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[iOS] 10% Cashback on First 3 BPAY Payments Made via Groupee iOS App


Just got this email from Groupee:

Guess who's back, back again! BPAY (promo's) back, tell a friend!

With the support of our friends at BPAY, we’re excited to announce that we’re extending our cashback offer throughout the month of April to all of our users.

Receive an instant 10% cashback on your first 3 bills shared via our BPAY payment feature in the app.

Explore the easiest way to share all your utility and household expenses with your roomies or loved ones.

Pay a bill in 5 steps:
1. Choose the group you want to split the bill with
2. Swipe to select "To BPAY Biller"
3. Add a new biller using the BPAY® details on your bill
4. Select the biller and enter the bill total
5. Hold to Pay Bill

You'll receive an email receipt straight away to confirm your payment.
Want more than 3 cash backs?

That’s easy. For every friend you refer that successfully registers with Groupee, we’ll extend your cash back to you. The more friends that join Groupee, the more you increase your chances to earn.

Note: there are fees for using the service which are between 0.5% & 2% depending on payment methods.

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$5 for the referrer.

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      • Thanks David for sorting it earlier today. Top class Customer Support and an excellent proposition!

  • Groupee still down …

    • Hey @diazepam, see above post

      • Sure will email

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    This promotion has backfired into a debacle and warned me off Groupee's way of doing business. Sure I'm just one user, but from other comments, seems like it's a common sentiment. Here is a user's perspective:

    1) Groupee wants to improve its new user and transaction metrics (for better funding valuation?), so introduced a cashback promotion in March.
    2) App continually goes down in March due to high volumes.
    3) Despite known issues, promotion gets extended to April without tightening of terms.
    4) App continues to go down in April, forwarding of payments from user to biller is delayed, mixed messages on downtime etc.
    5) Terms start to change incrementally, processing becomes manual and slow, Ozbargain users given option to email staff directly but need to provide copies of private bills, then finally promotion ended early.

    The explanation is that Groupee is just a start-up and there's users abusing the system etc. Ok, but what about everyone who relied on the initial promotion terms, registered for Groupee (and improved its user metrics), provided a bunch of personal information including entire phone contact list, but never got to enjoy the promised cashbacks? Seems like misleading conduct…

    Simply put, Groupee over-committed and under-delivered. The issues were already known in March, so why was the promotion extended in April without updates to the terms? The company clearly saw benefit in doing so, and didn't re-design the promotion with earlier lessons learnt. So it's not fair to just scapegoat users. If it's users abusing the system, why not reduce the payment limit, number of cashbacks, or remove referral rewards? Instead, all these benefits continue to be touted in April to induce new users, then denied due to continual downtime, and finally removed prematurely and arbitrarily without notice.
    Not even users who signed up before the early end, relying on publicly advertised promotion terms, but never got to use it due to continual app downtime are able to redeem the benefits…

    As a Fintech, trust and sticking by your word is everything. Seems like Groupee has traded trust away for many of us.

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      Hey @farnee2002 - appreciate your detailed perspective.

      We've processed a lot of cashbacks throughout March and April so I'm sorry you feel that way.
      To suggest that users never got to enjoy the promised cashback is simply unfair. Hundreds of people who benefited from the promotion did so successfully over the last 2 months.

      We did make adjustments to the April promo. To your point, maybe we could have made it even stricter, but we're still also learning.

      I never intended to scapegoat anyone, we were just being clear and honest as to what's been the challenge on our end. I've personally tried to remain transparently engaged with this particular community, I'm not sure how else you would have liked me to have addressed that.

      In the end, I'm sorry for your personal experience @farnee2002, sincerely.
      We've will take it all on board for the future.

      All the best.

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      Hi David,

      Appreciate your engagement, it's probably the only good thing out of this episode. However, I didn't say no users benefited. I said that Groupee should not suddenly remove advertised benefits from everyone just because of a few alleged abusers, especially with the constant downtime over the past 3-6 days.

      Myself as an example, I joined 1+ weeks ago, referred by a friend who only joined this month. I got to use the app for roughly 1 day before it kept going down. I also referred another user.

      In this case, Groupee gained 3 new users based on an advertised promotion. But I never got my referral rewards, and my referred friend barely got to use the app. All of us gave up personal information in order to register. Is that fair? Without the promotion, we would not have given up personal details, contacts, and time to try yet another app. We gave Groupee what you wanted, but never got what you promised.

      This story isn't unique, in this thread alone are several similar stories.

      If it's because of abusers, you should pursue it directly against them/their user network, or yes you can stop the promotion going forward. But you shouldn't retrospectively remove/deny benefits from people who previously signed up based on what you advertised.

      • Totally agree! Groupee got what they wanted and dumped us like a sack of potatoes. Anyone else who felt they backtracked on the promotion can lodge a complaint with AFCA, although it looks like these jokers aren't even licensed. So need to lodge it against their issuer EML Payment Solutions. Let them duke it out among themselves!

        • -1

          Hey @farnee2002 - I'm not disagreeing with you, I really am sorry that you and others haven't been able to access Groupee over the last week. However to your first comment, I felt it was completely unfair to cast such a general statement suggesting we've maliciously tried to simply steal your data.

          For every users in this forum, if you would like all your data and accounts cleared from Groupee, then email me.
          Also as mentioned before, still doing what we can behind the scenes for the remainder of the month so email me directly.

          • @davidtaing: Read the above post and don’t think he or she said anything like that, is it just your own guilty conscience interpreting? 🤔
            Why don’t you respond to the real issue raised by us all: Groupee changed its mind and backtracked on its promo terms!
            (Main issue is the promo ending early for everyone, but even the reason offered is so flimsy. You earlier replied “Yep!” to Choc83 about paying $1000 electricity bill in advance. Obviously people also prepaid in previous March promo. So why is prepayment suddenly considered abuse now?)

            • @Elhaider: I'm happy for you to interpret it anyway you wish @Elhaider because I'm not likely to change your mind.
              My response to the post you're referring was to Kirkleton's calculation.

  • +5


    I have been wanting to try out Groupee and also get 10% cashback but the app has been down for the past few days. It was up yesterday for just a short while and now that I'm ready to pay for my bill, it seems like Groupee is down again and has backtracked on their original T&Cs which I am not sure if this is borderline illegal as you ended the promotion early instead of on 31st April. All I see is a message saying that Groupee is taking a rest and has maxed out all available cashbacks.

    Sure, I could have done it earlier so it's partly my fault. But after the frequent app downtimes and the ending of promo prematurely just because of a few abusers, I am really disappointed with the experience thus far after giving away all my personal info and I haven't got to paying my first bill. It's simply unfair and poor conduct to not deliver something you've promised to majority of customers because of a few abusers that managed to game the system due to poor guardrails and initial T&Cs.

    I am just one user so my feedback doesn't probably matter much to you, but I will just count myself unlucky and stay clear of Groupee moving forward and not recommend this to anyone after this disappointing experience.

    • +2

      Hey @firestint, I got your email with the same message.
      As per the previous post, send me an email with your bill. I'd mentioned in a previous post that we're still doing what we can and honouring what we said as best we can.

      What I didn't mention in the previous post was that don't worry about the end of month cut off for getting the cashback.
      Thanks to those who have actually sent theirs through, we will get through them.

      • +1

        Thanks David for the prompt response, replied to your email.

        For reference some thoughts below;

        • To avoid just a few people getting all the benefits, one option is to introduce say 5 transactions max per month.
        • 10% is also too generous, I would be happy to try out the process and the app and provide feedback even if it was just 1-2% since most transaction cards from the banks offer no more than 2% cashbacks currently
        • Further, each transaction could also be capped to max $50 or $100.
  • I’m not a heavy user and am still waiting for David’s reply on my email which my $3000 BPAY is still stuck somewhere (didn’t arrive on the destination yet) , over a week and a bit now and I am patiently waiting for their support to reply

    Am I panic? not hugely.

    I looked at some big companies where they have a stable product, but shit service. There are many different products out there for us to try out there….If I see an offer, I try it , despite I like it or not. I will try other products as well and compare my experience.

    At least I am seeing David is addressing our concerns here, does anyone had a bad customer experience with a mature product and big company. And when you write to them you see their robotic auto reply ?

    Give these startups some room to breathe, if you don’t like it, just walk away and try something else ? What did you lose?

    and for David: I think people care, therefore they give you those feedback. Don’t forget my email is also waiting in your queue with $3000 still in your hand to rescue 😆

  • +4

    Created an account and every weekend i tried to pay the app has been down. Just tried making a payment now and see the screen saying that bpay promo has now ended.

    super frustrating. I tried doing this so many times but the app was always down on the weekend.

  • +2

    I've just realized something: they did change my card for verification, however it was not refunded and the money does not appear in my account either (card balance: $0.00). Does anyone have the same problem?

    • Thanks for bringing to our attention. Just checked and same thing happened to me! It's more of the same about Groupee, they don't understand playing by rules. Acting like a dominating internet giant even at start-up stage.
      It's only 20 cents so not worth pursuing. But I didn't even think to check, since these micro-payment verifications are so common and always refunded automatically by other companies. Is Groupee not able to get this basic step right, or is it designed as a shadow joining fee?

      • thanks for confirming that i am not the only one with this issue!

  • Update on the above comment (can't edit my own comment anymore). the other party had an internal miscommunication and the funding didn't show on the statement, my BPAY payment has been cleared a week ago. It does take a little while for the whole process (for some of my BPAY payments), but it does go through.
    e.g. my electricity bill (Origin) - around 3 business days. Groupee -> DEFT -> My Strata Company - around 5-6 business days…(and need to chase up the strata agent a few times to confirm this).

    Re those 2 little charge (total of 20cents), I didn't get them back either, it doesn't bother me but this might bother some of you…I think it depends on the credit card company, they ask people to trigger a "dispute" process via their online app?

  • Hi @davidtaing,

    I have made a payment on 13/04/2021, there was an error at the time, I contacted support at the time and they said the funds have gone through, the 10% cashback processed (I received this).

    But upon checking with my biller today, this payment hasn't reached my biller after more than 3 weeks!

    Also, it didn't show up in my Payment History of the Groupee App. Please advise ASAP. You can check your support email for more details of the biller and reference number.

  • Is anyone still waiting on payments made towards the end of the promo?

  • +1

    It would be wise for all to contact your financial institutions regarding the payment you have sent. Seems like the payment made by end of April has not arrived. Groupee is not answering calls nor support emails.

    I am filing a complaint against financial ombudsman on Monday, and I will be checking up on the payments I have made.

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