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Celsius Network Referral - US$40/US$50 in BTC with US$400 Crypto Deposit


Celsius Network has increased their referral bonus US$50 in Bitcoin, paid after 30 days. Your Bonus will show as locked after you transfer more then US$400 in Crypto Assets.

For limited periods of time Celsius Network also increases the referral bonus to US$50 in Bitcoin.

All coins in the wallet are supported.

Cel has also hit another high today of $7.29 just over 12months ago it was just 0.5cents

Update August 1st, Increased to $50 with $400 Deposit
Update 7 July: Decreased to US$40 with US$400 deposit
Update 2 July: Increased to US$50 with US$400 deposit
Update 26 June: Decreased to US$40 with US$400 deposit
Update 19 June: Increased to US$50 with US$400 deposit
7 April: US$40 Worth of BTC on US$200 Crypto Deposit
Prior to 7 April: US$30 Worth of BTC on US$200 Crypto Deposit

Information on Referrals

Referral Links

Referral: random (524)

US$50 Worth of BTC for referrer and referee with US$400 Crypto Deposit from referee.

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      yes those $10 of free Cel last year is now worth over $500 USD.

  • Have they fixed their referral tracking? Still have some open tickets of failed referral from the last deal :(

    • did you keep a record of the referral code used ? there was some tracking issues on the last deal a few months back.

      • Yeah, I found the friends entering the referral code manually (on signup page after download) tracked better than the one using my link to download. Read that in other forum too. I've raised the ticket but still "investigating" each time I asked, been more than a month.

        • I do have an official response i have saved during that time if that will help. I can point you to some of the admins and community staff by pm that can help escalate your ticket.

  • Sensational mate thank you I’ve been keen to deposit about $1000 worth of crypto into one of these guys to earn crypto interest. Saves me hodling it in Swyftx and earning nothing on it. The $40 bonus will tip me over the edge and give them a go. Cheers

    • $40 is nothing you need to look into BSC chain defi farms

      i just do one today. went all out first 6 hrs and made 3000%APR gradually decreasing to 300% stable for a few hrs then 150 then holding at 50%

      paid for next holiday using tokens i was holding anyway in 6 hrs with no impermanent loss

      • can you tell us the process of these farming schemes?

        • google defi farming

          learn what impermanent loss is

          find farms that do single token ones

          dont get rekt by going into unverified farms

          take profit constantly

          look at the Binance chain ones since eth gas ones are not worth it

          Know that the APR is bullsh1t. these schemes only last a week max. most profit is made in first few hours

  • Thanks to the increasing price of BTC, my referral bonus along with deposit bonus has reached to about $150AUD.

  • Hey op, can you check if the referral link is correct ? It doesn’t seem to have a referer ID in the url - just takes me to a generic “sign up” page.

    • you can use the app link on the website then enter the referral code from the links section.

      • No button/option to use OP referral anymore?

        • takes 160+ upvotes i think for that to show in referral links.

          • @shadowangel: No. 9/5/16 Update: Your deal must hit the front page vote minimum (currently 30) to show. This was previously 5, before being changed to the front page vote minimum.

            Basically the deal needs quick amount of votes to flow through

    • Doesn't work

      • I added a link above to explain how referrals work above in the description. let me know if you have any issues.

        • Thank you. Got it to work but transferring to it is a pain. Fees are high. CC or direct debit. International transfer with my bank $10 USD, Transferwise doesn't work.

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    Can I deposit my fart NFT and claim the free $40?

  • Can you get both the referral and the $500 crypto bonus depositing $25000 worth hold 3m?

    • yes but you will need to deposit, 25,400 usd. to fulfill both.

      • Are you sure? Check what it says at the bottom of this page: https://support.celsius.network/hc/en-us/articles/3600021322...

        • Yes there is two types. Signup Promos which can't be used with a referral and promo codes for existing members which can be used.
          can be used on the second deposit.
          It should be $25,500 > total

          • @shadowangel: Ya but if you use sign up promo $500 you can't be referred

            Unless you can show it in writing

    • How do I do this please? I want to deposit half a Bitcoin in there. Thanks!

      • +1

        "Sign up now with the promo code UN_BLOCK to get $500 in BTC after transferring $25,000 or more in crypto to your Celsius wallet and holding for 3 months"

        Download the app

        It's like 3month wait for 1.3% return on half a bitcoin ($38000)

      • Referral code followed by $400 > deposit then UN_BLOCK
        just use UN_BLOCK you enter it by clicking the top left circle > Promo Codes.

        • How sure are you it will work?

          • @Poor Ass: 100% it's a promo code for existing members. as long as you do your referral deposit first then you active the promo code before second deposit.
            I have just activated it on my 1+year account. First time deposit codes will not activate at all.

            • @shadowangel: You're right

              Un_block works for everyone

            • @shadowangel: But the page does say sign up bonus so but misleading..

              Not complaining.. it works regardless

              • @Poor Ass: two types like i said, there are first time deposit codes and then Celsius sometimes gives out codes for existing members.

            • @shadowangel: But should of withdraw first before putting promo code as the account balance must be $25000 higher before promo code

              • @Poor Ass: They do check for that sort of thing now, so it's better to just add to the balance if possible.

                • @shadowangel: Hope it doesn't crash

                  By the way does your promo section say UN_BLOCK expires 9 Apr on your promo page

                  I swear it says expire 7 days after applying code

                  • @Poor Ass: It does say that, I just sent one of the community staff a tweet.

                • @shadowangel: Really? I'm considering doing just that because I don't have a spare $25k lying around

                  • @whapkaplit: Yes, it was mentioned not long ago in one of there videos. You might be able to withdraw some then wait 3+ days then activate the code and deposit. Theres nothing wrong with withdrawing.

      • just give me ur private key. ill sort it out for you

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    What is this and how does it work?

    Is it a pyramid scheme?

    • Basically Celsius loans your crypto and pays interest. Interest rates are set weekly. Celsius currently manages over 14Billion in assets as of last week.

    • +1

      100% legit. They lend crypto to companies and individual and then pay interest back to savers. Same as regular bank but they only keep 20% for costs rather than a bank who keep 95% for themselves and their shareholders.

      • +1

        What's to stop them running off with your crypto though?

        • +1

          They have the opportunity to make more money on rehypothecation of deposited funds than theft. Then there's the risk to reputation

        • +1

          They've been around 3 year and hold US$14billion dollars. Vast amounts of info on the company if you search, staff must be the hundreds now. The founder is very well respected who invented VOIP technology. It's not a criminal enterprise

          • @hen dawg: Founder is very well respected is an overstatement my friend, for those in the know.

            Having said that Celsius is a pretty good platform, and could be even better if founder behaves more respectfully.

      • Share holders ultimately are individuals.

  • +5

    I've been using Celsius for over a year, they had a huge boom so struggled with support. They have it under control now. But I'm so happy with Celsius, so easy to use. Just deposit your crypto and forget it just compounds automatically. No endless reinvest and gotcha's. I highly recommend.

    • So if i had say $10,000 in BTC, and i put it all in there, what happens next? can i get it out as BTC like i put in? Can you just withdraw interest and leave the $10k in there?

      I am just concerned as things too good to be true, are.

      • Yes and yes

        First withdraw takes 24hrs to confirm the withdrawl address

        They send an email to the registered email to see if it is you and U need to confirm

        You get paid interest every Monday

        Ya I was sceptical at first too

        But withdrawals are pretty fast after you've made the first withdrawal

        • Im bad with finance and maths, what would $10,000 get you every Monday, roughly?

          • @snipercat: You don't get paid in dollars get paid in crypto

            So 1 Bitcoin you get 4% p.a

            0.000767 Bitcoin a week of interest

            • @Poor Ass: Oh okay, can you withdraw it as cash?

              • @snipercat: You really have no idea hey

                Maybe you should watch some YouTube videos

                • @Poor Ass: No i dont, hence the question. But as long as you can type 13 words instead of one, makes me happy

                  • @snipercat: you need to go to crypto exchanges to transfer to cash

          • @snipercat: Celsius does have TAUD which is 1-1 to AUD which can be minted and claimed to your bank.

            For 10,000 TAUD
            Its $87.38 month
            Just under $800 year

            That's without the bonus rates.

  • +1

    is there any risk of losing your coins?

    • If they go bust, of course

      • +1

        i mean you are handing them your keys, they can deactivate your account, or say there was no transaction.

        • By creating and depositing into a celsius account, you aren't handing them any keys because they never belonged to you in the first place.

        • It's all on the blockchain so they can't really deny a transaction

    • If you input your deposit address incorrectly you could lose the entire deposit. Use a minimal amount of tabs, and copy + paste.

  • Is the interest paid in BTC? Do we have to report those interested earned as income?

    • In the asset you deposit or in Cel.

    • Yes it's taxable like interest in a normal bank account.

    • You can get paid interest in kind (so BTC for BTC, USDT for USDT etc), or get a slightly higher return if you choose to be paid in their native token, CEL. CEL has been going gangbusters in the last year or so, so it's not a bad decision, although obviously riskier than getting pain in kind.

      You also get bonuses to your interest if you hold above a certain percentage of your portfolio in CEL.

  • What about the security and insurance?

    • +1

      They use MPC to secure assets which requires the majority to sign. 2FA, Hodl Mode, White Listing will help you secure your account. It's important to use a secure email as well. You can also freeze your account if you suspect anything instantly using an old email (there is a link)

      Insurance currently is limited, it covers hacks, theft, errors on there end. It doesn't cover deposits yet. They are however introducing an opt-in policy in the future.

  • sadly i still haven't figured out the cheapest way to move AUD to BTC in celsius and back. What I did last time is send AUD to coinbase and buy BTC/ETH in coinbase and then transfer from coinbase to Celsius but it seems the transfer rate is about $20 (if not more!)

    • +2

      FTX which also just added PayID deposits. Free BTC withdrawals.
      Also Gemini Active Trader Mode which has AUD by Swift (Free from Citi Bank) also free transfer

      • FTX any KYC required?

        • +1

          not for crypto deposits for AUD deposits they do require KYC.

      • +1

        So if I transfer in funds from my Citibank account into Gemini Active Trader (no idea what this is yet) I can purchase BTC for free? And then swap that for BNB, ETH?

        • +1

          FTX is the better option its fee free for Bitcoin and blockchain fees for erc-20 Ethereum, Matic, Cel which are reasonable atm at about $3usd
          Gemini is 10x free withdrawals on all coins they have. the fee is the Maker/taker fee which is higher then FTX.

          • @shadowangel: "Maker / taker" does that mean a fee for converting back to AUD?

            • @tunzafun001: Yes heres the gemini active trader fees

              If you are buying Bitcoin, Ethereum make sure to use one of the referral codes in the Gemini section, it will give you an extra $10USD Bitcoin so that will help with any buying and selling feels which should be less then $2.

              GUSD might also be available in the Gemini App, if that's the case you can mint and redeem USD with no fees including withdrawals.

              • @shadowangel: Out of curiosity, Etherium fees seem expensive and people are abandoning it, yet the currency is still increasing? Why is that?

                • @tunzafun001: Some of the Ethereum network is moving off chain to the layer 2 solutions like Matic,These chains are far more efficient when it comes to costs and the amount of transactions that can be made. Some people may have switched chains but the amount of new people coming in to crypto in a very short time has caused all networks to surge.

    • +3

      Binance accepts AUD via Pay ID and Osko is instant

      But it's gonna cost you withdrawl btc fee no matter what exchange you use

      Good thing no withdrawal fees with Celsius and you need to transfer out

      • +1

        "it's gonna cost you withdrawl btc fee no matter what exchange you use" - sure - but what's the ozbargainiest, i.e. cheapest withdrawal method/exchange?

        • +2

          As mentioned above, the cheapest way to transfer BTC is via FTX or Gemini.

    • +1

      I discovered this the other day. The fees to transfer from any exchange is crazy high right now. Especially ethereum based tokens. I think the best way to get money 'into' crypto is using an exchange which supports free payID deposit first. Then figure out what are the cheapest withdrawal fee tokens on your exchange and buy that coin. So for example binance the chepest is Verge XVG which only costs XVG(Verge)-0.0001 to withdraw in about 15 minutes, there are others too like: ada-$1.54, xrp-0.1789, eth - $19, usdt-$20, link-23, sxp-$22. You might find if the price of XVG is insanely high that it's more risky so use something like ADA.

    • Your transfer rate is too high cos you are transferring ETH using ERC20 network. The cheapest way is to buy TRX or ALGO coins from BInance or coinbase whatever exchange you are using then transfer them as TRX or ALGO coins then convert these coins to BTC or ETH within Celsius.
      TRX network name TRC20, ALGO has it's own network. Make sure DO NOT MAKE MISTAKE when choosing transferring network . Your money won't be recoverable.

      • So is this sequence correct then for the Ozbargainer?

        1. Create account in FTX/Gemini/Binance & Celsius with referral code from ozbargain - need know your customer (kyc) data - passport/driving license etc
          1a. Optional - create 2nd/3rd account using your own ref code for family
        2. transfer AUD from oz bank
        3. Buy TRX/ALGO
        4. Transfer to Celsius as TRX/ALGO
        5. Buy/exchange/convert to BTC/ETH/any crypto with TRX/ALGO
        6. wait/hodl 30 days for credit
        7. Convert the BTC/ETH/crypto back to TRX/ALGO
        8. transfer from Celsius to FTX/Gemini/Binance
        9. withdraw as AUD (being at least $40 richer if prices don't fall)
        • +1

          You can't convert/trade within Celsius (yet), it's a wallet not an exchange but they are planning this feature to come later in year. You have to send in as whatever coin you plan to store there

          • @hen dawg: So what's the cheapest way to get those initial coins? FTX?

      • Can I directly deposit $400 to Celcius from the bank fro receiving the referral bonus?

        • No, it has to be in supported coins.

  • +4

    Been enjoying the boom from Celsius, Binance but just be aware guys, they and crypto institutions like BlockFi, YouHodler etc are not truly the decentralized future of crypto. You inherently have to trust them, which isn't the vision of crypto imo.

    • **Hint: PancakeSwap, UniSwap…

      • +1

        Pancakeswap is built on the highly centralised BNB

        • +1

          I wouldn’t say it’s highly. Highly would be things like your traditional banks etc.

          PCS sits somewhere between centralised and decentralised. With this, there are certain advantages such as if funds are stolen, there is a certain degree the funds could be recovered back.

          Having said that (wishful thinking) maybe one day CZ would give up all the nodes.

      • I like Cake, i have a small investment that gives me good returns every week well over the advertised 300% with the Cake price mooning. Staking is another and then you have Luna's Anchor which is great for stable coins also soon with insurance or pools like Tether-BUSD on BSC or Quickswap on Matic have 40+% returns on USD essentially.
        Risks are much higher with Defi but there's certainly good rewards there if you do the research.

        • I used to be in Cake but made the switch to Bunny, as more bullish on Bunny right now.

          Where are you getting 300% on Cake?

          What’s the APY you’re getting on Luna anchor stablecoins? I checked but can’t find it.

          Which project are you referring to when you say Tether-BUSD on BSC?

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