NetGear Nighthawk M5 $699 Outright (Was $799) @ Telstra


NETGEAR Nighthawk® M5
5,040 mAh
Operating System
Windows 7 and later, Mac OS 10.7 and later
Network Support 4GX
Network Support 5G
Telstra Blue Tick
105 mm
21.5 mm
105 mm
240 grams
13 hours
Stand-By Time
500 hours
Wi-Fi Features
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n/ax 2.4GHz, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/n/ac/ax 5GHz
3G Network
850/900/1900/2100 MHz
4G Network
700/900/1800/2100/2600 MHz
5G Network
5GNR Sub 6GHz n5/n7/n78

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  • JV inc.

  • Pricey.
    Might as well but a flagship phone and hotspot it haha


      Once you go a nighthawk you never go back. (To a mobile hotspot)

      • I am using a nighthawk m2 at home with kogan. Been working well after I updated it

        • I've been using an m2 at home as well, quite happy with it. Killed the battery in it (too many overheat warnings) so use it direct off 12v solar -> 5v usb.

          I need a 16dbi antenna to get 1 bar of reception with optus where I am. Does work, but not the greatest of course.

          • @MorriJ: What sort of speed do you get? We’re moving rural and will be about 2km from an Optus tower, think I’ll be going external antennas too. Thinking of one of these (not sure I trust Huawei), with the carrier aggregation of Cat 20. Just depends on the tower, I think the one we’ll be near is only B28 and B3.

            I guess it’s going to be faster than NBN satellite.

            • @GeneralSkunk: I'm in a semi rural location (around 2.5km to an optus tower and around 3km to a telstra tower). Next door are eligible for satellite, but i fall in a proposed future build of fixed wireless (2022) so can't get satellite using my address with NBN.

              Using Optus, with an antenna 3m up a tree pointing towards their tower, I get 25MB down, 1MB up. I am using Tangerine 1TB for 70 a month.

              With Telstra, I get around 40MBit down and 4MBit up using 10dbi external antennas.

              For Telstra I am using a Cisco 1900 series with the external antennas attached (removed them from the campervan). For Optus, using the nighthawk as I lose signal with antenna cable runs. I have it attached to a tree with a solar panel w 12v battery powering the setup and using ethernet backhaul on the nighthawk.

              ive got a ubquiti using these as wan1 and wan2 and can weighted lb them if needed but telstra is $ per mb compared to optus.

     <- optus setup. 4G 16dbi antenna on top, netgear nighthawk in the grey box below it, battery/solar panel below, usb powered from the solar charger back to the nighthawk. I've removed the battery as the device gets to 70deg on a 35 degree day. So just using external 12v battery for power for it and no internal battery.

              Where I am, no reception on mobile for Optus and 1 bar at best for Telstra.

              • @MorriJ: Thanks for the info, helps set my expectations. I had a laugh at your setup, especially the statue! How’s it hold up in the rain?

                The most interesting thing is how you get almost double speed with Telstra despite being further away. Is the Optus one line of sight or over a hill? Shows it’s not just about proximity, but also bands covered, as well as Telstra using more bandwidth from memory.

                • @GeneralSkunk: Rain is not a problem, survived a lot of water coming down the hill as well in the recent floods. Everything is weatherproof. The grey box is sealed with a grommit at the bottom for the ethernet backhaul and usb power cable and 2x aerial connections.

          • @MorriJ: what antenna are you using? might look to get one.

      • Which flagship phone for $700?

    • Very few phones allow the same band combining this does.

      VERY few phones break the 1Gbps barrier on 4G

  • Shame it doesn't do mmWave for that price

  • Is this just a 5g hotspot with a battery for $700?


      Yeah, similar to an NBN modem without the cables.

    • It's great for streaming as you can plug a dual high-gain antenna into it. Can't do that on an iPhone.

  • is this locked to telstra?


      The information I have available to me suggests that this device should not be network locked. However, I have found information that suggests you may need to tweak the settings a little to get the device working with another network carrier. I have included the step by step instructions below.

      Connect to the modem using USB or Wi-Fi
      Open the web browser
      Navigate to the modems web address of either http://m.home/ or
      Enter the admin login and click Sign In
      Select the Settings.
      Select Advanced Settings and Cellular
      Select Network Mode for carrier selection
      Select Network Band Region for band selection
      These settings will depend on the carrier you will be using the device with, so you may need to research what these settings should be depending on the carrier you are using.

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      Its not locked, but only the Telstra bands are enabled out of the box, however you can easily enable rest of the bands with an AT command over Telnet (I've done this and confirm its working).
      I’ve already tested this with Optus.


    Which 5g plan to use? I see 200gb for $75 month isn’t good.

    • It was $10 off (i.e: $65) last week.
      Their business equivalent now has the same discount, I think all you need to sign up for that is an ABN.
      This modem also works with Optus and Vodafone if you have good 4G/5G coverage.

  • B818 isn't a bad alternative to this, if you only want 4G reception.

  • Today's the last day to pick it up (just got it from a store) and that's what they said.

  • Seriously overpriced for this kind of tech. Issue is what are the alternatives that work just as well. I guess if you are in a location that can pick up 5G and have no decent NBN, then I guess its a price you need to pay.

  • You can often get a $69 ($59 after the $10 discount that they apply in store) plan with 150gb per month and this for free at JB and TGG. I got one in Jan. It has replaced my NBN, which dropped out continually and got me between 10mbps and 40mbps. With this and my mesh route I get 200mbps+ throughout the house. I use two 150gb plans in it.

    • Nice, I had a look at both websites. They don’t say anything about free 4G router, is that something they give you in store? JB has a $250 in store voucher, maybe that covers it?

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    Got one a month ago for the same price, I think the $100 discount was there for a while now.
    Anyhow, a grate modem!. Its unlocked and supports all sub 6Ghz 5G and 4G bands, comes out of the box with just the Telstra bands enabled, but you can easily enable / disable any band you want with AT commands over Telnet.
    I also have an old B525 modem, the Nighthawk is around 50~100Mbps faster than the B525 for me on Optus 4G when testing side by side; and I can hit 500Mbps+ on Telstra 5G when my closest tower is a little over 1km away!.

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    In case anyone is interested here are all the bands it supports

    • 3G: WCDMA 900,WCDMA 850,WCDMA 1900,WCDMA 2100
    • 4G: LTE B42,LTE B41,LTE B40,LTE B38,LTE B28,LTE B20,LTE B8,LTE B7,LTE B3,LTE B1
    • 5G: NR5G N40,NR5G N38,NR5G N28,NR5G N20,NR5G N8,NR5G N7,NR5G N5,NR5G N3,NR5G N1,NR5G N78,NR5G N77