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[eBay Plus] DJI Mavic Mini Fly More Combo $439, Sennheiser GSP 350 Gaming Headset $39, Lenovo C340 $319.20, 100e $235.20 @ eBay


Upcoming deal for eBay Tuesday

Lenovo C340 $319.20 - 95 90 total units. Launching at 10am AEST - PLUSLC10

Lenovo 100e $235.20 - 125 total units. Launching at 10am AEST - PLUSLE10

DJI Mavic Mini Fly More Combo $439 - 250 total units. Launching at 10am and 4pm AEST - PLUSMV10

Sennheiser Gaming Headphones $39 - 500 total units. Launching at 10am and 4pm AEST - PLUSSG10

Mod Note: Added the Lenovo 100e - Credits to domo653q

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  • Do want a drone but $439 is not in my price range at the moment. So I will pass

    • Remember there's a difference between toy drones and photo drones. And then FPV style and these normal ones.

      If you want a toy drone, even starting on the $30 ones could be fun.

      If you want something usable to take pics here and there, don't skimp out on a $100 one, you will be severely disappointed.

      • It is a drone I am after although not at $439 currently maybe in the future.

        • RRP is 799… it ain't going to go much lower. If you want something cheaper it'll have to be an aliexpress/banggood jobby - and it won't be nearly as good.

          • @SwarleyAUS: nope not getting aliexpress etc…, I will have to think overnight if I should or shouldn't.

          • @SwarleyAUS: Well, you also have to factor in the 49 dollars for an ebay plus subscription, and that doesn’t actually guarantee you access to purchase one of these, since these deals are usually extremely limited stock. So you’re basically just paying a subscription to go in the running to save a couple hundred dollars

        • Not that I could ever forget it, but I still remember my >$5k + DSRL/gimbal drone flying away by itself… geofence my butt DJI wookong FC.
          I called the police, because it was ~8kg of hardware that could have landed on somebody 40mins flying west from Lane Cove Syd. never heard back.
          That ended my relationship w/ DJI but I do like their FPV goggles.

          I use cinewhoops for photography now and racing/acro drones (160km/h) for fun.

      • how is this one compared to DJI Mavic $299 last time?

        • same just more batteries I think

        • This DJI Mavic Mini Fly More Combo is the 9 pcs set items.
          DJI Mavic Mini Fly More Combo:
          Combo includes
          1x Mavic Mini
          1x Remote controller
          3x Batteries
          1x Two-way charging hub
          1x Propellor guards
          1x Travel case
          249 g Ultralight
          30-min Max. Flight Time
          4 km HD Video Transmission

          @ $439, it is a very good price.
          Probably, need to wait 4-6 weeks for delivery.

          Competitors prices:
          RRP is $699 at Mobileciti, Techciti, JW Computers, MyDeal, Allphone Online, Georges Cameras
          $619 at Catch, Dick Smith & Kogan $719,
          The Good Guys $799, David Jones $799,
          JB Hifi $799. ( https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/dji-mavic-mini-fly-more-c... )

          I bought GoPro 8 Hero last week, but delivery is 15 May 2021, which is approximately 5-6 weeks.
          But paid eBay full payment last Tuesday (6/04/2021). WTF…!!!!

          • @Michael Lim: Yer I got hero 8 also. You would think having a Tuesday deal it would be ready to ship not a month later. Also that it being import hero 8 not Australian stock.

            • @Jklaro: If grey import, then there will be no manufacturer warranty!!
              This point was not mentioned in the ads by the supplier.
              Is your delivery date for GoPro Hero 8 on 15th May as well?

        • The standard DJI Mavic is good enough i think for many people just starting out. The single battery will last for 30 mins so more then enough for the ocassional hobbiest. If its not enough, you can always buy another battery at a later date.

          • @ialam99: You need to fly back with 20% reserve battery.
            You can't fly Sports Mode with battery at 60%.
            You will need extra battery.

            The real usage battery is only 20 mins, before the battery warning indicators start annoying you.

  • C340 must be the low end processor model I reckon.

  • Missed out on the last eBay Plus drone deal so hoping I can get this one!

    If the OzBargain community can just hold off getting one until I get one that would be greatly appreciated :p

  • +13 votes

    For those that are after the drone - I reckon it will be this listing - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/DJI-Mavic-Mini-Fly-More-Combo-Wh...

    Mobileciti were the seller last time around.

  • The headset is a Sennheiser PC 373D Headphones from the picture

  • The laptop is HD resolution not even full hd

    • +3 votes

      That's why it's $319

    • People throw out better 10 year old laptops than this. For literally $50 you can get better on the 2nd hand market.

    • I read about the review.
      Many complaints about the weight and ugly design and shape.
      With just 4GB RAM, difficult to do multi-tasking.
      Screen will always frozen.

  • Aw man, I got the mavic mini with the last deal (which I highly recommend) and bought the battery pack separately. Coulda saved money and got more.
    Oh well - I definitely recommend the pack to anyone contemplating it!

    • +2 votes

      Hard to find places to fly legally these days! Whereabouts are you using the drone or are you just sending it?

      • I passed last time because of same concerns asked a friend who has one and he said nowdays there are hardly any places you can fly legally, so all national parks are out, you have to be away from traffic, and other rules, here is a link https://www.casa.gov.au/knowyourdrone/drone-rules that put me off

      • Australia's a big place - that's all I'm saying…….

        Agree though, restrictions are getting out of hand. Not just an issue here either, seems to be worldwide

      • Yes and no. There's less venues and opportunities if you are lazy, don't want to travel, only want to fly on warm days.

        There are tonnes of opportunities if you are keen and/or creative. Most of the scenic drone footage of beaches on YouTube are taken at sunrise when there is no wind and the tourists are still in bed.

        Parks, ovals, beaches, water ways are empty during Winter and the hottest days in Summer. Sure the pilot will feel it but the video footage can't tell the difference.

        If you are interested in finding ideas there are probably quadcopter forums and DJI forums where you can ask any question and pick peoples brains who are already in the lifestyle.

        I used to be ultra keen about drones and even made a few hundred dollars off YouTube with my toy drone. I gave up not because of venues but because of boredom. It's a very repetitive hobby staring at the same thing, flying the same drone, doing the same predictable maneuvers.

  • mavic mini 2 is muchhhhhhhh muachhhh better

    • +4 votes

      I mean if you're saying that then the Mavic Air 2 is better and the Mavic Pro 2 is even better. Depends on your preference/requirement for price, size, etc!

    • At this price for the mini 1 combo, the mini 2 going price even when on sale is double. Is it thhhhhhaaat muachhhh better?

    • Can you please expand on whats better? Would like to know..

    • Having owned both, No I wouldn't say that.

      • the ocusycn 2.0 is not better? make the connection stable, right?

        • The Mini 2 isnt really able to fly much further due to battery constraints. Its certainly better but if you're flying LOS it wont make much practical difference.

  • For those who were successful for the drone last time, is there time to signup to ebay plus after adding to cart? I don't want to sign up and then miss out on the deal…

  • Worth trying to grab the headset? Currently using Bose QC25, while they are comfortable and decent sound the microphone is mediocre when connected to my PC.

  • the c340 laptop isn't a deal the previous Costco price is $309

  • if only this combo came up 2 weeks ago

    • My cheap drone took a swim during the floods (lost power and dropped in the drink), so this is perfect timing for a cheap replacement drone I think. Quite happy with the offering.

      Now, I just need to register for eBay plus and hope I am one of the lucky 250!

      Last week I managed to get the soda stream, the camera and the spiderman game, so hoping I will be as lucky this week.

      • poor drone. mine keeps having signal errors as well even 200m away. must be all the wifi

      • You got 3 items on same day.
        You are very lucky.
        Trying for 3 weeks in a row, but I managed only to get only 2 items (GoPro 8 and Super Mario 3D Switch Game) out of 10 items.
        It is very difficult to go-in the product page.

        • It really is luck for the popular items. I refreshed the soda stream last week 3m early and there was stock; so my purchase was done before the official drop. Codes always just appear in my acocunt, no need to enter them etc.

          The other two items weren't too crash hot. Needed Spiderman, started playing it last night - happy with that and the gopro8s were there for a bit as they are potentially grey imports and a bit of a delay in delivery etc.

          That said, I live in the bush and use 4g for everything; so there is an opportunity to buy if you sit refreshing the pages.

          • @MorriJ: Thanks mate.
            I'm gonna try click it 3 minutes early tomorrow morning to try and get the DJI Mavic drone with 2 extra batteries.
            Appreciate your suggestion.
            If decided not to use it, can still sell at a good profit as RRP is $699 to $799.
            Probably this drone is another grey import.

  • If RAW and 4K isn't critical to you, $439 for the mini combo is an absolute steal.

    I personally needed RAW so got the mini 2 instead over black friday.

  • Of course this would come up after I bought the last Drone deal for $299 then bought batteries a case and accessories!

    • Absolutely loved the Mavic Mini from the same deal. It was the perfect drone trainer(I already crashed it into a 10m tall tree and it only had a few scratches) and everyone in the family loved it. Would have much preferred the $439 flymore combo as a spare battery already costs $69!

      • If you want cheaper batteries, just check on gumtree as they often go on sale $40-50 from newbies who lost their drone (lots of spare remotes on there too).

    • How much you paid for each battery purchased?

  • Not for me, too expensive this time

  • I bought this drone for $300 during the last deal. As a photographer, in extremely impressed with the quality at this price!

    It's also extremely easy to use. I have bought an aftermarket case as I'm concerned about the propellers. Definitely worth the money with the extra batteries as well.

    The app did warn me about flying near-ish an airport on the Sunshine Coast, but other than that finding flying locations isn't really an issue. You just have to be sensible. Don't fly near traffic, over crowds, between tall office buildings, in national parks, down to whales, etc. Mostly common sense.

    Edit: if anyone wants to subsidise their purchase, I'll buy the batteries off you at $50ea.

    • I bought this drone for $300 during the last deal. As someone who is not a photographer, I'm kind of bored with it after 3 flights.

      If I had a use for it I'm sure I would be more excited but I don't travel much these days and I have no commercial use for it, so I'm kind of questioning why I bought it.

      It's an amazing bit of gear, and it captures great footage but it is kind of a boring drone to fly around with no purpose.

      I would just really try and consider if you have an actual use for it before anyone buys one tomorrow.

      • You could probably make your money back if you sell it.

        But yeah, "don't buy something you don't have a use for" is good advice. I've used mine on almost every opportunity.

  • Wish it was the dji mavic mini 2 fly more combo.

  • Deal starts at 9.55 am and 3.55 pm. Still waiting for the response from eBay for last week's mess up.