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[XB1] Halo: The Master Chief Collection - $24.97 (was $49.95) - Microsoft Store


The Halo Master Chief Collection is also on sale for a fantastic $24.97 for Xbox on the Microsoft Store.
Definitely worth it if you have not got any or just one or two Halo games.

Yes, it is included in Gamepass but some of us like to buy games.

Plus, if you are going down the Gamepass route, get Ultimate and play on PC as well.

From the website:

Six games, one epic saga. The Master Chief's entire story is brought together and optimized for Xbox Series X|S. : Featuring Halo: Reach, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST Campaign, and Halo 4, this is the definitive Halo experience.


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  • Does anyone play this online multiplayer?

    I'm playing halo 5 and sometimes there isn't much of a player pool, wish there was a way to figure out populations of the playlists.

    • So I’ve got this on PC and played a few games yesterday, had some shocker laggy games, figured out there was a region limiter and only ticked AUS and West coast for US. Games were found a couple of minutes later far less laggy.

      Answer your question - yeah finding games is relatively easy, people still play multiplayer, expect a massive influx around the release of the new halo game

      Edit; shoot me a PM if you want to play later. I’ve been fantasising about doing a LASO run but need reliable people haha

      • You can check Halo Ping times here

        I wish I had the time to do a laso run.

        • Hahah I didn’t say in one go.. it’ll take some time rofl .. but yes, I too wish I had the time these days.

      • I bought this last year at full price and ended up getting a refund. The multiplayer is extremely broken and 343 has no plans to fix any of it

    • It might just be the times that you're on. I set up custom playlists with just Halo 1 and 2 maps and I still get games within a few minutes or so.

  • Highly recommended. It's such an amazing experience now.

  • -3

    Free on gamepass.

    • +2

      Did GP become free?
      Also, please see description.

  • MCC was like $7 a few years back?

    • When? That would have been a fantastic deal but I cannot seem to find info in that. The only info I can find on this states that this is the lowest price for The Collection.

        • -2

          Grey unofficial reseller with dodgy keys. Thanks for finding it but no thank you.

        • I believe you would have needed to purchase ODST and Reach separately if you had the game from back then (2016 deal) which adds a bit to the cost. The MS store listing was updated in Nov/Dec 2019 for GamePass/PC releases with the one linked to in this article which has ODST and Reach included in the purchase as per the 'in this bundle' section. Prior to that there was the initial 2014 release which can be found at this link, and does not include Reach or ODST in the listing and instead those two games are 'available addons' that cost money (or free with Game pass).

          People who purchased the Masterchief collection at launch and were impacted by the first few months of unreliable servers etc, were given ODST for free, but that would have ended by the time that 2016 deal came around.

          I've had MCC since 2014 but had to get Reach separately to own it.

    • I scored a physical copy for that eons ago. That deal got even better over time when 343 patched it to perfection. I love the MCC.

  • If I buy this on the MS store will it let me play it on xbox as well as PC?

    • No, not that version. It does not say "Play Anywhere" so this is only for XBOX.

    • +1

      Lysander might be correct, but the Play Anywhere version HERE is the one you want for the same price.

      You'll know this is the right one as it says BOTH Xbox One X Enhanced and for PC.

      • This is the real deal here. I bought the Xbox version a couple of years ago and only found out through chat that it’s platform specific. This needs to be higher for visibility

      • +1

        I am sorry but as much as I want you to be right you are not.

        Here is a list of the Xbox Play Anywhere games and the Halo: Master Chief Collection is not on it.

        If it was for both PC and Xbox, it would state "Xbox Play Anywhere".

        What you are referring to merely states that the game was enhanced for XB1 and not necessarily for PC.
        Or in other words, it says the game is for PC but gives you the additional info that the game is enhanced for XB1.

        • +1

          I've now spent the last half an hour trying to prove you wrong, and the best I can do is… you're probably right :/

          I could swear black and blue that I had access to MCC on PC prior to Game Pass - as I'd already bought it on Xbox ages ago. The problem is that any Store page or website tells me that both variants can be installed via Game Pass regardless of 'owning' the licence or not. But if I go to Astroneer, which is a Play anywhere title, I definitely get the 'Install To' options for both my PCs and my Xboxes in the one list, which MCC does not have on either variant.

          I really don't want to be wrong, but unfortunately it's likely the Mandela Effect and I'm misremembering. Which sucks for anyone wanting it for both console & PC

          • @Switchblade88: I am sorry too but that is the way that Microsoft appears to want to handle it.

      • The only thing with the one developed primarily for PC. Is that it says that it's only optimized for Xbox One X (Xbox One X Enhanced). But the one developed primarily for Xbox says Optimised for Xbox Series X|S. So i think that the one made primarily for PC may be an older version capped at 60fps with no new gen console optimisation at all. If you've got an Xbox Series S or X then you're better off going with the one made primarily for Xbox console only which states Optimised for Xbox Series S|X. That version probably supports 120fps gaming on the Xbox Series X. Sure you lose cross play with PC but at least it's optimised for the next gen console. It's a completely different version with a different release date. It's the same price.

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