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Aftershokz Aeropex Bone Conduction Headset $209 Delivered @ Aftershokz Amazon AU


What you get: A waterproof headphone with exceptional audio quality powered by PemiumPitch 2+ and less vibration compared to Air. We have leading Bone Conduction Technology with over 600 patents worldwide.
Open Ear Design: Nothing in, on or over your ears. Your ears are open and free. It safer for running, cycling and driving. The most hygiene way to enjoy your music during sports.
Enhanced Audio: Aeropex vibration is 30 degree tilted against face, this allows more bass and less vibration feelings. The vibration in human voice range is purer with smooth frequency response curve that Aeropex is comparable traditional ear buds.
All day comfort: AfterShokz lightest (only 26g) wireless headphones to date deliver unnoticeable all-day comfort and great multi-device connectivity. Titanium wrapped headbands make it flexible to fit head with different size.
Beyong Sports: 8 hours playing time, 10 days standby time, dual noise canceling microphone. 2 years warranty. Aeropex is not only for sports, but also daily use in the cases that you don't want to miss the world around you.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Please provide list of 600 worldwide patents. I call your bluff.

    I love pemium goods.

  • Any chance of the OpenComm going on sale soon?

  • Really tempted by these but still can't justify the cost.

  • i wish the band is adjustable so it can be worn flushed next to hair/head - no tangling thingie
    i dont mind few grams more in design for example so we can adjust the band length

  • I impulse bought these a little while back. They were clearer than expected, much more comfortable than having earbuds in… Just wish I didn't hate running so much

  • Are these good to use normally also, or only while under water?

    • I've read these are not recommended for swimming. their model for swimming is the Xtrainerz

  • Come on rep do your best this price is nothing interesting you will be amazed how easy to sell to ozbargain members as long the price is amazing.

  • are there any retail stores in melbourne that would have these that i can try out?

    i have significant hearing loss in my right ear… the eardrum itself is fine but those messages apparently don't make it through to my brain, and i'm wondering whether these would actually work, or would have much the same problem as regular headphones for me :|

    i'm not opposed to dropping $200+ on headphones but wouldn't mind knowing a little more certainly what the outcome would be :D

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      Try a shop that sells bicycles. I'm pretty sure 99 Bikes and Bicycle Superstore sell Aftershokz, but not sure which model ….

    • I tested the previous model at 99 Bikes a year and a half ago before purchasing from Amazon. They had a little display on the front counter to test out a few of the Aftershokz models. However that was all pre-COVID so not sure if they still have it.

      Edit: should probably add that I'm really happy with them and would easily recommend them to any runners or cyclists.

      • cheers, will check them out.
        i rode for years with just a single earbud in my left ear, right ear could hear enough that i could hear cars and general noises but not music anyway… putting 2 earbuds in was reserved for quiet bike paths, heavy traffic zones i'd pop both out… always pondered something like this for cycling so you could hear hazards while listening to music

        • This is exactly me too…

        • Kudos fellow safe cyclist. I almost blow a gasket when I see people riding with can headphones without a helmet on…

          • @jmartz: I have problems with inner ear although cochlea is fine.
            So have 5+ pairs of various Aftershokz as only way I get real Stereo.
            Even hearing aids are not as clear.
            Use for TV and computer to watch movies via bluetooth .

            I tried before I brought from a headphone shop as well.. So try a bike shop.

    • I recommended this to my friend also has hearing loss and he absolutely loves them.

      You can try these at 99bikes!

      Good luck!

  • I recently bought a pair of the Aftershokz OpenMove which appear to be the sweet spot in terms of value for money. They are circa $130 and have USB-C charging.

    I run approx. 40km a week and have had countless issues with headphones over the years. Sweating means that I can never keep them in my ears and on the odd occasion that I do, they end up giving up due to water damage (regardless of the what the IPX rating is).

    For the past fortnight, these have just been brilliant. They are lightweigt, super secure, stay out of the sweaty ears and have caused me no issues so far. I'll report back in next month to let you know if anything changes.

  • Lower price please

  • More bass and and an adjustable headband would be amazing

  • I have two pairs of Aftershokz (different model from these). One of the unexpected upshots has been that people immediately assume that I am hearing impaired, leading to preferntial treatment in public; people let me through doors in front of them; strangers avoid me. Over the course of a week I'm probably saving 5 or more minutes, and I don't even need to mutter to myself anymore.

    Srs though, they're quite good but you do look like a dippy.

  • Big fan of these for running and cycling. Plus work calls so I can claim them as a tax deduction…

  • Not a huge fan of these for cycling unless riding at slow speeds. Wind noise kills these and the ear plug options makes these sound terrible.

  • The biggest surprise of bone conduction: other people can hear it. You don't want to be wandering a supermarket or even really be on public transport with one.

    • really? i thought it transmits the sound through bones, and as it touches our bones meaning only we can hear? something like in the horror movies / telepahy thingie ?

      • Yeah, that's why I say it's a surprise, I assumed the same thing.

        Check it with this far more expensive alternative: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJNPB9jvkmg

        • then they should say this is mini portable speaker that you can hang onto your ears…. what the……. fail product then…..

          one review : My friend used to wear these in our Geology class thinking that nobody could possibly hear his music because of its "bone conducting". He'd frequently blast the Doom OST and everyone could hear it loud and clear. We didn't have the heart to tell him cause he was so proud of his high tech bone conduction headphones so we all just went along with it

          ok… lucky i havent bought this

        • This is a bullshit test, having them on your head allows the vibrational energy to dissipate into your skull rather than 100% into the air. You have to turn this up beyond safe listening levels before it starts bleeding sound. Of course there would be some people who have damaged hearing that will do this, but it should be an exception rather than the norm.

          • @star-ggg: "If I was using these on one side of the couch the person on the other side of the couch could easily tap along with me"

            What's bullshit about that?

            • @DonWilson: It's a bullshit subjective statement. How high is the volume level? How much bass is in the music? What is the level of ambient noise? If you have a dead quiet room with the aftershokz amped up to full at ear damaging levels then yes I can easily imagine that statement being true. If these are the conditions you will be using the product, and you want to avoid having someone hear remnants of your music in a dead quiet room, then no I would not recommend buying this.

    • It really depends on how loud you have them turned up, and how quiet your surrounds are. I find having them turned too far up fills my head with too much noise, as you can still hear everything around you.

      At a moderate volume, people around me don't even realise I'm wearing them, as I listen to a backing track to their conversation.

  • Aeropex Mini is a thing, apparently - 0.37" / 9.5mm shorter band for smaller heads. They must mean the Mini version brings the band in that much to your neck; not taken from a circumference measurement, surely.

    I learnt about the Aeropex Mini in a follow-up video versus OpenMove, regards the over ear fit and comfort with a congenital deformity where the pinna (external ear) is underdeveloped: Trying the Aftershokz MINI Aeroplex Headphones with a Microtia Ear

  • Black not on sale? Only blue and grey.

  • Anyone used these for swimming?

    • I think you need the xtrainerz for swimming. These are not fully waterproof