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Breville Duo-Temp Pro $276.90 Delivered ($267.84 Delivered eBay Plus) @ BIG W eBay or $269 C&C @ BIG W


Breville Duo-Temp Pro BES810BSS

Big W in store $269.00 Code - GET10 (Original Coupon Code Deal)

$267.84 delivered eBay Plus with code - PLUSNF4 (Original Coupon Code Deal)

  • 15 bar Italian made pump.
  • Included Accessories: Integrated Tamper, Razor Dose Trimming Tool. 1cup & 2cup Single & Dual Wall Filter Baskets (4). Stainless Steel Milk Jug. Allen Key. Water Filter Holder and Water Filter.
  • Capacity 1.8 L
  • Construction Materials - Brushed Stainless Steel (The top is plastic)
  • Dimensions (WxDxH) 25.7 x 31.2 x 33.4 cm
  • Heating System 1600W Thermocoil - Integrated stainless steel water path accurately controls water temperature.
  • 1700 Watts
  • Pre Infusion Function - Gradually increases water pressure to gently expand grinds for an even extraction.
  • Purge Function - Automatically adjusts water temperatures after steam for optimal espresso temperature.
  • Settings - Manual control over espresso shot volume.
  • 1 Year Limited Product Warranty

Breville Link
Breville Duo-Temp Pro | Crew Review

This tamper is a good upgrade from the supplied one -
Matow 53mm Dual Head Coffee Distributor & Tamper $23.80 Shipped @ Matow @ Amazon AU

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  • How does this compare to Delonghi Dedica?

    • +15

      The Breville Duo Temp Pro has:
      1. Superior steam for milk texturing. The Dedica "Panarello" wand is simply awful, but can be made more usable modding with a Rancilio wand with much trouble.
      2. A better stainless steel portafilter and exterior. Dedica Exterior is plastic, portafilter is aluminium.
      3. PID temperature control, without ability to change brew temperature (I think Duo Temp refers to changing between brew and steam settings in the thermocoil). Dedica has adjustable brew temperature between 3 settings.
      4. Clearer, obvious controls, more traditional design, which is wider, but takes up more bench space than the narrow design of the Dedica.
      5. Included usable magnetic tamper. The plastic stick provided with the Dedica is absolute rubbish.

      • +3

        Thank you. That's a very comprehensive reply.

    • +9

      twice a day x 365 days = $1460/year.

      Maybe learn to use a machine properly? There is no pressure gauge on this, but you can go by time and volume.
      It takes a bit of practise and some instruction (or youtube) to get it consistently right.

      The important factors are: the beans, the grind size, extraction temperature, time and water flow rate.

      Pressure and tamping has to be roughly right in order to achieve a good flow rate. It is not easy, but not the rocket science than some coffee snobs make out.

      • Beans? Milk?

        Would also probably want to note that I believe this might have non-standard porta filter sizes - so might be hard to upgrade to say VST basket. We don't own this, but that's what I believe I have heard.

        • 54mm stainless steel porta-filter, same as other Brevilles.

          • +2

            @manic: Not entirely true. My Dual Boiler uses a 58mm portafilter.

  • No built in grinder 😕

    • +11

      That's good, there is no way I would be buying one in this price range with a built in grinder.

      • -5

        In reality, it's just a container with a pump, tubes, switches and a thermoblock / boiler. I bought a new delonghi thermoblock from Amazon for $35.

        So really, selling these coffee machines at the moment is basically printing money.

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    $267 delivered with PLUSNF4 code (ebay plus member)

    • +1

      Thanks, added this to the post.

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    I've used this specific model daily with the recently OzB post for the Matow distribution press pick thingy and Smart Grinder Pro for the past 2 years.

    Fantastic machine for the price.

    One tip, as soon as you see the drip dray full floatation warning start to lift even a little bit, make sure you empty it. If you wait until it is fully showing you are 100% going to make a mess ferrying it to the sink to dump out.

    Also, I buy good beans 1kg at a time, store in the freezer and only put as much as I need for the day into the grinder each day (use a scale to figure out how much and then make a line on the hopper).

    First real espresso machine and highly recommend.

    • +2

      Same here - I use this machine with the smart grinder pro and it works really well.
      If you have the extra cash go for the next model up, the breville infuser for $399.

      • Where can you get it for $399?

        The cheapest I could find was $449 for the black model @ DJ's.

        • 399 I've bought for a family member back in the black Friday sales. Unsure if it's a deal right now.

    • Do you vacuum seal before placing in the freezer and defrost before removing the vacuum? If not, you're exposing your beans to water every time you take them out. You may be better off leaving a small amount in ambient temp, vacuum freezer the rest and defrost+unseal less frequently.

  • +2

    Just for anyone interested choice review:

    CHOICE Expert Rating
    What is the CHOICE Expert Rating
    Good points

    • Very good milk frothing.
    • Very even coffee temperature when making consecutive cups of coffee, rated excellent.
    • Drip tray with full indicator.
    • Cup warming plate.
    • Cord storage.
    • On-board storage for the tamper.
    • Excellent instructions regarding pre-heating the cups/machine and coffee making.
    • Good controls.
    • Can accommodate large cups very easily.
    Bad points

    • Poor taste test score.

    I don’t put too much stock in choices coffee machine reviews but may give some idea.

  • Bought one yesterday at Big W store. seemed like a good buy, affordable etc. but i tried a few shots, but i couldn't get any crema on the espresso, anyone could share idea why? thank you. i tried coarse and fine grinned beans but same…

    • tried the dual wall filter then crema, but its for pre-ground coffee.. well..

      • +2

        Dual wall filters aerate whatever is being extracted and give the illusion of crema. It's more froth than actual crema.

    • +1

      The dual wall is forgiving especially for pre-ground.
      Honestly, you just have to experiment. If you have scales, try for approx 24g of coffee with about 30 seconds of extraction (includes pre-infusion time) and go from there.
      I use 2-1 ratio so grind about 12g coffee. But this isn't a rule and different coffees will require different settings and that will change even as the same coffee ages in the bag.

  • +1

    Officeworks should price beat this btw.

    • +2

      Confirmed, Officeworks price beat (I called them and got click and collect sorted).
      Total $265.05 :)
      ebay plus foiled again!!

      Nice present for my mum