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Bonds Cloth Face Mask 3 Pack Medium/Large $5 + Delivery (Free with a Bonds Account) @ Bonds


Was looking for a reusable mask as the disposables I have are starting to smell.

Bonds have a 3 pack on sale for 5 bucks on their online store
RRP is $14.95

Masks are 3 layered cotton
Includes two white and one black mask
One size option

Make a free account to get free shipping

No idea how long this will last

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    Heard they've made of recycled underwear

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      That would be a bonus to some people

    • Exes used underwear, oh we can all do without that flavoured scent!

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        Some people pay a lot for it. 3 for $5 is a bargain.

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    Those who have tried them, how do they compare to Uniqlo Airism masks?

  • Not sure if its universal to all cloth masks but I found these can make me feel quite out of breath in comparison to a standard surgical or n95 mask which are barely noticeable.

    • Cloth ones dampen up with our breath which builds up and makes airflow difficult :(
      Surgical ones typically don't get wet as they're made of that weird liquid resistant material
      Professional respirators have breathability in mind usually when they're made, they're meant to handle moisture better… Use it for too long and you'll run out of breath with them too 😵

  • thanks for posting - life is with covid now - assuming you can avoid astra zeneca

  • Thanks OP - I have some already and don't mind them

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    I bought some of these when they were first released. Wore one once and that was it. Feels about as effective as putting 2 layers of t shirt across your face. Wearing these does no favours to the wearer or those they are breathing near.

  • noo normal

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    Lol. No one comment on

    'as the disposables I have are starting to smell' ?

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    My experience: Too small. I like my ears where they are. Preferred non-disposables had a measure of adjustability that these lack.

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