned the ticket.

      I also buy concession tickets for the NRL for a valid concession card holder, but never have to provide proof when scanning in.

    • I had a concession ticket along with adult tickets, the guy at the gate didn't check, just scanned and off you go

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    So essentially this requires you to buy 4 tickets to get this price

  • -3

    Only need two tickets thanks op 2 tickets for $60 is good, me and the mrs can go now.

    • +2

      But you pay $118 for the Family tix

    • +7

      nice. $60 per ticket

  • +3

    Why can't I adopt a couple of 35 years old people?

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    From Easter sure website:
    "Family ticket: is for 2 adults and 2 children. Child: is anyone 4-15 years of age and school pupils 16-18 years of age in possession of a ROA School Pupil ID Card (Form 202) or valid School Transport Pass (eg: State Rail/School Rail Pass)."

    …so, while this may work technically, it's the same as buying a concession you are not eligible for.

    Not really a hack, just plain ol' fraud.

    • +4

      Yes you can look at it thag way and if this is against the rules, the mods can remove.

      The hack part is more referring to a limitation in the ticketmaster system where they are not able to check for concession.

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      Child: is anyone 4-15 years of age

      Child is anyone with a parent

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      I agree. Not a bargain. Equivalent of saying "you can get cheap movies if you buy a concession. But no one checks, so you should be fine".

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    Ok peeps. I clicked through an old OzBargain post for 25% off Easter Show tickets and found the website is live again this year but the old code doesn't work, even when you change the year in it. Does anyone know the code?

    • This is the original OzBargain post https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/447667

    • +2

      The discount code 5off seems to work, on the credit card page, assuming 5% off.

      Click add a gift card / voucher, enter in
      in the discount code and leaving pin empty.

      Discount code was from ozsavingspro.com.

  • -1

    At least the show is on this year they don't care.

    As soon as people coming

    • The real money is going to be made in buying food and show bags.

      • The sellers of food and showbags are separate from the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW who run the show and make money on the tickets.

        • But don't those food sellers and show bags stall holders have to pay for these stalls?

          • @xoom: Yes but the buying of food and showbags doesn't affect what they already pay for the stalls. Maybe it affects what they're willing to pay next year.

        • Cost the ride operator $90,000 to go in with 1 ride for 12 days. This is hearsay so take it with a grain of salt.

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    they know this but didn't fix it on purpose, this way they get you to spend 118 for 4 people instead of 80 bucks for 2 people..

  • -3

    Is gladys for real? During pandemic?

    Wtf is wrong with scomo and his puppets?

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    The code TMN241 might work for 2 for 1 price tickets so pay 1 ticket get 2 tickets. It only works once per account per session. So once valid you need to pay at the same time. I used it before and it worked however unsure if this code will work for the easter show. It does show a green tick when using the code tmn241 in the easter show. You can give it a try. Good luck.

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    Delete post.. I scanned in and questioned me getting a child ticket.. So I had to re-purchase a new ticket.

    • +2

      Oh sorry to hear. How did they know if the rest of your family and child came separately?

    • +2

      Zero sympathy - and really quite pleasing to see a fraudster get caught and penalised for trying to game the system :-)

    • it would be good to know how they know since it shows up as a family ticket

  • Can we use dine and discover voucher to buy easter show tickets?

  • People doing this will mean eventually they will remove the option to have family tickets and hence the legitimate reasons to use a family ticket is taken away and families will have to pay full price.

    • It's why we cant have nice things

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