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Elite Screens Yard Master 2 100-Inch Projector Screen OMS100H2 $244.92 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Absolutely amazing screen for its 3 keys: price, portability and weight.

I own it for 2 years now. I use it internally without the legs (I put it over a tv unit + tape velcro to fix it in the wall). This a high tensioned screen which leaves zero lines/marks on it. Weight closes to nothing once it is very light. I moved interstate and folded it back to the bag, installed it back (no tools required, one man job) put it back to the wall, 2 days laters all mark have gone again and they screen was nothing but perfect again. All those features for less than 250 bucks. Much more expensive everywhere else but now and again it drops to this price. If your projecting your projector to a cheap screen or to the wall it will blow everything out of water.

Get an extra $15 off with code if you are an inactive or new Prime trial subscriber. Original Coupon Deal

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    what is the normal price?
    Title should mention it’s a screen

  • What does the "WELCOME15" code do? Doesn't work for me?

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      If you click on link in OPs description, the price would reduce to $230.53 if you meet eligibility for coupon

      $15 off Minimum $39 Eligible Spend (for Prime Trial Account Users Who Made No Purchases in Last 12 Months) @ Amazon AU

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      $15 off Minimum $39 Eligible Spend (for Prime Trial Account Users Who Made No Purchases in Last 12 Months) @ Amazon AU

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    100 inch is quite a small screen though….. If you have a solid projector than go for a 120 inch plus screen

    • I paid $275 for the 120" version of this screen in March last year. Very happy with it, same screen sells locally for $850. You're right though 120" is just enough for a cinema effect, 100" outdoors will feel like a big TV.

      • these screens are not "see-through", right ?

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          Nah they're black on the back.

          Also you're going to want to organise a decent insect repellent to stop bugs parking on the screen.

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          Here it is set up, should give you an idea of the size - https://imgur.com/a/HdT0rz6

      • You get the 120 version from Amazon for that price?

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          Yep same listing but 120", 16:9 option. It's out of stock atm.

          • @Cheaplikethebird: Thanks. Is it stable with wind?

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              @Elephant: I’ve not got them set up in the photo but you have eyebolts that screw in on the top corners then rope that comes down on either side and ties to the foot, then you have stakes to secure the frame to the ground. I set mine up on tiles so I just put some weight plates in a woolies bag which I’ve thrown over the feet. Keeps it pretty stable but I’ve only set it up in my backyard area which is pretty enclosed.

              One of the big things I would like to point out if you’re in Melbourne is that because we have daylight savings in summer (pushes earliest start time out to about 10pm) and it’s so f***ing cold here in winter, means there’s maybe 3 months of the year where outdoor movies are actually viable.

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          I paid $263 delivered (Amazon Prime) for the 120" earlier this year. Incredible quality given the price. Really easy to setup and seems like it will last.

        • I assume you could use the 120" version indoors similar to how the OP did with the 100"?

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    I actually use block out curtain bought from spotlight for $4 per meter on special … got me a around 4m x 2.4m screen. As it was a curtain it had already the holes for mounting and it's pretty heavy so the wind does not affect it. Don't think you need more for the novelty of an outdoor cinema. For the sound I use a wireless speaker connected to the Apple TV. Perfect for the courtyard and rolls up fast. All setup in 10min.

    Gets not used a lot but is fun for a outdoor cinema and at hardly any cost when you anyhow have a projector for inside.
    Pic: https://imgur.com/a/rjQrY1w

    • Cons: You can see it’s a budget curtain job.

      Pros: That con doesn’t really matter much because of everything else you said.

      I was gonna pull the trigger on this but realise I’m looking for something smaller for a short throw for use in random places (bathtub, bedroom wall, sauna).

  • Just grabbed the 120" version for $261.95.

    • Noice

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