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100% Cashback on Mystery $5 Gift Cards (eBay, Amazon, JB Hi-Fi, Kmart, Target, Uber Eats) @ ShopBack App


Hey Guys,

To celebrate the ShopBack 3rd Birthday, we’re doing 100% cashback on $5 gift cards from ebay, Amazon, JB Hi-Fi, Kmart, Target & UberEATS.

There will be 300 gift cards available for each of the below drops. Limit of 1 gift card per account in total across all timeslots.

  • 12pm
  • 2pm
  • 4pm
  • 6pm
  • 8pm

As it’s a mystery purchase, you will purchase the gift card and then you’ll see what brand you receive after but it will be either eBay, Amazon, JB Hi-Fi, Kmart, Target & UberEATS

Referral Links

Referral: random (4068)

$20 for referrer, $10 for referee after first confirmed cashback (minimum purchase $20, exclusions apply) and adding banking details.

Exclusions: Any other Shopback new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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  • +2

    um… sold out at 4:00 sharp? lol

  • cant find any at 4pm!? sold out?!?!?

    • +1

      I think so. I was ready at 4 on the dot.

    • +3

      You being too slow isn't a valid reason to neg lol

    • Where you on the giftcard page in the app refreshing like crazy at 4pm?

    • Yes I got one right at 4 pm this time are around

  • +1

    Instantly OOS again-seems impossible to get 1. Like within 2 seconds all gone

    • I thought so too, but I keep pressing pay now, and eventually I got one around 4.02.

  • +3

    I clicked on it and app crashed!

    • Same

  • thanks op. $5 target. :).

  • I keep refreshing, and occasionally comes "back in stock" but it doesn't let me complete the transaction.

    And then it worked at 4:04pm and gave me a $5 eBay voucher. Cool and weird!

  • I got target..
    Anyone wanna swap with Amazon?… (probably dreaming)

  • Target gift card :/

    • I'd swap my jb card for target if you're interested

  • Man I click through as soon as the link was up, process got a message saying "item was not ready yet" or something similar. Tried again, and already sold out.
    This is all within 5 seconds.

  • Thanks OP! $5 eBay :)

  • +3

    As thought ubereats got shit voucher gonna be binned

    • +1

      I'll give you $100 in monopoly money for it.

      • +4

        Save your monopoly money, it’s worth more than the uber eats card

        • But I'm RICH!

          • +2

            @dins: Then why you tryna grab a $5 UberEats voucher

            I mean, $5 eBay voucher is aight, but UberEats is just sad dude :|

            • @Zackeroo: Planning on swapping the UE voucher for $200 in monopoly money and two shoelaces.

      • I'm willing to up the offer and throw in a shoelace as well.

    • If you dont want the uber eats i'll make use of it

    • +1

      Dm me if you want it for free, first to dm gets it, will send out by tonight. But don't be sending message after 5mins someone probably messaged me about it already before 5 mins.

      Only got 1 voucher, so please don't be mad at me if I say you in messages already given out.

      But assure you first to dm me gets my ubereats voucher, for free

      • +1

        Gone sorry

        • Btw it was me thanks chief.

          Willing to swap for $200 in monopoly money and two shoelaces …. or something better (eg shoes with shoelaces).

  • +1

    I got Target. Knowing my luck the place will go into receivership before I get a chance to get in there.

    • +1

      If Wesfarmers went into receivership we would have bigger problems than your $5 voucher no longer being valid.

      • +1

        Indeed. I forgot it was parented by Kmart Australia, and more broadly Wesfarmers.

        My $5 is safe. Phew.

  • RIP I didn't have my card details set-up HAHAHA

    I could see the payment screen, but couldn't do anything lol. To everyone who got it, you guys set up your card before the thing even started right?

    • I used shopback credit.

      • Yea, I didn't have any lol. Made an account just for this :)

    • To everyone who got it, you guys set up your card before the thing even started right?

      Yes. I was still required to enter a SMS verification code, but it seems once you're there it is reserved.

  • Amazon FTW. Just a tip. Leave the app open on the transaction screen and refresh like crazy once the time comes. Make sure you have your payment method setup in advance. learnt this the hard way the first time.

    • +1

      And enter quantity as '1'.

      • I was faffing around for at least 5 seconds not realising the quantity was set to 0 but fortunately scored one. Probably sold out a split second later :o

  • Got a $5 UberEats gift card :/

  • +3

    I love all the people complaining like this isn't literally free. Unless missing 5 dollars for like 2 weeks is making or breaking you… In that case I don't what to tell you.

    • Unless missing 5 dollars for like 2 weeks is making or breaking you

      Then those people should stay away from OzBargain. :-P

  • What's the expiry date on these gift cards?

    • My Kmart one is 2025

    • Depend which one you got, mostly nowadays from 3years to forever

  • +1

    Where is the eBay promo? Was hoping to buy something today with 25% cash back

    • 25% cashback on eBay? That's optimism!

      Maybe 25% cashback (capped at $2).

      • they advertised as their biggest ebay flash sales ever so its possible, as they did 10% cashback sitewide uncap last year.

        • Fair enough….. The REP did say it starts with a 2, but it's still yet to materialise.

          • +1

            @ash2000: I would say Tomorrow 13th April, He sent that msg at 12:15am not before 12am So Monday, so you will known later tonight after midnight I would say how much it would be

            • @domo653q: Maybe, but he was referring to this $5 offer as being "tomorrow" as well. And it is the birthday sale today. Time will tell.

            • @domo653q: I stand corrected!

  • Having trouble linking the credit card :(

  • Failed to refresh data, please try again!

    App is not working anymore!

    Shame on you shopback!
    I want to do something else and app is not even working!

  • out. I'll drown my $5 of sorrows in the 35%-reduced BWS purchase I just made :)

  • +1

    Finally got it after trying all day and I get a god damn uber eats voucher

    • Happy to swap for JB if you on me

      • +1

        Thanks but for this amount I'm not gonna bother. Just going to add it to my account and wait for a rainy day.

  • Bloody BS. Clicked it and the app refreshed back to home, then sold out.

  • Got Kmart

  • Missed, trying for the first time. Sold out in a few sec.

  • Got eBay

  • +1

    Missed at 2pm and 4pm, finally got an Amazon at 6pm

    • Better then getting $5 uber eats

  • Got JB GC, not bad

  • +1

    Seriously. I refreshed constantly up until 6pm, banner went live and app crashed. Jumped straight back in and all sold. How could have 300 have sold in a matter of 15 seconds?

  • Got Kmart .. can't complain :)

    Edit: swapped with eBay card with another ozbargain user above … Win-Win

  • +1

    If you see it's sold out, just keep refreshing the page and see if it would change to Pay Now. I got mine at 6.02 after doing so. Got K-mart which was what I wanted :)

  • +1

    Ok so the trick is….you need to constantly refresh the screen, eventually there will be payment screen coming up but when you put in your details it'll keep saying 'sold out'. Keep refreshing, and then, after a few minutes, it should work for you.

    • Thats great if you can still get to that screen. If you are stuck at the drop already gone you cant get to that screen anymore.

    • I just clicked the mystery gift card banner, then where it says "next drop banner" and it went to the gift card purchase screen for the payment option. Was pretty seamless transaction for me personally, however, when it was time to see what card I got it blank screened 3 times before its reveal.

  • I kept on refreshing and then manage to get through just literally right now and it is an uber eat voucher! :(

  • +2

    Happy to get a Target one, considering it could have been Uber Eats.

  • Got my $5 Amazon GC.

  • -3

    Good luck to anyone that got anything worthwhile. But honestly not sure why these get so many up votes. Don't upvote offers that are (near) 'unachievable'.

    • I mean I don't know if I'd call it near unachievable since like 50+ people here ended up with a free 5 dollar gift card.

      • You’re right 50+ people got the offer. But how many more missed out? 500+ 5000+?

        • If even 10 fellow Oz bargainers got it. It was worth it. Just because you might have missed out doesn't mean it wasn't a good deal.

  • +1

    So no offers for the $5 UE voucher? I'm kinda shocked tbh.

    Willing to go down to $150 in monopoly money & one and a half shoelaces.

    Get in quick!

  • Wow didn't think I would get it at this last batch, $5 target gc here.

  • Got the last drop
    $5 Amazon GC

  • Got $5 eBay gc!

  • Stoked! I got eBay

  • Invalid OTP

  • Got a $5 Kmart GC after missing the other drops 🥳

  • Yay! FINALLY was quick enough - eBay!

    • I'll give you an ubereats for that

    • I will give you JB

      • +1

        Thank God you didnt flip those letters.

        • God bless you

    • I will give you a bear hug.

  • Finally got one! Target, yay! 👍

  • Yay got an ebay voucher 🥳

  • Finally got one! Target accomplished 😁

  • Misses every single one of them. Shame on my Wi-Fi for dropping out so many times ugh :(

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