Up to $50 Cash Back on Lavazza A Modo Mio SMEG, Desea, Jolie&Milk and Jolie Plus Capsule Coffee Machines @ Lavazza


Purchase one of the following Lavazza A Modo Mio capsule coffee machines and claim cash back on your purchase:
SMEG = $50 cash back
Deséa = $50 cash back
Jolie&Milk = $40 cash back
Jolie Plus = $30 cash back
Machines are also on promotion so a great time to buy!

Lavazza A Modo Mio SMEG RRP $349. Now $329 before cashback. $279 after cash back
Lavazza A Modo Mio Deséa RRP $299. Now $259 before cashback. $209 after cash back
Lavazza A Modo Mio Jolie&Milk RRP $199. Now $159 before cashback. $119 after cash back
Lavazza A Modo Mio Jolie Plus RRP $119. Now $89 before cashback. $59 after cash back

All machines include free shipping.

How to get your cash back:
Purchase between Lavazza A Modo Mio SMEG, Deséa, Jolie&Milk, or Jolie Plus online.
Visit www.lavazzapromo.com.au and follow the prompts to the promotion claim page.
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  • Modo Mio pods are hard to find and almost never on sale.

  • and it is funny , the way they do marketing:

    their nespresso compatible pod, can be as low as $3 for 10

    or $10 for 30


    even the original nespresso compatible pod is cheaper than their own machine pod.

    their own machine pod, seldom sell on woolworths and coles, most of the time is $11 for 16


    if OP is associated with Lavazza, can you please address this weird pricing to your management?

    • Its the ink-jet printer model applied to coffee ☕
      Cheaper machines but dearer consumables - coffee.
      Once you buy a brand of machine - it locks you into the type of pods.
      I drink little coffee (average of 5/wk in my home), so the model suits me, but not high coffee consumers.
      Something to consider!

      (As Lavazza machines used to be only a few dollars after cashback, or we were paid up to $25 each for them, and the offer included free pods - over 480 in my case… It was hard to say no!)

      Plus competition!
      The more common nespresso pods creates competitors with compatible pods & price reductions.

      There are no (locally available to my knowledge) compatible pods for these machines.

    • +1 vote

      The main reason for the difference in price between Nespresso Compatible and A Modo Mio capsules is you get 50% more coffee in the A Modo Mio capsules.

      Nespresso Compatible are 5g per capsule versus 7.5g for A Modo Mio.

  • Very tempted by the Deséa, especially if the email sign-up discount works on top of the discounts highlighted above, due to it's near "all-in-one" milk and coffee abilities but it is hard to ignore the difference in cost & availability of pods when compared with Nespresso compatible pods from supermarkets.
    Is there a 'Nespresso' machine with similar abilities to the Deséa in a similar price range or do I bite the bullet and buy the Deséa while it's on special and deal with the ongoing cost….

    • Choose based on the taste of the coffee, rather than discount. (Hard to find anywhere to try these pods now - used to try a free cup of each variety in Myers.)

      You will be buying & drinking the coffee long after the discount is likely forgotten.

      • Thanks @the INFIDEL, that is true but difficult in practice as you've noted..
        I know I like Lavazza coffee (beans & ground) when used in a 'proper' expresso machine but wouldn't know how their pods compare.
        I know I don't like the Aldi pods (or machine), hence I'm looking at something a bit higher end.
        I suppose my question for you would be: if you were buying again now (without all the discounts/bonus's you got five or so years ago) would you still invest in the Lavazza system or instead go with something else?

        • I drink little coffee - it's not that important to me. I considered my requirements. I was the only coffee drinker in the house.

          Without the heavy discounts & free pods - I probably would not have bought a coffee machine at all. But really glad I did.
          Coffee shops are 5 minutes walk away from home. And they know how to make great coffee!

          I sought advice - a 'proper' expresso machine would be uneconomic & more work than it was worth. With my low consumption, was advised to use a pod machine.

          Only bought Lavazza because of a good Deal here (machine + 12 pod starter pack for $6!). The machine lacked a frother.

          Bought a Lavazza frother in an offer - but realised frothed milk could be produced other ways (eg French Press) & I wasn't that interested in it at home. Sold it.

          My circumstances have now changed.
          Would consider a different machine (but these won't die). After 7 years of Lavazza at home - it's time for a change. And my pod supply is now low.
          But am waiting to go travelling overseas again most of year - so wont replace just yet.

          Have enjoyed Nespresso pods when visiting the bank. So would consider them.