Save up to 15% on Your Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy + 20,000 Everyday Rewards Points @ Woolworths Insurance


This is worth $100 in groceries at Woolworths.

I also tried the long running CARX03 code which is marked as expired and it also worked and gives you an e-gift card. There are two differences:

  1. The quote with CARX03 was $12 more than REW20K for me.
  2. According to the T&C, the points are given within 45 days and the e-gift within 30 days after payment of the first premium.

With effectively $100 discount, the premium for me is pretty reasonable and is less than the renewal premium I just received.

I used a similar deal last year and had to chase them after 45 days but I eventually got the points.

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  • do you need the orange card for this points redemption?

  • Does this work on current policy holder with Woolworths Insurance?

    • Read suggestions in previous Deals.
      Used one of these offers end of last year. Just terminated existing Woolies Policy (on chat) & took up new policy.

      Received $100 of points on Rewards card in a month. Easy.

  • I’ve been with woolies insurance for a few yrs - pay by the month + lower premium for fewer k’s were the clinchers for me. My only concern is you can’t choose your own repairer.

  • Was about to renew our policy with Woolies. But saw this so signed up for the extra points. Turned out new quote was cheaper too. Winning.


    • Wait until you make a claim

      • Just made a claim, went really smoothly, no other party involved in accident though, so that may be were things are difficult for others.

      • Oh yeah missus had a nightmare with Woolies and I said I would never use them again but in the other had a deal is a deal 🤣

        • Woolworths have awful claims. Widely known.

          • @imurgod: They couldn't best beat my Budget direct renewal quote anyways

            • @DannyBoy: I hope you don't have a nice car.

              The things to look out for with BD are that they use aftermarket parts (I have seen mismatched panels, leaking headlights / taillights, headlight surrounds glued together rather than replaced, etc.) and the worst of all is how they pay you if you write off the car. They don't even go by industry guides, they just underpay you (a few direct insurers are starting to do this).

              I suppose for most people it's fine if you don't care about your car that much but I didn't spend all that money on a German vehicle to have someone fit inferior parts to it.

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        Had Woolies insurance until recently (price had gone up substantially after a couple of renewals, while the agreed value insured had declined substantially as well), but the policy was cheap, and the one time we had to claim it went pretty smoothly. Car wing mirror was clipped while parked, was spotted by friends (parked outside my wife's work) but no number plate, so we fixed it ourselves for ~$800. Reported to police, who managed to get footage from a nearby business, and provided the footage to us for the insurer and we were promptly refunded all expenses incurred, no excess.

        Can't complain about the outcome, and would have stuck with them, but they were screwing us on the renewals…

        • Had Woolies insurance until recently (price had gone up substantially after a couple of renewals, while the agreed value insured had declined substantially as well)

          They must all do this. I realised years ago (with some of them anyway) if you stay they give you some kind of loyalty discount but often don't bother to tell you! So you look up what you think you'll pay, but it will be more.

          e.g. One year I saw some deal, researched how much all the different insurers would charge including the one I was already with. Then I happened to ring them and mentioned the price and they said: "That's not what you'll pay. That's a new customer quote. You'll pay less than that because you've been with us a couple of years." And they looked up my account and it showed I'd pay $xx less than their online quote showed.

          Also, in my research NRMA came up second or third most expensive, but then my mother said the same thing… that she checked all insurers and NRMA came up cheapest. So I assume NRMA must have been giving them a discount for being with them x years, where their online quote gives one of the highest prices.

          • @Faulty P xel: Woollies were insistent on increasing my costs every year, in spite of the declining car value, and were unwilling to negotiate at all, so I jumped ship.

            In terms of who's cheapest, that also varies quite a bit depending on your particulars and their risk models. Some major providers were literally 3-4x the price of Woollies at the time I initially signed up, I was on the phone to one and she said she couldn't believe the quote and told me to go somewhere else - it was ~$2.5k/year vs the ~$600/year I went with for comparable coverage, but something (probably postcode 3000 and/or shared apartment building car parking, even though secure) was flipping it into a seriously high risk category that most other insurers didn't agree with.

            It's frustrating to have to insure or own the damn thing at all, tbh, it's borderline unused (< 2,000 km/year), but my wife absolutely must have a car so that she can driver the 1km to the Queen Vic Market instead of walking. It'd literally be cheaper for us to Uber everywhere than to own the stupid thing (taking into account maintenance, insurance, fuel, opportunity cost of not leasing out our car space).

            • @ely: LOL. The first few years of driving I didn't insure and had 3 accidents. I've insured every year since and 3 decades on haven't had another accident. I've thought about dropping insurance. I bet the same week I did, some blue haired gran in a bowls hat will t-bone me.

              I'm with Shannon's. Went with them a few years ago after buying an early 90s car with only 20,000km. They allowed me to set the value over the phone based on what I paid, sight unseen, and the policy only goes ent up about $30 each year I think. The second year I phoned them because they dropped the car value. I drive similar km to your wife so I phoned and the guy upped the value again, said it would fall again each year, but to just phone them to up the value again.

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    why is my woolies quote always double than others!

  • What is the e-gift card worth? Is that only with the CARX03 promo code?

    I assume you can transfer 20,000 points for $100 equivalent?

    • $100 and yes.

      No the points are locked to the Woolworths rewards system. But the system automatically converts it to $ value every night at approx midnight . Once converted you can use the $100 value to buy anything from the Woolworths owned line of retailers, eg. Woolies, petrol, big W, BWS

  • I keep getting error after first screen, contact your administrator. Anyone else facing this issue?

  • Car is due for insurance renewal this month. Woolworths was cheaper for me last year, but bingle quote is over $400 less this year (or $300 if you take the $100 promo code into consideration).

  • WW's insurance is costlier than other insurance providers. Asked them to price match and was told they couldn't do it

  • Check the PDS.
    And extras are expensive - windscreen, excess reduction, driver under 20 and rental car.
    No choice of repairer that I can see. This is important unless you have a dunger.
    I've stayed with my current provider and asked for a lower price. Which I got.
    Just sayin'.

  • Can I get 10% off my shop twice a month if I also have my mobile plan through Woolies? Or can I use my partner's ER card (but still have insurance under my name)?

    • Renewal with Budget Direct was $547, now $422 with Woolies (effectively $322 after points) using drive less pay less. And now agreed value for car rather than market value. Perfect timing as renewal was due today. Thanks OP!

  • I've used the code CARX03. OP do you get the egift card in a few days? Where did you find this code?

    • It will be emailed to you exactly on the 30th business day after your first payment ( it was 45 business days )

      • Bahahaha.. Many of us had to call…and calll…and call to get the gift card (long waiting times on hold). In my situation they eventually conceded and agreed to send an e gift card (around the 60 day mark). Then maybe 7 months later, the physical gift card arrived.

    • This info is in the first post.

  • Not competitive for me. Identical policy re agreed values, excess and extras.

    My examples

    Comprehensive cover for 60k SUV $1k/pa dearer than budget direct
    3rd party, property, fire, theft cover for $5k hatch $6/pa dearer than racv

    This is taking into account points value

    • Interesting that yours was $1000 MORE than budget direct. My whole amount was $1000. Vehicle not too different.

  • With the reward points it saves about $300 for me (we only use that car for around 10,000km). I've been comparing policies the last few days, so great timing for me. I'll have a glass of wine tonight and toast you OP! Cheers!

  • Excuse me! I just renewed with Budget Direct, can I switch to this and the insurance at Budget Direct refunded back to me? Thanks.

    • Depends how long you had it. There's a cooling off period on insurance by law - maybe 14 days I think?

      • I have had it for a couples years, just renewed last week.

        • Should be 14 days cooling off period. Check your Certificate of Insurance for confirmation. For example, This is Woolworth's:
          "Cooling off period and cancellation fee: You have 14 days after buying or renewing this policy to decide if it meets your needs and you wish to continue. If you choose to cancel your policy within the 14 days after buying this policy we will give you a refund provided you have not made a claim. Should you decide to cancel after the cooling off period we will deduct a $30 fee to cover reasonable administration expenses."

  • for a 1.3k quote with coles, woolies matching with 3.2k WTF?

  • Woolworths were not able to beat Suncorp with my multi policy discount.

    In fact Suncorp was $400 cheaper than Woolies …

    I also with with insurance lawyers and Suncorp is a far better insurance company. Woolworths is underwritten by another company that’s not as reputable.

  • I've had my car insured with Woolworths Drive Less Pay Less for the past year. Just bought another policy a week ago with code X02CAR which I saw advertised on facebook. Only $50 bonus voucher but also a slightly cheaper premium. My new policy kicks in in about 1 month.

    I chatted with customer service today online and asked if I could change to REW20K which is worth more bonus to me. They said that code was only valid if I had 2 policies with them (eg. 2 cars, or home+car).

    I'm not convinced that's true, but worth checking the fine print. Sadly we'll all be waiting for 1-2 months to see if the vouchers/points show up.

    I think last year I got a similar voucher but it was through one of those comparison websites (probably the meerkat one)

    • T&C from the insurance quote page

      Discount Terms and Conditions
      * You must provide your Everyday Rewards Card number at the time of purchase to receive Everyday Rewards points. 20,000 Everyday Rewards points will be credited to your Everyday Rewards account up to 45 days after payment of your first monthly/annual premium. Offer conditional on holding this insurance for a minimum of 30 days and first premium payment received by Woolworths Insurance.

  • Wow I am underwhelmed… mines due 8 may Coles 498.09 renewal and woolies $781 minus 100 = 681 big deal what a rip off

    • Different companies view your profile differently based on your age, suburb and past history. Woolworths increased my premium, so I called and asked for discount, they denied. So, I took my policy with AAMI now, they are currently having 50% off on Third Party + Fire + Theft insurance, but you have to call them as they don't offer this promo online. I am currently paying $367 with AAMI (after discount) vs $578 with WW insurance (only Third Party).

      AAMI Deal

  • 20,000 points = 10,000 qantas point, far better than the qantas promotion as I could only get less than 9,000 points with qantas

  • Anyone know how long Points take to come thru after first premium comes out?