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GOBE 2PEAK Set of 77mm Filters (UV, CPL, ND8, ND1000) $58.80 (Was $196) Delivered @ Gobe Amazon AU


have pro 77mm optic? like a Canon 70-200 2.8L? or perhaps some exotic 28-300L? or any other amazing lens that takes 77mm filters? it's your lucky day today

usually good luck finding just a high quality 77mm UV filter for this price

here you also get a CPL, and 2 most popular NDs

16L multicoated Japanese glass

at this price a steal

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • I could probably use a CPL at 95mm for my 200-600 and that set is $82 but I have no use for the rest of the set.

    NVM found the CPL only for $20.80

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    Dont buy these, terrible quality.

    Look at the previous posts for these filters on ozbargain

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      I have their 67mm UV filter, however that one is "filter+" which is their highest grade 30L multicoated version

      I have been using it since beginning of the year actively, no scratches on it, quick wipe of microfiber and it's like new again. I don't use lens caps, lens is protected by the filter and hood. no color tone added, no loss in image quality noticed, fingerprints are removed by just a cloth, so I think it's perfect

      so in my experience, they aren't worse than any other brand I tried, and certainly better than the one I am replacing, so..

      also how could they have 4.5 star reviews on Amazon if they are that bad? I haven't noticed anything wrong with the ones I have got

      PS I checked the older posts for these filters, and there's just one post where they are trashed without explanation by 3 people including yourself, so what product did you buy and what was wrong with it?

  • I have their 3peak cpl and I'm satisfied with it. I've tried tiffen and those were terrible.

  • +3

    Absolutely nothing wrong with these filters, recently took it out for a spin in a range of different locations: Kangaroo Valley into direct sunlight and the Blue Mountains

    Used the CPL on the first, and the ND1000 + CPL to reduce glare on second

    Have used Hoya and Tiffen in the past, little to no difference between them. Maybe if you're using some NiSi, Cokin or LEE you might see the difference, but I ain't got the $$$ for those

  • +1

    UV / Protection filters are the biggest con… unless you are expecting to get sprayed with sand or mud or equivalent.. I stopped buying them years ago, in normal day to day use would give me problems more than they actually helped. (not talking about ND / CPL etc)

    • +2

      up to you. I feel quite a bit safer wiping the filter instead of the expensive Canon L lens front element. filter is cheap. good glass isn't

      also the loss of value is something to consider: I won't be able to resell easily a lens with marks on the front element.

      also just a sheer convenience of the setup is too tempting: no lens cap, straight out of the bag and ready for action

      so con or not con, who cares. it's convenient and I wouldn't be out without one

      PS just a few "weatherproof" lenses aren't really weatherproof without a filter installed. so there you go

      • Depends what you buy.
        $3000 lens, might want to use a filter to stop that big APO front element getting scratched.
        $10 filter? Of course it’s gonna look like trash.

        At a minimum I use Marumi or Tiffen filters.

        If you’re only using $150 kit lenses… I’d take the chance rather than buy a filter that costs half as much as the lens.

        Depends on the use case

        • watch me get a gobe 77mm uv on my $3000 Canon L

          after the previous noname filter I inherited through shenanigans got stuck after a bump and had to be sawn in half. the lens still looks and works like new

          I think none of the UV filters I am willing to spend money on is more durable than the lens getting covered here, but still I would rather clear seawater splashes off a filter than the front element

          • @shabaka: I’ve been quite pleased with Marumi

    • I lost a 24-70 because it nose-dived into sand and scratches the buggery out of the front element. A UV filter on the front would've prevented that.

      I was literally looking on eBay for filters last night for this reason, so thanks OP.

      • ohhh sorry to hear that mate

        imagining dropping my 28-300L nose first into sand gives me the chills, filter or not!

        I can't say if filter really spared me any costly repairs, but it just gives me peace of mind: lens out of the bag, quick wipe of the external filter surface and off I go. I'd be wincing wiping the front element instead, as those coatings can't be refreshed like the filter for $50

  • I found the CPL a little bit hard to rotate/turn, I have Hoya CPL in the past, which I can operate with single finger (index finger of the hand holding the lens, reach to the cpl to rotate it). I can't do the same with GOBE, always need 2 fingers to turn it.

    Does anyone experienced the same?

    • I shall report when I get mine

      I doubt I'll be using CPL though

      will most likely have UV or ND8 on about 95% of the time

    • got my set today, yes CPL is.. I wouldn't say stiff, but certainly needs 2 fingers

      I might go with "pleasantly dampened", but a bit too much dampening going on here

      I have a Hoya CPL in smaller size and it's much easier to rotate. I need to get used to using CPL in general, hoods for tele lenses are huge, and lenses are long, so it's not very convenient reaching into the hood to rotate something, while also looking into the viewfinder

      • Thanks for confirming that I am not the only one find it hard to rotate.

        In general, I am happy for what it cost, but the hard to operate part make me using the CPL less, especially when I just wan to handheld and walk around.

        • the UV in this set allows more light transmission which is great

          I like this simple filter test: with a light source behind your back, hold the filter in front of you to reflect light source into your face, and observe how strong the reflection is

          Hoya and Green.L I had are almost like a mirror, I am almost unable to see objects behind the filter - which means they are shitty light transmitters

          gobe plus grade filter I got shows very faint reflection with the light source appearing with a light blue hue - this is really good. means the light is mostly going through, not reflected

          the 2peak gobe UV from this set is about the same, but the reflection has strong green hue, will need to run it through its paces to make sure I am not losing much of green in the pictures

  • I have Hoya, Gobe, Lee, Sirui, Haida, and I can't remember what other filters. With the Gobe I have their higher-end stuff (whatever that's called), and my impression was that the rings weren't quite as smooth as others.

    My favourite is the Haida, but only the NanoPro or Red Diamond stuff…found their original recipe to be a bit flare prone.

    Still…this is cheap for a set of 77mm filters. Cheaper filters are fine if your lighting conditions aren't too challenging.

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