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½ Price VIP Membership $12.50 (Was $25) @ The Coffee Club


Apply the promo code to get half price VIP membership.

Tested working.

Credit to the original Facebook poster.

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The Coffee Club
The Coffee Club

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    What's the benefit being a VIP?

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      2-for-1 hot drinks and iced coffees; 10% off meals Mon-Thu.

      • Can you take advantage of the 2-for-1 by yourself, i.e. get one when you arrive and then one after an hour of using their facilities as a workspace?

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          I don't think so. Some places I know do it though, but it's not part of the terms.
          So with VIP, you either get 2 for 1, or a free upgrade (pay for small, get medium or pay for medium get large). Still works out better getting two separate coffees though.

          • @atlas85: Thanks! That would still be alright I guess, free upgrade

            • @King Steuart: Yeah not bad at all. Like I said, still works out better value to buy one small coffee, get one free instead of buying one small coffee and getting a free upgrade to a regular size. Volume wise anyway. Still technically 2 shots of coffee.

              • @atlas85: Just curious how much they charge for a small coffee ?

                • @ozhunter68: I think it's 4.30. 4.80 for a regular. Not 100% sure though

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                    @atlas85: Oh, not cheap then. At my local I get a small amazingly made coffee

                    ( using top quality beans from Byron Bay Coffee Company ) for only $3.50 and opens at 6 AM too.

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          Maybe put them in a thermos

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        FYI you no longer get 10% off meals.
        It's ONLY 2-for-1 coffees.

        They changed it not too long ago to remove the 10% off food. However, you can now use the 2-for-1 on iced lattes/long blacks.

  • Are the coffee’s any good?

    • +20

      Not really.

      • +4

        Disagree. Subjective obviously. For me it depends on the barista. I’ve found some that make a great coffee, others crap.

      • Would Toby's be better?

      • +6

        You were doing so well until your second sentence.

    • +4

      I've given it three chances at three locations and each was disappointing. Won't bother a fourth time.

      • +2

        Wow, that was a sound testing base and dissapointing result. I like your persistant attitude. I would also stop at three lol.

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      Here's the (not surprising) thing: some Coffee Clubs have crap coffee, and some are superb! You just have to be lucky to live near a good one. We're VIP members and regularly buy. After years of sampling various Coffee Clubs, we've worked out that a lot seems to be down to the maker (barista). On the whole, we think we certainly get great value from the VIP membership.

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    Waiting for free membership sign up promotion

    • How long we need to wait? Ha ha

    • Do they do that ?

      • +1

        Years ago

    • -2

      Even if it was free I wouldn’t want them knowing my details

      • +1

        They hire incredibly hot waiters,you're missing out

    • I think I had the free membership deal but only used the offer a handful of times so figured not worth it to purchase.

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    The VIP benefits are not valid during public holiday

  • I nearly went to a Coffee Club for the first time the other week but there were so many people in there just sitting around doing nothing so I went to San Churros which was practically empty.

    • +13

      Cmon mate its the cool place to hang with the Pensioners Club members :)

    • +2

      West lakes shopping centre? 😂

    • +1

      That's because when someone asks "where will I met you" the answer is Coffee Club

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    never had a decent coffee at Coffee Club

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    $17.50 if you are renewing

    • I got a renewal for $12.50 using the code.

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    VIP benefits are not applicable for public holidays

    • +3

      Thanks for posting this before I was going to get coffee at coffee club today! Might just go to Maccas with my $1 coffee promotion :P

    • +1

      And you get hit with an extra 15% surcharge on top of the already high prices on public holidays. Found that out on Easter Saturday. Not impressed…

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    I bought a membership of this 50% off last year thinking that it’s a good bargain but I only used it once and I may not use it any more.

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    The Coffee Club is still alive??

    • +3

      Almost - watch this space after the end of increased govt allowances.

  • I had the membership from Dec 2019 and COVID-19 hit.
    The coffee is pretty average at my local store Eastern Victoria

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      This guy has been definitely hit by covid hard!

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    I had to pay 17.50 for the vip club and I saw the public holiday notice a bit late.. damn

  • 2.Both VIP Club Member benefits (BOGOF Coffee and Free Upsize) cannot be used together in the same transaction, but can be used in conjunction with Rewards App benefits.

  • I think it is good enough to use free Rewards App - Earn $1 for every $10 you spend. That is 10% discount.

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    Trick is to get a double shot ..Always.

  • Been a VIP Member for about 5 years. Go to CC pretty much every Saturday. Saved hundreds over the period! Thanks for the Renewal Code! Worked a Treat!!! :)

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