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Eneloop Rechargeable Pack Inc Charger, 8 AA & 4 AAA $39.98 @ Costco (Membership Required)


Costco have these sets on sale again.

8 x AA
4x AAA

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      Can someone post these every week?

      • Every two weeks. Generally Costco specials last a fortnight.

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    I'm interested but not an Eneloop export - are these the good ones? I think that's the Japanese made ones right?

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          Thanks for paying your respects.

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      Panasonic returned production of Eneloops back to Japan since around 2018, so both Eneloop lines (Eneloops and Eneloop Pros) are now fully made in Japan. Pretty much all of the Eneloop deals on OzBargain since then are for Japanese-made Eneloops.

    • How would these compare to the Ikea Ladda?

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        Same factory different packages.

        • really?

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      Yes, they made in Japan, but the charger is a basic charger, it takes 10 hours to fully charge.

      • Can you recommend a decent charger?

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          Nitecore Intellicharger i4

          • @Wizard: I've seen that charger recommended before on OzB, but where's the best place to buy one? I can only seem to find them sold on eBay, by third-party sellers on Amazon AU, and on obscure websites.

            edit: found Nitecore UMS4 charger sold by Amazon AU, will just get that instead (:

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        And need to charge in pair.

  • Last year these were $35 on special and ~$40 normal price.

  • My understanding is that the charger included in this package is no good.

    Does it make economical sense to buy the batteries and charger separately

    • $43 for the same combination of Ikea LADDAs, but depends what sizes you need and how long you're willing to wait in the hope that a better deal on individual sizes of eneloops go on sale somewhere.
      It's worth buying a smart charger regardless.

      • Any recommendation on a smart charger?

        My understanding is that LADDA White 2450 is equivalent to the Enloop Pro so it's a better deal

        Ikea KVARTS Battery charger does not say its a smart charger

      • Both the IKEA LADDA and the pros have a higher capacity but it comes at the cost of a significantly reduced lifespan as stated in charge cycles. (500 vs 2000) I would prefer the regular eneloops to have the longer lifespan.

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          You need to think about your use case. If you're expecting to fully cycle every day, then I agree, the regulars are the way to go, but you're probably better considering a non-battery solution.
          For most of my use cases, I find I only need to recharge once a year. Even in uses where I switch or recharge the batteries every 12-13 weeks the Pros will last 125 years, which is well beyond my expected lifespan, so that the practical difference between 500 and 2000 recharges is illusory.

          • @CacheHunter: I disagree - those figures are in an ideal testing environment. There are also reports of the pros dying fairly quickly (2 years) under normal use.

            The most useful information here is the ratio - the normal eneloops are ~4x as durable as the pros, for 20-25% less per-charge capacity. Not having to buy replacements as often is far more useful to me than having a decent bit more capacity between recharges.

  • get the japanese panasonic black eneloops. They're so much more dope

    • Black is pro with shorter lifespan -> (Pro: 500 vs Regular: 2000)
      Depends on your usage:
      High drain / high voltage demand (e.g.: Professional Camera Flash) -> Eneloop Pro
      Low (e.g.: Game console controller / majority household appliances like table clock ) -> Regular

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        Add old style Apple Magic Mouse and Keyboard to the high drain category.

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        Who enjoys changing their batteries every week? See my comment above, does it really matter if your batteries have a 100 or 500 year lifespan? Even with the regular eneloops in my high drain devices I get at least a month between recharges.
        Personally, I recommend just getting whichever eneloops (or ikealoops) are cheapest.

  • It is safe to assume stated charge cycles of LADDA White 900mAh is 500 and not 2000

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      Even if you charge once a week last 10 years.

      • Fantastic Analysis as I was looking from point of view that the Pro's have 25% life span of that of the regular but for an average user it would not matter

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    On a similar note, there's 8 x AAA 1100mAh 'EBL' brand rechargeable Ni-MH batteries on sale at Amazon for $18 delivered with the coupon. That works out to be 30% cheaper than LADDA AAA's. Worth it?

  • I will wait for the Energizer ones….
    Hopefully soon….

  • I don't have Costco membership. Is this or similar deal available anywhere else?

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