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Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey 2.27kgs Multiple Falvours from $69.36 Delivered ($62.42 with S&S) @ Amazon AU


Cheapest price in a while apart from the few lucky ones who managed to snap up a bargain from this deal. Good thing is most flavours are on sale and further savings with Subscribe & Save.

ON Casein 1.82 Kgs : $73.50 ($66.15 with S&S) Vanilla | $75.96 ($68.36 with S&S) Chocolate


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  • Perfect. Just need a 2,2Kg top up

  • Could someone explain to me how proteins work? If you are working out and it lots of meats/fish/eggs it should cover one's needs in proteins anyway without the need to supplement, shouldn't it?

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      Just an easier way to supplement protein without over doing calories for those in lower calories. Eating is still the best way to obtain your intake and covers ur micronutrients aswell. I find drinking a protein shake deters me from eating non nutritional snacks when I’m starving.

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      depends, look up the formula body builders claim works protein x bodyweight
      generally, these are full of additional stuff like aminos and enzymes depending on the brand which help digestion and absorption and some go the extra mile with fat burning or recovery

      personally, i use it as a meal replacement it + thicken cream + peanut and almond butter and some kale gets my fats up for the day

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      Not required if you get enough protein from food.

      It's just for convenience.

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        If you're cutting or Body recomping, 150-200g of protein is rather hard to just get from foods, I use it to get that extra bit that I'm missing.
        I'm 193cm and 105kg so I need about 180ish grams to ensure I don't lose as much muscle during 'fat' loss.
        That being said I prefer Rule 1 over ON. So I might skip on this deal, as good as it is.

        To add to that, Whey's are a complete protein with a high Biological Value, which means all 20-25g of that scoop are going to be absorbed much better than the 27ish g in chicken (chickens BV is 79, eggs are 100, Whey's are 100+) - at least from my understanding.

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      It's almost as if you're answering your own question.

    • If you're eating lots of that stuff, not really required if you just want to be healthy. If you need to build some muscle mass, this is essentially a shortcut so you get to keep eating whatever non-nutritional gear you normally do.

      I've got a dodgy knee that I struggle to build the muscles around because of a fast metabolism, so a scoop of protein in some greek yoghurt with oats every day after doing all of my rehab exercises helps me keep the muscle on.

  • Thanks OP. <3

  • This deal or Amino Z WPI…

    • This deal for sure. I find that Amino Z doesn't mix as well or taste as great. Also take note of the serving size - Amino requires larger scoops.

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      Amino Z for me, I only order unflavored though
      and for Amnion unflavored version you roughly get 90g protein out of 100g , this is 77g out of 100g

      also I like the guys from Amino Z

  • Newbie here
    How's the subscribe & save work?
    Do you pay the same every time?
    How often do they send the item?

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      I think you can pay for an order have it shipped and cancel it. If you don't they may send you the next batch at full price. This is just what I have heard and am unsure.

    • Subscribe and save is 10% off the price when the next subscription is sent out(and the initial one), unfortunately you don't get to keep the special price (which seems fair imo) and when you cancel it, it literally gives you the option 'I wanted the initial discount' on your reason.

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      When purchasing it's best to select the longest time for the next delivery, then go in and cull every once in a while.

      • what do you mean by this?

        • When you S&S, there is option for how frequently you would like to receive the orders. If you select 6 months, it gives you a decent amount of time to cancel before your next delivery, so you don't need to pay the prevailing price.

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    Hi thanks for the deal Op, just a heads up the far better tasting 2.2kg extreme chocolate is on sale for $75 or $66s/s as well.

  • If left unopened, how long do you reckon it'll keep for?

    • up to the expiry date, usually 2 years from now

    • I bet until the date it'll say on it 😕🤔
      Eventually everything rottens 🤩

    • Manufacturers need to by law give n expiration date that is conservative. If kept in a cool dry place its good for a long while after exp.
      Ive had and am currently on an ON tub that expired a few months ago.

  • This is great. Been wanting to join the gym and build muscles.

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    If you're patient, getting the Musashi at half price from Chemist Warehouse is a much better deal - healthier product (NZ whey, no extra nonsense, simpler and more trusted sweeteners) and cheaper too.

    But ON tastes great, to be fair :D

    • I usually do but missed buying some low carb protein last sale so using this opportunity to try something new.
      Will be good to compare products.

  • has anyone tried strawberry?

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      Yes, it's good. You can't really go wrong with the basic flavours. More unique ones you might be wary of - eg a good cookies and cream protein is pretty rare.

  • Heads up that I got price beat (10%) at Not for the subscribe and save though.

  • Has the price just gone up?

  • have been riding around 200km a week and feeling really fatigued for a number of days after. this the sort of product to help?

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      cutting down the mileage might help

      • haha not an option

    • It could, but if you're cycling I'd definitely up the carbs rather than the protein.

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    Thanks mate. Bought a couple of different flavours of whey protein and 2x casein. Tried AminoZ flavours - but don't find them any good for my own taste.

  • Does cashrewards work for these protein deals? My guess is they fall under the Pantry Food & Drink 0.00% or Health & Household 0.00% category?