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Westfield Plus Free Weekly Gift with >$30 Purchase (Excludes Supermarkets) (Westfield Plus Membership Required)


From 8 April – 28 April you can redeem an exclusive new gift every week when you spend $30 or more at Westfield xxxxxx with Westfield Plus, redeemable at Concierge.

While stocks last. T&Cs apply, see westfield.com.au. Claims close 14/4/21 (week 1), 21/4/21 (week 2) & 28/4/21 (week 3) or once stock of gifts run out each week. Must claim in the same weekly claim period as the qualifying transaction. Excludes supermarket & other transactions, see terms. Max 1 claim p/person p/weekly claim period. Retain receipt/s to claim. AU & NZ res 16+ only.

Excludes purchases from Aldi, Woolworths, Safeway, Countdown, Coles and Pak n Save..
Any purchases of physical Westfield Gift Cards from the Concierge Desk at a Participating Centre are eligible.

Free gift varies per location and week but includes:

  • Churros for 4 voucher
  • Event cinema and small popcorn voucher

Full listed here:

Terms and conditions here:

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  • +2

    so kmart and target would eligible?

    • +1

      Yep. Confirmed Kmart today.

  • Countdown… Nice

    • Love Countdown! Had good cheap green mussels

  • +1

    Might get some Dominos at shopping centre rather than the local than

  • +17

    Seems to be $50 across NSW (except Mt Druitt is $30 LOL)
    Compiled NSW week 1 for your viewing pleasure

    spend $50 and get..

    an Event Cinemas original movie voucher* (Chatswood) + small popcorn (Bondi Junction, Burwood, Hurstville, Liverpool, Miranda, Parramatta, Kotara)
    Hoyts Movie Voucher (Penrith)
    San Churro Churros for Four* (Hornsby)
    a pair of silver hoop earrings from Goldmark* (Tuggerah)
    a L'Occitane Classic Hand Cream Trio* (Warringah Mall)
    $20 Sydney Tower Dining Voucher (Sydney)
    (Spend $30) Napoleon Perdis Loose Eye Dust - Million Dollar Mermaid (Mt Druitt)

    • +18

      The cost of insuring a trip to Mt Druitt largely offsets this value.

      • That car park is horrible and traffic is just impulsive and rushing everywhere.

        • +2

          I think that's the least of anyone's worries. 😬

      • Same goes for Innaloo, WA.

        • +2

          What a name. Innaloo. Bit of a shithole?

          • +3

            @Munki: Yeah you won't believe the crap they get about the name

          • +2

            @Munki: As we say in WA, "I'd rather live Innaloo than Upper Swan" !

        • Innaloo is spend $30 not $50. I got 3 tickets yesterday.

  • +2

    Spend $50 for ACT belco and woden

  • +1

    $50 for Doncaster and Knox Vic

  • $50 for Carousel also.

  • Uh Oh!
    Looks like there is nothing here

  • I assume this does not include dining that costs more than $30 in eateries in Westfield?

    • dining is not excluded, but if you use any nsw dine voucher/ gift card it will not be eligible

  • how much the membership tho?

    • +1

      It is free

  • +2

    Interesting offer…. cant you just purchase a Westfield gift card? and then get a free movie ticket? Edit. nvm was already mentioned in the updated description

  • do they still charge an admin fee for westfields giftcards?

    what if I bought a giftcard from kmart/ target/ big w? is it still eligible?

    • +2

      It doesn't specifically mention that you can't buy gift cards:

      (b) receipt(s) recording bill and car park payments and prescription medicine, mobile phone recharge card, lottery ticket and tobacco and tobacco related product purchases;

      But I don't think you can purchase items using a gift card:

      (d) receipts recording redemption of gift card purchases, store credit, refunds and exchanges;

      So I think buying a gift card via Kmart,Big W, etc using Cash,Debit or Credit card should be fine.

      • +6

        That's my reading of T&C.

        Gift card purchased from Kmart, Target, BigW etc is valid for a free gift
        ($50 spend gets "$24 value" movie & popcorn at my local Westfields).

        Just confirmed this on call to my Westfield
        Much better value than a few% discount at sites!

        • hell yeah you're the best!

    • +1

      A service fee $2.95 per card is applicable to all Westfield Gift Cards.

      • That sucks.

        • +1

          Just buy a gift card from stores, not Westfield or supermarkets - to qualify for this offer. That works

  • $50 for Marion SA
    This week’s exclusive gift is….
    With every purchase in centre of $50 or more, you’ll get a complimentary 1 x dozen Glazed Doughnuts from Krispy Kreme available from Thurs 8 April – Wed 14 April. Visit Westfield Marion every week until 28 April to redeem your exclusive gift!*

  • +8

    Gift card purchased in Westfield from Kmart, Target, BigW, etc (but not supermarkets) is valid for a free gift!
    Just confirmed in call to Westfield

  • -1

    Does anyone have any idea what the gift is?

    • +5

      Varies depending on location and week. Full list here: https://res.cloudinary.com/scentre-group-au/image/upload/v16...

      • Absolute legend, thanks!

    • +2

      Link is in Deal Description above:
      Free gift varies per location and week…
      Full listed here:

      Off to Westfield to buy a $50 Gift Card @bigW
      (This week, $50 spend gets "$24 value" movie & popcorn at my local Westfields)

  • Asked concierge at Belconnen ACT Westfield if a 50 Westfield gift card would work, but no dice.

    • +2

      Their T&Cs say otherwise. Don't forget people can misinterpret the exclusions.

  • +6

    Just bought a $50 Wish gift card (the most flexible option - can also use in Woolies for groceries, etc) @BigW in Westfield & received "$24 value" movie & popcorn voucher. (Use by 30/6)

    photo of receipt & voucher - voucher barcode on back.

    Can only redeem ONCE PER WESTFIELD+ CARD… your card is scanned & receipt marked as used.

    • Can only redeem ONCE PER WESTFIELD+ CARD… your card is scanned & receipt marked as used.

      You mean the gift card?

      • Can only redeem ONCE PER WESTFIELD+ CARD… your card is scanned

        It's a Westfield+ members promotion.
        (No card, no gift. But free to sign up in the app.)

        Your Westfield+ card (found in app) is scanned as part of this promotion - showing on your account that you've redeemed your gift voucher.

        So no more gifts that promotion week at any Westfield… On that Westfield+ card.

  • So basically you can buy a gift card worth $50 from BigW, Kmart or Target and choose a gift from one of the retailers mentioned (usually around $25-$30 worth of value) in this PDF ?

    • And then go to the concierge desk to redeem your free gift?

      • Not sure about others, but Hornsby has separate Westfield+ desk for these redemptions. I asked her to confirm if I bought a $50 Westfield gift card I would be eligible. She confirmed yes, as long a I bought it from the concierge desk. Wish I had considered gift cards from other stores (as these charge extra $2.95), but meh, can use it as Visa card when you need a new cc for trials etc. Got movie ticket, thanks Op :) (Who knows, maybe concierge could have reddened for me too, but she never offered when I mentioned the promo buying the gift card

    • +1

      You can't choose your gift, only which Westfield & which week you want to spend. That qualifies you for the gift assigned there for that week.

      Take your receipt with your Westfield+ card (in the app) to the concierge desk, where the receipt is checked & Westfield+ card scanned to show you've redeemed the 1 voucher allowed per Westfield+ card per week.

      • Thanks I misread the PDF. I thought there are multiple options each week but now I noticed its only 1 option each week. I will probably be using Westfield Parramatta as they have movie voucher this week.

        Also, do I sign up for Westfield+ using the app or is there any thing else to do?

        App Store Link

        • Just sign up in app. Your membership card is in app.

          App also gives extended parking time at some Westfield - but need to give rego number & turn on location for that.

          Received the email this morning - wasn't interested.
          Only worked out what it was about in this Deal.
          Once I realised I could buy a Gift Card to qualify - I got very interested.
          Was simple to redeem

          • @the INFIDEL: Thanks I signed up.
            Given car rego but no location.

            Will try tonight and update here.

            • +1

              @crazyboy: Can confirm it work.
              Bought Coles gift card from Kmart for $50 and got the movie voucher.

              Westfield Parramatta.

  • $50 for chermside QLD too

  • Expired? Link doesn’t work.

    • Promotion only started today - running for 3 weeks. Link needs updating.

  • +2

    Is this cumulative spend of $50?

    i.e. can I buy $30 from Kmart & $30 from Jb?

    • +2

      Yes, as per T&C:
      For clarity, the Qualifying Spend can be made by multiple purchases at multiple Participating Retailers, however, all purchases must be made at the same Participating Centre, in a single day, during the Promotion Period

  • Next week at Warringah Mall Brookvale the gift will be iPlay vouchers.

    • And the week after that it will be Flower Child Cafe vouchers

  • Tried at Westfield Miranda. Bought $50 Coles Myer gift card at Myer. Declined. Said valid receipt excludes gift card purchase.

  • +4

    I used the offer at Westfield Chermside this afternoon, bought a $100 Coles Group card from Myer as I had a (targeted) $20 cash back on $100 spend with Commbank Rewards @ Myer.

    Love stacking deals 😂

    Worth noting the movie/popcorn voucher is Westfield (specific) centre branded.

    Although the Adult ticket barcode works at other locations when booking online.

    • That’s a good cheese actually haha

    • I might go grab a gift card now as I got targeted on Commbank as well.

  • where can you find terms and conditions of each redemption voucher that they give out? like Eg spend $50 at Burwood Westfield and get $20 westfield foodcourt and dining voucher.

    • Read the Deal Description.

      • the deal description does not include the terms and condition of the $20 Burwood Westfield foodcourt dining voucher. I am after the specific terms and condition of the vouchers you obtain from this deal. EG i gather 10x $20 foodcourt dining voucher, can i combine and spend all $10 vouchers in one transaction or not thanks.

        • Ring that Westfield.
          T&C will be stated on the voucher (ie can't be used with other discounts etc)

          But as the condition of this promotion is only 1 voucher per Westfield+ account, I'd say the official answer from Westfield will be No.

          Redemption will then be up to the Food Court to decide. Can just split the bill into $20 amounts.

          • @the INFIDEL: Thank you

            • @smeng: Happy dining. I assume you won't be dining alone, so others can use the $20 vouchers to pay.

              That's why I like the cinema + popcorn vouchers - 1 per person, so easy to use when in a group.

  • $50 spend at Fountain Gate for a Movie Voucher, no popcorn :-(

  • +4

    Some Westfield staff don't seem to understand the promotion T&C.
    (But it accidentally worked in my favour!)

    Took a $50 receipt (Wish gift card purchased @BigW) to concierge counter today.
    Staff member just checked receipt wasn't from a supermarket - fine. Explained he didn't know much about the promotion.
    Gift given after scanning my new Westfield+ card on phone
    But he forgot to stamp my receipt as used…

    Off to next concierge counter in that Westfield, with same receipt but another Westfield+ account…

    Staff member examined receipt, saw it was for a gift card & started telling me the T&C exclude gift cards…
    Her supervisor rushed up for a chat. Apology given.

    As discussed here - Excludes purchases USING gift card, not purchase of a Gift Card. (But, can't buy in a supermarket or other excluded store)

    Don't be put off by staff misunderstanding the promotion T&C. They can make mistakes. Sometimes in our favour!

  • Did anyone get the Ferguson Plarre coffee vouchers? Can they be redeemed at any FP outlet?

    • +2

      Check the voucher.
      The vouchers are designed to keep you at that Westfield!

      For example…
      Event Cinema + popcorn vouchers state which Westfield cinema the voucher can be used at - the one where you received the voucher. (Will try at another Westfield with broader range of movies.)

      But those barcodes can be used for online booking elsewhere - wont likely receive the bonus popcorn🍿

      • The coffee voucher is exclusively for use at the particular center outlet…

  • Anywhere else I can buy a WISH gift card apart from Big W? Does Australia Post sell them? Or are Amazon gift vouchers sold in the shops? (I never buy them)

  • Westfield gift cards have a $5.95 surcharge on top, so not worth spending on this IMO

    • That's why the suggestion here is to buy gift cards in Westfield stores (other than supermarkets or other excluded stores).

      • Which shop has the best selection of gift cards?

        • +2

          Have a look. Depends what you need.
          I normally don't buy in store, so have no idea. But with a free movie & popcorn…

          As I was only interested in the fairly flexible use Wish gift cards, that limited me to BigW. (Which doesn't seem available to you.)

          Kmart & Myer carry a range including Coles gift cards.

  • Yes could always buy the Coles cards I guess. I am more interested in Wish and Amazon cards but there is no Big W at my Westfield. I'll have a look in Australia Post.

  • Is there any way to know if the 2000 has been exhausted? Dont want to go all the way to the shopping mall and find out it is gone.

    • +2

      Try calling centre management /concierge at the relevant centre.

  • +1

    Remember, the gifts change over on Thursday not Monday.

    Caught myself, thankfully.

    • Promotion weeks: (in Deal Description)
      From (Thursdays)
      8 April
      close (Wednesdays)
      14/4/21 (week 1)
      21/4/21 (week 2)
      28/4/21 (week 3)

      Set a Reminder for Thursdays in this Deal

  • Anyone knows of any places that sells coles/ woolies gift cards at the Sydney westfields? Myer or the newsagents perhaps?

    • Myer, Target, Kmart, BigW, Auspost

      • -1

        The city Westfields not the local suburban ones

  • Can also confirm that purchasing a gift card will work.

    It's possible to trade in games for a gift card, but it will confuse the clerk as it's a very uncommon transaction. Showed them the JB receipt with $70 of trade in value and had to reiterate I bought a gift card, not redeeming one.

  • Westfield Miranda ran out of primer. Replaced with San Churros pack for 2 which is valid for redemption until 28 April 2021 (1 week).

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