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Razer Viper Mini Ultra-Light Gaming Mouse $48 + Delivery (Free C&C/In-Store) @ Harvey Norman


After doing some research on which mouse to choose for my first PC setup, I came across this deal at Harvey Norman. I believe it is a really good price considering you can walk into a physical store and get the product without waiting for shipping.

Here is a link to the mouse reviewed by popular YouTuber and Mouse enthusiast Rocket Jump Ninja:


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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    • dispatched within 2-5 weeks.
      There is another amazon page which has it for $52 and ships the very next day

    • for those who are loath to pay the extra $4 for the other amazon listing, just FYI. I've ordered the "back ordered" listing two days ago because I don't need one urgently, and just received an email saying

      "We are pleased to report that the following item will dispatch sooner than expected:

      "Razer Viper Mini Chroma RGB Optical Wired Gaming Mouse, Black, RZ01-03250100-R3M1"
      Previous estimated arrival date: 28/04/2021 - 12/05/2021
      New estimated arrival date: 14/04/2021 - 15/04/2021"

      It's back in stock :).

      • The estimated delivery date is tomorrow if you order today. Hm, the estimated delivery date is confusing.

        • Mine is probably longer because I'm on the west coast :)

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    Nice mouse. I have one at home. No complaints.

  • Didn't ever think I'd see a bargain at harvey norman! Nice find OP, staticice confirms that they're the only main AUS retailer doing this mouse at this price aside from amazon AU. Great mouse, especially for the price. Although it is worth mentioning most retailers will price match this deal if you have a more local store you'd rather. If not this then the amazon deal for sure since it's AU.

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    Rocket Jump Ninja is the best place for gaming mouse reviews.

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      nah boardzy is 💯

      • No rocket jump ninja

  • Would this be a good portable gaming mouse for laptop use? I already have a MX Anywhere 2S for regular use.

    • Yes i have this and absolutely love it. It is sooo light

  • The Viper Mini was the best purchase I made, the mouse is so light in comparison to what I used to have, and even if it's not for gaming it's really good to use.

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    Bought it from GeekBuying deal in February, great mouse, if there's a way to turn the RGB off without installing Razer's software…

    • Is installing a Windows VM on VirtualBox or VMware player, and passing through the Razer Viper a viable option?

      I know you should be able to pass through the mouse itself, I'm not sure if the RGB off is saved to onboard memory though.

      Though I understand that if you don't want to install Synapse then you wouldn't want to install a VM program and leave its cruft everywhere when you uninstall it.

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