This was posted 6 months 11 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Baccarat iD3 7 Piece Kobe Knife Block White $159.99 (Bonus Baccarat Ultimo 4 Piece Non Stick Set) Delivered @ House


Purchase Baccarat iD3 7 Piece Kobe Knife Block White and receive Baccarat Ultimo 4 Piece Non Stick Cookware Set for FREE
Save $1219.99! The FREE items will appear in checkout automatically. Hurry, Limited Time Only!

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    Ehhhhhh……………..idk , some things may be too good to be true?
    Not saying this is fake, just…probably poopie quality?

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      Baccarat Ultimo 4 Piece Non Stick Cookware Set sells at $150 elsewhere.

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      Just your classic gaslighting through creating artificial price points to inflate a products ‘value’ or perceived savings.

      I recently made a comment of a similar practice by Kogan

      It is illegal or at a minimum skirts the law however the ACCC don’t seem to interested in preventing this practice.

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        Ofc the RRP are inflated. When is house never not “on sale”
        Your other comments are a bit of a stretch though.

        I would say if you own nothing, this is a decent deal.
        Quality is mid tier. Etc

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          Your other comments are a bit of a stretch though.

          Sorry which part is a ‘stretch’?

          Do you not agree that they are using artificial RRP prices and advertised savings to make it seem to the customer that they are getting a product for a significant discount from what the product is usually sold for?

          I am certain that House would have zero belief that anyone would pay $799 for those knives and would be extremely surprised if they have ever sold more then a couple if any at the price.

          • @Olokun: Baccarat/House part of the same company/group.
            Of course the RRP is inflated.

            All Baccarat stock comes from the same place regardless of which marketplace(catch/kogan/bunnings/robinskitchen/house etc)

      • This is the same practice that Harris Scarf uses.

        Pretty much the same as Wish. Rep $1000 for a pen, on sale for $2.what a deal!!

  • How do these compare to the Global Knives?

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      Poorly - Baccarat knives are OK (I have a set) but they are made of lower grade steel and won't stay sharp as long as Global.

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        Cheers for info

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          fancy looking kmart nives

    • the hardness of these knifes are roughly 52-54hrc. global knifes are 56-58; wusthof classic knifes are 58.

      • where did you get the hardness for the baccarat knives from ….? it doesn’t mention on their web site ? …… an even low grades of stainless will harden to 58,

        yep global are about 58, softer than vg10 because global add extra chromium for rust protection and it’s a trade off they make , corrosion’s resistance vs hardness, my VG10 knives are 61 ……

        • Also, hardness is just one factor in a knife build, and it's far from the most important one.

        • "Rockwell Hardness tested to level 53 to guarantee they are extremely durable, hardwearing and will last a life time"

          I have a global chef knife, a wusthof grand prix santoku and recently bought a Kasumi honesuki, a vg10 steel with hrc60.

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    Save over $1200 lol!

    When I was young and naive I got my parents a Baccarat knife set. Worst decision ever, I think they kept it just for when I went around and used other knives when I wasn't there. Don't hold their edge well at all…made up for it years later when I replaced it with a Global set.

    Save the disappointment and just get Globals. Even the cookware set wouldn't be much chop.

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      the baccarat set we bought a few years back was terrible, dull so fast, I chipped two the first time I washed them, no idea how.

      not something I would ever yell out in public, but the wiltshire laser knives for like $30 and are my daily choice. when people are over, use the wusthofs

  • i do like a knife with a one-piece blade and handle

    but based on these comments and the fact i have no money i guess i'll pass

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      You can find multi-piece cookware that has "bacteria proof" ratings and such (NSF rating).

      If you need good but cheap knives, i find it hard to go past TitanForge. Absolutely amazing.

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    Bought using afterpay referral for another $30 less. Don't think I can go too wrong for a price like this… Happy days :)

    • Should have saved your money and invested slightly more for Global knives. Baccarat are crap - I use mine for camping after upgrading

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        I do have a set of globals too. Guess I can now actually compare and see what all the hate for Baccarat is about

  • Worst knives. Save your coin and buy something better for a little extra.

  • any deals on good knives everyone are using??

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    These knives are absolute junk.

    • Yup. Saw these instore and the edge geometry is so bad and uneven.

      They try to advertise and pretend these are japanese knives but they are absolutely crap. Even a cheap made in japan knife using crap steel will perform better than these.

      • Yeah, decent Japanese knives are vastly more exxy than these ones. For a single knife.

  • Thanks for letting me know, was about to buy this.
    We usually buy cheap knives like from kmart but thought maybe this would be a lifetime set.

  • Not bad value. But nothing fancy about these (or the "free" gift).

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    I have 2 Mundial knives which are broken ?(handles) just have to send them back for a replacement. Not bad for 25 year old. When they say lifetime warranty, they mean it.

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    I have a set of baccarat and can't really complain too much for the price. I know they aren't global or anything but they still cut stuff and I can sleep at night putting them in the dishwasher rather than having to wash them in unicorn tears.

  • Calling the steamer insert 1 piece of a 4 piece set seems a bit scummy. I would expect a 4 piece set to be 4 standalone cooking peripherals.

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    This discount simply shows how much the products from Baccarat are actually worth. Basically one step up from the stuff that Kmart, BigW, Coles, Woolies etc. sell.

    • Well said. Completely agree.

  • For the price this is… ok IMO. Baccarat prioritise the looks of their knives… edge retention though… average at best.

    Still… not bad for someone is only has average sharpening skills as the metal is soft so touching them up is somewhat easier when compared to harder, more expensive knives. I'd go with the more 'up range' Scanpan or Wiltshires instead of these personally… not their super cheap ones though as they are particularly crappy. Worst knives I see from time to time are the Wiltshires' with the 'rubbery' handle and grey collar nearer the heel. The rubber perishes and the edges… wow… just awful.

    But again… the more expensive Wilts' and Scans'… not great but certainly not bad IMO.