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Boost Mobile $300 240GB Prepaid Starter Kit 12 Month Plan for $236.99 Delivered @ Cellmate


Great price for this starter kit at $63 less than the original price of $300

Plenty of payment options accepted too with PayPal, Afterpay, Latitude, Zip, Laybuy, and POLI.

If you require the SIM urgently, please consider using express postage at an additional cost

Sim cards have an expiry of more than 1.5 years

This deal is for customers activating a new number or porting across from another carrier. Not to be used as a recharge for existing customers

  • 240GB Data
  • 12 months expiry from the date of activation
  • Unlimited standard calls & texts
  • Unlimited standard international calls & texts to 20 selected destinations: Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, USA, Vietnam
  • 3600 standard minutes to 30 selected destinations: Afghanistan, Austria, Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Kuwait, Mexico, Nepal, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, UAE

More information on the plan can be found by clicking the link below

With Boost you’ll get 3G and 4G coverage on the Telstra Mobile Network.

Friends if we run out of stock please subscribe to the product and get notified when stock becomes available.

We thank you once again for your continued support

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  • You guys are legends !!

  • Anydeal on boost $200

  • Can you do promo for $200 starter kit too?

  • How long to arrive in perth?

  • If i port out, how long do i have to wait till i can port back in.. i'm already a boost prepaid customer.

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    FYI, Sim cards have an expiry of more than 1.5 years

    Yeah, Sim card can be activated within Expiry But Boost does not guarantee the 240G at all if you activate it after promotion period. I bought 150G promotion last year and activated it Feb of this year. But Boost just provided 20G. Of course, There is an option to buy more data for a year which starts $200.

    Don't buy it if you plan to activate it 6 month later or so.

  • I found Boost Mobile’s coverage quite poor, didn’t they use Telstra Network? The Boost app is also not working properly. :(

    • +3 votes

      Its my second year with Boost. Quite happy with the coverage. If you have signal issues at home, Use wifi calling feature. Works like a charm for me.

    • Very similar experience.
      Coverage is shit. Tried at Burwood Sydney and South Yarra in Melbourne.
      App is shit. Customer service and activation are a pain.
      Cheap data tho.

    • Which phone are you using?

    • you must live in the middle of no where.
      its on the best network, if you can't get coverage with boost that uses telstra network, then you won't have much luck getting coverage with anyone else.

    • I was old 150 plan in 2019-2020, and 300 plan in 2020-present. Coverage used to be great at my place, but now I the experience is kinda so so. This could purely for my location only. But I wonder 5g rollout and phasing out 4g the reason?

    • interesting, so its not just me with the boost app. doesn't work at all for me. i get "an error has occurred while loading usage data. Please try again later"
      same for you?

  • I have the old $150 80 gigabyte plan which is expiring in a few days. If I don't renew by the time it expires will it still allow me to renew on the $150 80 gig plan?

    • To stay on the 80GB $150 plan, you need to renew by the last day. If you dont, you are automatically moved from Anytime Plus plan to Anytime Ultra Plan, an the Anytime Ultra $150 plan gives only 30GB for existing customers.

      Check your Boost App, does it show "Anytime Plus" as your plan name? If yes, then good. Renew on the last date (date of plan expiry).

    • Yes.

      I recently (last week) recharged my old man's 80GB sim that had expired, could still receive calls but not dial out. Used the web based recharge option & the $150 plan still showed.


  • I'd like to port in from Telstra, because I want to keep my number. How will that work with this deal?

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      If porting from Telstra it's best to contact Boost customer service and they can guide you through the process.

      Kind Regards

    • You can port from any provider, if you decide to buy this just simply call them and mention I’ve got starter pack which has ready to go SIM card… I’m currently with boost and now I’m gonna port with another provider and then port back to boost… bit of hassle but hey I’m saving money as well.. hope that helps..

      • read the previous comments mate, someone mentioned that a chat with the Boost customer care got them on to this new deal for an existing boost customer.

    • I just did this today, tried to activate the new sim keeping my number but wouldn't work. I selected the 'message us' and talked to a rep through chat, the process was completed within 15-20 minutes (he did two sims for me), assuming there might be business hours for this though…

    • Would this possibly work - buy a cheap Optus sim and port to that from Telstra, then port to boost using one of these deals?

  • Cheers! Just what I needed.

  • Will get one. Thanks for the offer.

  • Hi,
    When does this offer end?
    Currently waiting for payday in a day or two.

  • Is this data all upfront or meted out 20g a month?

  • Has Boost altered the inclusions?

    I just chatted with one of their support staff who said:
    - MMS or SMS of a photo is NOT free
    - MMS of a video is not free

    The staff member also said:
    - they cannot tell me what the rates are
    - the rates vary
    - an expert will SMS me the information within the next hour (No SMS received)

  • Boost website says 240GB for $300, 28 day expiry, All for use within Aus

  • 3600 minutes are monthly?