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[eBay Plus] DJI Mavic Mini Fly More Combo $439, Sennheiser GSP 350 Gaming Headset $39, Lenovo C340 $319.20, 100e $235.20 @ eBay


Upcoming deal for eBay Tuesday

Lenovo C340 $319.20 - 95 90 total units. Launching at 10am AEST - PLUSLC10

Lenovo 100e $235.20 - 125 total units. Launching at 10am AEST - PLUSLE10

DJI Mavic Mini Fly More Combo $439 - 250 total units. Launching at 10am and 4pm AEST - PLUSMV10

Sennheiser Gaming Headphones $39 - 500 total units. Launching at 10am and 4pm AEST - PLUSSG10

Mod Note: Added the Lenovo 100e - Credits to domo653q

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      what mess up? the gopro coming in next month?

      • starting the sodastreams 5 minutes early. so many people are salty on that one. luck if you managed to refresh before the go-live like i did.

  • Is this the lowest mini fly more or there was even lower than this?

    • You can check here

  • Lenovo C340 Laptop:
    Big W @ $399 (RRP $549)

    Fast, flexible, and fun, the Lenovo Chromebook C340-11 brings everyone’s favorite Chromebook features, housed in a slim 2-in-1 chassis, running on the lightning-fast Chrome OS that boots up in seconds, updates automatically, and is protected by built-in virus protection. Smaller than a piece of A4 paper, the Lenovo Chromebook C340-11 features an Intel® processor with up to 10 hours of battery life, the Lenovo Chromebook C340-11 is your best companion from day to night.
    Weight is 1.2kg. 64GB of storage

    Product Features:

    The breathtaking Chromebook C340 (11") boasts an ultraportable, 360° convertible design and all-day battery life
    It’s just 1.2kg and takes up less space than a piece of printer paper, but Intel processing gives it power that belies its size
    Thanks to the HD, wide-view IPS display, you can enjoy and share all your favorite movies and videos with crystal clarity
    Chromebook C340 (11") makes it easy to connect to other devices, thanks to its two ultrafast USB-C 3.1 Gen 1 ports, two USB-A 3.1 Gen 1 port, and audio jack. Built-in 802.11ac WiFi and Bluetooth 4.2 make connecting wirelessly a breeze
    Stay productive with Chrome OS. No setup needed—just log in with your Google account to experience the safe, streamlined Chrome operating system
    Google Play Store is your gateway to entertainment on the Chromebook C340 (11"). With millions of apps at your fingertips from the moment you log in, you’ll enjoy a rich library of games, music, movies, TV, books, and more
    This Chromebook features 4 GB of RAM for running more applications simultaneously and so that it can handle your everyday needs in a fast, responsive manner.
    It includes 64 GB of storage, perfect for anyone who primarily streams their media or keeps their files in the cloud.

    Big W Ads:

  • So, just to confirm, I will need to have an eBay+ account?

    • Yes, get a free one month trial

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        Bloody money grab for new customers. Should reward the existing members

        • -1

          New members are subsidizing the existing member rewards; thanks for all who keep joining around these promos (and cancelling) or they will stop em.

  • +1

    Lenovo chromebook c340 is also discontinued product (Lenovo website) and replaced by IdeaPad Flex 3i Chromebook 11"

    • So some seller is getting rid of old stock.

      • +1

        So some seller is getting rid of old stock.

        Yes, seems likely.

        Lenovo chromebook c340 is also discontinued product (Lenovo website) and replaced by IdeaPad Flex 3i Chromebook 11"

        You can buy the newer replacement model Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 3i Chromebook 11" for the same price as the ebay "special price" for the discontinued Lenovo Chromebook C340.
        Currently available at Bing Lee for $319.

  • +2

    If you bought the drone at the $299 offer a few weeks ago, I reckon you’re still better off.

    The DJI case with the fly more combo is reportedly a turd which damages propellers, and you can buy yourself a battery, case and propellers, cheaper than this deal, if you started at $299 for the drone.

    • +2

      If you sell the 2 spare batteries for $50 each, the case and charger for $20 each you end up keeping the rest for the same price of $299. You get to keep 8 spare propellers and the guards.

      The problem is this will be much harder to get as it's only a total 250 units in 2 rounds. Last time was 500 units 1 round.

  • @Skido
    Another Computer listed on Ebay Tuesday Page :

    Lenovo 100e $235.20 (125 Units) 10am

    • Added to title/description.

  • +1

    Only a few dollars cheaper than Amazon $239?

    • Amazon says $329 for me

  • +1

    For those considering buying the DJI Mavic Mini Fly More Combo,
    here is the YouTube video showing all the accessories that come with the drone.

    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9hVS-EW6j0

  • Is the image quality the same on the DJI mini as the mini 2? I don't really need 4k video. Just wondering which one to buy :)

    Oh and is it the same seller as the deal last week?

    • Mavic mini 2.7K and mini 2 is 4K.

  • Cheers. And also is the $300 deal likely to be repeated or is this deal as close as those of us who missed out are likely to get?

    • Prob as close as it gets

    • +1

      You could probably sell the 2 spare batteries at $50 each, charger at $40 and case at $40.

      That would make the basic Mavic Mini $259 with 8 more spare propellers and a set of guards.

      • I dont think you will get those prices on gumtree

  • Thanks guys. Just one more question. I don't have a decent phone at the moment. What would be the cheapest way to get a screen for the controller handset? :)

    • +1

      It comes with 3 different cables for micro-USB, USB-C and Lightning. So you can choose a refurbished Samsung/iPhone to suit your budget.

      • Cheers. Would tablets fit in it too or is it designed for phone screens?

        • It has 2 claws at the bottom of the controller which grips the phone so it will not hold a tablet.

  • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/DJI-Mavic-Mini-Fly-More-Combo-Wh... just went out of stock. looking good for anyone who added to cart.

    • The (profanity)? First time using eBay Tuesday, was I supposed to add to cart before 10am?

      • They removed stock just before, if you had it in cart, you have an advantage now if it is the actual listing.

        • OMG I just removed it from my cart, derp

          • +1

            @theguyrules: I got it, score.

            Your order's in!
            We'll email updates to ***(
            You should get it by Mon, 19 Apr.

            • +1

              @MorriJ: Yeah, me too. Wasn't too hard - I even had to update my credit card security code.

  • Got the mavic mini last week - great drone. $299 is the sweet spot. $439 is a tad expensive I think despite the extra battery.
    Just the headphones for me this round.

    • The basic unit + cheap $30 large-ish battery bank (say 20Ah-30Ah) is all you really need TBH if you just want the casual flight.

    • -2

      Bought mavic mini last time and sold it for $400 on FB.
      Bought mavic mini again, and only paid extra $40 for combo.
      Not a bad deal.

  • +2
  • PLUSMV10 for the Mini combo

  • got one!!

  • Sold out lol in under 30 secs

  • got one

  • The DJI Mavic Mini Fly went out of stock real quick!

  • Snagged the Mavic Mini. Sweet!

  • Get the drone, thank you Boost mobile

    • boost mobile?

      • Yeah how else would they get the deal if not in range of wifi?

        • i dunno 5G?

  • So we get another chance to snag the Mini at 4pm, or is that it?

    • +1

      ya but be fast

      keep smashing that F5 button on the page if you don't have it in your cart already

      • I got it in the cart, do I refresh the page when it available?

        • At 4pm refresh your cart, it will say seller updated the listing, need to refresh again and the coupon should be at the bottom ready to be ticked and pay now button goes ready.

          That's my experience recently with these deals and the 2nd round drops with one in the cart. Others have refreshed and ready to pay; i always have to double refresh (first says seller changed listing), second refresh lets me pay.

        • GOT THE DRONE!

    • +1

      Another 125 units should drop at 4pm, but unless you have it in cart/checkout chances are slim.

  • Got one plus managed to apply some gift cards as well :)

    • +1

      I always worry about unticking the coupon on not getting them ticked in time. Good effort though!

      • +1

        Yeah, same! This was my first time doing that so it was worth a try I thought. Thanks mate

  • +2

    Thanks OP. Got the drone. It was easier this time they released the code and link 1 minute before 10am to be activated at 10am.

    Now I have to resell it to a friend and get a spare batter, charger and propellers for free.

    • +1

      Now I have to resell it

      You were just about to be lynched…

      • to a friend

        Nah, I am safe :D

        I usually do the extra Ebay Plus purchases as charity to friends.

        • +8

          Hello, its me. Your friend.

  • +1

    thanks got the drone and headset

  • Ok can someone explain for a total noob who missed out on the last 2 drone deals exactly what I need to do to be in with a shot at 4pm.

    I had the page ready and at 10am just kept hitting refresh but the buy it now button never came up.

    • you need a better internet

    • Last one sold @ 10:00:39 so it definitely should have come up. Are you sure you were on the correct listing?

      • 99% sure yes. It's the same seller as the $300 deal right?

        Does clicking on buy it now guarantee you one?

        Can you get the item in your cart before the sales or no?


        • +1

          Does clicking on buy it now guarantee you one?


          Can you get the item in your cart before the sales or no?

          Yes, if you know what item it is. The other posters here figured it out, but I didnt actually have it in my cart beforehand and still got one.

          • @theguyrules: So you need to checkout too before they run out? Seems near impossible lol

            • +1

              @Shane034: Even if you are saving it for a second, third etc drop… The best way is actually not to add to cart, but press on 'buy it now'. It will bring you straight to the checkout page (which i recommend you duplicate) which you can leave until the time of the next drop where you spam the pay button.

              Reason being is that when adding to cart it can disappear after the stock is gone (which means you're back to square 1)

              • @I Smell Pennies: Thanks. So if I nab a buy it now at 4pm what do I need to do once I get into the checkout?

                I was hoping the discount code entry comes later once you've confirmed? I just seem to get burned for speed every time by the seasoned deal hunters.

        • +1

          Yes it was mobileciti.

          No it doesn't.

          Only if you get it in your cart in the first drop and then check it out in the second drop.

          • +1

            @AdamFury: There was stock of the item before this deal.

            I had it in my cart hoping it was the right item. When they changed it to 0 stock before the sale, I knew it was the right item and was still in cart so I got one first round.

  • +1

    i feel the last deal of drone $299 basic package is better than $439 flymore ?
    its $139 difference for things we dont really need for basic flying

    • +1

      I bought the $299 drone package.

      Immediately realised I needed more batteries as going somewhere to fly for just 20 minutes wasn't enough for me (YMMV).

      I found the cheapest deal on batteries which I posted at the time (bought 2 shipped for $111.60) usually $69ea.

      The charging hub also seemed essential to me so I wasn't having to place each battery in the drone to charge it each time. I found it for ~$48 AUD on Aliexpress.

      That alone put me to $459 and I still was missing the case, extra props and prop guard in comparison to the Fly More Combo here for $439.

      • yeah but for me im sure basic one is enough…. i wish i got that $299….

        • Or, if you're like, my ah, friend. You could have got the first one, already lost it in a river and now need a new one 😂😅😭

          • @AquaDigger: what happened ? like lost connection in the middle of flying then drop to the river by itself, or crashing to the river by accident?

            • @ChiMot: Was flying it down the river waiting to get some footage of the sunset and instead of moving the drone left I just turned it, so it stayed on its current trajectory and went into a tree near the bank before I realised.

              No idea what happened after the tree, but I can only assume it got washed away in the flow. Searched for a bit, but came up empty.

              Clearly just struggling with life in general, managed to get one of them today but didn't apply the code correctly 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ so paid full price. Trying to get Mobileciti and eBay to help sort it out, but no luck so far.

              • @AquaDigger: just cancel it wait for next sale, full price is too much.

                • @ChiMot: Oh yea of course. Just felt bad for Mobileciti missing out on a sale when they had an easy option to change it, so really, I don't feel bad for them 😂

                  • @AquaDigger: That's not how it works, sellers cannot retrospectively add voucher codes for you.

                    • @CodeXD: Yea correct. But they can relist the item while the code is active which I didn't realise until eBay told me.

                      I also feel bad that I took stock from someone else that could have received the discount.

                      • @AquaDigger: Stores will have certain stock allocated for promotion. If you didn't use the code, it will not be counted as one of the 250

                        • @CodeXD: Oh well that's good. I assumed the allocation was based off how many they listed, not how many codes were used.

  • +1

    Adds started coming on marketplace for Mavic Mini with availability after Apr 19.

  • -1

    Apparently the gaming headset isn't compatible with Switch, what attachment is recommended to use it with Switch

  • Drone shipped

    • Tracking number added, not handed over to aus post just yet, but soon i would imagine.

    • Update: drone arrived. And whoever downvoted me, I hope you feel better

  • Are these gaming headphones good for listening music rather than just gaming for &39? I am not a gamer so unsure.

  • Got a drone - woo hoo!

  • Got the drone - 2:00:15pm (WA time)!

  • idk if I need it but able to get both Drone and headset.