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[Kogan First] Xiaomi Roborock S5 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner $479 Delivered @ Tech Warehouse via Kogan


Cheapest it's been in a while.

Need to be a Kogan First Member to get the Deal but can be added as 14 Day Trial.

Don't forget cashback.


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        • Do you have the option to get a refund?

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          That's a joke.

          S6 pure sold by techwarehouse $599 sold by kogan $699


          S5 max sold by kogan $999

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            @CodeXD: I have replied to Kogan with exactly that and requested a refund. Deceitful ****holes!

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              @campione10: An update, submitted complaint with NSW Fai Trading. Kogan requested I go to a Post Office in order to return the S6. I refused and demanded a courier pick up. Allied Couriers organised by Kogan to pick up from my residence.

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    I got my delivery today and unfortunately got S6 too. I reported to customer care.. they are offering 20$ gesture or refund. I would not trust going refund option as who knows if they claim item missing or something.
    Definitely not buying anything from Kogan anymore!

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      What the heck, why would you not claim a refund?? That's basically you accepting their scam.

      • I agree.. but you need to return ( and from what I understand they will check the item ) and ONLY if they are happy they will issue a refund after 4 weeks. I would not trust this process to go smoothly and do not end up in a situation wherein I am calling/emailing to track my money which will end up being more costly in terms of time/money.

        • I plan to videotape me opening the sealed box from Kogan and seeing a S6 so that I can attach it to an email to ACCC.

          They can deny it all they want, heck take it to court, but in the end it's then paying for my court fees and time.

          • @YellowKnight: there should be a label with all the product details on the box


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              @Indomie5: Thanks. That gets me prepared. Don't touch the box, photograph and video tape the box, contact Kogan and ACCC.

              They don't have a leg to stand on with these shenanigans.

  • Got the S5 Max

    • Did you order Saturday night or Sunday morning?

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        11/04/2021 1:55am

        • My order confirmation email came 10 Apr 2021, 22:26 and I received an s6. Nfi how they decided who got the s5 units

        • Cheers, I ordered Sun, Apr 11, 9:16 AM. Will see if I win the roulette as it seems to be random.

  • I received the S5 max today. Phew, dodged a bullet.

  • I paid by gift card and made order @ 11:50 PM on
    10/04/21 so it seems the order is sent by random sorting.. and received the AU plug today from Kogan in a different package..
    don't know what I should do.. don’t need Kogan refund credit.. The electronically controlled mopping function and larger tank is the only difference between the two models.. 290ml tank on S5 Max v/s 180ml on the S6 Pure.. rest features & specs are identical.. really wanted the better mopping function.. that’s why I got the S5 Max..

    • Do Logan won't refund your money, only give you credit?

      • This is what they said:

        We can certainly proceed with a refund as a resolution. Just to let you know, we are also able to provide you with a Kogan.com account credit. Would you prefer the funds to be provided as an account credit for our store or a refund to your original payment method?

        I assume they’ll credit it back to my Kogan account as I paid by gift cards?

  • People who got S5 max, how are you finding it?
    The app feature works well but the first clean was very average and didn’t pick few of the paper pieces.

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    I noticed the outside Brown cardboard packaging SKU states S5 Max, how can this be the inside of the packaging contains the S6? was this repacked by Kogan and sent?
    I've dropped a complaint with NSW Fair Trading and proceeded with a charge back with my CC due to Kogan customer care not providing a satisfactory response (nil response received) after I told them I don't want the S6 Pure. This was the first and last time I'll be dealing with this mob. also my invoice for the product does not even have the S5 max listed nor the s6, the invoice comes up as Figure 8 Power cable wtf?? the only evidence I have of ordering the S5 Max is the Order screenshot on my kogan account online.

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      Wait, the box says S5 but inside is an S6? That sounds even dodgier than I thought.

      I wonder if I can do a charge back on a debit card.

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    welps.. I received a S6 Pure as well.. lodge complaint already.. let see what happened…

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    That’s really bad they are sending out S6 pure and claiming it’s an upgrade from the S5 max. I was lucky to have received 2/2 S5 max. Haven’t received the Australian plug yet though and no invoice/shipping notice to suggest it’s on its way, will probably have to contact them but it sounds like they are really not helpful…..

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      Wait, you got two S5s. I would count my blessings and just head over to a Jaycar to get a figure 8 cable. Why bother complaining.

  • Did anyone's robot get shipped from Sunshine West, VIC? That's the first update I got for my delivery… If yes, whi h one was it?

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      Mine is arriving from Altona North, VIC today. Will report back.

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      I ordered 2, one said processed in Sydney and was delivered yesterday (S6 Pure), the other said processed in Melb, then processed in Sunshine West, then Melbourne Airport, then Sunshine West again.. yet to turn up in Sydney.

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    I ordered on Sat 11pm - and arrived 13-Apr but in Auspost. Going in to pick it up - let's see what I will be getting!

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      Mine is S6 too - and stated on the brown box even before opening the box.

      I am going through chargeback via my CC; and requested for full refund.

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    Same issue for me. I received the S6 Pure yesterday.

  • those who received S6 pure (myself included) - where do you guys stand now?

    hate to be pushed around into accepting it but having looked around the S6 pure couldn't be purchased at $479, thinking if we keep, get the $20 credit and move on?

    I have the return postage etc issued by Kogan but having 2nd thoughts if I want to go through another saga.

    What are peoples past experience with a refund?

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    I'm going for a refund and already submitted a charge back to my CC.. feels like my contract was for a C63 and recieved a C200. Kogan does have stock of the S5 Max directly selling for $999 they are refusing to replace with that.

    Back to the drawing board, will need to keep an eye out for future deals with reputable sellers!!

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      0% chance kogan will use their own stock for a mess up by a vendor (techwarehouse).

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        the system they have got set up is very confusing, so they have suppliers selling on their platform? i.e. like Amazon? at least with Amazon their customer service is 10000x better. Well Kogan can chase it up with their vendors, they should be helping out their customer/s rather than palming them off. It's clearly not an upgrade, its a downgrade S5 Max vs S6 "Pure". I would have at minimum just accepted a S6, not the entry level S6 Pure.

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          Imagine if the shareholders knew this stuff was happening…

  • WTF all I got was a power cord! Legit a power cord nothing else.

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      I'm starting a charge back

    • +1

      A lot of people had 2 packages arrive, 1 with the vacuum cleaner, and 1 with the power cord. Expect the 2nd one soon.

      • You give me hope sir. I hope I'm not disappointed.

  • I got my S5 max but there's another Kogan parcel says it's arriving tomorrow on AusPost. Idk what it is. I got everything already. The plug is European.

    It also came with x2 AAA batteries but I can't see any part of it which requires batteries? I'm confused.

  • If we do a chargeback do we return the package, wait for kogan to check it etc? What's the process?

    • I don't understand why to rush for a charge back. I'm pretty you can return the item and get a refund without any problem.

      • Just curious as to how it all works, never done one before

        • To me Chargeback is the last resort before going to Police.

        • +1

          If nothing works, e.g. you a company told you the send the item back and promised to refund it, but refund didn't happen for unreasonably long time, you can can call your bank and tell them about the situation. They will open a case and refund you the money with a condition they'll be able to confirm your words – in the following weeks they will investigate the case and communicate with the merchant. In case the merchant manage to confirm that they haven't done anything wrong, the money will be charged from your account and you will be charged a bank fee.

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    I'm a lucky one to receive S5 Max. It came from SUNSHINE WEST VIC (in case someone is trying to correlate the Model and location)

    • +2

      Thank you.. I'll update with what I receive from Sunshine West, too!

      • Same

    • So was everything in one box or did you get a power cord in a separate box?

      • I received the power cord a couple days later in a separate package.

  • Mine arrived today. S5 Max as ordered.

    • Where was it posted from?

      • +1

        AusPost tracking has these as the first entries

        Item processed at facility
        Mon 12 Apr • 7:34pm
        Received and ready for processing
        Mon 12 Apr • 6:24pm

        postage label says "Bay 4 214 Blackshaws Road, Altona North VIC"

        • Ah thanks. Mine was shipped with Toll from Altona North so fingers crossed. Picking up tonight and will let other OzBargainers know.

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    Yay i just received my * WAIT WHAT* s6 pure. And just checked here to see this bull. This is not an upgrade, it is a downgrade and worth far more to me than $20.

    • Which warehouse was it from? As in shipped?

      • Kogan.com Bay 4 214 Blackshaws Road, Altona North VIC

        • I think it is more about what AusPost tracking says

        • Mine was shipped from Altona North VIC and was an S6 Pure as well. I have filed a support ticket requesting for the correct product to be shipped and included reasons why the S6 Pure is an inferior product.

  • Ordered early Sunday morning - still no sign of delivery yet and last tracked was Monday 12th - anyone still waiting to receive theirs ??

    • Yep!, ordered ~9:30am Sunday morning.

      Received by AusPost and ready for processing Monday……
      Item processed at SUNSHINE WEST VIC Tuesday…….
      Item processed at SUNSHINE WEST VIC Wednesday…….

      nothing since


      • Where are you based? I’m in Melb and tracking still says received and ready for processing ….

        • Adelaide

    • Yep, still waiting for 1/2 orders. It seems they are shipping from multiple warehouses and this is more of an AusPost issue. 5 days for Express Shipping is pretty average but far worse is not getting the product you ordered!

      Kogan have never seemed to greatly care about their reputation, but this is a huge risk with marketplace sellers. However as they are offering a full refund, there's little other recourse we have. I've asked for more than the $20 credit offered, but am not expecting they will move.

  • +1

    Got the S6 as well and emailed their customer care with photos of the package received that clearly states it is a S6 Pure. They got back and asked me to open the box and provide more photos of the actual item received. Wouldn't this makes it even harder for me to get a full refund? They also want me to tell them how the item I received differs from the one I ordered?? Never buying from Kogan again…

    • +1

      Yep, same here and I just got an offer of $20 credit. I just replied her email and requested to ship the S5 Max.

      • Did they agree to reship the S5 Max?

    • +1

      What's weird is Kogan have the S5 Max back in stock right now lol

      • That’s from official Roborock Store, AU Stock, warranty for $999. Tech Warehouse on Kogan Marketplace is the seller responsible for this listing.

        • Does it matter? If they want to send a similar product, send the same product. Not one that's worse for mopping.

          It's the cost of doing business.

        • Nah it was Tech Warehouse (screenshot):


          • @prodnus: Haha what even, the case grows!

          • @prodnus: Yes, on the Kogan platform. And defended by Kogan representatives. So how is it not their problem?

        • Well, I won't expect to get S5 max but still expect to get extra 'goodwill' credit

  • So I just got my package here in SA.

    The box clearly says S5 and the labels say S5, but I read other comments where it was still a S6 Pure.

    Should I open it?

    • Ah well.
      You don't have a choice.

    • Yes, you have to open it regardless, Kogan CS will still ask you to take photo of the item to prove if you receive S6 Pure.

      • +1

        Got lucky. It's a Roborock S5 Max.

        • Can you give your tracking status please?

          • +1

            @shap08: Ordered Sunday AM.
            Shipped Monday from Melbourne.
            Arrived in Adelaide Thursday.
            Delivered today, AusPost.

  • I just received mine, an S5 Max. I know how lucky I am, given what's been going on.

    For those interested, I ordered on 11/April/2021 at 9:15 am.

    Delivery to Western Sydney.

    …and, not that I want to rub it in. But it's amazing. We watched in awe as it mapped out our home, like those robot toys that used to go forward until they bumped a wall, and then backtrack and continue in a new direction. We watched a floorplan form in the app in real-time. We even played with the remote control and joystick in the app. This is a very, very cool vacuum.

  • opened the S6 Pure. Says current firmware: 01.09.36 with an update available to 01.12.04.

    Anyone who updated or is on the 01.12.04 firmware - do you notice any difference/issue post update?

    • How are you finding it? I’m thinking about opening and using it given that I won’t be getting refund.

      • +1

        Having our first robo vacuum, I won't even pretend to know much but can say the build quality is good.

        Has great manoeuvrability and not going over the same spots twice. Maps out perfectly and have covered 70m2 of the house both timber floor and medium pile carpet.

        I need to try the mop and understand this does not have the adjustable water ratio through the app vs S5 Max but rather uses gravity, I thought it may not necessarily be a bad thing. For eg, if adjustable dispenser stops working on S5Max, I could at least still get S6 pure mop going.

        I don't have a large hard floor area, so as long as the 180ml works, I'm all good.

      • Get a free robot vacuum by ensuring you video cam your opening and provide it as proof to Credit card company that they sent the wrong one, and they are refusing communications to refund. Then initiate a chargeback lol.

  • Anyone received delivery in Perth? I got the shipping registration on Monday but nothing since.

  • So my tracking for the vacuum went…
    Sunshine West Vic
    Melb Airport
    Sunshine West Vic
    Sunshine West Vic

    So it looks like they shipped the item, went to the airport. Then they recalled the item, went back to Sunshine West Vic, they picked it up (hopefully gave me correct product) then they sent it back to Sunshine West Vic.. I'm expecting to see Melb Airport next..

    either that, or they took out the s5max and put in a s6 pure.. but im hoping its the other way around

    • This is mine so far..

      Item processed at facility
      Item processed at facility
      Item processed at facility
      In transit to next facility in MELBOURNE AIRPORT VIC
      Item processed at facility
      Item processed at facility

      It's gone through a hell of a lot of "processing".. now due to arrive on Monday!

  • +4

    Looks like signs of positivity for me. My case was passed onto a Senior Support Team member and he has been very accommodating and wants to get it resolved.

    Says there is an investigation and in the meantime I can open up the S6 pure use it until they get the S5 Max out to me, then send it back at their cost.

    Big change of tune and understanding than the previous guy. Hope they are doing the same for you affected guys too.

    I hope you are well.
    Please note your claim was passed to me as I am part of the senior support team.
    I understand your frustration with this matter as we would like to provide you with the item you had purchased.
    We don't like to see our customers upset and inconvenienced - we always try to create a positive customer experience.
    I can confirm we are looking into the product issue and hope to locate the correct model for you.
    In the meantime would you be willing to keep the device until we are able to resolve this for you?
    You are welcome to use it until we can provide you with a positive outcome.
    Please let me know if this would be acceptable for the time being.


    Thank you for the reply and I understand your concerns.
    Rest assured I will assist you through this matter and hope to provide you with a positive outcome.
    I am contacting you on behalf of Tech warehouse.
    There is currently an investigation being conducted in regards to the product and the stock to ensure the correct item is in the warehouse.
    I am unable to provide a timeframe for the investigation at this point but rest assured that as soon as I have an update I will let you know.
    As per my previous email, you are welcome to use the current product and once we have the correct device sent to you we will arrange the return of the incorrect unit at our own cost.
    In the meantime, if there is anything else I can assist with, please let me know.

    • Good to know. Are you able to share support rep's name?

      • His name is Adnan.

    • +1

      This is some solid customer service if true.

    • Did you request to speak to the manager to get changed from the previous guy to the Senior Support Team member?

      • +2

        No I was just frank and candid. I was hoping they would eventually work to send the S5max which I really wanted. but last few days not hearing from them at all and seeing it snowball with you all I lost all hope and was ready to ask for a return label. And was shopping for alternatives. I also mentioned in my emails I was ready to send my case to consumer affairs because what they did and their response was clearly against consumer law. Might have escalated that way.

        • +1

          I fought with mine for an s5 max and wanted confirmation this practice wouldn't happen again and that tech warehouse would be punished. Now they are no longer replying. Maybe mine was escalated too and thats why. Otherwise, I guess the ACCC will have extra ammo for them.

          • +1

            @noobshoes: Yes, keep us updated. I am waiting for a response too after requesting them to send me S5 Max immediately. I will escalate it if I do not get reply on Monday.

            • @kinjeng: How do you escalate when they don't have a phone number?

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