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Celsius Network Referral - US$40/US$50 in BTC with US$400 Crypto Deposit


Celsius Network has increased their referral bonus US$50 in Bitcoin, paid after 30 days. Your Bonus will show as locked after you transfer more then US$400 in Crypto Assets.

For limited periods of time Celsius Network also increases the referral bonus to US$50 in Bitcoin.

All coins in the wallet are supported.

Cel has also hit another high today of $7.29 just over 12months ago it was just 0.5cents

Update August 1st, Increased to $50 with $400 Deposit
Update 7 July: Decreased to US$40 with US$400 deposit
Update 2 July: Increased to US$50 with US$400 deposit
Update 26 June: Decreased to US$40 with US$400 deposit
Update 19 June: Increased to US$50 with US$400 deposit
7 April: US$40 Worth of BTC on US$200 Crypto Deposit
Prior to 7 April: US$30 Worth of BTC on US$200 Crypto Deposit

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        • 300% + ? wbnb pool in Pancake?

  • +1

    I need to read a guide for best way to buy and hold crypto these days. So out of the loop.

  • +1

    Used Celsius since the last promo code post, bonuses were paid with no issues

    • Do you know if the new customer promo needs to appear as pending in the app for it to work? I entered a promo code when signing up but nothing is appearing there? Thanks

      • click top right circle > promo codes after you enter the code it should show in there.
        when you make a deposit the status will change (it may take awhile) your bonus will also show as locked by clicking
        Total Account Balance > See All then wait for the transactions to load.

        • Nothing is showing in there - does that mean the referral code did not track? Thanks.

          • @blues99: Referral code doesn't show in promo codes, you will only know once the $400 deposit is made. Did you type it in during the signup ?

  • Promo code BTC40 needs a separate $400 deposit? Or will one deposit cover both?

    • I think they are not stackable now. Only stackable code is Un_block

      But in the past when they were stackable, you would need to deposit the total amount separately.

    • if you have an account and open another in your spouses name, you both receive BTC 40. The way i did it with the $20 promo is use a referral code (can google it or get from ozbargain), opened my account for $200. then used my referral code and opened an account for the SO for another $200 so we both got $20. but BTC prices went up, so I stuck with it … originally the plan was to make a quick $60 off $400. Note - all prices are in USD .. so your AUD amount will be significantly more.

    • can't stack with a referral. It can stack with the codes above.

      • Well I just had my BTC40 and referral bonus confirmed with the single deposit.

        I also asked customer service who said they didn’t stack but there you go.

        • If they are both paid, reply back. You can also apply YESPLEASE with an additional $200 USD and there's a few other codes for larger deposits.

          • @shadowangel: They are both paid
            Along with a 3rd lot of $40 from referring my wife.

          • @shadowangel: So could I setup an account in my wife’s name, deposit $400 BTC there and and refer myself and then also deposit another $400 BTC?

            • @billybob1978: You can't refer your self but your wife could refer you.
              Make sure they are separate devices.

              Celsius does also track promo code abuse, so withdrawing then depositing is not recommended to activate new codes.

              • @shadowangel: Yeah sorry that’s what I was thinking. She can join up with a random referral on OzBargain, deposit enough BTC and then refer me to do the same.

                We won’t withdraw until after we both receive the $50 bonus (even more enticing now). I am correct that I don’t need a code for the $50 bonus? As long as I deposit enough BTC I’ll automatically get it.

                I’m thinking of depositing coin into FTX, converting to BTC and then withdrawing to Celsius is that right?

                • @billybob1978: It should be $40 I'm not sure who updated this post.
                  There was a BTC50 offer that just expired where you could use both $90 each.

                  I’m thinking of depositing coin into FTX, converting to BTC and then withdrawing to Celsius is that right?

                  BTC is free to withdraw, usdc if you Want something more stable costs $1 to withdraw from ftx.
                  You can use
                  To get the best spreads converting AUD

                  • @shadowangel: Oh damn I didn’t realise the last one had an expiry date. I’m guessing the mods updated it?

                    Do you think it’s best to contact support before depositing to see what the bonus is exactly?

                    Ah I see cheers, how is it more stable? I’m still learning so one second I think I get it and then something else comes out that I need to get my head across haha

                    • @billybob1978: Usdc is pegged to USD. FTX treats it as 1usdc=1usd

                      I checked today it's 40usd, I have not seen the referal bonus higher then this unless it was during Bitcoin Miami.

                      Celsius promotion come out every so often and sometimes work for existing customers.

                      • @shadowangel: Oh okay thanks I’ll give it a try.

                        Cheers I’m happy with $40.

                        So if I just use the random referral, transfer the coins into CRO I’ll automatically get it?

  • +1

    Celsius will replace banks.

    • +1

      Not Celsius but crypto (ie. CeFi’s and DeFi’s) in general will.

    • more fiat deposit options are planned, swaps, web app, layer 2 deposits/withdrawals. so many upgrades are planned this year.

  • +1

    These reads like a HYIP to me.. Your $400 is being used to pay the last 10 people $40 worth of Bitcoin…

    This is the office address they give on their website: https://www.commerciallistings.cbre.co.uk/en-GB/listings/pro...

    • +1

      They have multiple offices. One in NY, Austin, small one here in Australia. There's at least one or two more.

  • So I can transfer my BTC currently in kraken to Celcius to get the referral bonus?

    I can't stake BTC in kraken so wouldn't mind transferring that across to start earning some interest.

    But separately, there's this UN_BLOCK code but would need to xfer like $25500 in crypto across? Don't have that much so can ignore.

  • Can you purchase the $400 USD on Celsius and qualify for the bonus?

    • +2

      Not sure but best to buy coins on separate exchange and send over to reduce fees

    • Yes, however a third party is used so it is much more expensive.

  • Referral bonus aside, this or BlockFi?

    • +1

      Celsius is preferred as they are more transparent but I use both and I think it's wise not to put all your eggs in one basket.
      Celsius pays more for most coins and have more options.

    • Blockfi for btc up to 1 btc, then everything else in celsius and stablecoins earning in cel

    • +1

      Blockfi is easier to deposit fiat, (USD) . Celsius you need another exchange
      Celsius is free unlimited withdrawals, Blockfi only has 1 Free stable, 1 Free Crypto month. It also takes days sometimes to withdrawal.

      I use both along with FTX, Kucoin and Staking directly.

  • +4

    Celsius have been great. Can put $AUD in there (using $TAUD) and get 11%. Better than an offset account…

    • Where do you get your TAUD from?

      • +1

        Crypto.com app (check withdrawal fees first) for thousands it's worth it since the interest should cover it. for a few hundred it's not.

        It's also possible to use trusttoken.com directly, however since you need to swift transfer to there AUD account you need to be very careful. It's free withdrawals from TrustToken but your bank could charge for the Swift transfer which trust token will take out of your deposit. Citibank might be free but i'm yet to try it.

        • If we ever want to convert it back to AUD, what's the easiest/cheapest way?

          • +1

            @tajid: CDC is free to swap back, minimum 50AUD at a time. Free withdrawal. Also free to withdraw from Celsius. The only fee you have is the withdrawal fee from CDC.

            • @shadowangel: Just realised today the withdraw fee from CDC is now 15 TAUD…used to be only 4 TAUD couple months ago

          • @tajid: I figured it out…you have to navigate to your AUD Fiat wallet first…then from there "Sell Crypto". I was incorrectly going to my Crypto TAUD wallet first and trying to "Sell TAUD" which only provided options to sell/convert to other cryptos.

  • +1

    Withdrawing is the biggest pain in the Ass

    • From Celsius or to the bank ?

  • Anyone knows when the $40 promo ends?

    • +1

      There's no date, it can change at anytime.

  • +1

    Anyone have advice on this when submitting your tax return?

  • what can CEL do? is possible to trade CEL?

    • +2

      yes you can trade it on
      and there is another Asian exchange going to be announced soon.

      Cel is a utility token, It increases your rewards and lowers your interest payments if taking a loan. Celsius also buys back with profits from the above exchanges which also increases demand and it's price.

      • Hi shadow, is CEL available on BSC?

        • +1

          No. ERC20 only for now.

        • It is available on a few layer 2 networks but i don't think it's on BSC except maybe though a bridge. You will still need to convert it back to ERC-20 to deposit into Celsius.

          • @shadowangel: Thanks shadow, I am pretty sure Binance bridge only works if Celsius have implemented the token on BSC.

  • Your Bonus will show as locked after you transfer more then $400USD in Crypto Assets

    Did I win a lottery, you said. Sounds familiar.

  • Do I select segwit or legacy address when depositing BTC from BlockFi?

    • +1

      Segwit is the default address type for Celsius now. You can see the address format type with the first few letters

  • What is the most efficient way to get the bonus?

    • Open an account with FTX, buy USD405 BTC, transfer this for free to Celsius.

      • any chance you know where to score the best referral for FTX? Thanks

        • Hey mate, the referral for FTX is flat 5% discount to trading fee. This is the same promotion for everyone (unlike Binance).

      • How do we purchase BTC on FTX? Through international bank transfer only?

        • No FTX now allows for AUD deposit via PAYID so it's much easier now.

        • +1

          If u just want to buy $400-ish for this, Coinspot (or other Aussie exchange like Coinstash, Digital Surge, etc) is probably way easier. The price difference will be negligible at that amount and the $10 referral. Also, don't buy BTC (or ETH) if it's only for the Celsius bonus, their transfer/network fee is a lot (percentage wise) for $400-ish, pick any other alt coins.

          • @hanofee: Price difference + withdrawal from buying $400 BTC from Coinspot would set you back probably $20-50 compared to buying from FTX.

            • @tajid: Oh? Interesting. I just compared the price difference of BTC is around 1% (after AUD/USD conversion). Transfer fee might be close to $20 AUD though for BTC in coinspot (hence I said better use alt coin for this Celcius purpose, where the transfer fee is normally only $1 or less). Do you mean the transfer fee is free for FTX? I buy on Binance these days btw.

              • @hanofee: Yes FTX withdrawal for BTC is free (together with all other coins that are not on ERC-20 chain, such as XRP, XLM, LTC).

                • @tajid: I see, good to know. Thanks, haven't tried FTX

                  • @hanofee: @hanofee Late to this, I've tried every exchange and FTX is the cheapest to buy any crypto.

                    Wanted to add they recently made erc-20/eth withdrawals only free if you stake 25 FTT. This change was due to people abusing it. All other withdrawals are still free.

                    The conversion tool is handy for swapping between coins (and fiat). It does have a 1% higher rate than the current market price, but there is no other transactions fees when converting.

                    You could buy on the spot market too (e.g. BTC/AUD, AUD/USD, BTC/USD, etc), if you want to save 1% but it has a transaction fee. Limit orders usually cost 10-50 cents, market orders can be $1+ depending on the amount.

                    I also use FTX to buy popular US stocks since, mainly apple, tesla. I got sick of paying $10 usd trade fee on self wealth.

                    I used the code "ozbargain" when I signed up, not sure who owns it. But I recommend to use a friends referral link. My friend has made about $100 from referring all his friends, they trade heaps though.

                    • +1

                      @exolocity: Damn they must trade heaps! I referred 20 people and only got $2 so far from referring lollll.

                      • @tajid: Damn the people you referred must not trade much, or they only limit order/have staked FTT. I also have made nothing from referrals, but I've never referred anyone.

                        We all trade heaps, mainly swing and scalps. I do about 50-250k USD volume a month. Most of the volume is due to leverage. $1,000 initial value at 10x leverage = 10k USD notional size, so a Buy&Sell = 20k USD.

                        If I did a market buy and sell - the fee on 10k notional size is on average ~$10 USD (~0.1% of the notional size). To reduce my fees, I always do limit orders, I also have 25FTT staked.

                        Some people on crypto twitter make thousands a day from referrals. Example: https://twitter.com/PepeXBT/status/1383241218876866564/photo...

                    • +1

                      @exolocity: Thanks, don't use Selfwealth for US stock btw, a lot of brokers are free or close to free for US, thanks to Robinhood starting the price war there. $10 USD per trade is daylight robbery :P

                    • @exolocity: Blockfolio is another option, no withdrawal fee even for ERC-20 also owned by FTX. Ftx recently added card options powered by Circle which is part of the new VISA->ETH partnership so USD is converted by VISA to ERC-20 USDC and sent directly to FTX which funds your USD wallet. From what i can see there is no fee on FTX side (not yet tested.)

                      • @shadowangel: Oh yeah that’s a great option thanks. I use FTX too but Blockfolio is much easier to use. Be good if they allowed referrals outside of US. I’ve deposited $20 so I’ll let you know if the withdrawal is free.

                        • @billybob1978: I have just confirmed this, no fee. It is a market order to buy so there might be some spread but i bought some Eth $20 and received $20 eth. Withdrawal was free.
                          I have not been able to add a card, my 86400 card was rejected. I'll try a visa card next.

                          • @shadowangel: I was just about to reply to you and say the same. I also wasn’t charged a fee. I was able to use my Up card with no issues - since I started trading all I’ve used is up and I love it. The app is so easy to use and the support is outstanding. I had been a member for a while but just didn’t use it until recently.

  • WELCOME30 for $30 DAI works post referral

    • You mean it could work for existing user?

      • Should do.

        • I tried to enter WELCOME30. It said: Promo code not found

          • @hanofee: Damn, must be no longer available was for 30 in DAI.

  • If anyone can advise: Can i just get CEL on FTX and transfer to Celsius wallet? Or would it be more efficient to get BTC? I'm not too bullish on BTC at the moment

    • What do you mean by efficient?

      Any supported coins, including BTC and CEL, do the trick.

      • Efficient as in least fees and most interest

        • In terms of fees, this depend on which exchanges you use.

          Assuming we are talking about FTX, then it's free to withdraw BTC while might cost 1-3 CELs to withdraw CELs.

          In terms of most interest, both have around 4% interest so not much difference (depends on your membership tier, BTC could get slightly higher but the difference is not worth to be the consideration).

          You may be overcomplicating it if the aim is only to transfer $400 for the promo though.

  • Hey there
    I've deposited 400+ USD but nothing is shown about the bonus
    Any idea how to confirm?

    • Don't have an answer for you, but curious which coin did you deposit? TUSD?

    • Go to BTC, if everything's done correctly, there should be $40 showing as locked.

  • I deposited an amount of btc that was worth $400 USD but now it is worth less than that amount - anyone know if I will still get the referral bonus or how they figure that out?

    • Thats fine, look in your account balance and click View All. If it shows the code as locked your fine.

  • great platform. missing lots of features still…. but its cool to get some interest.

    • Insurance, Web app, Proof of funds, Free Swaps in app are all not far away.

      • Are you now working for them or some sort btw? Saw your "associated" tag now :)

        • no, that was my fat fingers that clicked on the little button.

  • To clarify, is $40 for both referrer and referree? So $80 total?

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